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Should the Free State Project create a smaller pledge to get 5k people to move now?

I think it's going to be a while before the Free State Project hits the goal of 20,000 pledges. My guess is the earliest we might expect to hit the mark would be 2018 based on the information I will include below.

With this in mind, does it make sense for the Free state project to put out a smaller pledge (now) where it asks (e.g.) if 5,000 people will move to NH in the next two years if a goal of 5,000 pledges is reached? So it would basically be a mini Free State Project within the Free State Project.

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ISIS Beheadings: Am I wrong to be skeptical?

So I am having trouble finding a video that shows the execution. I actually avoided watching the videos because I didn't think I would have the stomach for it, which the most cynical part of my brain tells me that if this was less than genuine, people would count on that very fact.

However, I was told by my brother that he had real questions about whether or not these beheadings occurred because of the way they were edited. At that point I decided that I needed to grit my teeth and watch these videos since they are being used as a pretext for war in the Middle East.

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Ron Paul's Audit the Fed bill coming for a vote


Please contact your representatives & ask them to PLEASE vote for this bill!!!

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The big picture explained...

This video gives an excellent depiction of the larger geopolitical issues at play in the world, and explains the real motivations behind U.S. foreign policy.

"The Geopolitics of WWIII"

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The Secret to Rand Paul’s Foreign Policy: His Father

If you want a real insight into how Rand Paul truly views the world, check out his dad’s record in Congress during the Cold War.

W. James Antle III

Rand Paul is struggling to demonstrate that a presidential candidate can be skeptical of military adventures while still being tough on foreign enemies when necessary. And so far, all he is getting for his trouble is charges of flip-flopping.

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Israeli soldiers from elite wire-tapping unit refuse to use 'extortion', 'blackmail' on Palestinians

Israel's intelligence corps has been rocked by a major internal protest over the treatment of Palestinians.

More than 40 former soldiers and current army reservists have signed a letter refusing future service in the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) military intelligence wing, known as Unit 8200.


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"SABOTAGE" - World Premiere | Truth Music Video

My music and message is dedicated to truth and hope in a world of doubt and fear. I appreciate any and all who have the guts to think for themselves and do what they can to empower others to do the same. Free people do not need anyone's permission to live and be the amazing people we are. We should thrive, not just survive.

How we got here is just as important as where we are now. We live in a world of constant fear and endless wars. The new music video, "Sabotage" exposes the police state, war on terror and many more important topics.


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A Legal Gold Backed Currency is Now Here

I hope I can articulate this accurately as I hope you can imagine, like Paul Revere, yelling to the American colonists "the British are coming!" I am yelling the Gold and Silver backed Money is here!

In my previous post last year I explained that Utah (and now Oklahoma) legally recognize Gold and Silver U.S. Minted Coins as valid US Legal Tender and Money.

However, for Gold and Silver to be a currency you must use it as money. You can't just stock pile because it stays as an investment only. Until you purchase things with gold, it never becomes a currency. Until now (as far as I am aware) there has not been an easy way to use Gold and Silver as money, for both practical and legal reasons. Over the past 3 years we have set up a legal Association that allows you to pay and get paid in U.S. Minted Gold and Silver dollars.

This will be better than Bit Coin because these U.S. minted Gold and Silver are already Federal, State and Constitutionally recognized legal tender and cannot be taxed as a commodity on each transaction like Bit Coin has to.

There is no fractional reserve banking here. Gold is deposited in your account and you can pay your bills, pay your friends, pay your mortgage in U.S. Gold Money. This is 100% real and total on the level legal and legitimate. It has been available for us to do this since 1985 when we started minting Gold and Silver Money again.

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I'm convinced that we are being led out of the most important matters to those that are not

Is it me or have we been distracted from the life changing "monetary" events that are about to ruin our lives over say...ISIS, Ukraine, and other distractions? Although those issues are important, I can't help but feel the "head fake" from those issues that are about to swamp us. Look at FATCHA and other banking boondoggles that are about to grab us by the N*ts.....WE are being diverted from the issues "at home" that are about to ruin us and our children for many decades. Stay focused. It's coming....

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Free Chelsea Manning imprisoned 1567 days now!


Free Chelsea Manning imprisoned 1567 days now ->why?
For telling the truth!
Exposing war crimes.

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I'm not going back to jail! (how, why lessons learned | Adam Kokesh


Adam recaps the story of his shotgun video, SWAT raid, jail time, and this final court episode. The lessons learned are far more important.

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Police in Kentucky detained and frisked an entire bar full of customers

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A video showing LMPD officers detaining and frisking customers at Cahoots, a bar on Bardstown Road, is making the Internet rounds.

The video -- shot Tuesday night by someone inside the bar -- allegedly shows a LMPD officer telling patrons and employees to sit down, stay there, and wait to be frisked. The video had more than 12,000 views on YouTube in less than 24 hours.

"Show of hands, who has something on them that they shouldn't have?" asked the officer, who then announced they were going to pat down every customer before they would be allowed to leave.

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Let's play Jeopardy! Answer and Question Posted

Answer: Andrew Johnson, Chester A. Arthur, and Lyndon Johnson.

Question: Which VPs who were older than the Presidents they served under, who then later became Presidents?

What's the point here??? No VP who has been older than the President has ever become President unless the President dies in office. This is interesting because Biden is 19 years older than Obama and Cheney is 5 years older than Bush (also Lieberman is 6 years older than Gore). The older VP picks of elections 2000 and later go against the previous trend of picking younger VP's.

I have some ideas about why this is happening but would like your ideas first.

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Obama's New War Fails to Wow War Inc. Stocks

Let's correlate Barack Hussein's announcement of the Third Iraq War with stock prices of the biggest weapons manufacturers. Did stock prices surge on the threat of enormous war profits? Generally, yes. But then stocks generally sunk lower than pre-announcement prices. Why? Could it be that investors don't trust Obama as their Warlord-in-Chief?

CACI International Inc. Army communication tech. Up a dollar on 9/10, down $1.50 today.

Halliburton Co. [Dick Cheney’s gas trucks.] Up forty cents on 9/10, down a dollar today.

Navistar International Corp. [Army trucks.] Up fifty cents on 9/10, down seventy cents today.

ManTech International Corp. [Army surveillance.] Up thirty cents on 9/10, down two bits today.

Hewlett-Packard Co. [Army intranet.] Up a few cents on 9/10, continues to slide today.

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