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Snowden's Lawyer Detained at Heathrow Airport


A lawyer who represents National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden and has spoken on his behalf numerous times was detained while going through customs at Heathrow airport in London.

Jesselyn Radack told Firedoglake she was directed to a specific Heathrow Border Force agent. He “didn’t seem interested” in her passport. She was then subjected to “very hostile questioning.”

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Impeachment: The Obvious Answer

by Tom Tancredo

The case for impeaching and removing President Obama grows stronger each week, as the president continues to violate the constitutional limits on his executive powers. His latest move in delaying the enforcement of yet another part of Obamacare should be article 20 in a bill of indictable offenses against the Constitution.

Citizens of all persuasions and parties should take encouragement in the fact that impeachment is fast becoming a respectable topic of debate even in the mainstream media. Of course, it is usually discussed with the disclaimer that it is a practical impossibility with Democrats in control of the Senate.

That Beltway conventional wisdom will soon change as Republican control of the Senate in 2015 becomes increasingly likely. But what Republicans do not yet understand is that the call for impeachment can be a winning issue in gaining control of the Senate in the November elections.

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I'm too OLD, I'm too TIRED, and I'm too SICK to joust Quixoiti's windmills. But point my horse in a goodly direction and this lance can still pierce the heart of a traitor. And even perchance it be that I fall, a dead mans glory is to sacrifice for his friends in an honorable pursuit with freedom it's ends.

So to those who are worried, to those who know fear. I shall leave you this wisdom if you'll give me your ear.

All men concern themselves, and all men do fear, the courageous run towards it the cowards run rear.

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One Tree Hill

For me, this is one of the best songs and live performances. This song means a lot to me, and got me through some of the hardest times in my life. I hope you enjoy.


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"This Is America, Not Burger King"

"The president can not always have it his way."

US House Rep. Ted Poe from Texas.



I think that is one of the best political one liners I've heard since Gary Johnson said this:


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Activism Is Destroying Monsanto & Other Corrupt Mega Corps

In just the past few weeks and months, we have generated powerful traction in the fight against corrupt mega corporations like Monsanto and others — and it all comes down to consumers refusing to purchase additive-loaded food products, deposit cash with banks that are spying on them, or tune into the latest propaganda news hour on MSNBC.

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Lords Of The New Church - Open Your Eyes


Video games train the kids for war.
Army chic in high-fashion stores.
Law and order's done their job.
Prisons filled while the rich still rob.
Assassination politics.
Violence rules within' our nation's midst.
Well ignorance is their power tool.
You'll only know what they want you to know.
The television cannot lie.
Controlling media with smokescreen eyes.
Nuclear politicians picture show.
The acting's lousy but the blind don't know.
They scare us all with threats of war.
So we forget just how bad things are.

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NSA doesn't target US citizens for eavesdropping. That's for their close allies in Australia to do

The list of those caught up in the global surveillance net cast by the National Security Agency and its overseas partners, from social media users to foreign heads of state, now includes another entry: American lawyers.

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Feds Want To Track Your DNA Like A License Plate

The federal government doesn’t just want the ability to track down your car; it wants to be able to track down your body as well.

Just as details are emerging about a controversial, nationwide vehicle-surveillance database, WND has learned the federal government is planning an even more invasive spy program using “physiological signatures” to track down individuals.

The goal of this research is to detect – as well as analyze and categorize – unique traits the government can exploit to “identify, locate and track specific individuals or groups of people.”

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Senate Hid Key Vote on Increasing Debt Limit from Public View

Each senator's vote is announced by the clerk; each time a senator switches sides, that's announced too. Onlookers can keep a running tally of how it's going.

But not this time. Fifteen minutes into the vote, as captured by C-Span cameras, the tally clerk rose to recite the vote. A Senate aide alerted Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., one of the six Republicans who later switched his vote from "nay" to "aye." McCain intervened, and the clerk sat right back down. "Would you ..." McCain said before the live microphone cut off.

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