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"Ayn Rand Haters Will Hate"

A positive review of Atlas Shrugged in the Huffington Post.

I am currently rereading Atlas Shrugged as a response to several long and withering attacks on Rand and her magnum opus over the last year. At the half-way point I can say this: it is a far better novel than I remembered. I will post my own review when I am done, but in the meantime, the above review does a pretty good job getting it right. The comments afterward are mostly positive, too.

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rothchilds from toque

I was wondering today about things today and the thing my mind turned to was a practical wonderment of history. Nothing nefarious or deep just a thought driving by on the highway of random thoughts that I glanced at and couldn't take my mind from. Chefs wear those odd hats. And I often contemplate the reason for something's existence, clearly there are reasons for the seat belt and air bag, at least, in the purest sense. However what would the purpose of this tall white almost mushroom type of hat, be, originally?

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Rand Paul: Foreign donations to Clinton Foundation ‘thinly veiled bribes’

Rand Paul: Foreign donations to Clinton Foundation ‘thinly veiled bribes’

By Mike Allen
3/20/15 2:55 PM EDT
Updated 3/20/15 4:36 PM EDT

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) told POLITICO on Friday that foreign contributions to the Clinton Foundation are “thinly veiled bribes,” and said Hillary Clinton should return any donations from Saudi Arabia or other countries that abuse the rights of women.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/03/rand-paul-hillary-clin...

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Are the trolls breeding?

To be clear, by troll I mean anyone whose purpose of posting is to spew hate or insult somebody (anybody, whether it's an accepted target or not). Not just being critical but crossing a line into pure hatefulness, leaving you feeling like you've got okra slime all over you.

I feel like several years ago online forums were inhabited by more decent people. Like 99% of posts were from normal people, 1% from trolls. Now it seems like it has become nearly inverted, more like 80% trolls and only 20% who know basic manners and aren't there just to spew hate.

Maybe I'm visiting the wrong sites? I'm just getting really disgusted by the hatefulness of so many people online anymore. This site and others. I know some are paid trolls, but not all. In real life I don't see it. What's up with that?

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Twitter Explodes on @senrandpaul over Hillary Saudi Money

Now 159 articles online about the Saudi money and Rand..., including NYT, Boston Herald, Yahoo..it seems like no one is trying to protect Hillary

‘Unacceptable’: Rand Paul Goes After Hillary Clinton’s ‘Inexcusable’ Action, Demands She Respond

Mar. 20, 2015 8:30pm Oliver Darcy


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Special Ops Target Social Media - Spotting And Shutting Down Government Paid Trolls And Shills

Social media, public video platforms and Alternative News websites are under a massive multi-pronged attack as evidenced by the new "net neutrality" bill, the fact that government agencies have been given the power to "flag" YouTube videos in order to have them taken down, and revelations by whistleblower Edward Snowden that these agencies are attempting to control, infiltrate, manipulate, and warp online discourse," using paid government trolls to visit forums, comment sections and social media platforms.

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Amash / Massie 2016

Sorry, I was day dreaming.

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Caught on Hot Mic – Janet Napolitano Says “We Don’t Have to Listen to This Crap”

Before I get to the meat of this post, let me provide a little background. Late last year, I covered how the former head of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, was pushing through a 28% tuition hike within the University of California system so that administrators can get huge pay raises. Naturally, students weren’t all that pleased and decided to get creative with their protesting. Big Sis didn’t like this one bit.


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Did the CIA use anthrax to kill five people on US soil in order to build approval for the Iraq War?

The government says Matt DeHart is an online child predator. He says that’s a ruse created because he discovered shocking CIA secrets and claims he was tortured by federal agents. The only thing that’s clear is that he’s in deep trouble.

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Chicago police commander resigns in wake of Homan Square revelations

The news came as attorneys for three Homan Square victims announced that they would file the first civil rights lawsuit over the facility with the aim of shutting down the complex likened by attorneys and activists to the domestic law enforcement equivalent of a CIA “black site.”


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BenSwann.Com - After 12 Years, CIA Releases Classified Document used to Justify Invasion of Iraq

BenSwann.Com - After 12 Years, CIA Releases Classified Document used to Justify Invasion of Iraq

PoliticsInternationalUS | By: Rachel Blevins Mar 20, 2015

On the twelfth anniversary of the day President George W. Bush declared that the United States was invading Iraq, a new version of the classified document used to justify the war was released.

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The Lions of Liberty Podcast Presents "The Felony Report" Episode 2!

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, I am joined by fellow Lions of Liberty contributor and co-founder, John Odermatt for another edition of The Felony Report! John breaks down some of his most recent articles from his weekly Felony Friday series. Topics discussed include the Florida man acquitted of marijuana charges due to a medical necessity defense, the 72 year old New Jersey teacher arrested for an antique pistol, and the Hillary Clinton email scandal. John and I discuss property rights, why non-violent felons should have their rights restored, and ask just who is “Texas Bill?”

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Virgina Jail Denied Deaf, Homeless Immigrant a Sign Language Interpreter for Six Weeks

Has anybody had a rough couple days this past week? Maybe work has been beating you down lately or you’ve had some car troubles that left you with some unexpected costs. Whatever happened that is causing grief I have a story to share with you today that will snap you out of your self-loathing trance. It will not be possible to feel sorry for yourself any longer after reading about the terrifying experiences of Abreham Zemedagegehu in a Virginia prison.

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