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Larken Rose: Message to the Voting Cattle


From the YouTube description:

“What you hear in this video is from the audiobook of “The Iron Web,” a novel I wrote years ago. (The printed book and audiobook are at www.LarkenRose.com). These are the words of a fictional character in the book, and he says quite a bit more. And yes, the character is rather harsh in his condemnation of state-worship, but for a reason. If you have the story context of who is saying it, where, when, and why, some of it makes more sense. Many thanks to FreiwilligFrei for making this video.”

-- Larken Rose

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New Pink Floyd Album Due In October: 'The Endless River'

The album, titled “The Endless River,” will be released in October, Doug Wright, a spokesman for the band, said in a statement today. It will be “mainly ambient and instrumental music” based on unreleased 1993-1994 sessions that featured guitarist David Gilmour, drummer Nick Mason and keyboardist Richard Wright, according to the statement.


And if you have not heard it yet, here's "The Blue" from Gilmour's outstanding solo album "On An Island":

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What My Family Did This Past Memorial Day Weekend

I have been debating posting this for the past couple of months (it's difficult to decide whether to become 'un-anonymous'), but I'm so proud of my children and their hard work. We went to Branson to compete in a bluegrass competition. We didn't win, but we made a lot of friends and seemed to really resonate with the crowd. :) Our band name is Resonating Grace.

Outside of eternal salvation, my family is the biggest gift I've been blessed with.

Hope you enjoy!


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Ron Paul: America Can Be Saved By Doing This One Simple Thing

Former Congressman Ron Paul recently gave an interview with Anthony Wile of the Daily Bell. Dr. Paul dealt with a number of questions fielded by Wile, including the question of what can be done to restore our constitutional republic.

Read more at http://www.westernjournalism.com/dr-ron-pauls-prescription-f...

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Greenwald: Meet the 5 US citizens that the US have been spying on

The National Security Agency and FBI have covertly monitored the emails of prominent Muslim-Americans—including a political candidate and several civil rights activists, academics, and lawyers—under secretive procedures intended to target terrorists and foreign spies.

According to documents provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, the list of Americans monitored by their own government includes:

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Source: Obama Gives Murrieta Area ICE Agents Stand Down Order - Put On Paid Leave

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement employee claims that the Obama administration has handed a number of ICE agents in the Murrieta/LA area paid temporary leave, a move that will exacerbate the mass influx of illegal immigrants into the region.

Liberty News’ Eric Odom, who is currently on the scene in the flashpoint town of Murrieta, says an ICE employee who lives in Orange County told him, “the Obama administration has furloughed Murrieta/LA area ICE agents full time until further notice,” but that the agents would continue to receive full pay.

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IMPEACH The House and Senate!

IMPEACH The House and Senate!!!!!!!

Now that would be a better idea, No?

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Sen. Chris McDaniel Joins Ron Paul to Discuss Election Controversy

In an interview with Dr. Ron Paul, Mississippi Sen. Chris McDaniel discusses the controversy over the June 24 runoff election and checking voter irregularities.


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Awesome: Hyundai's new ‘anti-speed camera technology’ coming to cars in 2015

Korean auto maker Hyundai has developed technology that will warn you when you approach a stretch of road that’s covered by speed cameras. And if you happen to miss the warning for some reason, the car will gently apply the brakes for you and automatically slow the car down to the posted speed limit.

If you’re wondering if this technology will run afoul of the law in states where radar detectors are illegal, the answer is probably not. Why not a yes or no?

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NYT: Why Teenagers Today May Grow Up Conservative

by David Leonhardt

There was a time not so long ago when the young seemed destined to be liberal forever. Americans in their teens and 20s were to the left of their elders on social issues. They worried more about poverty. They voted strongly Democratic.

In retrospect, we refer to this period as the 1960s, and it didn’t last long, let alone forever. Less than a generation after young people were marching for civil rights and against the Vietnam War, they voted overwhelmingly for Ronald Reagan.

Today, of course, the young are liberal again, and it seems as if they will be forever. They favor same-sex marriage, marijuana legalization, stricter gun laws, citizenship for illegal immigrants and an activist government that fights climate change and inequality. The Republican Party, as you have probably noticed, does not.

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Google's Larry Page: "I Think the Government's Likely to Collapse Under Its Own Weight."

Jim Epstein | July 8, 2014

Over the weekend, Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page sat down for a rare joint public interview with venture capitalist Vinod Khosla, in which the three billionaires reminisced about how Brin and Page nearly sold their groundbreaking search technology to Excite for $1.6 million in 1999 (Google's market capitalization is now $392.7 billion), speculated on how self-driving cars could change the way we live (there are "policy risks," said Brin), and discussed how Google rewrote the rules on mission creep ("ideally, the company would scale the number of things it does with the number of people in a linear fashion," said Page).

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Immigration reform is a red herring

While I vowed to myself that I would quit writing about politics, I cannot sit idly by as I witness fellow libertarians nibble on the devil's candy.

The deafening call to "secure the borders" is a red herring. How could one believe otherwise? When has the marble building occupiers of Washington DC had the best interests of the People in mind?

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Ohio citizens not dropping the issue of a 911 call that escalated into the caller being shot - Yellow Springs, Ohio

Last year, a man in Yellow Springs, Ohio called 911 for a domestic dispute. Before the night was over, he'd been shot dead. What happened in the mean time and the time following reads as bizarre at times.


My personal opinion is that pre-2013 Yellow Springs police officers were far above average in terms of professionalism and treating the citizenry as real people. Yellow Springs is a town where people still walk places and stop and talk face to face on the street and the police did not treat the citizens as if the two populations would only ever interact at traffic stops.

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