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Ron Paul Republicans

As most of us know there are two schools of thought on the Daily Paul right now.

Was wondering if anyone would join me in saying "I am a Ron Paul Republican." To clarify, I believe there are a growing number within the Republican Party who are 100% for sound money, non-imperialism, non-government interference in our lives, much smaller government and also anti-fascism, globalism and elite control. I also believe there are many inspired by Ron Paul who are entering or considering entering into politics via the Republican avenue.

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Media runs Ron Paul delegate plurality scam


If you're a Ron Paul supporter, you've likely seen an almost insurmountable mountain of odds placed against you and your favorite candidate. What's one more?

If it weren't already a virtual impossibility, in an alleged democratic society, for a non-establishment candidate to have a chance at becoming the nominee of a pro-establishment political party, it may be now.

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Great - my "safe haven - Costa Rica" just got screwed! UPDATE #1

Unreal......the United States will never stop.....46 warships in COSTA RICA.....Nooooooooo!

Costa Rica has allowed 46 US warships and 7,000 Marines to enter the country despite objection by the opposition parties, which describe the move as "illegal."

Costa Rican opposition parties denounced the decision of the Legislative Assembly, describing it as "illegal" and "in violation of national sovereignty," Presna Latina reported Saturday.

The decision grants US troops permission to stay in Costa Rica from July 1 to December 31 to fight drug trafficking.

Costa Ricans suspect 'ulterior motive' in permitting large numbers of US troops

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CNN: US fires on perceived threat in the Persian Gulf, one fatality reported

A U.S. military supply ship fired at a small boat in the Persian Gulf on Monday after it came too close to the ship, two U.S. officials said. One person aboard the boat was apparently killed.

The USNS Rappahannock, a fuel resupply ship, fired on what is described by the officials as a “small white pleasure craft” 10 miles outside the Dubai port of Jebel Ali.

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Tom Woods Nullification Documentary Wins at Film Festival

Via Tom Woods.com:

I just heard the great news that Nullification: The Rightful Remedy won best feature-length documentary at FreedomFest in Las Vegas. The screening was packed and the audience was enthusiastic, but this news is just thrilling. Congratulations to Jason Rink, whose hard work made the project possible.



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Ben Swann: Three Facts About A Candidate's Name Being Placed Into Nomination at RNC

Via Ben Swann's Facebook Page:


I have been in touch with a member of the RNC Rules committee over the past 4 days and have been able to confirm a few FACTS about the nomination process.

1. For a candidate's name to be placed into nomination at the RNC you DO need a plurality of delegates from 5 states.

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What Bush Meant by "Mission Accomplished"

I read a book called "Petro-Dollar Warfare." It cleared up a lot of things.

It's all about the petro-dollars because the world must convert their currencies into US Dollars or "petro-dollars" in order to buy oil. The way I understand it, if Germany wants to buy oil from Iraq, they must first basically change their euros into American dollars and then conduct their business.

But as Ron Paul pointed out (in his book "A Foreign Policy of Freedom), in late 2000 Saddam announced to the world that he would no longer accept US dollars for oil but Euros instead.

That was Saddam's death warrant and sowed the seeds for the Iraqi invasion. I believe it also sowed the seeds for 9/11 because the adminsitration needed a "new Pearl Harbor" in order to invade Iraq.

Immediately after Baghdad fell, Iraqi oil once again traded in US dollars. THAT was the "Mission Accomplished" which Bush proclaimed to the world but Americans were too ignorant to understand.

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Is Facebook damaging your reputation with sneaky political posts?

ZD Net

...you might be shocked to learn that Facebook is automatically publishing posts under your name and placing them at the top of the News feed for your friends. In some cases, these posts can include controversial political content that you would never voluntarily post.

Consider these two examples, which are typical of posts I’ve seen in my news feed over the past two weeks. (I’ve blurred the names to protect the innocent:)

Read on at: ZD Net

Also at CNet

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Nevada CAN still put Paul's name in nomination

Paul supporters everywhere, I'm not sure everyone understands plurality and how state delegations work at the convention.

Nevada CAN be one of the states that puts Paul's name in nomination. The binding rule from Nevada only says the delegates must vote for Romney on the first round, it says nothing about putting names in nomination. As a matter of fact, Romney will only use 5 states as well, it's a moot point, so every state is not needed once the 5 state threshold is met.

When a state delegation puts a candidate's name into nomination, the national GOP rules say they must have a plurality of delegates to do that. That simply means when the state delegation votes among themselves to put a candidates name in, they do not need a majority of that delegation to do so, only a plurality. No where does it say that state can only be a non bound state.

So if the Nevada delegation chooses to put Paul's name into nomination, the delegation secretary gives the nomination paperwork to the National Convention secretary.

The NV delegation can both vote for Romney (I would abstain) and put Paul's name in nomination.

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Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 7/16/12: Audit the Fed Bill

Audit the Fed Bill Must Pass, but it is only the beginning!


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'No War On Iran' Billboards up in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma activists from the group Americans Against the Next War (AANW) are working to prevent military action or war against Iran. The group funded three billboards, now on display in the Oklahoma City metro area, that read: “Tell Congress: No War on Iran.”

A news conference was held on July 10, at the State Capitol in Oklahoma City, to announce the billboards, their locations, and present the coalition of churches, organizations and individuals that support the project.

Speakers at the event included Dr. Katherine Scheirman, Col. USAF (ret); Bob Lemon, Oklahoma City philanthropist and human rights activist; and John Scripsick, Gold Star father whose son was killed in Iraq. Director of the Peace House Nathaniel Batchelder was the event emcee.


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Hey Everyone ...Check Out This Headline, A Blast From The Past

With the Penn St. Scandal still fresh in everyone's mind.........

Here's the headline from the Washington Times, June 29th...1989......

I'll never forget it.....it's when I started to "wake up"...I was 19 at the time............

Some of you may remember it....some of you may have been too young. But if you think Penn St was bad.....it gets a whole lot darker my friends........


Text version:

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Charlie McGrath - Ever increasing security based on lies about terrorism threats.

Another good interview with wide awake news editor Charlie McGrath.


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Michael Scheuer: Ron Paul, Judge Nap, Israel and Fox News (video)

Michael Scheuer briefly interviewed on the street. Thinks his support for Paul, criticism of Israel and a non-interventionist view caused Fox to stop calling.

If anybody is unfamiliar with him, i suggest getting on youtube. He very bluntly explains whats driving our foreign policy... Israel.


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