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Pizza Delivery Man Shoots And Kills Armed Robber - VIDEO

Pizza Delivery Man Shoots And Kills Armed Robber - VIDEO

Posted: Aug 24, 2013 6:45 PM PDT Updated: Aug 25, 2013 11:05 AM PDT
By Nikki Bowers, Web Producer - bio

The Brevard County Sheriff's Office is investigating the death of 32-year-old Fredrick Lorenza Kelly Jr., who was shot and killed during an alleged Armed Robbery of a pizza delivery driver Friday night.

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If This is the Recovery, I'll Take the Recession

“A bad peace is even worse than war” – Publius Cornelius Tacitus, Roman Senator and Historian

We wrote here over the past several months that the air would soon start coming out of the housing bubblet. We noted that the temporary inventory supply/demand imbalance would soon reverse. We noted high levels of student loan debt and a poor jobs market producing mostly part time jobs would hamper any further housing sales and price appreciation.

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Everyone needs to Stop Googling

Google and the NSA: Who’s holding the ‘$hit-bag’ now?
by Julian Assange
August 24th, 2013

It has been revealed today, thanks to Edward Snowden, that Google and other US tech companies received millions of dollars from the NSA for their compliance with the PRISM mass surveillance system.

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Think for yourself , don't let CNN or Drudge do it for you.

Why in the face of the whole world watching would Assad turn to Nerve Gas on his own people? Does that make sense? The guy is likely an evil guy but evil guys through history are typically not into committing suicide.

There is probably little doubt these people were the victims of a gas attack but what is more likely, they were used as pawns and became victims of a more sinister plot.

First, we should never forget Operation Mockingbird. If you are not aware of it, you should familiarize yourself.

Then read this:

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Rep. Gowdy Says He Won't Vote for the Patriot Act

"Thousands of privacy violations made by the NSA is making Congress reconsider the Patriot Act. South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy recently said that he wouldn’t vote for its reauthorization."


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Rand is Ron's guest today on RonPaulChannel.com

Dr. Paul's tweets:

Ron Paul ‏@RonPaul 24 Aug

My son @SenRandPaul is joining me for an exclusive @RonPaulChannel interview. Have a question for me to ask? Tag it with #AskRandPaul

Ron Paul ‏@RonPaul 13h

Here’s a behind the scenes photo from my interview with @SenRandPaul on the @RonPaulChannel set today: http://ow.ly/i/2YiAh

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Ron Paul's speech at the Night of Clarity event 8/23/13


-Ron Paul's full speech 8/23/13 in Nashville, TN

thankfully someone recorded it..

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Ted Cruz - The Controlled Opposition: How Another Foreign National Plans to be President of the United States

This is the "TEA Party Conservative" Ted Cruz plan. While pounding the drum that he is opposed to Amnesty and wants a Secure Border, Ted hopes you don't hear the next two amendments he wants to add to Senate Bill 744. Ted wants to more than double immigration to this country at a time when almost half of working age Americans are out of work.

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Strip Down, Facing Me!

When I was ready to check out and pay for my groceries at my local supermarket, the cashier said, "Strip down, facing me".

Making a mental note, so I could complain to the manager, the corporate offices and my local police department about this running amok security rubbish, I did just as she had instructed.

After the shrieking and hysterical remarks finally subsided, I found out that she was referring to how I should position my credit card.

Nonetheless, I've been asked to shop elsewhere in the future.

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Mark Levin has Finally Found a Way...

Mark Levin has finally found a way to make himself look like a defender of state's rights while not actually taking a position that would allow the states to mount any kind of resistance against federal enforcement of tyrannical laws. Like the double-talker that we all know Mark Levin is, he has not only chose to champion a fruitless and unnecessary cause, he has taken focus away from the greatest revitalization of state sovereignty in modern history.

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CIA Files Show U.S. Was Involved In Saddam Hussein's Iranian Gas Attacks

"U.S. officials have long denied acquiescing to Iraqi chemical attacks, insisting that Hussein's government never announced he was going to use the weapons. But retired Air Force Col. Rick Francona, who was a military attaché in Baghdad during the 1988 strikes, paints a different picture.

"The Iraqis never told us that they intended to use nerve gas. They didn't have to. We already knew," he told Foreign Policy.

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A Christian Case for Libertarianism

Okay, I've heard so many times that a person can't be libertarian and Christian at the same time. Well I'm going to make a case to prove those people wrong.

I'll start with my testimony.

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