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My Interview with Blue Republican founder and fellow DP Radio host, Robin Koerner!

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, I welcome in Blue Republican founder Robin Koerner! Robin details his journey to the United States from Great Britain, and how he found himself smack in the middle of the liberty movement when his article, “If You Love Peace, Become a Blue Republican (Just For a Year)” went viral and led to his founding of the Blue Republican political political organization. We discuss various obstacles that libertarians often face when trying to explain the ideas of liberty to others, and how we can reach out to other people who share similar ideas in order to show that liberty is the correct path.


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Los Angeles Police Claim All Cars in Los Angeles Are "Under Investigation"

Welcome to your Thursday edition of The Morning Roar! We start things off this fine morning with a story from my own backyard here in Los Angeles. What’s that pesky LAPD up to now?

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Simple explanation for the missing plane? No conspiracy needed.

An airline pilot explains why this may be an accident with a logical explanation. Be sure to read to the end...the scenario he lays out has happened before, including turning off all communications.


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Anti-Gun "Hunter" Goes Full-Retard

I recently attended a city council meeting in Ashland, OR to OPPOSE a proposed ban on the open carry of loaded firearms. An old guy who claimed to be a "life-long" hunter showed up to SUPPORT the ordinance. This video lambastes the hilariously stupid things that he said.



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Ben Swann on Crimea-Ukraine



Did West Create Chaos in Crimea and Ukraine?

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California Congressman Tom McClintock under assault by combined efforts of establishment GOP and Democrats to lose his seat

Republican Tom McClintock, one of the countries best Constitutional voting US Congressman is being assaulted by a Machurian candidate put forth by the establishment GOP and the Democrat Party.

Ron Paul and Rand Paul both have endorsed McClintock, and Ron Paul actually has campaigned for him since 2008.

McClintock was one of the few Republicans to win a seat in 2008 when Obama came into office.

Read more here:


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Rand Paul, Like His Dad, Wins Over Berkeley Audience

Rand Paul spoke at Berkeley recently and was well received for his comments against US spy agencies.
You will recall his dad during the 2012 campaign was also well received drawing nearly 10,000.
This may be the left/ right voting block beginning to gel

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Robert Reich Attacks Rand Paul in Facebook Post

I spoke with Rand Paul today before his speech here on reining in the NSA and protecting privacy, which was received enthusiastically. He’s one of the few people in America who can get a standing ovation at the Conservative Political Action Committee and also at Berkeley. But Berkeley wouldn’t have been so welcoming had he mentioned his opposition to abortion even if a woman’s life is at stake, or his negative view of gay marriage. He’s a libertarian only when convenient. We talked vaguely about national politics and he told me how much he collaborated with Senate Democrats.

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Hendersonville Girl Wins National 'Pi Day' Competition

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. - A Hendersonville teenager is celebrating a win in an unusual national competition.

On March 14, or "Pi Day," Rachel Ooi recited more than 1700 digits of the number "pi" at an event at Princeton University. The 13-year-old won the competition for her age group and took home a check for $314.15.

"I'm very happy and joyful because I get to spend a lot of money now," Ooi laughed as she shared details about her experience.

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Take Your Red Pill... (No, The Other One)... The NSA Observer : "Things the NSA Doesn't Want You to Know..."

"... And why you should know about it :)

Since summer 2013, we have been gathering and processing public information about the NSA global surveillance which has resulted in a collection of 359 NSA - Programs, Attack Vectors, and Compartments."

Help yourself :



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New Executive Order: “Obama Has Just Given Himself the Authority to Seize Your Assets”

On Monday the U.S. government took steps to seize the US-based assets of Russian lawmakers and anyone else that the US government deemed complicit in supporting the Crimean secession movement.

We’ve seen the U.S. government do this in countless cases surrounding drug and financial crimes, and sometimes even against foreign leaders like Saddam Hussein and Manuel Noriega.

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Gluten-free Testimony II - The Symptoms that have disappeared!

As a follow up to my thread titled, "Gluten-free Testimony" I would like to share those symptoms that have disappeared as a result of my now 49 days of being Gluten Free. These are all symptoms I have dealt with up until seven short weeks ago, of which most have completely vanished. I share this with you all to give hope and empowerment to those who are still on the fence with trying this dietary remedy for themselves.

The list below is in no particular order. The changes in prior symptoms, some of which were not my focus to treat by changing my dietary intake are as follows:

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It's over. South Carolina RINOs Vote Against Tom Davis' Anti-Obamacare Amendment. South Carolina Nullification is Dead.

I don't know what to say guys. I really thought this was going to happen. If any of you have been following my posts, I've been keeping the DP updated on the progress of South Carolina's Obamacare nullification bill.

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Best Rand quote at Berkeley?

"The first African-American president ought to be a little more conscious of the fact of what has happened with the abuses of domestic spying. Martin Luther King was spied upon, civil rights leaders were spied upon, Muhammad Ali was spied upon, antiwar protesters were spied upon."

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