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Oathkeepers: Heads UP Liberty Activists : Watch Out for E-Mails From Tormail Accounts or Other Anonymous Services

Oathkeepers has credible reports attacks occurring on liberty activists, all trying to attempt to lure them to open kiddy-porn. One such attempt was directed against the We Are Change Founder, Luke Rudkowski, another against Dan Johnson, Founder of PANDAA (People Against the NDAA). Sue Basko's tutorial on this is also posted on this e-mail I received from Oathkeepers.

They seem also to be trying to frame Oathkeepers for sending the child porn!

for more:
www.oathkeepers.org (first post in featured posts)

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IP address in U.S. Senate blocked by Wikipedia for changing Snowden "dissident" to "traitor"

"This IP address,, is registered to United States Senate and may be shared by multiple users of a government agency or facility. If the agency or facility uses proxy servers, this IP address may represent many users at many personal computers or devices."

"Edward Snowden: Difference between revisions"

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On the Issue of Natural Rights

Natural rights are nearly as poorly understood as gravity. Just as people naturally attempt to defend their property so does an apple naturally fall to the ground from a tree. However, if one asks a prominent physicist, “what causes gravity?” the answer will, at best, be nebulous and rife with speculation. Analogously, one can ask an esteemed philosopher of liberty about the origin of natural rights, and the answer will likely be just as imprecise. Luckily, natural rights do not require the proposition of gravitons to be understood and neither are particle colliders necessary.

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Clerk who helped inmate exonerate himself with DNA evidence fired

Thanks to new DNA evidence a Kansas City man was released from prison three decades after a wrongful rape conviction, though the 70-year-old clerk instrumental in his release was fired for insubordination.

Sharon Snyder, who was fired about nine months prior to her retirement after 34 years as a court employee, was let go by a Jackson County Circuit judge in Missouri for offering legal advice to 49-year-old Robert Nelson, convicted in 1984 to 50 years incarceration for a Kansas City rape the year prior.

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The Snowden Conversation

Today I was visiting a new College I recently got accepted to. I got hungry and decided to visit the food court.

I was waiting in line for some Thai Food & noticed 4 people talking about the NSA. These are all college kids who are religious.
(Liberty University)

I got my food and decided to sit at a table next to them. I was with a friend of mine and my cousin. I overheard the conversation and it sounded like three of them were teaming up on the kid who thought the NSA was bad news. All 4 of them were male. I jumped in the conversation and said,

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Lindsey Graham: The Poster Boy for Democracy Strikes Again

Lindsey Groham has reached a new low. Appearing drunk on CNN's Wolf Blitzer show, Groham made the statement that "a TON" of evidence proves that Edward Snowden's document leaks have caused the deaths of multiple Americans, and that Snowden has blood on his hands. When asked if he could provide any details, Groham responded with characteristic coolness and disdain, 'No.'

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Justin Amash upcoming guest on Fox News Sunday!

Russia granted the NSA leaker and U.S. fugitive temporary asylum Thursday, allowing Edward Snowden to leave a Moscow airport after six weeks in limbo. Meanwhile, the director of the NSA was out defending government surveillance programs. We’ll discuss the latest on the scandal with the former director of the NSA and CIA, General Michael Hayden and Rep Justin Amash- an NSA critic- only on Fox News Sunday.

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Judge Napolitano: We Should be 'Grateful' to Edward Snowden

"Should he ever return to the U.S., his case would absolutely end up in the Supreme Court."


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Thomas Massie - WSJ article: Freshmen GOP Lawmakers Revel in Maverick Power

ASHLAND, Ky.—U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie lives off the electrical grid in a solar-powered home on a 1,200-acre farm in the Appalachian foothills. The first-year congressman and engineering graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology built the house from lumber he logged and milled.

"I'm going to hang in here like a hair in a biscuit," said Mr. Massie, who has twice appeared on the TV show "Junkyard Wars," as one of the competitors who build machines from scrounged objects. "I'm digging in for the long haul. This place is worse than I thought."

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What Gets me about Cenk (Young Turks), and other liberals is...

What Gets me about Cenk (Young Turks), and other liberals is...

They know this fascist NSA spying on all of us by our government on the one hand, yet they want us to send still MORE money (taxes) to the government.

They know that Corporate Capture of the Regulators is everywhere and Corporatism is rife, yet they want us to send still MORE money (taxes) to the government.

They know that the government is fully militarized, that America is now an imperialist empire with bases in nearly every country on the planet, yet they want us to send still MORE money (taxes) to the government.

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I've decided to use my AR-15 to restore what the government has taken.

Many of you might be familiar with my friends who's cancer treatment was forcefully taken from them, along with their money during a raid by the FBI and FDA at a natural cancer clinic in Oklahoma. I posted about it here: http://www.dailypaul.com/283254/fbi-fda-raid-on-natural-canc...

My friends are struggling to find treatment options and Yvonne's cancer has worsened.

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The Young Turks on Piers interview with Greenwald


Glenn Greenwald Drops An Elbow On CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin

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