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Guess who is the moderator for Saturday night's debate

Romney and Huntsman will be no-shows. More time for Ron? Better chance to talk to million? Not so fast, it's not going to be on TV.

But get a load of who the moderator is:


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CO - TODAY is deadline to register Republican (12/7)


The deadline to switch party registration to Republican is December 7.

We need to make a push to get Libertarians, Independents, and Democrats registered Republican. Make sure all the supporters you come in contact with are registered Republican!

Check your voter registration status here:

You can change party affiliation online here:

Here is the paper form to change party affiliation:

This deadline only applies to people who are registered to vote. The deadline for first time voters in Colorado to register to vote is January 9.

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Ron Paul's Real Electability: Stopping The Third Party Threat

"For Ron Paul to run as an independent," Fox News Channel's Juan Williams wrote back on November 4, "could be the biggest, most consequential third party candidacy in American history. Yes, one that is even bigger than Ross Perot’s candidacy was in the 90s."

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Ron Paul: Top of Huff Post: Two GOP Candidates Stand Tall Against Torture

WASHINGTON -- In a foreign policy debate dominated by the hawkish perspectives of the GOP frontrunners, two presidential candidates cemented their roles as party gadflies, particularly on the use of military force and the importance of protecting civil liberties.

Both former Utah governor Jon Huntsman and Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) have long distinguished themselves for their willingness to break from Republican party orthodoxy during the 2012 campaign; so far, both have been rewarded with consistently low numbers in the polls.

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Fox on Ron Paul CBS Debate Bias: "You gotta bring him in"


If you want to email FOX & Friends and thank them friends@foxnews.com

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Washington Times: The muzzling of Ron Paul and the GOP debate


If Ron Paul's supporters always seem angry, they sometimes have a reason.

Last night's GOP debate featured foreign policy. For 90 minutes the candidates fielded questions and declared their positions on Pakistan, Iran, China, nuclear arms proliferation, American forces in Afghanistan, and other matters of pressing concern. CBS aired only 60 minutes of that, which was a shame, and of those 60 minutes, Dr. Paul was given exactly ...

89 seconds.

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The NY Sun Editorial: Ron Paul's 90 Seconds

A mostly respectful and favorable editorial from the New York Sun!


...this newspaper, for one, reckons that the failure to give Dr. Paul was a missed opportunity.

For Dr. Paul is the one candidate among the Republicans who offers a challenge to the party’s way of thinking.

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Important!: A Day Of Mass Activism For Ron Paul! Please Read! Updated!

UPDATE: Three new great ideas should be impletmented along side this day of activism, Storm already has a Flyer Bomb set up for Dec 7th, and 4Constitution had the idea for an Email/Call Bomb. Scott Ledd also had the Idea for a social media campaign to coincide with this.

We can make this A Three Pronged Counteroffensive to the Media Black Out!

A day of Massive Public, Internet, and Over the Phone Activism for Ron Paul!

Please help us promote and organize this!

Any name suggestions for this are welcome!

All we need now is someone who can organize all this together and promote it like Black This Out!

Here are the Integtal Parts:

Public Activism: This Post
Social Media: http://www.dailypaul.com/node/186465
Phone/Email Bomb: http://www.dailypaul.com/186916/email-bomb-call-bomb-change-...
Flyer Bomb: http://www.dailypaul.com/187076/ron-paul-flyer-bomb-12711 and www.ronpaulflyerbomb.com

The best way we can spread the message of Liberty and to get votes for Ron Paul, is in person.

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Activism Report: Ron Paul Canvassing

So how is your canvassing for Ron Paul going?


Update! Check out how it went:
Have you organized a canvassing group in your area? How is it going?

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Ron Paul: "The most important thing you can do to help me become the next President of the United States"

"We can get around the establishment. We can save a lot of money if you participate in this." - Ron Paul


"Besides contributing financially, there’s literally NOTHING you can do to help my campaign more.

It was our Phone From Home program that helped lead to my historic finish in the Iowa Straw Poll.

That’s why I’m personally asking you to help me achieve VICTORY in key early primary and caucus states by signing up to Phone From Home."

- Dr. Ron Paul

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Ron Paul interview with AARP Iowa 11/13/11

Ron Paul discusses social security, medicare, senior citizens on fixed incomes, inflation, jobs and the economy.



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What You Didn't Realize About the CBS/NJ/Wofford Debate: Fret Not

I'm hear to tell y'all....Ron Paul owned Spartanburg, South Carolina tonight at the CBS/National Journal/Wofford College debate. You may be upset over the "89 seconds" Ron Paul was given in the debate to reply but the real excitement was happening before airing and during commercials.

Someone screamed (in the quiet) "WE LOVE YOU RON PAUL!!" and the whole place went wild with applause and hooting etc.

When Herman Cain walked on stage, a DP member yelled "ZERO, ZERO, ZERO" which got the crowd going again...

Then a single troop stood up, STOOD UP (in fatigues) and hollered "THE TROOPS SUPPORT RON PAUL!!"

And so it went on throughout the debate, Ron Paul got the most applause, folks kept hollering out "RON PAUL!!"

So I'm just here to confirm to you that I witnessed it with my own eyes and ears. There was a lot of support for Ron Paul in the debate crowd tonight. We drew a lot of attention to Dr. Paul that we are obviously endeared to him unlike any other candidate. If no one knew about Ron Paul before the debate, I'll bet they're looking him up now!!

So do not fret!! WE WON!!!

Here are a few videos from today:

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