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Town Passes Recording (Ban) Ordinance After Cop Caught Dissing Obama

Steven Wronko is a Helmetta, New Jersey resident who recently taped local police officer, Richard Recine, saying that he doesn't have to follow the U.S. Constitution because President Obama doesn't.

“Obama has decimated the friggen Constitution so I don't give a damn, cause if he doesn't have to follow the Constitution, we don't have to,” Recine is heard saying on tape.

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Harry Reid's Alma Mater Removes His Name from Building

Southern Utah University has decided to do away with its Harry Reid Outdoor Engagement Center. Not the building itself, but the current Senate majority leader’s name on the building due to his unpopularity as well as unfulfilled promises in donations.

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Ron Paul and Peter Schiff Talk Iraq, Perry, Rand, Fed, IRS

peter schiff ends his radio show with ron paul


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It's Coming ...

9- 11 is coming ~ September the ( expletive deleted ) eleventh

The Day Liberty was taken behind the woodshed and beaten to within a inch of its life.

This collectivist nationalist federal holiday - Remind yourselves
( just in case you need it ) that this government has done,is doing and will do things that are ( to most ) unconscionable

recommend watching: Zero, Loose Change, How the Ron Paul Revolution watered the withered tree of liberty ...

This is Sovereign signing off for a few days

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Henry Kissinger Op Ed at WSJ: "The Assembly of a New World Order"

All I can say is: unbelievable. Why would all those crackpots out there think there is anything called a "new world order"?


Here is a quote:

The contemporary quest for world order will require a coherent strategy to establish a concept of order within the various regions and to relate these regional orders to one another.

Henry Kissinger must be a conspiracy theorist.

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Cop Replies To Email While Driving And Kills Man, Will Not Face Charges

Prosecutors in California have declined to file charges against a sheriff’s deputy who struck and killed Milton Olin. Olin was a sixty-five-year-old prominent entertainment attorney and former chief operating officer of the online file-sharing service Napster.

Deputy Andrew Wood was distracted by his mobile digital computer and he allowed his patrol car to drift into the bike lane where he struck and killed the bike riding Olin.

From the Daily Mail Online:

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Ezra Klein: The DNC’s braindead attack on Rand Paul

Ezra Klein
August 29, 2014

On Thursday, Sen. Rand Paul published an interesting op-ed in the Wall Street Journal criticizing the "interventionists" in both the Democratic and Republican parties who seem blind to the role past American interventions have played in the Middle East's current crises.


DNC Press Secretary Michael Czin fired back at Paul with a statement that reads as if it's been copied-and-pasted from a 2005 Republican National Committee attack on a liberal Democrat. It's worth reading in full:


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The Covert Origins of ISIS

New Video from Storm clouds Gathering


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Update: Kent Hovind gets more charges, Eric Holder to prosecute. Government doesn't want him out of prison.

Personally Kent Hovind is the man who brought me to the liberty movement and now that he is about out of prison the state is taking him back to court to give him more prison time.


Eric Holder is bringing charges against Kent for frivolous law suits

If you want to see some of the charges read this. http://2peter3.com/Blogs/22Update.pdf

After you read the lawsuits Kent has filed I would imagine even the Hovind hates in the liberty movement will come to like him.

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WOW - Michael Scheuer Destroys Peter King and Other Israeli Lovers

This Argument Is AWESOME.

You must watch and spread far and wide!

Finally, a neocon war hawk is DESTROYED by Michael Schuer!

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Uncle Sam wants you to keep Backyard Chickens... before food stamps...

Awhile back I stumbled upon this and printed it for the fridge. A couple of my roommates would always give me grief over the chickens I kept in the backyard. They didn't know that it was their patriotic duty!


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