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New Defense Spending Bill Forbids Closing Gitmo

Remember when Barack Obama campaigned on the promise to close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay?

It is looking less and less likely that the president will honor the pledge he made on his first day in office to close Gitmo. Actually, the bill he signed into law last Friday explicitly forbids him from closing of Gitmo.

From AntiWar.com:

Despite this, President Obama insisted that he will “do everything I can” to close the site, which apparently did not include not signing anything that bans closing the site.

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NYPD Shooting: A Hero Emerges

The cab driver. Bless him.

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Belarus In Full-Blown Hyperinflation Panic: Blocks News, Online Stores; Bans All FX Trading For 2 Years

This is the result of sanctions - namely, unintended parties often suffer the heaviest burdens. Sanctions have resulted in more murders than the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear strikes combined. The trend predictably continues.

ZeroHedge.com reports:

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For Michael N. and the wonderful DP family -

My ripple du jour:


May your Holidays be filled with warmth
and your New Year full of new wonders!

With love from my house to yours,

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Sturgill Simpson - The Ron Paul of Country Music

Within a Country Music genre that is filled with "Bro Country" stars with pop lyrics filled with no other than drinking, partying, and driving your truck around looking for women. Sturgill Simpson is a throwback with an amazing sound and lyrics that actually have meaning.

Although his Metamodern Sounds in Country Music Album has received critical acclaim, he has been completely blacked out by radio across all genres (country, rock, etc).

With lyrics like this, it's not surprising that the Illuminati controlled media won't touch it.


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Why He Killed The Cops

The story is being spun as a crazed man enraged by the death of Garner. Turns out, this man had already had his own taste of NYPD "Justice."

I do not condone violence, but I can also see when someone is provoking a fight. These thugs with badges and guns have been begging for retaliation for years. They still have no clue what "blowback" is all about, as evidenced by their declaration of war on the people they are paid to "protect and serve."


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A thread that is not to be read.

This thread is not to be read (after this explanation, of course).

This thread is to be written. By you --> For you.

When was the last time you did something nice for yourself?

Please see Part I, here, on being a ripple maker.

Unlike most threads on the Daily Paul, this thread is directed at the reader, but at the writer.

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“NEOCONICA" - Fatherland for the New Millennium

@ThadBeversdorf | December 16, 2014

I recently wrote an piece on the comprehensive breakdown of America. In it I laid out, from an analytical perspective, the things that are leading America to an economic collapse. But it might be interesting to take a look at a broader view of American life today. Policy and economic discussions are useful but in them we can lose the tangibility of what it all comes back to, which is the well being of Americans. Whether or not the national budget is 190% of GDP and whether interest rates will rise or not are important issues but only so far as they will impact the quality of life of the people. And so let’s have a look at the lives of the American people. Have the policies over the past 15 to 50 years led to substantial improvements in the day to day real lives of Americans? Let’s have a look. And while we’ve seen a couple of these more economic charts think about them in context of the other charts or other sides of life.

. . .

The above charts inform us that the bottom 80% of income households are making less than they did in the early 1980′s, and remember the number of two income households today is far greater than it was in 1980 making this a staggering reality. However the top 20% and especially the top 1% have seen incredible income gains since the early 1980′s. Total net worth for the bottom 80% of Americans has also been crushed. Since 2001 median net worth for the bottom 80% is down some 30% and this is during a period where stocks have reached all time highs. How could this be you ask?? Well this is not happenstance or simple unexplainable market forces. Those things do not exist in today’s world. These results are by design.

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It's Your Fault DeBlasio

The mayor of New York City spoke about the two New York City police officers that were shot and killed in their car by what is being called a "retaliation killing".

Bill DeBlasio starts off by saying; "Our city is in mourning. Our hearts are heavy. We lost two good men who devoted their lives to protecting all of us."


A couple of weeks earlier, Bill DeBlasio stated during a press conference about the grand jury's decision not to indict the officers involved in the killing of Eric Garner; "We're grieving again, over the loss of Eric Garner who was a father, husband, a son, good man. A man who should be with us and isn't."

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Video: Americans Stand Up To Militarized Takeover (Spokane Washington Protest)

Shocking video provided exclusively to Infowars last week set off a firestorm among Americans after a sheriff’s deputy was captured saying that armored military vehicles were needed for “constitutionalists” and gun owners.

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VIDEO: The Conscience Of America, "The Taxpayers Best Friend" - The Ron Paul Story

VIDEO: The Conscious Of America, "The Taxpayers Best Friend" - The Ron Paul Story


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Senator Coburn - the God father of the TeaParty - Really?!

So 60 minutes is running a story tonight where they label Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma the Godfather of the Tea Party. That's bad enough, but when they said that he had the nickname "Dr. No", that was the end of it. How about interviewing someone who pissed off his own party on a daily basis? How about the real Dr. No? I am sure you can watch this on their website when it comes up

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Denver Post: Nebraska, Oklahoma meddling with Colorado pot law

By The Denver Post Editorial Board | 12/19/2014

No one has ever doubted the federal government has the power to shut down Colorado's commercial marijuana outlets, as well as its manufacturing and growing facilities.

Federal agents could close every medical marijuana facility, too. But they have chosen not to, wisely deferring to the popular will in Colorado and other states that have legalized marijuana for recreational or medicinal use.

Yet that decision obviously rankles the attorneys general of Nebraska and Oklahoma, who seem to have a lot of time on their hands. They've filed a lawsuit whose goal seems to be to prod the federal government into a crackdown on Colorado's commercial pot businesses, or at least prompt a court order against continued implementation of Amendment 64.

These two Republicans seem to have a highly selective appreciation of federalism — which is to say no appreciation whatsoever when it comes to drug laws.

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South Carolina Fox Debate Audience BOOS Ron Paul For Mentioning Golden Rule...

Lest we forget how many hypocrits reside in the Republican Party...

The FOX Republican Debate in South Carolina in 2012. (Very unfriendly territory for Dr. Paul who came bearing the TRUTH).

But most in that state (home of Lyndsey Graham) don't want to hear the truth because so many make their living in the WAR industry.

God bless Dr. Paul for going into that firestorm.

Remember this???


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