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The Net Is Mightier Than The Sword - James Corbett at TEDxGroningen


Since the rise of the internet people have changed from mere audiences into authors and editors. With pieces of technology small enough to fit the whole world into your pocket, a revolution might be on its way. The net is now mightier than the sword. This presentation was delivered at the TEDxGroningen conference in the Netherlands on November 20, 2014.

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Spending just a little time with

Ms Hadley Grace. She put up with all the attention and all the gift giving and paper unwrapping. The beauty of being nine months old is just a blue plastic ball and paw paw is enough.

I had a wonderful day and I hope each and every one of my DP family did as well.


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Who Was Naughty or Nice in 2014? Find Out on the Lions of Liberty Holiday Special!

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, I welcome in the Libertarians in Living Rooms Drinking Liquor for our 2nd annual Holiday Special! I am joined by Brian McWilliams, John Odermatt, Howie Snowdon and the debuting Rico to hand out our Lions of Liberty Naughty or Nice Awards for 2014 over a few adult beverages. The crew discuss Rand Paul, Barack Obama, the Sony / Interview hacking, Cliven Bundy, Darren Wilson and so much, much more! Grab your egg nog and gather the whole family around for this look back at the year in liberty!

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Merry Christmas Daily Paul!

May Peace reign in your life.



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When can we make happy Christmas possible for all on the earth?

So sorry this post is needed year after year; please repost everywhere it may do some good:


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The Holiday Blues (and how to beat 'em)

A Christmas Message from Bob Dylan


With the fondest well wishes, Merry Christmas Daily Paul!

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Urban Farming Guys Sustainable Communities

Merry Christmas, DP! A very inspiring urban farming community transformation project!


~Peace and Love

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How We Win

When I first realized that things were wrong in our world, I immediately wanted to fight to make things right, and I got involved in politics. I worked on a few campaigns and managed a congressional campaign.

I eventually noticed a pattern - all of the campaigns were completely ignored by the media no matter how much work we put into them, and I came to believe that until we changed the media, we’d always be on the losing end of things.

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Santa Claus and His Old Lady - Cheech and Chong

This is hilarious! This is when comedy was funny, before all the PC slapstick crap we see now a days. They would be severely chastised for using many of the terms used in this skit, today.
Merry Christmas!!!


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New York City Cops Seek Federal Court Approval to Mass Arrest Protesters Without Warning

By Steven Rosenfeld | AlterNet
December 19, 2014

A legal fight from Occupy resurfaces amid 2014's police brutality protests.

As New York Mayor Bill de Blasio takes high-profile steps to try to curtail abusive policing— sympathizing with protesters over Eric Garner’s death and vowing to reform the notorious Rikers Island prison—the city’s Law Department is going back to federal court to seek new authority to make mass arrests at protests.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has agreed to meet in full to reconsider an August ruling that sided with protesters and chastized the New York Police Department for the way it herded and arrested 700 Occupy protesters on the Brooklyn Bridge in fall 2011. It concluded that the cops violated the protesters' constitutional rights and the police did not have “cause” to arrest them.

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Ben Swann: On This Christmas, Let Us Consider An “Intervention”

By: Ben Swann Dec 24, 2014

The most difficult part of journalism in our current culture is America’s “truth deficiency”. What is truth deficiency? As I have traveled the country for the past year speaking and sharing with groups about media and truth in our culture, I have reminded listeners that the group most responsible for that deficiency is not “the right wing spin machine” or “left wing progressive talking points”. The biggest problem is US. You and I are the problem with American media.

You see, you and I don’t go to media to be informed. We don’t approach media with an open mind or ready to hear facts or even to get a glimpse of truth. Rather we turn to media for one simple function… to validate the belief system we already hold.

When Fox News reports predictably on a story dealing with police protests or immigration or war, we as viewers are not turning to Fox to be informed. We turn to Fox because we already know what we believe on these subjects and the only purpose of Fox in our mind is to validate those beliefs. It happens with all media… it even happens here at Benswann.com.

This Christmas I hope that in your conversations, family gatherings and time with loved ones, you will remember that there are NOT two sides to every story (a belief rooted in the left/right paradigm) but that there are many sides to every story. Those sides are not as simple as points of view, but those sides are usually represented by real people.

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Any animal lovers on the DP

Tweet of the day for you:


Bring a loving pet into your house.
Merry Christmas & a Happy 2015!

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Some Current Food Costs In Russia !


Loaf white of bread, uncut – 4.5 rubles… (down 50% – to 8 cents a loaf)

100 grams coffee – 89 rubles… (down from 106 rubles to $1.57 a can)

click link above for more please.

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