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LIVEBLOG Obamacare Verdict: Open Thread

UPDATE: The Supreme Court affirmed the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. Big loss for the liberty movement today.

In the verdict announced today (June 28), shortly after 10AM, the court upheld the individual mandate as well as almost all the rest of Obamacare.

Click through to see live-blog updates and videos.

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Reality Check: Mass. Corruption as GOP Strip Delegates of Their Credentials


Tonight on Reality Check!

Ben Swann Tweeted:
17 delegates stripped of their credentials by the Mass GOP. Reality Check tonight, we'll look at what the GOP strategy might be.

Ben's station page:

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Oh Jack Hunter, say it ain't so: "Bilderberg conspiracies have become a handicap for the Liberty Movement "

When you get dizzy spinning, should take a break, not look for a new electric motor to keep you spinning.

Bilderberg conspiracies have become a handicap for the Liberty Movement
[No Jack, YOU have.]

by Jack Hunter | June 27, 2012


In 2009, the so-called Birther movement became an embarrassing distraction for the conservative movement. Many conservatives spoke out against the Birthers, who believe President Barack Obama was actually born in Kenya, forged his birth certificate, and is therefore ineligible to be president. I surely did. Still, many insisted on subscribing to it, though luckily their numbers seem fewer today than ever.

For conservatives, Obama is bad. In fact, he's the biggest big-government president to date. Conservatives don't need conspiracy theories to convince them that Obama's agenda must be stopped. There is no need to look for secret conspiracies when the damage is being done in plain sight every day.

Most conservatives have come to see the Birthers as a political handicap, and the same is now true of the vocal minority obsessed with the Bilderberg Group, particularly those within the self-described Liberty Movement to which I belong.


David Kramer of LewRockwell.com weighs in on Jack's newest self-dug hole:

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First time in history: Attorney General In Contempt of Congress; 255/67

Now, the criminal contempt charge is refered to the U.S. Attorney in the District of Columbia. In other words, Holder's own Justice Department, which will decide how to proceed.


House votes to hold Attorney General Holder in contempt of Congress
Published June 28, 2012

The GOP-led House voted Thursday to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for failing to provide key information pertaining to Operation Fast and Furious, making Holder the first sitting Cabinet member to be held in contempt.

The vote was 255-67 with one lawmaker voting not present. Seventeen Democrats broke ranks to vote in favor of contempt, while two Republicans voted against the measure.

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ATTENTION DailyPaul Twitter Users: #Elektable TwitterBomb TONIGHT 7PM!

UPDATE: Elektable" Postponed One Day Due To "OBAMACARE" Announcement

Hello DailyPaul Twitter users, tomorrow we have the mission of spreading the Elektable video once it's release (at 7PM). We will be flooding Twitter with the video. Please spread this post around to help prepare for the TwitterBomb!

If you don't know about the new Ron Paul Film 'Elektable' checkout this video:

Worldwide Premiere For Ron Paul Film "Elektable" Is Thursday, June 28th at 7PM


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Ron Paul Statement on Supreme Court Obamacare Decision

by Ron Paul | June 28, 2012

"I strongly disagree with today’s decision by the Supreme Court, but I am not surprised. The Court has a dismal record when it comes to protecting liberty against unconstitutional excesses by Congress.

"Today we should remember that virtually everything government does is a 'mandate.' The issue is not whether Congress can compel commerce by forcing you to buy insurance, or simply compel you to pay a tax if you don’t. The issue is that this compulsion implies the use of government force against those who refuse. The fundamental hallmark of a free society should be the rejection of force. In a free society, therefore, individuals could opt out of “Obamacare” without paying a government tribute.

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Kucinich Thanks Ron Paul for Federal Reserve Audit Bill

Article from the Daily Caller. Kucinich thanks Ron Paul for Fed audit push.

"Ohio Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich thanked Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul for his “diligence” in advocating for a bill that would give the Government Accountability Office the authority to fully audit the Federal Reserve, adding that it is “baloney” to suggest Congress cannot “touch the Fed.”

The legislation moved through the House Oversight Committee and Government Reform Committee on Wednesday.

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Yet another reason that drones are a really bad idea ...

Seems the US Government challenged a Texas university to hack into and take control of one of their drones. The University of Texas did just that using less than $1,000 of equipment.

From the article: “What if you could take down one of these drones delivering FedEx packages and use that as your missile?” Humphreys asks. “That’s the same mentality the 9-11 attackers had,”

Article can be found here: http://rt.com/usa/news/texas-1000-us-government-906/

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Massimo Banzi: How Arduino Is Open-Sourcing Imagination

Massimo Banzi: How Arduino is open-sourcing imagination

Massimo Banzi helped invent the Arduino, a tiny, easy-to-use open-source microcontroller that's inspired thousands of people around the world to make the coolest things they can imagine -- from toys to satellite gear. Because, as he says, "You don't need anyone's permission to make something great."

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This Gives Me Hope!

Wow! I was so happy to see this video. I know many of my Iranian friends will be very happy to see this. I have watched so many damn NWO and WW3 videos of Iran, I saw this and it made my made day. I think people just want to have fun and enjoy their lives.


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History Lesson: Majority of delegates pledged to Champ Clark; lost at Convention anyway

Wikipedia: In 1912, Clark was the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination, coming into the convention with a majority of delegates pledged to him. But he failed to receive the necessary two-thirds of the vote on the first several ballots. After lengthy negotiation, clever management by supporters of New Jersey Governor Woodrow Wilson, together with widespread allegations of influence by special interests, delivered the nomination instead to Wilson.


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