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Ron Paul coming to Northern California April 9th! Speech, and private reception/book signing

Wednesday, 9 April 2014
Co-Sponsored by The Smith Center for Private Enterprise Studies
College of Business and Economics

California State University, East Bay, Hayward, CA and
The Independent Institute

At this special event, Ron Paul will take a candid look at America's increasingly dysfunctional political system. Drawing on his 24 years in Congress, he will highlight the need to rein in unchecked government power.

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Ron Paul Like A Wrecking Ball! The Boss Weighs In On "Miss FED" & Crimea ~ CNBC


Financial system deeply flawed: Ron Paul
Ron Paul: US stirring up trouble in Crimea
Ron Paul: Half of US economy is socialized

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Video: Cop Breaks Student's Arm In Texas High School!

Video: Cop Breaks Student's Arm In Texas High School!


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Elon Musk: "To the People of New Jersey"

To the People of New Jersey, By Elon Musk, Chairman, Product Architect & CEO
On Tuesday, under pressure from the New Jersey auto dealer lobby to protect its monopoly, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, composed of political appointees of the Governor, ended your right to purchase vehicles at a manufacturer store within the state. Governor Christie had promised that this would be put to a vote of the elected state legislature, which is the appropriate way to change the law. When it became apparent to the auto dealer lobby that this approach would not succeed, they cut a backroom deal with the Governor to circumvent the legislative process and pass a regulation that is fundamentally contrary to the intent of the law.

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Ares Armor vs. Illegal ATF Raid UPDATE: Stewart Rhodes interviews CEO Dimitrios Karras - March 18, 2014

Dimitrios Karras, CEO of Ares Armor interviewed by Stewart Rhodes!

Stewart Rhodes interviews Ares Armor CEO Dimitrios Karras


OathKeepersOK | Published on Mar 18, 2014

Stewart Rhodes interviews Ares Armor CEO Dimitrios Karras and Socal Oath Keeper John Oetken about the raid on Ares Armor

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DP Opinion poll on spanking.

I was commenting back and forth with another member about whether or not spanking a child was right or wrong. That other member happens to be from Sweden where spanking was made illegal back in 1979.

To clarify I am not asking if it is OK to abuse a child, such as a right hook to the face, or putting cigarettes out on them, but an open handed swat to the butt in rare circumstances, while keeping your cool, and with a measured amount of force. It happens to be legal where I live, (which is not what I use as a judgement of right and wrong).

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John Kerry FREEZES Putin's Netflix Account effective immediately


In what was described as a major ramping up of sanctions, Secretary of State John Kerry announced on Tuesday that the United States had frozen Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Netflix account, effective immediately.

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About dwalters

My name is Derrel Walters. I was born in Oklahoma - the son of a construction worker and a stay at home mom - in June of 1981. We moved around a lot. I grew up half in Texas and the other half in the Cherokee Nation. It is no wonder I ended up a neo-conservative. Fortunately, I discovered Ron Paul during the 2012 campaign - later better than never.

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WTOP Core Values... Did Hell just freeze over?

Chris Core and his "Core Values" radio segment is a mainstay here in the DC area. The commentary segment is featured on WTOP, which is a CBS (and, therefore, MIC-controlled) affiliate and neither Core or the station have been very pro-Ron Paul in the past. In fact, they notoriously support all things military and blatantly ignored, omitted, or scoffed at ANYTHING Ron Paul during the last two election cycles.

I was shocked to hear this in my truck a little while ago -


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First Hand Knowledge Of A Miracle

I know this because it happened to me.

During my last visit with my PCP he noticed some swelling on the right side base of my neck where it meets my clavicle. His reaction was "somethings wrong" and ordered a CT.

Here are the diagnostic interpretation results by the DR.

Hypodense lesions noted in the right supraclavicular region, which is not consistent with a simple cyst. Necrotic lymph nodes/nodal metastasis is a possible etiology. Tissue sampling is recommended.

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Is Rand Paul's current position on Russia radically wrong?

Vladimir Putin just made what perhaps will go down as a historic speech. It included some scathing critiques of US foreign policy. I openly admit, that I think he raises a number of interesting questions and makes some valid critiques.

Only place I could find a translation is here (not yet completed though):

Look at this excerpt for example:

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Debra Medina's "We Texans" shutting down

Sad day for Texas. Coming off her loss in the state comptroller race, I got this email today. Wish her the best.



“You have to be able to face losing some things you might want in order to be free to do the right thing.” - Henry Cloud

"Getting to the next level always requires ending something, leaving it behind, and moving on. Growth demands that we move on. Without the ability to end things, people stay stuck, never becoming who they are meant to be, never accomplishing all that their talents and abilities should afford them.” - Henry Cloud

As we approach the close of another organizational year, we have made the decision to shutter this operation as of March 31.  From our beginning we've sought to be good stewards of the resources available to us and we simply do not have the resources to continue.

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VIDEO: Edward Snowden appears at TED Talk

Today, Edward Snowden made a surprise appearance at a TED Talk in Vancouver. Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, also surprised Snowden by joining the interview towards the end. (Standing in for Al Gore I assume?) As you can see, he received a standing ovation.


UPDATE. Transcript and video:

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