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Libertarian Jeff Bezos (Amazon.com) Buys The Washington Post

Great News for Rand, Justin Amash & others - including all of us and our country!

"Please feel free to fill the comments with speculation about how the paper may be influenced by Bezos’s personal political views, which lean libertarian..."


Lets show him our support anywhere/anyway you can!

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Greenwald Interview Democracy Now 8-5-13

Glen destroys Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger's (ABC interview) 'assurances' of checks and balances, NSA compliance and 'full' disclosures.

"There really is, Amy, an 85-page, 86-page ruling issued by the FISA court that says the government has been systematically breaking the law and violating the Fourth Amendment in how it spies on us. And not only can we not see that ruling, because it remains a secret at the insistence of the Obama administration, [but] even our elected representatives in Congress, who we’re told are exercising robust oversight, are blocked from seeing it."

► He discusses the IMMUNITY of the Senate floor and Senators from ANY prosecution for WHATEVER they have the BALLS to publicly say (or read) into the record... but that it took Snowden's courage to disclose while they 'hide'.

Total smackdown by Greenwald (again) :).


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I Hereby Resign in Protest Effective Immediately

I hereby resign in protest effective immediately.

I have served the post-911 Military Industrial complex for 10 years, first as a soldier in Baghdad, and now as a defense contractor.

I have always believed that if every foot soldier threw down his rifle war would end. I hereby throw mine down. At the time of my enlistment, I believed in the cause. I was ignorant, naïve, and misled. The narrative, professed by the state, and echoed by the mainstream press, has proven false and criminal. We have become what I thought we were fighting against.

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Debra Medina - Texas Comptroller 2014

It's official. Debra Medina 4 comptroller 2014.


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Rand Paul Filibuster Songified by The Gregory Brothers - Check it out!

first time they have ever songified Rand I think, Ron has already made several appearances in their videos before. this is some pretty creative stuff.


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"How The Game Works" - Great new music video. Use it as a tool for newbies.

Hi friends,

I've just released the first music video from my CONSPIRACY Project.

If you're like me, you know that we need to get a lot of new folks added to the choir. That's the whole reason for my project.

First video is now out on YouTube. Please use it however you want. I think it's a great way to get the message out to new folks.



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Egyptian video gone viral: "Hey Obama, You Are Stupid Bad Man "

This is something else; guess Obama isn't too popular in Egypt these days. (English subtitles and dubbing).


Article with photos at The Blaze:


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Pat Caddell: John Boehner AIDING Obama COVER-UP Of Benghazi - VIDEO

Pat Caddell: John Boehner AIDING Obama COVER-UP Of Benghazi - VIDEO


Speaker of the House suppressing information on weapons transfers to Syrian rebels

Paul Joseph Watson
August 5, 2013

Pollster Pat Caddell charged Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner of aiding the Obama administration in its cover-up of the Benghazi scandal, claiming Boehner knew about weapons being smuggled out of Libya into the hands of Syrian rebels by the CIA.

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Feds direct agents to cover up program used to investigate Americans

By John Shiffman and Kristina Cooke | Mon Aug 5, 2013

(Reuters) - A secretive U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration unit is funneling information from intelligence intercepts, wiretaps, informants and a massive database of telephone records to authorities across the nation to help them launch criminal investigations of Americans.

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Democratic Congressman says: There is plenty of money, the government just doesn't have it

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) spoke out loud what most progressives believe, he said that there is plenty of money out there, the government just doesn't have it. That’s how these Democrats think, they believe that all of the money earned by Americans is theirs to distribute as they see fit.

Continue reading: http://lonelyconservative.com/2013/08/dem-rep-theres-plenty-...

And yes we all know anyone who doesn't agree with this wants slavery!

It sickens me that a man like this can even get more than 10 votes in a general election.

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MSM connects Boston Bomber to right wingers, gun owners, conspiracy theorists

This should enrage you but not surprise you. The MSM is now saying that the bombers were right wingers, believed 9/11 was an inside job, were against drone strikes, were against Gitmo, and supported gun rights.

The programme discovered that Tamerlan Tsarnaev possessed articles which argued that both 9/11 and the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing were government conspiracies.

Another in his possession was about "the rape of our gun rights".

Reading material he had about white supremacy commented that "Hitler had a point".

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