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Netflix’s House of Cards trolls Senator Rand Paul on Twitter

House of Cards, the Netflix sensation, has a bit of a reputation for trolling real life politicians. It’s probably one of the absolute greatest marketing moves of all time, and it pays off in huge dividends. Their latest target was Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.).

Paul paid a visit to the University of California–Berkeley last week where he was received with a roaring standing ovation. Berkeley is known as perhaps the greatest politically liberal stronghold in American academia. Paul is certainly the only Republican Senator who could pull of such a stunt at Berkeley, and happens to be in the lead for the Republican presidential 2016 nominee.

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LOOK: The Fruits of Socialism – Venezuelan Food Lines

Socialism: Equal Sharing Of The Miseries

A user from the popular image sharing site imgur has uploaded a series of photos showing food lines in Venezuela. The lines are undoubtedly the result of new price controls that President Nicolas Maduro has instituted as an effort to tame inflation.

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Magic for Dogs

Watch how dogs react to magic, lol. :)


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Make your own fuel!

Though I am not inclined to make my own fuel, I figured some of you out there might be. I found this and thought it was interesting about how pure Alcohol is 200 Octane!


"In 1980, Brazil neatly solved both problems at once, along with their problem of really low prices on the world sugar market. So the military government declared that the countrys sugar cane production would go into making alcohol for fuel, and the car manufacturing companies in Brazil will have to make cars that run on alcohol.

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On Big Pharma Getting in the Medicinal Cannabis Market

PM Harper setting this up so that Big Pharma can:

1. Sell at fair market prices illegal street prices caused by the super harsh penalties for it being illegal, but if you're a Harper Corp buddy you can grow LEGALLY and get the ILLEGAL price.

2. Now that it's being grown by big Pharma and we are going to be forced to buy from them; Health Insurance and tax Payer funded drug plans will buy it at freaking illegal street prices. Canadian tax dollars paying street prices for Cannabis $300 / 30 grams instead of $30 / 30 grams.

Judge Rules 'The People' can still grow... for now.


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Russian Troops Storm Ukrainian Airbase in Crimea

By: Ben Swann Mar 22, 2014

Armed Russian forces backed by armored vehicles broke into a Ukrainian airbase Saturday in Crimea.

Read more: http://benswann.com/developing-russian-troops-storm-ukrainia...

(watch video from the video camera feed at the airbase)

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Free State Project Gets Bad Rap In New Hampshire

About 50 members of the Free State Project have moved to tiny Grafton, N.H. in recent years, shaking up local politics.
Jack Rodolico/NPR
Audio: http://www.npr.org/player/v2/mediaPlayer.html?action=1&t=1&i...
Libertarians Move In To Make A Small N.H. Town Even Smaller
Maureen O'Reilly beams with pride as she shows a visitor around Grafton, N.H., a town so small it doesn't even have a traffic light.

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I am alone!

To all the souls here driven to liberty and for it, this day finds me alone. I've come to realize a great crossroads when considering liberty. That crossroads is my children. Maybe I have been controlling for some time now when it comes to the protection of my children. Maybe I have been controlling for some time now when it comes to the future our representatives are destroying for them.

For those of us here who are privileged enough to have shared some or most of our lives with another; in health, in sickness, in poverty, in uncertainty, in desperation and in love, let me tell you I write this a lesser prided, humble man this evening. The last thing I ever want to be is controlling, or think that I have the ability to control others. Liberty has taught me better! When it comes to your own children, all of us here would agree that everything we discuss here, everything we vent about is for their future, their chance to have a betterment of society and the liberties we hope such society will foster.

I have come to realize this night that I only have complete control over my own body, my own spirit, my own health. Try as I may to influence those things in my children, I must recognize there is another person who has their utmost protection in mind...even if such views do not align with my own. You see, in marriage you come to realize through many vital and pivotal moments that even though compromise isn't always possible, surrender is.

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DailyPaul, My Refuge


You're my only refuge

I've got a couple of true friends

But other than them

It's you

I can talk to, tell the truth

And find my own reflection

Somewhere, at least

Find love, find peace

At liberty to speak

Kiss your cheek

Love you

You're like me




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Ted Cruz does a 360 on Ukraine Aid bill

Senator Ted Cruz
"We should have passed the Ukraine aid bill yesterday, but Harry Reid held it hostage to impose IMF reform measures that haven’t been able to pass on their own merit."

This was posted on his Official facebook page 3/14/14 https://www.facebook.com/SenatorTedCruz

And now he has deleted the post due to heavy criticism and did a 360 on the position.


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Politico hit piece against Rand Paul

"Nearly every election cycle, a poll comes out suggesting that many Americans, and a big chunk of swing voters, think of themselves as “fiscally conservative but socially liberal,” and therefore possibly open to libertarian candidates who want to police the deficit but not your sex life. These voters are the political equivalent of people who describe themselves as “spiritual but not religious.” It’s basically an empty formulation to avoid picking a side or a fight; it’s shallow, but it sounds good.

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