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Third Place Winner ($5000) from Alex Jones Film Festival Announced

Finalists for the $115,000 Film Festival sponsored by Alex Jones' Inforwars are being announced. The finalists are all worth checking out and can be viewed here .

Third place winner is a Political Earth, an animated comedy is rich with metaphors that really capture the absurdity of the global takeover by power-hungry kleptomaniacs (11 minutes)


Grand Prize Winner – $100,000 cash

Second Place – $10,000 cash

Third Place – $5,000 cash

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NH Police Claim Free State Project Is An Active Terror Threat

Police in Concord, New Hampshire have applied for a grant to acquire a $258,000 armored vehicle from the DHS to combat domestic terrorism.

According to their application, they cited "active threats" from domestic "terror" groups like Free State Project and Occupy New Hampshire as the primary reason for requiring this military equipment...


What a joke...in a state whose motto is "Live Free or Die!"

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"Mandatory Euthanasia" for Senior Citizens Under Obama Care! (Mark Dice)

Love the Diceman!!!


Published on Jul 29, 2013
"Mandatory Euthanasia" for Senior Citizens to Be Part of Obama Care? Media analyst and author Mark Dice asks random people if they'll sign a petition to support the "mandatory" euthanasia provision in Obama Care to help keep healthcare costs down by putting senior citizens to sleep. Shot in San Diego, California. Subscribe to http://www.YouTube.com/MarkDice

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WI Capitol Protestors Sing Songs of Freedom as Police Threaten Observing Tourists With Arrest (7-26-13 Video)

Friday, July 26, 2013:

"...Groups of officers would march into the rotunda and seemingly randomly select 3-5 people and cuff them and bring them downstairs. They did this every 8-12 minutes.


But above the singers were dozens of people watching, bearing witness to the gross police and political misconduct, just checking what was going on, touring the capitol with their family, along with a contingent of Republican staffers getting off watching the real life police porn.

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FBI Perjures itself in response to Rand Paul?

Story from Washington Examiner (alternative title: FBI to Rand Paul: Domestic drone surveillance doesn’t require a warrant)).

The FBI responded to Rand Paul's request for information about the use of drones in the United States. The response is that they used drones exactly 10 times.

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The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis

Chronicler of Narnia and theologian C.S. Lewis presents a series of letters written by an elder demon to a rookie devil attempting to tempt the soul of a young man in London at the start of WWII.

Free Look Inside! on amazon:


Audiobook narrated by John Cleese:


free audiobook downloads here:
(thank you dabooda)

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Kirby Wilbur just quit!

Kirby Wilbur is stepping down as head of the Washington State Republican Party to accept a five-year position with the Young America’s Foundation in Washington, D.C., according to a statement released from state party headquarters in Bellevue, Wash.

The party’s release indicated Wilbur’s resignation is effective today.

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I want out: Business Ideas Welcome

Well friends, I've got the itch but no juice. All desire but no purpose. So I've turned to you, the smartest and most creative collective of individuals ever somewhat assembled on the Internet.

I need ideas for a business that will start generating almost instant cash. It needs to be up and running for a minimal capital investment and launched in the next few months. And the cash has to cover costs and pay me a livable wage. I don't want debt.

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Ron Paul: House leadership voted for ‘police state’

Former Rep. Ron Paul says that even had an amendment to defund some of the surveillance programs of the National Security Agency (NSA) had passed last week in the U.S. House of Representatives, it would have been a “significant symbolic victory,” but possibly little more than that.

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Video Truthseeker: America's Next Colonies, RT Really Hits The Nail On the Head

RT really shines the spotlight on American covert operations to overthrow and control other nations in this report.



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'Restore The Fourth' Activists Storm Congressman's Office Until He Answers for His Pro-NSA Vote

"Six activists from the anti-surveillance group Restore the Fourth are camping out at the office of a New York Congressman in protest of the vote which allowed the National Security Agency to continue collecting Americans' phone records without a warrant.

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The Clinton Chronicles Documentary.. U Need to Watch!

Why does the media cover-up all of President/Governor Clinton's crimes?


Most people think that the biggest felony made by Bill Clinton might be that he swore falsely under oath in the Lewinsky affair. But this is peanuts compared to the real crimes, yet undetected by most American people.


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The real reason the neocons fear Snowden:

The real reason the neocons fear Snowden:

BS (before Snowden); if there is a terrorist attack, the neocons freak out and say they need more power to spy.

AS (after Snowden); the people freak out and wonder why all the NSA spying did not locate the terrorists.

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