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Malcolm X quote that teachers should be teaching our kids

Malcolm X quote that teachers should be teaching our kids.

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When will the dollar collapse? (Trying to Time a Gift)

Our Expectation for the Economy
Over time, as our debt rises, creditors will become less enthusiastic about financing our spending. Washington's approach to this problem will probably be to print more (instead of spend less). Supply of dollars will rise.

Over time, as our economy remains lackluster, foreign investment in our assets will decline - as will demand for dollars (in which those assets are denominated).

Bottom line: increased supply and decreased demand will bring severe devaluation to the USD.

My Question
I am planning a gift of precious metals to someone important. I do not want them (necessarily) to sell the precious metals now (with the values relatively low).

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Syrian Girl: The Truth About ISIS

Paul Joseph Watson interviews 'Syrian Girl' about ISIS, U.S. policy in the Mideast:

The Truth About ISIS With Syrian Girl:

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Stewart Rhodes: #sheepdog vs #sheepdog Speech at the Lamp of Liberty National Press Club (Video) Marines will not Obey!

"The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) held a press conference at the National Press Club, in Washington DC, on September 17th, the 227th anniversary of the signing of the US Constitution. CSPOA is a national organization of Sheriffs , police officers, and elected officials, as well as private citizens, whose mission is to equip sheriffs, peace officers and public officials with the necessary information and public support to carry out their duties in accordance with their Oaths of Office."

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Beloved War Veteran Commits Suicide After Obama’s War Announcement- R.I.P. Jacob George

Another 'Soldiers Heart' that couldn't take it anymore.

Beloved War Veteran Commits Suicide After Obama’s War Announcement

U.S. veteran communities are reportedly grieving at news of the suicide of Jacob George, a three-tour veteran of America’s last decade-plus of war, after he failed to find relief from physical and mental injuries he sustained in battle. In a clip from a veterans event last year, he spoke of his experience with various types of therapy and performed his original song, “Soldier’s Heart.”

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Celebrate Banned Book Week!

I spend a lot of time in various libraries, and every year comes Banned Book Week. It is a time where libraries bring contended, restricted, and challenged reading material as much attention as possible.

While the outright banning of books doesn’t happen in America the way it does in some countries, there are still challenges publishers can face in getting books on shelves of public libraries.

Banning and challenging material is not a thing of the past; it is something that still occurs on a regular basis today. Often times books are challenged in the sense that people want certain scenes or words removed. Various groups have requested that the word “nigger” be removed from Huck Finn in the past for example.

Ira Freeman gave us a post about restricted material and ways that some books are kept hidden from the public here.

More here on Banned book week

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How I finally Managed to Ditch Fiat Currency Without Embracing Bitcoin.

There is so much that I want to say and it is important. This is the path that I have taken off the Federal Reserve counterfeit dollars and back to real money. The gold dollars. We don't need to use the Federal Reserve Notes anymore. Be patient with my writing and I will walk you through it.

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Ha! Ron Paul!

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Court hammers Florida sheriff’s office for SWAT-style raid to check for barber licenses

An appeals court harshly rebuked the Orange County, Florida, Sheriff’s Office over a SWAT-style raid to check for barber licenses, finding it was unreasonable to conduct such an investigation of a second-degree misdemeanor.

No illegal or unlicensed activities were found at Strictly Skillz, where barbers said eight to 10 masked deputies wearing bulletproof vests raided the shop and cleared out customers during a busy weekend.

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I owe Michael Nystrom $30

April of 2013, I thought silver price had reached its lowest point. Mr. Nystrom predicted last April that the price would drop to $18 within the next year. It has bounced around close to that, but finally broke below $18 today. On April 15, 2013, here is what I posted in response to his prediction:

I say we will see $30 silver before we see $18 silver. In my opinion, today is the capitulation everyone was anticipating. If so, the bottom will be at or near what we are seeing today. So, what do you say...If silver reaches $30 you can send me one ASE. If silver reaches $18, I'll send you 30 FRNs.


Obviously, I have been very wrong. Even though Mr. Nystrom didn't take me up on my wager, I am sending today a $30 donation to the Daily Paul.

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Teachers Still Enthrall Them

Teachers Still Enthrall Them

Teachers still enthrall them with the story,
Of Ulysses and his glory,
How he saw the world, conquered every foe,
And set a Goddess' heart aglow,
How he tricked the Trojans with a wooden horse,
Returned to Penelope, of course,
All like some wonderful, exciting game,
Living happily ever after with fortune and fame.

The Iliad is usually omitted,
Especially the atrocities committed,
Of Priam weeping bitterly for his son,
Of Hector's body defiled,
Of multitudes beguiled,
Of the annihilation of an entire city,
Of so many slaughtered without pity.

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What's really going on in Syria: a Chinese blockade

People say the US dollar isn't back by anything, when in fact it is. It's backed by military force. The military bases around the world are strategically located to ensure compliance with this system. First world countries like Korea, Japan, and Germany don't need American protection: it's an occupying force with the implicit threat that if they don't comply, there will be trouble.

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