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BREAKING: $10,000 Anti-Fraud Reward Bomb to Prove the Vote

Anonymous donors have promised $10,000 in funds to secure and confirm the vote.

The goal is to prevent electronic fraud in the primaries and deception/chicanery in the caucuses. The donor will gift $100.00 to any RP supporter who confirms the vote at the big precincts, the major sites of vote rigging.

It’s for precincts of 500 or more voters in the following states: Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, and Idaho plus Oklahoma (precincts listed in the posts)

Sign up, now. Deadline is March 4th.

Pick your big precinct, posted below; the gift of $100 to cover your time. Let's cover 100 BIG precincts. We can do it. Here are the specs:

  • precinct must have a minimum of 500 voters
  • must do an exit poll, covering all voters, day and night, from start to finish
  • must record the specific votes plus TOTAL voters exiting
  • get a picture of yourself doing your job
  • take a picture of the final results on site; this is more powerful evidence than photos later; make sure the back-drop of the site is in the photo
  • take a picture of the ticker tape from the voting tabulator at the end of the voting (if possible; it’s your right)

They are going to rig the big precincts. Protect the vote and sign up, immediately.

This donor is fed-up with elections being stolen from Dr. Paul and will work closely with RP supporters to assure the win. We're all winners, in fact, every American--everyone in the world--is a winner, when we get RP elected.

I'll arrange getting you your money.

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Andrew Breitbart Dead at 43

News reports he died at home of natural causes.

Yahoo story, via Drudge: Andrew Breitbart dead: Outspoken conservative was 43

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Video: Ron Paul Wins CLEAN Elections; How To Have a Transparent Vote Count

The video shows how vote counts/elections are fixed and how to run clean transparent vote counting. Featuring Clark Co. NV vote count as an example.


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Washington State GOP Attempt to Steal Election from Ron Paul?

The Ron Paul presidential campaign, suspicious of the Republican establishment, has accused top Washington GOP officials of "shenanigans" in delegate appointments ahead of Saturday's precinct caucuses. [...]

[Ron Paul campaign attorney] David Warrington alleged "substantial irregularities" in the selection of precinct-committee officers (PCOs) in King County [Washington].

PCOs are important because they run caucuses and become automatic delegates to the county and legislative-district conventions that will help determine how to allocate Washington's 43 delegates to the Republican National Convention this summer in Tampa, Fla.

While PCOs are normally elected, vacant positions can be filled through appointments by party leaders.

The Paul campaign raises the suspicion that King County GOP Chairwoman Lori Sotelo may have violated party rules and appointed PCOs after a Dec. 14 deadline — presumably to stave off a Paul victory here.

Read GOP establishment slam of Paul supporters here:

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Ron Paul Campaign Demands Transparency in Washington Caucus

Ron Paul's presidential campaign on Wednesday threatened to fight the seating of some Washington delegates to the Republican National Convention, saying there is a lack of transparency in how party officials from the state's largest county are chosen.
CHRIS GRYGIEL; Associated Press
Tacoma News Tribune | 02/29/12

SEATTLE — Ron Paul's presidential campaign on Wednesday threatened to fight the seating of some Washington delegates to the Republican National Convention, saying there is a lack of transparency in how party officials from the state's largest county are chosen.

Paul's claim came three days before Washington's Republican caucuses on Saturday.

Kirby Wilbur, the state GOP Party chairman, said Paul's accusations are "baseless." A lawyer for Paul's campaign sent a letter to Wilbur and Lori Sotelo, head of the King County Republican Party. The Paul campaign said the King County GOP violated party rules by not revealing the names of certain party officials, known as precinct committee officers, who will take part in the caucuses.

"Their concern is that they appointed all these last-minute, anti-Ron Paul PCOs, but there's no proof," Wilbur told The Associated Press.

Continue reading at the Tacoma News Tribune

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Ron Paul Campaign Announces First Leg of ‘Super Tuesday’ and pre-‘Super Tuesday’ Ad Buys

LAKE JACKSON, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign announced today details of its Super Tuesday and pre-Super Tuesday ad buy blueprint, an approach that will help the 12-term Congressman from Texas win the delegates required to secure the Republican nomination.

The advertising campaign’s first leg involves airing the celebrated ads ‘Three of a Kind’ and ‘Plan’ in Washington and Vermont, respectively. The former ad will air in Washington beginning today for three days on the Fox News Channel in the final push for the Evergreen State’s Saturday, March 3rd caucus. The latter ad will air beginning today in Vermont on The Fox News Channel and on targeted broadcast outlets, but it will air through Tuesday, March 6th – Super Tuesday – when the Green Mountain State holds its primary.

‘Three of a Kind’ at 60 seconds condemns the serial hypocrisy, counterfeit conservatism, and flip-flopping of Ron Paul’s rivals Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Mitt Romney respectively. The ad concludes with a reminder that Paul is the sole authentic conservative vying for the nomination, and reiterates elements of the congressman’s path-breaking ‘Plan to Restore America.

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Liberty is for Kids, Horse Racing is for Horses

A few weeks ago, my 85-year-old grandmother said she and grandpa were disgusted with the field of Republican presidential candidates, but they were considering casting their not-Obama votes for Santorum due to his religious beliefs. Shocked, I asked what their objections were to Ron Paul and she said, “Well, he dropped out! We don’t hear anything about him on the news!”

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Carol Paul reminds interviewer of thrown away ballots

Carol Paul tells a WTPN activist that half of Ron Paul’s votes are being thrown away during a post-AZ GOP debate viewing party appearance.

Continue reading on Examiner.com

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NYT Article: US Agencies See No Nuke Threat From Iran

I did not see this posted anywhere here. Of course! This is HUGELY important to the campaign! Why have gas prices suddenly surged upward? Threat of war with Iran, but there really should be no threat. Of course, WE knew that, but the warmongering trio and Obama don't want you to think such. Worthy of sharing with a friend or two.

WASHINGTON — Even as the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog said in a new report Friday that Iran had accelerated its uranium enrichment program, American intelligence analysts continue to believe that there is no hard evidence that Iran has decided to build a nuclear bomb.


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Ron Paul won Detroit...

I thought this was interesting.


".... Romney received just 1,338 votes here (Detroit).

....Texas Rep. Ron Paul won the Detroit GOP vote, with 5,525 ballots cast. Behind Paul was former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum with 4,047 votes."

I wonder if this will translate into any delegates as delegates are awarded by congressional district.

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A Ron Paul moment at my Republican Town Council meeting

Hello all! I have been meaning to share something that happened to me last week at a Republican Town Council meeting.

Last week I had sought out the help of my Ron Paul family regarding any information one might have had on a CT candidate for Senate, Linda McMahon. Obviously a few of you came to my rescue and really got me fired up. I was prepared to ask her about why she thought TARP was a great idea, thoughts on the Fed, and thoughts on military involvement (she believes we should take our orders from the Powell Doctrine). Needless to say, I was armed and dangerous.

Can you believe it, she did not show up! She sent an intern to talk to our groups-many were not pleased. (Personally I think she backed out because she has moles on this site and found out I was going to be there) An older gentleman made sure to tell this intern he thought it was very disrespectful, as a candidate, to say you will talk to a group of possible supporters but then send in "her lackey."

I felt deflated. All geared up for battle and then nothing. But all was not lost...

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VIDEO: Ron Paul questions Hillary Clinton 2/29/12

First Bernanke than Hillary - Ron Paul continues to ride Truth Train through DC - fueled by facts and common sense!



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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Carol Paul! Here's an interview I recently did with her!


When the Pauls were in Reno, shortly after their 55th anniversary, I was able to get a few minutes with Carol.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY today, Carol!

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