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UNSTOPPABLE: Paul Gains 5% on Gingrich and Romney in 5 days among GOP voters, despite smears

Five days ago, on Sunday, December 18, Gallup had Iowa frontrunner Ron Paul trailing Gingrich by 18% nationally among registered GOP voters, and Romney by 14%.

Today, Gallup shows that Gingrich’s lead over Paul has shrunk to 13%, and Romney’s to the single digit range — 9%.

In other words, Ron Paul has gained 5% on both Gingrich and Romney among Republican voters nationally over the past 5 days, despite aggressive and fraudulent attempts by the Establishment media to discredit and marginalize him.

Here's a brief timeline to put it in context...


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New ARG Iowa Poll: RON PAUL Still in Lead!

New American Research Group poll released this Friday for Iowa:

Ron Paul: 21%
Romney: 20%
Gingrich: 19%

This is the highest Paul has been in this poll; he's up five points from their last poll.


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Sick of bad news? Here's some good news!

I'm not much of a phone from home person, so I have decided to visit as many houses in my Iowa precinct as possible today. I haven't been able to set any speed records, as there are no towns in my precinct and the homes are generally 1/2 mile apart.

So far, I have only had 1 person that didn't want any Ron Paul information. The remainder gladly accepted and I have 2 more sure bets to add to the supporter list, and 2 that will most likely vote for Ron Paul!!! :) *excited*

Some of the comments from people were:
-Newt is a slime (that's one of my personal favorites ;)
-You can't trust Romney or Newt
-You can't trust the news
-A vote for Romney or Gingrich is like voting for Obama
-If our financial situation doesn't change, we'll be a 3rd world country in no time (and that came from 3 different people, wow)

Now, keep in mind that I did not lead these people into comments, I simply offered a packet of Ron Paul info if they were interested! I even had one guy thank me for volunteering for Ron Paul! (which I take as high praise here in neoconville)

So here I go! Off to spread more Ron Paul holiday cheer!

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Out-of-State Volunteers Needed for Iowa. Make it Happen! Goal: 200


Ron Paul needs as many out-of-state volunteers as possible for the Iowa caucus on January 3rd. You may be needed to help as a precinct captain or deliver a speech. There are many things you can do to gain votes on caucus day. If you are from Iowa's neighboring states like Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, Missouri, Wisconsin you should definitely find a way to make a road trip to Iowa for the Caucus. Anybody with the means to get to Iowa should go. Please email us at: info@rp2012.org if you are interested. Our goal is to get 200 extra volunteers to Iowa and connect with the campaign to fill in where necessary. Note: This is in addition to those participating in Christmas Vacation for Ron Paul. Let's make it happen! So who's in?

Here is contact info for local organizers:

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NEW VIDEO! Ron Paul - Preserve, Protect, and Defend

My first video for the Liberty Movement! I hope you like it!


"If we took that oath of office seriously, in Washington, we'd get rid of 80% of the government. The budget would be balanced. We'd have sound money, and we would have prosperity. And we wouldn't be the policemen of the world. We wouldn't have a Federal Reserve System, and we wouldn't be invading the privacy of every single individual in this country with bills like the Patriot Act. We'd have a free society and a prosperous society."

- Ron Paul

While most in Congress pay lip service to the rule of law, Texas Congressman Ron Paul governs on the principle of law, the by laws of our government, the Constitution. His Congressional record is unparalleled when it comes to voting in accordance with the Constitution. Whether you agree with the Constitution or not, determines whether or not you support Dr. Ron Paul.

Save an Elephant, Vote Ron Paul Image - http://imgur.com/48gfg

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TransparentVote.net - Do you really trust AP and the MSM to report the election results?

Well that is EXACTLY what we will be forced to accept if we do not upload the precinct/town election results to an independent news website/websites from ALL 1,784 Iowa precincts and and 130 towns in NH that still hand count the ballots.

The News Election Pool is where ALL the MSM get their results. They have had a MONOPOLY in reporting the election results! There is no check or balance!

A new grassroots website has been established to offer some competition to this reporting monopoly using grassroots reporters, like you. The new website is TransparentVote.net Grassroots volunteer reporters are asked to register and upload photographic evidence of vote totals at each of the 1,774 precincts. These vote totals can then be independently and transparently tabulated and verified by us on the internet in an open, crowd-sourced fashion.

Please help us get the word out to others about this new system. This will force the MSM to report honest results in line with the documented results posted at TransparentVote.net.

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Iowa Caucus Goers- DO NOT leave after voting

From Ron Paul Forums

DELEGATES ELECTED AT THE CAUCUS are extremely important. We need everyone to stay and encourage other people to leave if they are not for us. The party business they mention is just that and the hack people would love it if all RP supporters just take off and go home after the initial preference vote.

The real action takes place later and that is winning the most precinct delegates and alternates we can who are RP supporters and sending them to the county and district conventions and the state convention where we can win National Convention Delegates.

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Motivated by the Media, 25 Young Supporters Made 8,074 Calls for Ron Paul into NH Yesterday!

Motivated against the unfair press directed at the good Doctor Paul, 25 young supporters did something about it. They made 8074 phone calls into New Hampshire today. They took that hill, in this media war, and held their ground. "Don't Tread On Me"


This is the best way to fight against the unfair media & spread the truth directly to voters! Thank you MSM! You are motivating us!

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"Ron Paul's Iowa Campaign is Ready to Deliver Victory!"

An excellent article about Ron Paul in The Iowa Republican.

Ron Paul's Iowa Campaign is Ready to Deliver Victory

"For anyone unsure that Ron Paul will place very high in the Iowa Caucus, Wednesday’s event in Bettendorf should erase all doubts. The event was a campaign tour de force in terms of crowd attendance, as well as organization.

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New York Times: Ron Paul, The Soldier's Choice

By Timothy Egan | NY Times
December 22, 2011

- snip -

As of the last reporting date, at the end of September, Paul leads all candidates by far in donations from service members. This trend has been in place since 2008, when Paul ran for president with a similar stance: calling nonsense at hawk squawk from both parties.

In 2005, Ron Paul attended a news conference with Representatives Walter Jones and Dennis Kucinich calling on President George W. Bush to phase out U.S. troops in Iraq.

This year, Paul has 10 times the individual donations — totaling $113,739 — from the military as does Mitt Romney. And he has a hundred times more than Newt Gingrich, who sat out the Vietnam War with college deferments and now promises he would strike foes at the slightest provocation.

- end snip -

Read the whole thing at the NY Times

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TSA Screenings - Not Just for Airports Anymore!

When I was an 11 year old, my parents took me on a bus through Checkpoint "C" (Charlie) from West Berlin to East Berlin. I believe my father, a WWII Veteran, wanted me to see firsthand what tyranny looked like.

This looks a lot like what we were staring in the face that day passing through the Berlin Wall...


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Thanks Zimbabwe! Now who in New Hamphire wants some Super Brochures!?

Hello all! So wow! The Zimbabwe One Hundred Trillion Dollar bill sold for $1,825 and after costs associated with PayPal ($71.48) and EBay ($100.40), I paid shipping (fun story, roughly $55 after insurance), I chipped in $1.95 due to account verification process, and what we have left is $1,655.07. With all that said, never did I ever imagine this item would fetch such a purse. Below you’ll find my ever exciting experience and what the outcome offers?!

Starting with the listing process. This was the first time I had ever sold anything on EBay and naturally when you use EBay you sign up for PayPal, which provided wonderful headaches. Originally I was going to set a "Buy-it-now" price of $150.00. "I mean I only paid four Federal Reserve Notes for this thing," I thought. But then my faith in the free market took over and I said to myself "if the price will go to the limit, why limit?" Therefore I passed on the "Buy-it-now!" price. Rightly so, to $1,825.00! Need I say more?

After the item sold and I was contacted within minutes by the buyer and the money was deposited into my PayPal account. "Wow, this was pretty easy!" I thought. Then I noticed the buyer wanted shipping to New Zealand?! I thought of my friend who sent a jacket to Taiwan and then had his payment to him reversed because the buyer said he never received it. Turns out USPS doesn't track to the door and the delivery tracking was useless. PayPal debited his account and he was screwed. I did not want this to happen to me. So I provided some options and then it turns out the buyer and I got on the phone shortly after some back-and-forth emails.

Really cool guy! Living outside the country due to his outlook on our society and international appeal. Come to find out he’s very active in supporting the cause of liberty and we shared stories of our involvement in various activities. Also found out that one of his professional hats is in the same industry as myself which fairly coincidental. By the end of the conversation I felt very comfortable and was ready to ship the item to New Zealand.

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Paul Draws Hundreds to Event in Bettendorf

...Paul's crowd, which his campaign first estimated at 600-plus and later said topped 800, is the largest for a single candidate's event in the Quad-Cities this year. And though he didn't take questions from the audience, Paul's monologue drew several cheers and even one, "We love you, Ron."

Souce: Quad-City Times

Thanks Shootist for the video links:



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