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Whoa...Snowden says Western states 'in bed with NSA'


AFP - Fugitive intelligence leaker Edward Snowden said the US National Security Agency operates broad secret spying partnerships with other Western governments now complaining about its programmes, in an interview published Sunday.

Snowden said in comments made before his exposure of US espionage practices came to light last month and printed in German news weekly Der Spiegel that NSA spies are "in bed together with the Germans and most other Western states".....

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New Glenn Greenwald: The NSA's mass and indiscriminate spying on Brazilians

Glenn has this new article up today, and very timely indeed. Reveals massive spying in Brazil by NSA/USA.


Here is link to English version of O Gobo:


I've written an article on NSA surveillance for the front page of the Sunday edition of O Globo, the large Brazilian newspaper based in Rio de Janeiro. The article is headlined (translated) "US spied on millions of emails and calls of Brazilians", and I co-wrote it with Globo reporters Roberto Kaz and Jose Casado. The rough translation of the article into English is here. The main page of Globo's website lists related NSA stories: here.

As the headline suggests, the crux of the main article details how the NSA has, for years, systematically tapped into the Brazilian telecommunication network and indiscriminately intercepted, collected and stored the email and telephone records of millions of Brazilians

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The similarities are uncanny

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Rand on Egypt

Before America supported the Muslim Brotherhood, we supported Morsy's predecessor, Hosni Mubarak. For decades, we aided the Mubarak regime to the tune of about $60 billion in total.

When Egyptians protested Mubarak in January 2011, F-16 jets were used by Mubarak to intimidate protesters. Those jets were supplied to Egypt by the United States.

When hundreds of thousands of Egyptians rallied in Tahir Square to protest three decades of martial law, Mubarak doused them with tear gas made in Pennsylvania and paid for with American taxpayer's money.

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Iran Announces Buy 1:Get 1 to Combat Sanctions

Iran's central bank is allowing most importers to buy local currency at half the former official price as part of attempts to attract investors to an economy battered by Western sanctions.

The effective devaluation of the Iranian rial comes as other proposals are being floated to boost commerce, including possibly waiving taxes for foreign companies.

The central bank offered most importers an exchange rate of 24,779 rials for $1 on Sunday, a day after the official announcement. That compares with the previous government-set rate of 12,260 rials.

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Interactive map of botched SWAT and paramilitary police raids (CATO)

See what's happening in your neck of the woods:


BTW the related book looks like one I will have to pick up.

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The Media Gets it wrong AGAIN! The Real Paterno Story - Watch This Interview

I got chewed out quite a bit coming to the rescue of Paterno on here a number of months back. It's hard to defend someone when everyone thinks you're defending an accomplice to a sex offender.

I'm posting this on DailyPaul because it just shows how jacked up the media really is....and how easy it is to manipulate the masses by invoking emotional responses (whether that manipulation was intended or not). It also shows just how non-existent investigative journalism is...with the one or two people who reported the facts at the time being marginalized and lumped into the "nutcase" bin.

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What's The Motive?

When I am trying to understand our situation, I look at the world in a separated and emotionless approach. I look at things for what they are and not what I want them to be. I think as if I have no stake in the outcome. I don't look at what is going on rather why events take place. People don't do things for no reason. Everything that happens in society is done by someone with a motive. You don't buy food and not eat it, just like people in positions of power don't spy on other people and not use the data.

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Matthew Mcconaughey Told Us About the Best Way To Resist Tyranny in 1993

Matthew Mcconaughey's Character David Wooderson told us how to resist tyranny in the 1993 movie 'Dazed and Confused'.

"You know if it ain't that piece of paper it's some other decision they're gonna try to make for you. You've gotta do what Randall 'Pink' Floyd wants to do man. And let me tell you this, the older you do get, the more rules they're gonna try to get you to follow. You just gotta keep livin' man. L I V I N"

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Outrage Over Highway Body Cavity Search

Two women are suing the Texas DPS after getting body cavity searches during a traffic stop.

"The male officer, his words verbatim were, 'We're gonna get familiar with your womanly parts,'" Brandy Hamilton said.

That officer, Nathaniel Turner, claimed to smell marijuana in Hamilton and Alexandria Randle's car when he pulled them over for speeding on Memorial Day 2012. He called a female trooper to search their genitalia for drugs on the side of Highway 288 in Brazoria County.

"You're going to go up my private parts?" Hamilton said.

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I Am Sorry It Has Come To This (VIDEO) Published July 4th 2013


I was raised by WW2 Vets. What in the world have we let take over this country?

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How can we help this kid?

Snowden, looking as if he hadn’t slept in weeks, spoke with Internet Chronicle reporters in the transit corridor of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport. In a near whisper Snowden said, “It is shocking that the U.S. government would appropriate such evil imagery for a so-called security system like this. There is little doubt that this program – I won’t utter the name here – is not concerned with the security of citizens, but rather, it is a bald grab at power for power’s sake.”

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Is America Already In A Deep DEPRESSION?: Only 47% of Adults Have Full -Time Job

Is America Already In A Deep DEPRESSION?: Only 47% of Adults Have Full -Time Job

by MIKE FLYNN | 5 Jul 2013

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