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Just In: San Antonio's Northside I.S.D. Ends RFID Badge Tracking Program

Thanks to everyone in Austin and San Antonio for helping defeat this initiative!

Northside I.S.D. Ends Badge Tracking Program
By: Fox S.A. Staff
Monday, July 15 2013, 08:52 PM CDT

Northside I.S.D. has scrapped its controversial program to track students through ID badges.

District officials told Fox San Antonio Monday that they have ended the program that put tracking chips in student ID badges at John Jay High School and Anson Jones Middle School.

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Trayvon Autopsy: (Skittles+Arizona Watermelon Juice+Robitussin=“Lean") Causes Aggression & Liver Damage

The Conservative Treehouse (aka “CTH” and “The Last Refuge”) earned Zimmerman’s grateful acknowledgement because of its extraordinary investigative work undertaken throughout the saga, particularly in obtaining through Freedom of Information Act and publishing public records that revealed the corruption and racism connected to the charges and the trial itself, naming who was involved regardless of how high up the political food chain it went, in what the investigative bloggers called “The Zimmerman Railroading.”

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No-One is safe from becoming the next George Zimmerman - Obama Goes Way Back With the Trayvon Martin Family Shakedown Legal Team

A Nation of George Zimmerman's Awakened – Understand The Fraud – Post Verdict of Acquittal ….

The Attention of A Nation Should Be Directed To The Fraud That Was The State Of Florida V. George Zimmerman: These Are The People Behind the Justice For Trayvon Martin™ Scheme Team agenda:

It begins with Tracy Martin reaching out on February 28th to his sister-in-law attorney Patricia Jones, she in turn contacted Benjamin Crump from Parks and Crump law firm in Tallahassee. Crump contacted Tracy Martin February 29th and took the case March 1st.

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Zimmerman posts far exceed Manning posts

Two men are on trial at the same time. The first one, Bradley Manning, has given up his freedom to expose the corrupt war machinery. Ron Paul has praised Bradley Manning. The other man is George Zimmerman.

The sad truth is that Bradley Manning has received miniscule attention on the Daily Paul compared to what GZ has received here. Some claim that it's because GZ was getting shafted and deserved a fair trial. Surely no one here thinks that what is happening to Manning is fair. Seriously?

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For those who haven't heard, Washington State just passed both laws - gay marriage and legalized marijuana.

The fact that gay marriage and marijuana were legalized on the same day makes perfect biblical sense because Leviticus 20:13 says...

"If a man lies with another man they should be stoned."

We just hadn't interpreted it correctly before.

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Paul Craig Roberts: Have You heard? There's been a Coup d’etat! We're Now Fully run By a Corporatist Junta!

Coup d’etat

By Paul Craig Roberts
July 15, 2013

The American people have suffered a coup d’etat, but they are hesitant to acknowledge it. The regime ruling in Washington today lacks constitutional and legal legitimacy. Americans are ruled by usurpers who claim that the executive branch is above the law and that the US Constitution is a mere “scrap of paper.”

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One Good Guy: 1, THREE Armed Thugs: 0! Philly CCW holder emerges Victorious in a Real 2-way Gun Fight!

Would-Be Victim Shoots Armed Robber: Police

PHOTO: NBC10.com
By David Chang
Sunday, Jul 14, 2013
Updated 12:56 PM EDT

Police say an armed man turned the tables on three gunmen who tried to rob him.


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Oops: Zimmerman Passed Lie Detector Test On Night Of Trayvon Shooting

Oops: Zimmerman Passed Lie Detector Test On Night Of Trayvon Shooting

By Douglas Stanglin, USA TODAY
Updated 2012-06-26 5:31 PM
Jun 26, 2012

A confidential report released Tuesday from Florida prosecutors shows that George Zimmerman passed a lie detector test the night he shot Trayvon Martin.

The Sanford, Fla., police report shows that the test involved his claim that he did not confront the unarmed 17-year-old on Feb. 26 and that he feared for his life when he shot Trayvon.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Now Introducing, For Your Listening Pleasure ...The Ben Swann Theme Song!


A Huge thanks to Dave Santucci!


And then head on over to - http://benswann.com/ - and help Ben spread a little more truth!

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FACEBOOK Refuses To Remove 'Kill Zimmerman' Page

FACEBOOK Refuses To Remove 'Kill Zimmerman' Page

Threats to murder Zimmerman continue to flood Twitter

Paul Joseph Watson
July 15, 2013

Facebook refused to remove a page entitled ‘Kill Zimmerman’ – arguing that it didn’t represent a “credible threat of violence,” as threats to murder George Zimmerman following his acquittal continue to flood Twitter.

According to Facebook, the ‘Kill Zimmerman’ page “doesn’t violate our community standard on credible threat of violence.”

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US trapped Snowden in Russia, Putin says

“[Snowden] arrived on our territory without an invitation,” Putin said. “He didn’t fly to us; he flew in transit to other countries. But only when it became known that he was in the air, our American partners, in fact, blocked him from flying further.

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WARNING- Your "privates" are property of The State & will be searched randomly.

WARNING- Your "privates" are property of The State & will be searched randomly.


In "honor" of some of the rulers/legislators/judges who have brought us such a fine police state, I am considering renaming some of my formally private parts using their names. I hope using these names during my next rape by the Thieves & Sexual Assailants or a random stop by my local police, might help ease the tension, while reminding myself- my private parts now belong to The State.

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