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Drug-Friendly Netherlands to Close 8 Prisons -- Not Enough Crime

Holland's example makes the case that drug decriminalization would not result in the crime orgy that that so many Washington control freaks fear.


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Happy Birthday Daily Paul! Flashback 2007: The Interview That Started It All

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Friends, on this day, the Daily Paul's fourth birthday, I had planned to post the original podcast that inspired me to start this website, but I can't find it! It was an interview of Dr. Paul on the Koerlin Economics Report in Jan 07, and was once located here, but that link is now broken. I've scoured the internet, and my hard drive too. I thought it was this one, (which is also good), but not that one either.

Update: Thanks to DPer IPSecure, here is the interview!! Retrieved from the Way Back Machine. This is what I love about the DP!!

In the interview I'm thinking of, word had already leaked out that he was thinking of running and he addressed the rumor. "It was a little bit preliminary," he said. "I was amazed at how quickly it spread." He also spoke about the power of the internet, the newness of the technology, and how no one really knows the limits of that power and what one could do with it.

I was inspired not only by the message; but the challenge of pushing the limits of the internet. My expectations were not just low, they were non-existent! I just wanted to see what was possible.

If anyone has a copy of that interview please send me an email or a link. I'd like to hear it again and share it as well. And if you value the Daily Paul, please help us reach our fundraising goal - we're about 80% there. Thank you.

Since I can't find that interview, I'd like to share some of my thoughts on that interview, Ron Paul, the information technology revolution that is underway, and how the Daily Paul fits into that. Some of this was published in the book, Ron Paul: A Life of Ideas

Texas Congressman Seeks Presidency
by Michael Nystrom

In our networked information society, information flows faster than ever. Long before any official announcement had been made, news that Dr. Paul would be exploring a run for president had leaked out and spread across the Internet. The "official" story that broke the news was a short blurb by the Associated Press titled 'Texas Congressman Seeks Presidency, dated January 11, 2007. In just over 200 words, it explained that Dr. Paul had filed papers to form an exploratory committee for a presidential run.

In the pre-internet era, such a story might have gotten buried in the back pages of the local newspaper, if it made the news at all. It would have received little if any television coverage. In this prior, information dark age, if one of Dr. Paul's hundreds of thousands of supporters scattered across the nation were to somehow stumble across the news, he would certainly be delighted. But then what? Where could he go from there? Unless he already knew of other supporters personally, he would have no way of contacting them. Were he inclined to volunteer for the campaign, he would be left to his own devices to try to track down headquarters, make long-distance phone calls to Texas, and leave messages that might not be returned for weeks, if ever.

The Internet Changes Everything

The internet changed all of that. While Dr. Paul's 2008 campaign for president did not receive the same level of coverage on television or in print as most of his better known competitors, the 'Ron Paul Revolution' was a case study in our ongoing economic, social, cultural and political revolution. It was an epic battle between the vested powers of the traditional 'old' media and the vibrant rising power of the 'new' media.

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Obama, Hu, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs to Meet

and Boeing
and General Electric
and Westinghouse
and Coca Cola
and Dupont
and Cargill
and HSBC Holdings
and Carlyle Group
and Intel
and Dow Chemical


Quite a list to "honor" China's president and make special deals don't you think?

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U.S. food companies caught faking blueberries with artificial colors and liquid sugars


(NaturalNews) A Food Investigations mini-documentary released today exposes the "blueberry deception" in name-brand cereals, bagels, breads and bars. As revealed in the investigative video (www.FoodInvestigations.com), big-name food companies that offer blueberry cereals, muffins, pastries and bars have been caught "faking" the blueberries by creating them out of artificial colors, partially-hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

This investigation was conducted by award-winning investigative journalist Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, as part of the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center (www.ConsumerWellness.org), which provides nutrition grants for children's education programs around the world. The non-profit "blueberry deception" video can be viewed in its entirety at www.FoodInvestigations.com

Total cereal called "Total fraud"

Named in the video are Kellogg's, Target, Betty Crocker, General Mills and other food companies that use artificial colors to create the illusion of real blueberries in their products. One General Mills cereal singled out in the mini-documentary is called Total Blueberry Pomegranate Cereal. But a Consumer Wellness Center investigation reveals that this cereal contains neither blueberries nor pomegranates.


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Jim Rogers: Easy to blame the Chinese for America's problems

As Washington prepares to roll out the red carpet for Chinese President Hu Jintao's state visit, the stakes could not be higher but what will come out of these discussions? Investor and author Jim Rogers says very little will come from the meetings, maybe China opens its currency a bit more and the US will get rid of some debt but not much else.


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Rep. Jones (R-NC) to Ron Paul: Investigate Link Between The Fed & Rising Food/Gas Prices

Congressman Walter Jones is asking for an investigation into whether the Federal Reserve's money printing is driving up prices for commodities, including crude oil and gasoline.

The Farmville Republican has sent a letter to U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, the incoming chairman of the House Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommittee, asking him to look at the connection between the printing of money and rising prices.

"Working people in Eastern North Carolina are being squeezed at the gas pump and the grocery store as they struggle to make ends meet in a world in which their salaries have no chance of keeping up with Mr. Bernanke's printing presses," Jones said. "The Federal Reserve must be held accountable for the damage it is creating."

Read more: http://www.newsobserver.com/2011/01/16/923137/jones-wants-a-...

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Seymour Hersh Unleashed

In a speech billed as a discussion of the Bush and Obama eras, New Yorker journalist Seymour Hersh delivered a rambling, conspiracy-laden diatribe here Monday expressing his disappointment with President Barack Obama and his dissatisfaction with the direction of U.S. foreign policy.

"Just when we needed an angry black man," he began, his arm perched jauntily on the podium, "we didn't get one."

It quickly went downhill from there.

Hersh, whose exposés of gross abuses by members of the U.S. military in Vietnam and Iraq have earned him worldwide fame and high journalistic honors, said he was writing a book on what he called the "Cheney-Bush years" and saw little difference between that period and the Obama administration.

He said that he was keeping a "checklist" of aggressive U.S. policies that remained in place, including torture and "rendition" of terrorist suspects to allied countries, which he alleged was ongoing.

He also charged that U.S. foreign policy had been hijacked by a cabal of neoconservative "crusaders" in the former vice president's office and now in the special operations community.

"What I'm really talking about is how eight or nine neoconservative, radicals if you will, overthrew the American government. Took it over," he said of his forthcoming book. "It's not only that the neocons took it over but how easily they did it -- how Congress disappeared, how the press became part of it, how the public acquiesced."


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Study: Many college students not learning to think critically

NEW YORK — An unprecedented study that followed several thousand undergraduates through four years of college found that large numbers didn't learn the critical thinking, complex reasoning and written communication skills that are widely assumed to be at the core of a college education.

Many of the students graduated without knowing how to sift fact from opinion, make a clear written argument or objectively review conflicting reports of a situation or event, according to New York University sociologist Richard Arum, lead author of the study. The students, for example, couldn't determine the cause of an increase in neighborhood crime or how best to respond without being swayed by emotional testimony and political spin.

Read more: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2011/01/18/106949/study-many-coll...

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Politico: Rookie Rand Paul Tackles Budget Head-on

President Barack Obama will soon lay out his vision for federal spending when he releases his annual budget, setting in motion months of debate over the size and scope of government.

Rand Paul is doing the same thing.

The tea party hero is at the bottom of the Senate in seniority and was sworn in as Kentucky’s junior Republican senator only two weeks ago, but he’s about to unveil his own sweeping budget plan that would result in a $500 billion cut in just one year — about five times more than what the House GOP has promised to do.

It’s an unusual move — a rookie senator releasing his own version of the federal budget — but it says a lot about how Paul is trying to carve an unconventional identity in the stodgy Senate. As he tries to navigate Senate politics, Paul faces a key question: Will he use his national profile to paint himself as a conservative firebrand and perennial outsider, or will he work within the system and with senators across the ideological spectrum to settle for less ambitious deals?

So far, he’s showing signs he’ll do a little of both.


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Facebook hands over your phone number and address ...

Facebook is allowing App Developers the ability to see phone numbers and home addresses. I don't think this applies to most DPers, but you have friends who might have this stuff available. You can save them from their information being in the wrong hands.


By: Chloe Albanesius
Facebook recently announced that it is making user phone numbers and addresses available to developers, a move that a security expert said "could herald a new level of danger" for Facebook members.

Facebook isn't just releasing this information into the wild; it's adding it to the company's "User Graph object," or the permissions required to install an app.

"Because this is sensitive information, we have created the new user_address and user_mobile_phone permissions," Facebook wrote in a blog post. "These permissions must be explicitly granted to your application by the user via our standard permissions dialogs."

Facebook said the permissions only provide access to a user's address and mobile phone number, not their friend's addresses or mobile phone numbers.


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Breaking - Clint Didier on Fox Business: EPA threatens to kill farming

EPA threatens to take 61% of farmland in Washington out of production to provide "pesitcide buffer zones." Clint, our liberty senate candidate last November, was interviewed today on Fox Business. Clint also speaks to the water issues in our state.


I was privileged to spend some time with Clint just a few days ago. He is a man who comes along once in a generation.

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