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Oprah Declines White House Invite to Help Sell Obamacare

Even Oprah isn’t on board with ObamaCare

Even Oprah isn’t on board with ObamaCare
As the White House was gearing up to sell ObamaCare to the American people last summer, Valerie Jarrett, the president’s pointwoman on a host of issues, phoned Oprah Winfrey.

She invited the Queen of All Media to join celebrities, including Amy Poehler, Jennifer Hudson and Alicia Keys, to meet with President Obama and discuss how they could generate publicity for his health-care law.

Oprah refused.

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Tom Woods' new endorsement: Dr Greg Brannon "will embarrass everybody in the US Senate" (video)

Tom Woods got to meet Dr. Greg Brannon over the weekend. This was his reaction:


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Holy Cow! Americans Sign Petition to Support “Nazi-Style Orwellian Police State” (VIDEO)

Holy Cow! Americans Sign Petition to Support “Nazi-Style Orwellian Police State” (VIDEO)

To keep everybody safe

Published on Oct 21, 2013

Political prankster Mark Dice asks San Diego beach-goers if they'll sign a petition supporting "the Police State" which includes "Orwellian" and "Nazi-Style" tactics to "keep Americans safe" in this "Brave New World."


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: Mass Shooting in Nevada Middle School - Multiple Down #GunFreeZone

10/21/13 - Mass Shooting in Nevada Middle School - Multiple Down ------ A shooting took place at the Sparks Middle School in Sparks, Nev., according to reports on Monday. KRNV-TV reported at around 7:45 a.m. that the shooting took place. Police officials told the station that the suspect has been "neutralized."
School officials called on parents to go to the Agnes Risley school to pick up their children. It is unclear if there were any injuries.


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Representative Justin Amash Announces Plans to Introduce Bill to Curtail NSA Spying - Again

"This is something Rep. Amash has tried before; last time, his bill to prevent the NSA from stealing everyone’s phone record metadata only failed by a measly 12-vote margin. Maybe this time, with all the new revelations that have happened in the months since, Amash and the others will finally be able to get that last dozen votes to actually effect some sort of change."

Continue reading:


Contact ALL of your reps and demand that they support Justin Amash!

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Drudge-*UPDATE* Pregnant Woman Almost Faints As Obama Drones ON Obamacare (Collapse of Obamacare imminent?)

Drudge has a link to three (now four) different articles relating to the fiasco (both fiscally and fundamentally) that is Obama Care.

UPDATE: A pregnant woman who has type I Diabetes almost fainted at Obama's speech as he spoke about Obamacare. (yes, an intentional ambiguity.) Real Clear Politics will clear it up for you, if you check this link:


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400+ Year Old Tree that witnessed the birth of The United States in trouble

A 400+ Year Old Live Oak (the Angel Oak) located in South Carolina is in trouble by possible development.

The LIve Oak has seen the Civil War, the Birth of the United States and every Elected President of the USA.

A coalition from around the country is trying to gather enough money to protect the tree.

More info below



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Now, I've Officially seen It All: Chris Nevitt, a Denver Democrat, wants to ban Smell & JAIL You for It! Yes, SMELL!

As if anyone here needed any further proof that govt's full of sociopathic lunatics and control-freak busybodies, here's just one more proof, that especially Dems, are bigger authoritarians than any GOP could ever be:

New Law Could Make The SMELL Of LEGAL Marijuana Smoke Punishable By Up To A YEAR In Jail

Published on Oct 20, 2013
October 19, 2013 MSNBC News

Get this psychotic monkey moron out of his cushy govt job, NOW!!!

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Alan Grayson Is Getting Confronted by John Stossel Re: Obama Care


Myths, Lies, and Complete Stupidity (Sunday at 9PM ET on FNC)

What you think you know... is often wrong. Sunday I look at seven MYTHS... LIES... AND COMPLETE STUPIDITIES:

• FOOD... MYTH: Government should help people make healthy choices for themselves. TRUTH: The nanny state reduces your freedom while accomplishing little.

• MAIL... MYTH: The post office should deliver the mail. TRUTH: The private sector does it better.

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'The Flower'

Thanks to the Humble Libertarian for posting this powerful short film:


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WHOA! Piers Morgan: "The Second Amendment was clumsily written, it’s time for a debate to rephrase it"

WHOA! Piers Morgan: "The Second Amendment was clumsily written, it’s time for a debate to rephrase it"

By Melissa Quinn | October 18, 2013

CNN host Piers Morgan is well known for his outspoken anti-gun stance and is hardly a supporter of the Second Amendment. But Morgan took a shot at the Founding Fathers on Friday, saying the Second Amendment was “clumsily written” and calling for a debate to rephrase it.

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Stop Watching Us: Rally Against Mass Surveillance - October 26 in Washington D.C.

Right now the NSA is spying on everyone's personal communications, and they’re operating without any meaningful oversight. Since the Snowden leaks started, more than 571,000 people from all walks of life have signed the StopWatching.us petition telling the U.S. Congress that we want them to rein in the NSA.

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