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Ben Swann “Breaks the Set” Talking About the Suppression of Alternative Candidates

Ben Swann was a guest on RT America’s Breaking the Set, Thursday to talk about the state of alternative candidates who are being denied participation in debates before the November elections.


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For Liberty!

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Ron Paul interviewed by Larry King for half an hour


Politicking: Ron Paul Blasts 'Deeply Flawed' U.S. Foreign Policy

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Ben Swann "Breaks the Set" To Talk About Suppression of Alternative Candidates in 2014 Elections

Washington D.C.- Ben Swann was a guest on RT America’s Breaking the Set, Thursday to talk about the state of alternative candidates who are being denied participation in debates before the November elections.



Why the Political Establishment is Censoring Third Parties | Interview with Ben Swann

Published on Oct 16, 2014

Manuel Rápalo speaks with investigative journalist, Ben Swann about the decision of several states to prevent third party candidates to participate in debates and why Congress’ abysmal approval rating doesn’t translate into political change.

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Why did Drudge drop this link so quickly?

A curious thing on Drudge today.

There was a prominent link to an interview with Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in which he spoke about Hilary Clinton's cosy little links to Eric Schmidt of Google fame.

But after just a few hours the link was mysteriously pulled. The conspiracy theorist in me suspects pressure was brought to bear.

But for we Paulites, the following gem was the best quote of all.

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Ebola Denial

Seems that the Daily Paul crowd is in the grip of a pitched ideological battle with the concept of the existence of diseases. How bold!

This was demonstrated months ago in the hypothetical, where the simple reality of pandemic and epidemic infectious disease was regarded as an affront to the creed of absolutist individualism.

As hypothetical threatens to become grim reality, the befuddled, blind adepts of this ideology are prepared at least in speech to go the whole length of the charge, come whatever, and fully unprepared to handle the ramifications of the actual condition.

No worse than the nation as a whole, if more interesting.

The main culprit in the general paralysis is that haze of unreality brought on by decades of safety and isolation from actual dangers, tinctured by the blare of media and constant drip of ads that could make mush even the acutest minds.

The suburban atomism of the small family, breaking down now even further into the nomadic, solitary individual atom, with his hip pocket laptop, is en route to complete uselessness for any reality not coddled by the twin Nannies of stable State and Market.

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Libertarian Candidate Dies in plane crash in Iowa U.S. Senate Race

Hello friends,

So it is with obvious sadness that I present this news to the community. My wife works at the same hospital that Mr. Butzier was an ER doctor at. I also have friends that know him well and all have said he was a genuinely kind individual.

Considering he was on the ballot for U.S. Senate in Iowa as a Libertarian it is also quite a loss for many of us that have been struggling to improve the political process. Although no one knows if he could have won the general election, the impact of what he could have done cannot be understated.

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Foo Fighters & Zac Brown Band perform "War Pigs"

Do ya think we're ALL getting sick of the war agenda?


Letterman was beside himself...BTW...what a passionate performance!

Bravo guys, bravo!!!

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Live until you die, thats it, don't live in fear

what happens will happen regardless. It seems truth follows the ramped up fear. We obviously are awakening the masses, they will throw everything at us as we spread the truth. As we drop if it happens keep passing the torch, it is all we can do. Death is as light as a feather.
Get busy living or get busy dying, the choice is yours.

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Does "Dedicated to restoring Constitutional government to the United States of America" still represent most DPrs?

Dedicated to restoring Constitutional government to the United States of America .

That's at the top of the Daily Paul.

It was something I believed in when I first came to the Daily Paul. Ron Paul championed it, therefore I did.

But what's happened in the last two years I've been here?

I've moved beyond that mission statement. I left all my opinions and beliefs completely exposed to be challenged over the years. I now see the state as a total violation on the individual. I believe it to be immoral.

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Our Fear Feeds The Beast

Our Fear Feeds The Beast

Fear is contagious,
Stop and be courageous,
This is all a lie,
Millions won't die,
A plague hasn't been released,
Our fear feeds the Beast.

Get up and leave the cave,
Stand up and be brave,
Of all the dangers, it's the least,
Our fear feeds the beast.

Hypnotized by the screen,
This is sad and obscene,
We're shackled and distracted,
It's planned and manufactured,
For THE MAN, it's a feast,
Our fear feeds the Beast.

We're idling in the mire,
Adding fuel to the fire,
Fulfilling His desire,
THE MAN is a liar,
It's time for this to cease,

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The first principle is that you must not fool yourself.

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself -- and you are the easiest person to fool.

- Richard Feynman,
Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman, 1974

Quote found at the opening of Part II of The Believing Brain: From Ghosts and Gods to Politics and Conspiracies---How We Construct Beliefs and Reinforce Them as Truths

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Editorial: License plate readers violate citizens' privacy and create potential for abuse

By Editorial Board | Syracuse.com

The police are spying on you.

As staff writer Marnie Eisenstadt reported, 19 police agencies in Central New York are tracking your movements through the use of license plate readers mounted on the trunks of patrol cars. Plate numbers are immediately compared against a database of unregistered and stolen cars and owners with warrants out for their arrest. A "hit'' from a license plate reader even stopped a kidnapping in progress, says the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office.

What's wrong with that? Nothing, if it ends there.

But it doesn't end there. It's up to each police department, from tiny Jordan to Onondaga County, to decide how long to keep the data and how to use it. Privacy advocates are rightly worried that millions of records kept on innocent people may be stored indefinitely and used against them at some point in the future.

Even though the technology is not new, New York has no laws governing the use of plate readers and what is done with the data they collect. Legislators and Gov. Andrew Cuomo need to remedy that.

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In America, fear is growing that the police are getting out of control

Barely a week goes past without a terrible incident, and too often the police officer is white and the other people involved are black.

The New Statesman

It should have been a routine traffic stop.

A motorist, who was not wearing her seatbelt, was pulled over. In less than 15 minutes the encounter ended with a police officer smashing an axe through the car window and using a Taser on the front seat passenger.

The incident would have gone unnoticed but for the fact that one of the woman’s two children in the back filmed the incident on his mobile phone.

This was just one of a series of confrontations between black Americans and white officers in recent months in which the police seem all too ready to respond with disproportionate force.

Unease about the police is not restricted to the liberal left.

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