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Mandatory Vaccination for Adults: Wasn't this one of those internet “myths”?

The federal mandate forcing vaccinations against your will, has now been entered into the Federal Register. You have until March 9, 2015 to comment before they arbitrarily enter this as a new “law”.

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Obama: Rand Paul Ecouraging and Interesting


President Obama had this to say about Republican Sen. Rand Paul: It "is encouraging that he wants to go to the south side of Chicago."

"I guarantee you that Senator Paul would be welcome there," he added.


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Recently Retired Online And Offline Security Expert Says Trust Nothing

A recently online and offline security expert recently shared with me some words.

This person was an early innovator in ecommerce, has taken an active role in open-source software and encryption, this person has experience as a hands-on physical security trainer and is a credentialled warrior.

This person also happens to be me.


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This is the BEST conspiracy video I've EVER seen!

I don't know how, but I stumbled across this video on youtube yesterday. The last thing I needed to view was yet another JFK conspiracy video; but something made me click on this. I didn't even watch it at first, I just listened to it while scanning the internet. Then, I realized this wasn't your average video. The production values are OUTSTANDING & the information is so IN DEPTH & well supported with documentation, video, photos & audio interviews.

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72 Year Old NJ School Teacher Faces Ten Year for Antique Pistol

When the founders drafted the Second Amendment they thought they were guaranteeing a natural right that is essential for a free society. Unfortunately, over the years many states have passed legislation that renders the Second Amendment obsolete, and state laws that violate federal law have become the norm. This week a prime example of these rights infringing practices went viral.

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We Need More of Moore

The Ninth Amendment to the Constitution states that, “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

This past Sunday Chris Wallace interviewed Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore.  Chief Justice Moore is once again in the news for standing up for the rule of law, limited government, and the viability of the Constitution as a meaningful document as opposed to a Living Document that means whatever the nine black robed oligarchs say it means.

This happened once before.  Back in 2000 he was elected to the position as Alabama’s top jurist on the promise that he would restore the moral foundations of the law in Alabama.  Several months later he made good on that promise when he set a Ten Commandments monument in the rotunda of the Alabama Judicial Building.  He was promptly sued in federal district court by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the American Civil Liberties Union and Americans United for the Separation of Church and State who complained that the Chief Justice’s actions were an unconstitutional “establishment of religion.”

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The Hill: Rand Paul eyes debt-ceiling fight in Audit the Fed push (VIDEO)

By Kevin Cirilli - 02/19/15 03:22 PM EST

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is mulling attaching his Audit the Fed legislation to a vote to raise the debt ceiling, Paul spokesman Brian Darling told The Hill.

Darling said that Paul, who is considering a 2016 presidential campaign, fully expects to get a vote on the measure in the Senate this year and that "there are numerous options to get a bill passed by itself or combined with other legislation."

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Diabetic Blogger Beats Gag Order For “Unlicensed Nutritional Advice”

In a story that is somewhat surprising, yet also wholly par-for-the-course where crony capitalism and the pharmaceutical industry are concerned, the state of North Carolina had issued a gag order against the “Diabetes Warrior,” Steve Cooksey.

Cooksey is a type-2 diabetic who had gotten free of insulin and other medications from sticking to a strict low-carb “paleo” style diet. He blogged often about his experiences, advocating from his direct experience, and drew a fairly large following. And that was enough to draw the ire of the NC’s Board of Dietetics and Nutrition (NC

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Dark Journalist: ET Resurrection Technology & Interdimensional War - Linda Moulton Howe


Join Dark Journalist as he interviews acclaimed investigative reporter, emmy-award winning TV producer and star of Ancient Aliens and Coast to Coast AM, Linda Moulton Howe in a special extended episode that delves deeply into her career of exposing the controversial alien reality.

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FED's Charter Expired

If the Federal Reserve was granted a 100-year charter on December 23, 1913; then under what authority are they currently operating? I don't recall hearing about a reauthorization vote in the Congress. I recently attended a Ron Paul speech at the University of South Florida, prepared to ask that question, but they only allowed student questions.

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Investigation Into Ron Paul’s 2012 Campaign “Expanding”


This whole thing is just sad to me, and underscores my sentiment that there is no solving our problems through utterly corrupt elections.

These are the things that bother me the most:

"The campaign has spent more than $364,000 on legal fees since last August."

I am unaware of one dime being spent on legal fees attempting to remedy the clear fraud that was perpetrated in both 2008 and again in 2012. I am left to wonder, if he had grown fangs and claws and come out fighting after 2008, would they have pulled this stunt? Understand that at this point, I suspect Sorenson was sent in to do exactly this. Pretty sweet deal he managed to cut. Do you suppose Benton was ever offered a deal to squeal on Sorenson? I doubt it.

This also bothers me:

"Benton was involved in email exchanges among Ron Paul staffers regarding the possibility of paying Sorenson to endorse the campaign. Benton resigned from McConnell’s campaign after news of Sorenson’s plea broke.

In December, Rand Paul said he would “welcome” having Benton work for his 2016 campaign. Doug Stafford, Paul’s top political aide, declined to comment on Sorenson’s case."

My biggest complaint with Dr. Paul the senior is his apparent blind spot where family is concerned. This is beginning to look like a genetic trait.

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Poverty Is A Crime - City Has Three Months To Ditch Illegal And Unconstitutional Law Or Face Federal Lawsuit

The City of Xenia, Ohio has banned being poor and asking for money within township limits. Now activists like Virgil have changed the game with civil disobedience “panhandling protests” where they donate the money collected to charity. They’ve given the city three months to scrap the law or face a federal lawsuit!

Back in 2013, the City of Xenia passed Ordinance 13-31 which essentially prohibited poor people from asking for any form of assistance.

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Hyperinflation To Start in 2015: Economist Says Get Supplies“Gold, Silver, Canned Goods, Toilet Paper, Bottled Water…”

Hyperinflation To Start in 2015: Economist Says Get Supplies : “Gold, Silver, Canned Goods, Toilet Paper, Bottled Water…”

Mac Slavo
February 19th, 2015

It’s impossible to predict when and how our economy will finally reach a breaking point, but according to contrarian Shadow Stats economist John Williams it’s coming one way or the other.

The only thing we can do now is to prepare for it and that means stockpiling critical supplies, just like you might for an earthquake or snowstorm, but in larger quantities..

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Hacker Claims Feds Hit Him With 44 Felonies When He Refused to Be an FBI Spy

Hacker Claims Feds Hit Him With 44 Felonies When He Refused to Be an FBI Spy
BY ANDY GREENBERG 02.18.15 | 8:45 PM

A year ago, the Department of Justice threatened to put Fidel Salinas in prison for the rest of his life for hacking crimes. But before the federal government brought those charges against him, Salinas now says, it tried a different tactic: recruiting him.

A Southern District of Texas judge sentenced Salinas earlier this month to six months in prison and a $10,600 fine after he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of computer fraud and abuse. The charge stemmed from his repeatedly scanning the local Hidalgo County website for vulnerabilities in early 2012. But just months before he took that plea, the 28-year-old with ties to the hacktivist group Anonymous instead faced 44 felony hacking and cyberstalking charges, all of which were later dismissed. And now that his case is over, Salinas is willing to say why he believes he faced that overwhelming list of empty charges. As he tells it, two FBI agents asked him to hack targets on the bureau’s behalf, and he refused.

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