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Jon Stewart's Liberal Challenge to Ron Paul

by Robin Koerner | Huffington Post

During the recent interview of Congressman Paul with Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, Jon asked Ron a question that gets to the crux of the divide between progressive Liberalism and libertarianism.

Jon's question was:

Does the failure of government to protect adequately make it a failure of government having that responsibility? Does their inability to do it effectively make it so that they shouldn't do it?

As the person who coined the term "Blue Republican" -- a moniker for former Democrats and Independents who are registering Republican for Ron Paul in 2012 -- I think much rests on the answer to it.

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Debating Sean Hannity and giving a plug for Ron Paul -Wed Sept 28

I was on the show yesterday. (They actually called me to come on, which I thought was pretty cool!).

Originally I was on hold to talk about the lack of media respect and coverage of the Wall Street protests, however while on hold he began to talk about how Michelle Obama shouldn't be telling us what to consume. I decided to call him out on his hypocrisy of supporting the drug war.


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Reason: Ralph Nader Hearts Ron Paul, Hails Potential Left-Libertarian Alliance


Ralph Nader Hearts Ron Paul, Hails Potential Left-Libertarian Alliance

Matt Welch | September 28, 2011

Michael Tracey, who wrote about restrictive teen-driving laws in the June issue of Reason, catches up with the consumer crusader for The American Conservative:

Looking ahead to the 2012 presidential race, one might assume that Nader has little to be cheerful about.

Yet he says there is one candidate who sticks out—who even gives him hope: Rep. Ron Paul of Texas.

"Look at the latitude," Nader says, referring to the potential for cooperation between libertarians and the left. "Military budget, foreign wars, empire, Patriot Act, corporate welfare—for starters. When you add those all up, that's a foundational convergence. Progressives should do so good."


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ThyBlackMan: Ron Paul & Herman Cain’s Different Philosophies….

Another fine ThyBlackman article on Ron Paul..this time from another staff writer, Mr. Dell Gines.

Looks like the Revolution is winning more and more hearts and minds of our staff writing Brothers over at ThyBlackMan.


"Ron Paul is a libertarian, Herman Cain is a far right conservative. This makes them almost as different as a Republican versus a Democrat."

"An example of the difference — Gay Marriage. Ron Paul would most likely tell you that he does not care if two gays get married, but that it has to be personal in nature. The government should not be involved in any marriage, not just gay marriage. It should be between the two people and their religion or relationship, and the government has no business in providing anyone a marriage license or giving special consideration to married people."

"An example of the difference — Drug Legalization. Ron Paul believes that individuals have the right to choose to consume and do the things that they want (even if it harms them) as long as it doesn’t impose on the freedoms of others. This means that the use of drugs are the choice of the grown adult and the government should not impose itself to stop them. He is against the war on drugs, which he believes has created a prison state and increased our prison population to a ridiculous level."

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The Campaign's Strategy over the next 30 days

Hey guys,

Just forwarding on this message that was posted over at RonPaulForums.com by Matt Collins:

I wanted to let you all in on what I've heard is a bit of the campaign's strategy.

They are going to spend some money in the next few weeks to move up in the polls and become a serious contender in some specific states. The goal is to put Ron solidly into the #2 position. It's important to do this now before the other campaigns and their PACs begin to unload their warchests. If we can take 2nd place now it will be harder for them to unseat us from that position later on in the race. But starting in November there will be a lot of high-dollar marketing messages which we won't be able to compete with and if we don't move up soon that window may close and the opportunity could be lost forever. This is our chance!

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What in the world does “Black This Out” mean?

UPDATE! The Judge has been Blacked Out!

So, if you've been paying attention online, you may have seen the phrase, "Black this out," being used to promote the next big money bomb on October 19th. You may have even noticed the masthead of the Daily Paul blacked out. I'll admit, I found it confusing and strange for several days until I saw the following comment on someone's facebook wall:

"I have gotten lots of questions about why my eyes are blacked out on (my) Profile and think this is a great Idea! Perfect opportunity to "Spread the word!! Ron Paul Supporters are the best..."

The main point of the branding of this event is to take the ignoring of Ron Paul's campaign by the mainstream media head on. In essence, we are challenging the media, "Go ahead, just try to black this out!"

Read more: http://iroots.org/2011/09...

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Cain wins one straw poll and he is Top Tier? *FoxNews*

Top Story - "The New GOP Top Three"

Herman Cain wins one straw poll and is now considered top tier by Fox News?!?!


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Values Voter Summit Oct 7-8 in DC - See RP & Vote in the Poll! Discounted Tickets

The http://www.valuesvotersummit.org/ event is coming up October 7-9 in DC. Ron Paul is a confirmed speaker, along with a lot of neocon fodder.

Dr. Paul emailed asking that us to attend. We need to get back to winning these straw polls. We didn't win Iowa, we didn't win Florida, so let's win Values.

The campaign has tickets for $10, vs the regular price of $99! Just register at http://www.ronpaul2012.com/rsvp-value-voters-summit-and-stra...

We made a HUGE showing at CPAC in DC a few months ago, so why not do the same for Values?

*Quick note* This event is considered more conservative than CPAC, and our goal here is to win some respect for Dr. Paul and his campaign. He specifically asked us to "dress appropriately." Inside the beltway, at events like this, that means shirts, ties, suits, that sort of thing. I wore a tie, but no suit, to CPAC and felt under-dressed.

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Make your Choice!! Your Gun or your Medical Marijuana!!

HELENA — A gun group and medical marijuana advocates expressed outrage Tuesday over a new federal policy clarifying that it is illegal for medical marijuana cardholders to buy firearms and ammunition and for dealers to sell these products to them.

Gary Marbut, president of the Montana Shooting Sports Association, and Kate Cholewa and Chris Lindsey, board members of Montana Cannabis Industry Association, separately blasted the Sept. 21 letter sent by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives of the U.S. Justice Department to federally licensed firearms dealers.

Read more: http://billingsgazette.com/news/state-and-regional/montana/a...

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Iranian Navy - Is CNN downplaying the situation or is Fox creating undue fear?

Fox and CNN tell two very different stories.

Either CNN went out to find the most dismissive Pentagon spokesman possible, or Fox News is intentionally leaving out the insignificance of this "threat".

Maybe it's both?

You Decide:



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I need a Hero - Ron Paul 2012

I dedicate this video to Ron Paul "OUR" Hero!

Ron Paul, the only candidate in the 2012 Presidential race who knows what liberty means, and wants to help restore America to a Republic based on the ideas of freedom espoused by the Founders.


Please VOTE and Comment!

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Teno stumps for Dr. Know @Green Bay, Wisc Tea Party

Below is the speech I gave tonight at the Green Bay, Wisc. Tea Party event. I thought it went quite well. I got all positive comments and no negative ones. I saw light bulbs go on...

...when I pointed out that it's not right to support Israel with other people's money. The [ ] of the group came up to me afterward and said she'd have to reexamine her position.

The guys from our group thought I was pretty hard-hitting, buy my wife knew better. She thought I was tame. Being a right-wing Christian, I have a pretty good idea how they're thinking and figured I had a good way to reach them, knowing what reached me.


I’m Teno Groppi from the Fox Valley Ron Paul/Campaign for Liberty Meetup group. I’ve been active in alternative politics for almost 30 years, having been the original 6th district rep. for the Constitution Party, a JBS chapter leader, and currently on the board of directors for the Wisconsin Gun Owners, WI’s only no-compromise gun rights organization. I also run a creation science ministry called Genesis Evidence Ministry.

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KRS ONE + Rock The r3volution Tour = A Freedom Message MILLIONS Will Hear!

KRS One Is Going To Do As Much Of The Tour As He Can Fit In His Schedule! And we got word to him at the perfect time!


This man is a hero of mine and many others in the freedom movement, and to hear his voice over the phone this morning, telling me he was definitely all about getting Ron Paul elected and very into doing all he can to help Rock the R3volution Tour succeed, I almost fainted, and I did cry!

THANK YOU TEACHA! I can't wait to Rock this r3volution with you!



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Another Shot for 'The Industry' to open for a famous band. UPDATE: Got the most votes but shot down!


Thanks to everyone who voted for us, "The Industry", to open for "The Parlotones" this Friday here in Atlanta. The good news is, Thanks To You, That we got the most votes. However, their agent sent this message along today.

From Agent:
due to prior support bookings there aren’t any spots available.

So we will not be opening for them this Friday after all. Which is pretty lame if you ask me.

If anyone is interested here's the Agent's email address:

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