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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's mother: ‘My sons are innocent’

‘The terrorists are the Americans and everyone knows it,’ Zubeidat Tsarnaeva writes

The mother of Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev condemned the guilty verdict delivered by the jury in his federal death penalty trial on Wednesday, calling Americans “terrorists” and proclaiming her sons’ innocence.

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The Civil War Isn't Over

On this 150th anniversary of the surrender at Appomattox, Americans mark the end of the Civil War. The questions at the heart of the war, though, still occupy the nation, which has never truly gotten over that conflict. The great issues of the war were not resolved on that April morning at Appomattox. In this sense, not only is the Civil War not over; it can still be lost.

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Rand Paul Campaign Sends Cease-And-Desist To Stations Running Iran Attack Ad

Paul’s lawyers claim the Foundation for a Secure and Prosperous America is running false and defamatory ads.

by Rosie Gray | BuzzFeed

WASHINGTON — A lawyer for the Rand Paul campaign has sent a legal notice to TV stations that ran a hawkish attack ad based on Paul’s views on Iran, calling the ad defamatory and asking stations to stop showing it.

The letter is an objection to a million-dollar ad buy by a group called the Foundation for a Secure and Prosperous America, led by Republican operative Rick Reed. The ad, which launched in early primary states on the day of Paul’s presidential campaign announcement, accuses Paul of supporting President Obama’s policies on Iran and of opposing new sanctions.

“The Advertisement attempts to deceive voters regarding Senator Rand Paul’s position on U.S.-Iran relations through at least three false statements,” writes Paul campaign general counsel Matthew T. Sanderson in the letter dated April 7, which was obtained by BuzzFeed News on Thursday.

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GoFundMe Rejects Fund Campaign for SC Cop Who Fatally Shot Walter Scott

A campaign to raise funds for North Charleston, South Carolina police officer Michael T. Slager, who was charged with murder in the shooting death of an unarmed black man during a routine stop, has been blocked by crowdfunding site GoFundMe.

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Daily Paul Saturday Money Bomb Send Off

I'm making a donation Saturday, at the Support DP link above, to celebrate the end of a great website, and for all the joy and worry poured into it over many years, on behalf of a humble country doctor, gold, peace, and love, not least from its beloved curator.

Want to join? Vote up and donate Saturday.

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NY Times: Rand Paul Tells Republican Critics: ‘War Is Not a Game’

Rand Paul Tells Republican Critics: ‘War Is Not a Game’

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. — Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky was defiant on Thursday as he answered fellow Republicans who have attacked his foreign policy as naïve and misguided, telling them “war is not a game” to be exploited by over-zealous politicians.

“Too many lawmakers in Washington haven’t learned that lesson,” he said.

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VIDEO: 2015 Spreading Liberty Like it's 2007!

Dr. Ron Paul said to have fun spreading Liberty. And we sure did!

Promoting the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Resistance. We had the S.C.O.P.E and American Freedom Apparel floats, with SCOPE handing out Constitution booklets.

Great partying Dyngus Day Parade Buffalo, NY 2015!

Shooters Committee on Political Education

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VIDEO: Reporter Asks College Students to Perform Common Core Math

VIDEO: Reporter Asks College Students to Perform Common Core Math

Published on Apr 9, 2015

Hundreds of high school students in the greater-Seattle area are protesting a new Common Core-aligned standardized test, prompting one local reporter to ask college students to complete math questions from the controversial education standard.


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Dark Journalist Reddit AMA Breakaway Civilization: Thursday April 16th, 4pm EST!

Please join Dark Journalist on his Reddit AMA with your questions on UFO Secrecy, The Deep State, Black Budget & the Breakaway Civilization!

Dark Journalist will be joining the reddit conspiracy community for a question and answer session on April 16th at 4pm EST. He is happy to answer any questions our readers may have on subjects such as the Black Budget economy, the breakaway civilization/secret space program and UFOs.

During his career as a investigative reporter he has interviewed many familiar names such as Jim Marrs, Dr Joseph Farrell and Richard Dolan.

If you have time or would like to ask a question please join us next week for r/conspiracy's next AMA.

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The Rand Pauluses and Minuses Podcast – Presidential Announcement Edition!

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, I once again welcome in Lions of Liberty’s own Brian McWilliams for the second edition of the podcast adaptation of his weekly column, “Rand Pauluses and Minuses!” Following a discussion on the momentous news of Rand announcing his presidential candidacy, Brian and I dish on the current Rand-related goings on and assign our “Paulus” or “Minus” grades. Topics Included in this episode are Rand’s statements about gay marriage and America’s “moral crisis,” his upcoming book releases, Jesse Benton running a Rand superPAC, possible VP candidates, presidential endorsements and the controversial introduction of Paul’s “Life at Conception” bill. Put the dogs outside, tell Wolf Blitzer to shut his dirty mouth and get ready for “Rand Pauluses and Minuses!”

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Video Game Industry Says Keeping Old Games Playable Will “Ruin Industry”

The number of times industry leaders or manufacturers have cited how public alterations would “ruin” an industry or infringe on copyright are numerous, especially in the entertainment industry. From idiotic film companies pulling down satirical or homage fanfilms, to music companies pulling unauthorized versions of anything including the shortest snippet or hint of a copyrighted song (even #RandyPants can’t go unaffected), these large companies are overprotective to a fault.

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VIDEO: Thug Cops Assault Teenagers, Try To Delete Footage From Phone

VIDEO: Thug Cops Assault Teenagers, Try To Delete Footage From Phone


17-year-old In Prison For 3 Months, Facing Assault Charge


Police in Virginia Beach, VA have been caught on video assaulting two teenagers after pulling them over for a broken light license plate light. The cops subsequently tried, and failed, to delete the footage captured via cell phone.

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