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Missouri Oath Keepers Warn Governor Nixon in Open Letter

Governor Nixon:

The events in Ferguson have shown us daily that the looting and violence by a few is not being stopped, while the right of the people to peaceably assemble and petition government for redress of grievances is not being respected. The current riot control tactics of the local police, rooted in outmoded techniques developed in the 1950’s – and only made worse by the ongoing militarization of our police – are failing the people of Ferguson, giving them a false choice between rampant looting on the one hand, and hyper-militarized police and curfews on the other (which also fail to stop the looting, leaving the mistaken impression among many of the American people that even more militarization and curtailment of free speech and assembly is needed). Our local boots on the ground, made up of retired police officers, military veterans, and intelligence workers (with critical input from current serving Missouri police officers) have answers that could provide the people of Ferguson the relief they need and deserve while respecting their rights. It is time to change a losing game.

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The Collateral Children


"After the first child, nobody batted an eye; after the 50th not even a slight tremor was felt in a plane’s wing; after the 100th, they stopped counting; after the 200th, they blamed Hamas. After the 300th child they blamed the parents. After the 400th child, they invented excuses; after (the first) 478 children nobody cares.

Then came our first child and Israel went into shock. And indeed, the heart weeps at the picture of 4-year-old Daniel Tragerman, killed Friday evening in his home in Sha’ar Hanegev. A beautiful child, who once had his picture taken in an Argentinean soccer team shirt, blue and white, number 10. And whose heart would not be broken at the sight of this photo, and who would not weep at how he was criminally killed. “Hey Leo Messi, look at that boy,” a Facebook post read, “you were his hero.”

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No Humans Allowed

"With so called “public lands” a balance must be struck between the people who mix their efforts with the land to produce wealth, and “sustainability” concerns. Just because someone in Washington DC decides that a pretty piece of land should be devoid of human impact doesn’t mean that the state suddenly has the moral authority to kick people out."

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Jerry Seinfeld - paper money is a scam

I watched these 'out-takes' from Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. It's a brief segment of Jerry and a few of his guests talking about money (or currency).

Jerry seems extremely close to figuring out the huge ponzie scheme that is our Federal Reserve system.


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Just how much of a War Hawk is Hillary?

Hillary Clinton a war hawk? No, it can't be! You decide...


If you haven’t seen Rand Paul’s interview on Meet The Press today, scroll down (at the link) and watch it. What I want to take a look at here in this post is the left’s reaction. Why? O, I don’t know–it’s just fun to watch the left freak out! And he did more than just call Hillary a “war hawk.” Rand Paul had the audacity to call Iraq, “Hillary’s War...”

More: http://iroots.org/2014/08/24/liberals-finally-react-to-rand-...

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Been having that feeling again.

Once eyes open always be,
Sleep exists no more for me,
Matters not bargain or plea,
Phantom world i'll always see,

For some reason I just felt like I needed to write these words down. Don't really know why I was compelled to share.

(I'm not a poet -just thought I would throw that out there)

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US/NATO Troops Suffer Huge Defeat in E. Ukraine

After sustained defensive combat against Ukrainian troops in the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk during August, rebels are now reporting of entrapping two large groups of Kiev troops and seizing military hardware in a counteroffensive.

The main headquarters of the DPR army has made a decision to stop operations in small groups and form full-bodied independent military units, the anti-Kiev forces say in a summary of their operations filed on Sunday.


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"If you don't study History"

If you don't study History
You'll be bound to repeat it

Like if you never hear a warning
You cannot ever heed it

There are those who fear History
And try to delete it

By burning books and telling lies
that, "evil was defeated"

But those who would burn History
Would be bound to re-heat it

Like dough burned in the oven
They would be bound to re-kneed it

So I leave one final warning
If you're still here to read it

'If you don't EAT History
You'll be bound to FEED it'

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Dear Life in these United States

Can we PLEASE stop bombing the world?

I do not support it.
I do not like it.
I do not think it is necessary in any way, shape or form.
I do not want my (stolen) tax dollars to fund it.
I DO want it to STOP!!!

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Stunning Footage Of Israeli Strike Leveling 12-Story Gaza Building

One side thing I noticed was that the building collapsed by falling over rather than free-fall speed into its own footprint. Though, of course, everyone knows *that* can only happen from office fires.


Late on Saturday afternoon, supposedly in retaliation for yet another round of shelling by Hamas now that the X+1 "ceasefire" has failed to lead to anything tangible, Israel bombed an apartment tower in Gaza City, collapsing the 12-story building with 44 apartments. The dramatic strike is shown in the blip below. Amazingly, while dozens were wounded in the strike, no one was killed, Palestinian officials said.


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Rand Paul Calls Hillary Clinton A 'War Hawk'

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Calling Hillary Rodham Clinton "a war hawk," Sen. Rand Paul says that if the former secretary of state seeks the presidency, some voters will worry that she will get the U.S. involved in another Mideast war.

Paul is a leading anti-interventionist in the GOP and is considering running for president. Last year he opposed President Barack Obama's call for military action in Syria.

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Rand Paul: Dems afraid I'll run in 2016

By LUCY MCCALMONT | 8/24/14 | Politico

Sen. Rand Paul says Democrats are afraid his stance on war and foreign policy would attract independents and "even some Democrats" if he were to run against Hillary Clinton for president in 2016.

“I think the American public is coming more and more to where I am and that those people, like Hillary Clinton, who — she fought her own war, 'Hillary’s war,' you know?" Paul said in an interview that aired Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press."

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The Men Who Would Kill the World

Anyone who's not heard of Senate Bill 2277 "the Russian Aggression Provocation (sic) Act (RAPA)" ought to get to know it and quick. Sponsored by Sen. Bob Corker, it is co-sponsored by twenty-six other senators, all Republicans. These are the men who would kill the world:

Sen Alexander, Lamar [TN] - 5/1/2014
Sen Ayotte, Kelly [NH] - 5/1/2014
Sen Barrasso, John [WY] - 5/1/2014
Sen Blunt, Roy [MO] - 5/1/2014
Sen Burr, Richard [NC] - 5/1/2014
Sen Chambliss, Saxby [GA] - 5/6/2014
Sen Coats, Daniel [IN] - 5/1/2014
Sen Cornyn, John [TX] - 5/1/2014

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