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Why Do We Obey?

How can a law be illegitimate?  Isn’t this an oxymoronic question?  It is a question that brings us to the concept that there can be a difference between what is legal and what is right.  This is the debate between those who believe in Legal Positivism and those who believe in Natural Rights. 

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The Fed Now Owns $2.4 Trillion in U.S. Treasuries & China $1.2 Trillion What Happens When They Stop Buying?

The United States is able to incur massive deficits funded in part by foreign purchases of U.S. debt and more recently and increasingly through the Federal Reserve’s (the Fed) purchases of T Bonds as part of their multi-year/multi trillion dollar quantitative easing (QE) program whereby they print dollars out of thin air to buy them.

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Glenn Greenwald's Infamous Battle With NPR's Dina Temple-Raston

over the al-Awlaki assassination and the broadness of the "associated with terrorism" law:


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Ann Coulter Criticizing Barry Goldwater And "Idiot Libertarians"

For those who cannot tolerate watching all of this.
Skip to 8:45 mark for the Barry Goldwater bashing
Skip to 13:40 mark for the libertarian bashing


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Another Bogus Hit From A License Plate Reader Results In Another Citizen Surrounded By Cops With Guns Out

We recently covered a story about a lawyer who found himself approached by cops with guns drawn after an automatic license plate reader misread a single character on his plate as he drove by. The police did make an attempt to verify the plate but were stymied by heavy traffic. Unfortunately, it appears they decided to force the issue rather than let a potential car thief escape across the state line.


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A Ron Paul prediction comes true

The Pentagon announced Friday it was closing down 21 military facilities in Europe, a move the Department said would save $60 million annually.

Pentagon to close 21 facilities in Europe

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We are also a Lost Generation

Hello friends.

It's time for one of those serious talks.

We like things to be simple, black and white. They are not.

There are problems that aren't easy to solve. Sometimes there is no villain, and some problems are never resolved, but simply resolve themselves, fading away before anyone has time to remember them.

Today we have such problems in ourselves and in our generation. Maybe they will disappear and be forgotten in a generation, and we can only hope they do. They certainly aren't going to reproduce themselves.

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Guys, I have a problem and need your help!

I think my son is being set up as a Manchurian Candidate! I can't get him to talk to me. He says I'm over protective and have stifled his development. He is 22 years old but I feel he is being controlled. His college psy professor has offered him 6 credits towards his degree in psy if he disappears for 10 days in a South American (Peru)country and breaks all contact. He has no money and what ever he takes I'm sure he will be separated from in very short order. I have no money to rescue him and that seems to embolden him. Once there He will be at the mercy of the American embassy.

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Abbott & Costello Explain Common Core

Deleted link due to Youtube removing video.

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7 Dead at Yet Another Mass Shooting at the Isla Vista Area of UC Santa Barbara

Who do you think they are going to blame this on? Gun-owners in general? What will they try to come after? When this gets to the sheepish public. Here we go again, round 3 of gun-control weeks.


UPDATED: Link with stabbings included. Sorry the above link was a bit premature, not ONE mention of stabbings. But don't worry, they made sure to mention "Semi-automatic" a few times......


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GOP Hawks Worry Rand Paul Has Too Much Ron

“The best thing that could happen is Ted Cruz and Rand Paul run and steal each other’s support,” says one of the donors, “but if not, we’ll be ready to take Paul down.”


You don't even have to read between the lines to see that the old boy, old money GOP are not fooled by his so-called chess strategy, and he would have to go full on neocon to please the evil ones.

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Ted Cruz claims first amendment will be amended


Ted Cruz came out recently and claimed that the first amendment would be amended to allow congress to regulate speech. I am flabbergasted. This would be horrible, I have no idea if it is true or not.

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*UPDATE* WA-04 Liberty Candidate Gavin Seim: Ephrata Police Chief Tosses Seim Out and Threatens "Criminal Trespass"

***UPDATE to "WA-04 LIBERTY Candidate Gavin Seim: Renews his vehicle licence... Gets roughed up for asking "Where is the weapons lock box?"***

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”

-- Thomas Jefferson


Upon the recommendation of the Sheriff during a phone call earlier in the morning, WA-04 LIBERTY Candidate Gavin Seim made a visit to the Ephrata Police Station to clear things up with the Chief of Police Mike Warren.

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