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My Son the Communist

"My stepson is 16. He posted on his FB that he is now a communist. He is just doing it because he knows it pisses me off. I acted like I didn't care and posted the following (below). Then I changed his password. He had no idea I knew his password. It is still there for all his friends to see. He is really pissed off. I took the door off his bedroom. He has no privacy now.

I took all his video games and stuff and set them up in the sun room for his 8 year old sister to use. Instead of giving him his weekly allowance, I split it up between him and his sisters. Then I took him down to Lucky's supermarket and made him apply for a job. They hired him the next day. But I told him he has to bring home his paycheck every Thursday so I can split it up amongst everybody. He is not very happy. His mother is backing me up 100%. His work load is almost unbearable for a 16 year old.

com·mu·nism (kmy-nzm) - NOUN: A theoretical economic system characterized by the collective ownership of property and by the organization of labor for the common advantage of all members.

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Who Killed Rudy Giuliani?

You guessed it.

The American Conservative: When Ron Paul leaves office in January, he will have been more successful than many of the legislators who spent decades maligning him. Paul’s ideas have gradually gone from marginal to mainstream, and his record shows how much even a single determined man of principle can do to change a movement. In foreign policy especially, the Texas congressman leaves behind a new generation of leaders, both libertarian and conservative, who challenge the disastrous bipartisan consensus.

A decade ago, only seven Republican members of Congress voted against the Iraq War—six congressmen and one senator. The number of conservative legislators who opposed the war was even smaller still, the redoubtable trio of Jimmy Duncan, John Hostettler, and Paul.

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Bob Dylan Prediction On Home Gardens Comes True

"I can see the day coming when even your home garden is gonna be against the law." - Bob Dylan, Union Sundown, 1982

Another Front Yard Garden Deemed Illegal

Aaron Dykes |

The War on Americanism is moving forward again, not on some foreign battlefield, but in quiet neighborhoods in cities across the nation.

The City of Orlando is demanding that Jason Helvingston eradicate the vegetable garden planted in his front yard so that it can meet their code, which WKMG Local 6 says requires a “finished appearance,” in other words, a plain lawn covered in ordinary grass.

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Post Election Tips: From an Iowa Liberty Candidates perspective.

Here's an interesting piece of info to know. The majority of Ron Paul's 2012 Iowa Caucus wins were in NorthEastern Iowa (old 1st C.D.), and the area where Democrats dominated in Iowa for the 2012 Nov. 6th election... you guessed it NE Iowa. The average for a Republican candidate was about 33%, all Democrats and Incumbents (one in the same here) won.

The moral of the story is the GOP has learned a tough lesson. You ostrisize new supporters, young people, and especially new ideas (technically old ideas) then you'll reap what you sow. One need look no further than the debacle known as the GOP National Convention of 2012 and how we were all treated (RP and Grass Roots Delegates) like so much cattle.

Many people have asked me over the last couple of years why my area of Iowa has done so well regarding Ron Paul Caucuses, political issues (Red Light Camera stop), and overall #of liberty candidates. I feel it is time to explain how this happened.


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Drudge top right column: Ron Paul: Election shows U.S. 'far gone'

Click through Drudge link to get him in the habit of covering Ron again:

Washington Times: Rep. Ron Paul, whose maverick presidential bids shook the GOP, said in the wake of this week's elections that the country has already veered over the fiscal cliff and he sees no chance of righting ship in a country where too many people are dependent on government.

"We're so far gone. We're over the cliff," the Texas Republican told Bloomberg Television's "In the Loop" program. "We cannot get enough people in Congress in the next 5-10 years who will do wise things." The video can be seen at

Mr. Paul, who is retiring after 12 terms in the House, said voters on Tuesday rejected Mitt Romney because he had opposed the government bailout of General Motors and Chrysler.

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The Ron Paul Effect: How the GOP Threw the Election By Disenfranchising Ron Paul Supporters

"New analysis reveals that in no less than five states, Romney’s margin of loss to President Obama in the general election was less than the number of votes received by Ron Paul in that state’s primary.

[Here's a screenshot I made of the table if someone wanted to embed it, I don't know how: ]

In Florida, for example, Obama defeated Romney by 46,000 votes; meanwhile, Ron Paul received over 117,000 votes in the primary. If only 40% of these Ron Paul Republicans stayed home on Election Day, it would have been enough to cost Romney the state and its 29 electoral votes.

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Article: Ron Paul Almost Took Over The Republican Party

Outstanding article in The Daily Bell about the deconstruction of the Ron Paul Revolution, and how he helped to educate the masses. The republican party is on the ropes. The tea party is dead (capital letters omitted intentionally).

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Help me caption this RNC 2012 photo

Found on imgur, via reddit:

I was trying to come up with a snappy headline, but the DP has some of the most creative people on the internet...

Full backstory on the photo from RobHino, and the next picture in the series below:

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Alex Castellanos on Anderson Cooper 360: "Ron Paul youth the future of the GOP."

Anderson cooper 360 on November 7, 2012 after Mitt Romney lost election. Alex Castellanos speaks about the future of the republican party and attracting younger voters into the party.

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Use the free market to fight against GMO products! (Updated)

There is an app that you can use to help you find products that are non-GMO, at I am sure that many here have already heard about it and probably already use it, but I thought it was appropriate to post here now, especially considering Prop 37 in California failed.

In addition to mentioning the app, which is called the "Non-GMO Project," I will list below some products that I found that were Non-GMO. Lets focus on puchasing these items, fighting Monsanto and putting them out of business.

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Michael Scheuer- No matter who wins, the next president will — without question– be an interventionist war president

No matter who wins, the next president will — without question– be an interventionist war president

Having listened to a campaign in which Governor Romney explained how he would fix the U.S. economy and carry a big stick around the world, and President Obama continually blame George W. Bush for all our economic problems and try to depict Romney as the evil-millionaire Mr. Potter from Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life, voters can take their pick on Tuesday. But when doing so they must realize that no matter who wins, the next president’s biggest problem will be fighting wars overseas with a war weary populace and an undermanned and ill-equipped military. And no matter who is elected, the new president will only have himself and his interventionist party to blame.

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Dennis Kucinich to Speak On Targeted Killing, Drones and 4th Amendment

Dennis Kucinich will host a briefing Friday November 16, 2012 to discuss targeted killing, the implication of drone policy at home and abroad and the 4th Amendment.

Please spread this, facebook, email, twitter. This needs to go viral to ALL American citizens, and all around the world.

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Justin Raimondo: Ron Paul’s Revenge!

by Justin Raimondo, November 07, 2012

What’s particularly nervy — galling, really — about the idea that the US ought to be spreading our democratic system across the globe is the fact that we don’t have anything close to democracy in this country. Nor do we have what the Founders intended to create: a republic, where the power of the state is limited by the Constitution. This is underscored every time Americans go to the polls, where they are confronted with “choices” determined by lawmakers whose chief interest in life is getting reelected with as little opposition as possible. These guardians of the polity have made it virtually impossible for so-called third parties — i.e. parties not controlled by corporate interests and foreign lobbyists — to even get on the ballot.

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McCain/Palin Beat Romney/Ryan in Total Votes

Interesting factoid:

Total votes cast

McCain/Palin 2008: 58,343,671 votes

Romney/Ryan 2012: 57,649,055

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