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Kiev Moves to disarm Ukrainians

WASHINGTON, March 24, 2014 — According to a report from the New York Times, the government of Ukraine has ordered any of its citizens in possession of “illegal guns” to turn them in to the authorities. This move is being heralded by the European Union, which has made this step a provision of membership.


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Libertarian Infighting

Spoken like a reader of the Daily Paul!!!!

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4409 - Albuquerque Police Execute "illegal" Camper


Please forward the video by pushing the share button. Murica...land of the free..USA USA USA :) I guess this is Iraq now or a game of Call of Duty.

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Rothschild remaining patent holder for semiconductor after disappearance of Malaysian airliner

The mystery surrounding the Malaysian Airlines MH-370 is growing as each day passes with more mysterious silence shadowing the disappearance of the airline. More and more conspiracy theories are beginning to boom on the internet. One of the conspiracies one is the Freescale Semiconductor’s ARM microcontroller ‘KL-03′ which is a new improvised version of an older microcontroller KL-02.

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Homeland Security Exercise Targets “Free Americans Against Socialist Tyranny”

Homeland Security Exercise Targets “Free Americans Against Socialist Tyranny”

Leaked documents reveal plan to counter online dissent during martial law

Paul Joseph Watson
March 24, 2014

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New NSA Revelation: NSA Spied on Chinese Telecom Giant Huawei

Reports: NSA spied on China telecom giant Huawei
by Rob Schmitz
Monday, March 24, 2014 - 00:19

The U.S. National Security Agency reportedly gained access into Huawei’s servers in 2009, at the same time that the U.S. Congress was about to block Huawei from the American market because of fears that Huawei would gain access to U.S. servers. In recent years, the U.S.government has viewed Huawei with suspicion, and that’s allegedly the reason the NSA was spying on the company. The U.S.government's biggest fear about Huawei has been the fear that the company has close connections to China’s military.

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Teen tickets a police officer for his irresponsible parking choice. (VIDEO)

Charged him $10 for illegal parking! The cop ends up giving her a $40 gift card to Toys R Us, which is great, but the cop never says anything about whether he thinks he is special and able to park in illegal parking spots or not...


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Most Americans–Even Republicans–Agree With Ron Paul

by Lew Rockwell

Notes the LA Times: Ron “wrote in USA Today…: ‘Why does the U.S. care which flag will be hoisted on a small piece of land thousands of miles away?… So what?’ And that attitude may have the most resonance with the American people. A Pew Research Center poll conducted in early March, before Crimea was annexed, found that most Americans believed the United States should ‘not get too involved’ in the conflict. That included 50% of Republicans, against only 37% who favored taking a firm stance against Russia.” (Thanks to Jay Stephenson)

...so isn't it time for Rand to get on the right side of this?

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Vive La France: Country Bans Monsanto GMO Corn Before Sowing Season

Christina Sarich | Infowars.com | March 24, 2014

You don’t have to remain in the stranglehold of EU trade rules when it comes to GMO if you have a political ministry, and activists strong enough to stand against GMO poison – and that’s just what France has done.

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Hemp School Days 1945

School Takes Field Trip to Hemp Plant | West Bend Journal / Thursday, March 22, 1945


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Intolerant Californian Lady Calls Cops on Legal Gun Owner

This lady spoke in support of a proposed ban on loaded open carry in Ashland, OR last week. She is so terrified of legal gun owners that she admits to calling the cops on a guy she met on an airplane after she learned that he owned and sold guns. It's pretty hilarious.


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Kindergarten teacher: My job is now about tests and data — not children. I quit


Susan Sluyter is a veteran teacher of young children in the Cambridge Public Schools who has been connected to the district for nearly 20 years and teaching for more than 25 years. Last month she sent a resignation letter ( “with deep love and a broken heart”) explaining that she could no longer align her understanding of how young children learn best in safe, developmentally appropriate environments with the testing and data collection mandates imposed on teachers today. She wrote in part:

I have watched as my job requirements swung away from a focus on the children, their individual learning styles, emotional needs, and their individual families, interests and strengths to a focus on testing, assessing, and scoring young children, thereby ramping up the academic demands and pressures on them.

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