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Judge Nap: New House Special Committee Could Subpoena Obama!

Judge Napolitano [0:30]: It has extraordinary subpoena power. I’ll tell you what it can do. It can find out where the President of the United States was during those eight crucial hours…

Megyn Kelly: [1:11] Can they subpoena President Obama?

Judge Napolitano: [1:16] Yes they can subpoena President Obama. If he resists, we have a Constitutional Crisis and the third branch - a judge - would hear it. It may even go to the Supreme Court of the United States. But if this if this committee gets the broad subpoena power that speaker Boehner has indicated they will get, by a majority vote in the House they can subpoena anybody as to whom they believe has information that they have the right to know about.


They can. The question is, will they?

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What business would you start if someone who believed in you offered to fund it?

My uncle makes a substantial income as a Company Man in the oil industry. He loves making money, and he and I have grown closer since I left the city and moved back to my hometown, a town of about 5000 people.

We always talk about a business we could start while playing golf, like flipping houses, renting houses, a BBQ Sports Bar, or a used car lot.

What business would you start if someone who believed in you offered to fund it? In other words, if you're an entrepreneur, what is your dream business?

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False East/West Paradigm Hides The Rise Of Global Currency

Despite popular belief, very few things in our world are exactly what they seem. That which is painted as righteous is often evil. That which is painted as kind is often malicious. That which is painted as simple is often complex. That which is painted as complex often ends up being disturbingly two dimensional. Regardless, if a person is willing to look only at the immediate surface of a thing, he will never understand the content of the thing.

This fact is nowhere more evident than in the growing “tensions” between the elites of the West and the elites of the East over the crisis in Ukraine.

I am continually astonished at the refusal of many otherwise intelligent people to consider the evidence or even the possibility that there is, in reality, no fundamental political or philosophical conflict between the power brokers of the East and the West. As I outlined in great detail in Russia Is Dominated By Global Banks, Too, the truth is they are both working toward the same goal; and both ultimately benefit from an engineered and theatrical display of international brinksmanship.

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GOP Wants More Control Over Picking 2016 Nominee

GOP Wants More Control Over Picking 2016 Nominee

May 7, 11:29 AM EDT

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Republican National Committee wants to take more control over how the party picks a White House nominee.

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House Votes to Hold Former IRS Official Lois Lerner in Contempt


The House voted to hold former Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner in contempt on a 231-187 vote Wednesday, as Republicans work to uncover the depth of Lerner's involvement in the agency's targeting of conservative groups from 2010 to May 2013.

Six Democrats broke with their party to support the contempt vote: Ron Barber of Arizona, John Barrow of Georgia, Collin Peterson of Minnesota, Mike McIntyre of North Carolina, Nick Rahall of West Virginia, and Patrick Murphy of Florida. All are facing Republican challengers in tough districts for Democrats in November.

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Josie The Outlaw’s Facebook Page Deleted

DEVELOPING: Josie Wales, a.k.a. Josie The Outlaw’s Facebook page has just been deleted without warning.This has happened more than a week after another freedom-centered Youtuber Stefen Molyneux’s channel was disappeared without violating any of Youtube’s policies. The trend of Youtubers losing channels without provocation hit a critical point with the dissipation of Mark Dice’s channel.

Josie has attempted to contact Facebook with no replies and as this is a developing story she had no statements other than …

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Gangster State America – Paul Craig Roberts

Anyone who looks carefully behind the veil of words cannot find democracy in America. For years I have been writing that the US government is no longer accountable to law or to the people (see, for example, my book, How America Was Lost). The Constitution has been set aside, and the executive branch is degenerating into Caesarism.

Government is used to impose agendas that result from the symbiotic relationship between the neoconservative ideology of US world hegemony and the economic interests of powerful private interest groups, such as Wall Street, the military/security complex, the Israel Lobby, agribusiness, and extractive industries (energy, mining, and timber). Dollar imperialism, threats, bribes, and wars are means by which US hegemony is extended. These agendas are pursued without the knowledge or approval of the American people and in spite of their opposition.

Professor Martin Gilens at Princeton University and Professor Benjamin Page of Northwestern University have examined American governance and have concluded that the US is an oligarchy ruled by powerful rich private interest groups and that the US government has only a superficial resemblance to a democracy. Their analysis is forthcoming in publication in the journal, Perspectives on Politics.

Their conclusions are striking:

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DEA Says It Will Ignore President Obama's Wishes During Congressional Hearing on Marijuana Policy

by David Downs — Wed, Apr 2, 2014

Imagine if a vice-president at Google told Congress she thought that company CEO Larry Page was doing a bad job, and that the rank-and-file employees at Google aren’t going to listen to the boss. How long would it take to fire that gal?

Well, the clock’s ticking on Drug Enforcement Administration Chief Michele Leonhart. She's saying her anti-marijuana agency is “fighting back” against White House instructions to focus on heroin and OxyContin deaths, and leave alone lawful cannabis activity in Colorado and Washington.

"[President Obama’s instructions] make us fight harder”, Leonhart told a House Appropriations subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies today.

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Isn't Land Ownership Aggressive Use of Force?

I haven't really heard this concept addressed within either the Liberty, or the Anarcho-Capitalist movements.

How do you justify forcing people off a given plot of land which you did not create?

Thomas Paine pointed out the we "did not create the land" and thus, the very practice of Land Ownership was a government created Right, and that to compensate the rest of society (which you are using force, or the threat of violence, to keep off "your land") we pay a property tax that, according to Paine, was suppose to be directly redistributed back to the Citizenry (not to fund Government).

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Punk Rock Legend Patti Smith Speaking Out

Punk Rock Legend Patti Smith on Her Life, Her Art, Her Singing and Speaking Out

We bring you a Democracy Now! special with the singer-songwriter, poet, artist and punk rock legend, Patti Smith, on her life, her art and her singing and speaking out. "I do things that make people upset. My political views or my humanist views have caused me a lot of censorship, but I don’t have a problem with that," Smith says. "What I would have more of a problem is if I had to look back on my life and say, 'Yeah, I compromised here' and 'yeah, I did this so I could get that.' Once you start doing that, it’s like a house of cards — it all falls apart."


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Ted Cruz Releases Definitive List of 76 ‘Lawless’ Obama Actions

Cruz details 76 specific actions over eight chapters. We’ve listed eight of them, as chronicled by Cruz, below:

1. “Obama implemented portions of the DREAM Act by executive action”

2. “Ended some terror asylum restrictions”

3. “Recognized same sex marriage in Utah despite a Supreme Court stay on a court order allowing the institution”

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The GOP is a joke. Operation get Jeb elected.

If the elitists have already picked another Bush, I will be gone. I have one foot out the door already. You just can't make this stuff up.

The party doesn’t want the “circus” it had in 2012 with the debates. Too much Ron Paul, too little inevitable coronation of the establishment candidate.

You see it’s because the people had too many choices that the GOP lost in 2012. The message wasn’t controlled enough. It wasn’t at all that the election was in many ways a referendum on Obamacare and that Obamacare was built on Romneycare, and so people just threw up their hands and didn’t come to the polls because they saw Romney as a big government GOP retread. Nope. It was because there was TOO MUCH debate. Better to narrow the already narrow discussion and participants. That’s what the people want.

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Say goodbye to the PetroDollar.

Only a matter of time. All those dollar bulls are going to be wishing they were in silver and gold and oil and not stuffing useless paper dollars under their beds. Better beat the rush and get gold and silver now. Once the panic begins, you won't find an ounce.

Russia has just dropped another bombshell, announcing not only the de-coupling of its trade from the dollar, but also that its hydrocarbon trade will in the future be carried out in rubles and local currencies of its trading partners - no longer in dollars - see Voice of Russia

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