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May 15 GOP Primaries: Nebraska, Oregon & Idaho - Open Thread

Voting today: Nebraska, Oregon & Idaho

Post your news, observations and insights in the comments below. Results:

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Reason: The Republican Party's Ron Paul Problem

Brian Doherty | May 15, 2012

Rep. Ron Paul announced yesterday that he will no longer be actively campaigning in forthcoming primaries. While this announcement--as perhaps his team should have figured, especially with its injudicious use of past tense about "fought hard"--was widely played in the media as essentially "Ron Paul drops out", he in fact directly said his quest to rack up as many delegates as he can for the Republican presidential nomination will continue. In fact, the announcement was more or less merely a public declaration of what had been the campaign's style for the past few weeks, featuring few of the smaller public events that make up a full-fledged campaign and more just giant campus rallies. The campaign was indeed likely down to only about a million on hand, and seems ill-inclined right now to do more big calls for cash.

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☛ PARLIAMENTARIANS For Hire! Here Is Info On How We Can Hire A Parliamentarian To Go With Us To The Conventions!

Obtaining the services of a professional parliamentarian is simple with the National Association of Parliamentarians' professional referral service.

Either fill out the request form online (http://parliamentarians.org/instantprp.php), or call the association at (888) 627-2929, and provide your contact information as well as the geographic area in which you are located. We will provide you with a list of professional registered parliamentarians in your area who are accepting new clients.

You may then contact these professionals to discuss your needs, and select the parliamentarian who best fits your needs. Individual parliamentarians set their own schedules and fees; it is best to contact parliamentarians well ahead of time to ensure that they will be available for your meeting or convention.

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Ron Paul's Long View (by cicobiologist)


(a comment I thought worthy of being a topic. ~dfwrider)

- - - -

- He bought gold at $35/oz and didn't tell people they were idiots when they didn't buy.

- He humbly told the same message over and over again without offending anyone for 40 years. He would not force his ideas least he be like his opponents.

- He exercised and ate well daily because he wasn't focused on his daily health but his health for a time when he would need all of his strength.

- His passion never openly turned to wrath because he knew he would need to have others follow his lead. A hateful, angry leader cannot expect to lead.

- He has been marginlized for years and his ideas have been scoffed at, but he kept his cool and realized he was not ready.

- He never booed his opponents to their faces.

- He is unselfish and wasn't fighting for his own freedom but for the freedom of others.

My questions to us:

- They hate us, but will we be hateful?

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My Beloved R3VOL: You Guys Kill Me!

Two weeks ago, someone here at DailyPaul misread an obviously sarcastic video of John Stossel, then proceeded to blow it way out of proportion, compounding it with another unsubstantiated expectation of an unannounced, announcement at Doug's last Tuesday's FaceBook live-chat.

What ensued was some of y'all making expectations based on a non-event.

Then, came being worked up over NOT watching both part 1 and 2 of Rand's rather informative speech at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition. How do I know? Because his only 'controversial' portion of the speech, aka "Part 2" of the video had 10's of thousands of views, whereas "Part 1" only had 100's of views. It's clear how and which video various sites and bloggers directed people to view.

Then, all the sudden descending of the most massive amount of troll attacks in one weekend I've ever witnessed. Signaling that our delegate strategy was being taken as a much more clear and present danger to the RINOs, not to mention, all the craziness exhibited strictly by the RINOS at the AZ and OK State Conventions over the weekend. Along with the predictable paranoia that ensued, which to a certain extent was justified, though in the aggregate, never too good.

Then, closing out the trifecta, now comes the official campaign news release, clarifying our intentions.

Sure, certainly I suppose the official RP2012 campaign did not 'need' to let us know that they were switching their focus to strictly concentrating on the delegate strategy at state conventions.

But please, think folks. Think.

Do y'all suppose that, that was for our benefit, or the MSM & RINOs'?

I'd call it a "strategically calculated risk."

We know by now that the only way in which someone is nominated, is at the GOP state conventions, via the delegate process.

By now, we already know and accept the reality (well, hopefully most of you, by now) that the Primaries are merely a PR parade to give the sheeple an illusion of a democratic process by feigning constituency participation.

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KARMA: Clueless TSA PornGrope Convicted War Criminal Henry Kissinger!

Pardon me, was I grinning?

Globalist Tyrant reaps the Police State that he has helped sown
TSA Agents Conduct ‘Full Monty’ Pat-Down On Henry Kissinger

May 14, 2012 2:46 PM

NEW YORK (CBSDC) — Even a Nobel Peace Prize winner can’t avoid a pat-down.

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger got searched by a Transportation Security Administration employee while going through a security checkpoint at LaGuardia Airport in New York Friday, The Washington Post reports.

Kissinger, who was in a wheelchair, was told by a TSA agent that he needed to be searched.

“He stood with his suit jacket off, and he was wearing suspenders,” freelance reporter Matthew Cole told the Post. “They gave him the full pat-down. None of the agents seemed to know who he was.” Cole added that Kissinger was given “the full Monty” search.

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Rachel Maddow on Ron Paul's Campaign Strategy Switch

Rachel Maddow is reporting the truth, every show I gain more respect for her.

Thanks for the video link, beelzebush66 from our intrepid MoxNews


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Jesse Benton to Politico: Paul feared convention mayhem...didn't like disrespect at recent events

From Politco:

Ron Paul’s message to the GOP
By James Hohmann, May 14, 2012

Ron Paul sent a message to the GOP establishment Monday that he’s not looking to cause mayhem at this summer’s Republican National Convention.

By announcing that he won’t compete in the remaining primaries, Paul tacitly assured the party that he didn’t intend to disrupt the likely Tampa coronation of Mitt Romney. And he also telegraphed to even the hardest core of his hope-trumping-evidence supporters that he might not, after all, be the 2012 nominee...

"...'It concerns him,' campaign chairman Jesse Benton told POLITICO. 'He wants to convey to everybody and our staff want to convey that we’ll lose more than we gain if we go and we’re disrespectful. Respect and decorum are very important to Dr. Paul.'

'You need to give respect to get respect,' he added. 'We are confident that there will be mutual respect at the convention. We want to make sure that we take every step we can to make sure that happens.'..."

Continue reading at Politco

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Round 2! ☮ P E A C E ! ☮ Daily Paul Silver Dime Card Drive by Freedom's Phoenix

Freedom's Phoenix

Ernest Hancock of Freedom's Phoenix created this special P E A C E edition of the Daily Paul Silver Dime Cards. This is the first of a four card set that feature the core values of the Daily P Au L: Peace, Gold (Au), Liberty and Love.

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*100,000 Texas Super Brochures Mailing*

Click here to Mail Super Brochures to TEXAS now.

We have less than 24 hours to get these last mailings to take us over 100,000.

Help the grassroots in Texas spread the message of Liberty!

COMPLETED!!! $5,000 Matching Challenge: COMPLETED!!!!

A person has put their money where their mouth is and just moved the mailings from 64,286 to 73,380.

The challenge: Will you match their mailings?

The goal is 82,471. DONE!!!!!

Original Post:

We are going into the last innings of a very close game. And we need a home run in Texas. And it is up to us to make the big play.

Texas is a proportional delegate State and will be one of the reasons Dr. Paul wins in Tampa. Texas is not Romney friendly and needs to be shown that Ron Paul is the right choice. Even the media is now admitting Ron Paul is WINNING!


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Doug Wead “We are not out, We are Up!” The fight has just begun!

Doug Wead Senior advisor to the Ron Paul 2012 campaign joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for ‘Doug Wead ‘We are not out, We are Up!’ The fight has just begun!’ to discuss today’s email from the Ron Paul campaign and the media spin that Ron Paul has ended his campaign. Doug also explains the reasons for the campaign allocating resources to win this primary election with the delegate strategy and the need for help to fight the corruption state by state.

Listen Here!

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Urgent Notice For Delegates Alternates And Future/Current Precinct Committeemen!


Because of the outspoken nature of our supporters (delegates, alternates, and guests) we have lost ground and some of our GOP support.


It turns people away that would have otherwise voted or supported RP people. It also degrades our message and credibility. We are already fighting an uphill battle and don't need to be making the hill any steeper for ourselves.

ENCOURAGE ALL OF YOUR DELEGATES, ALTERNATES, and GUESTS to remain respectful and if you can, appoint a team to make motions (at least one in each district). That way you don't have the confusion of 100 people yelling at once. Also try to get a parliamentarian and TRAIN YOUR PEOPLE. We sort of went in blind, but ABOVE ALL BE RESPECTFUL AND SILENT. You won't alienate anyone, you won't give the establishment any ammo, and it will be easier to organize and hear floor motions.

GET YOUR PEOPLE TO BECOME Precinct Committeemen!

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The truth about delegates, our momentum and the SIX upcoming state conventions THIS weekend!

Seeing a lot of naysayers and negative posts since this weekend and wanted to set the record straight. We ARE on a roll and YES we can win! Romney is losing delegates as we gain delegates. To point you towards the truth and enlighten you I would like to point you towards this weekend's SIX state conventions.


These are the six state conventions being held this weekend and the PRE fabricated MSM projections...

1) Vermont 0G 4P 9R 4S
2) South Carolina 23G 0P 2R 0S
3) Georgia 52G 0P 21R 3S
4) Michigan 0G 0P 16R 4S
5) Minnesota 0G 20P 0R 2S 15U
6) Mississippi 12G 0P 12R 13S

Totals 83G 24P 60R 26S 15U

Now out of these SIX state conventions Romney is likely to only walk away with one. That being Vermont.

Gingrich will likely walk away with SC and GA but with fewer than what is estimated above.

Ron Paul is Likely to sweep Michigan, Minnesota, and Mississippi.

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Ben Swann Chimes In on Ron Paul's Email

"The headline on Drudge says it all "Ron Paul OUT!" Link to the Washington Times article and it says "Ron Paul Ends His Hunt For Votes".

The first headline is NOT TRUE.

The second headline MAY BE.

Either way, read through the article and you will see that the inference that Paul is out of the race is absolutely not true.

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