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Floridians Move To Recall Marco Rubio

Well it looks like the people of Florida have had their fill of Senator Marco Rubio. A petition has been set up to recall the Florida Senator following his vote on Monday concerning the Senate’s amnesty bill.

Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/06/floridians-move-to-recall-...

I wish there could be a recall on senator Donnelly of Indiana. He's stooge for the left.

Don't know how far these recall petitions will go, but it's a start to show them they suck.

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Who are those people always shouting USA! USA! USA?

The information I am presenting here is taken from a heavily redacted 2002 version of the Secret Service's Presidential Advance Manual acquired through a FOIA request.

The presidential advance manual describes the steps that are required to be taken by the presidential advance team in conjunction with the secret service to prepare a site prior to a presidential visit.

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Schools drop cursive writing, students ability to read historical documents is in jeopardy!


Uh Oh. The atrocious ramifications of this seemingly miniscule decision are as vast as they are damaging. In the Trayvon Martin case, the prosecutions star witness declined to read a letter when asked to by the defedents lawyer. She lowered her head and quietly replied "Those are my words, but I can't read cursive." I thought she was just being a smart azz, but astonishingly she was being 100% candid.

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WHOA!: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Is A Member Of The Bush-Walker Banking Family

WHOA!: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Is A Member Of The Bush-Walker Banking Family

How the media created Scott Walker

Friday, May 4, 2012

Scott Walker, like George Herbert Walker and George Walker Bush, is a descendant of George Herbert Walker, a wealthy banker originally from St. Louis.

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Can California become a Ron Paul Republican state?

Ever since the 1980's, after immigration reform was signed by Reagan, the GOP have written off California as a loss. Now, the GOP almost never spend any money in California, basically giving it up to Liberal Democrats. This is, in my humble opinion, is where the GOP are wrong, and maybe don't care that they are. Why do I say that? Because I believe that California is a libertarian state, and the GOP would rather see it go to the Democrats, whom they have more in common with, than to a libertarian candidate or a Ron Paul Republican.

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Syria: Thousands Flee After “Opposition” Rebels Execute Priest, Loot, Burn Monastary In Northern Syria

Syrian Report – “On Sunday, June 23, Syrian Catholic priest François Murad was murdered in the locality of Gassanieh, northern Syria, according to a statement from the Custody of the Holy Land sent to the Fides Agency.

Murad (49), having led a religious life and studied in Palestine, was ordained a priest and set about building a monastery in Gassanieh, Idlib.

Murad was targeted by armed militants, while he was residing at the monastery, which was dedicated to Saint Simon Stylite.

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Wow. Just finished reading 'The Creature from Jekyll Island' for the first time!

What a book! If you haven't read it, I suggest it is essential reading for anyone who is a member of this website. It is a massive lesson in the history of our own economic enslavement, the 'Creature' of the title being the Federal Reserve bank itself. For instance:

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Palin Floats Idea of Leaving GOP


"Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the 2008 Republican nominee for vice president responded to a Fox News Channel viewer’s Twitter question Saturday about the possibility of her and conservative talker Mark Levin abandoning the Republican Party and creating something called the “Freedom Party.”

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What I've Done and I'm Doing for Liberty

July 1st will be my 6 year anniversary for Daily Paul. For those 6 years and a few prior to coming here, I thought I would recap what I personally have done in the name of Liberty so that maybe others can garner ideas to make their own mark in this constant battle with those who wish to take away our Freedom's.

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The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History by Tom Woods

Tom Woods first book in the series. Love the reviews from the haters.

The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History by Tom Woods

Publication Date: 2004

Best Price: 1 cent plus 3.99 shipping

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Homeland Security WATCHDOG Accused Of Whitewashing Report

Homeland Security WATCHDOG Accused Of Whitewashing Report

Brendon Bordelon
8:21 PM 06/28/2013

The man in charge of policing waste, fraud and abuse at the federal government’s third-largest department has been accused of suppressing a politically sensitive report, violating anti-nepotism laws and misusing agency resources, according to a letter from the Senate Committee on Homeland Security.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/06/28/homeland-security-watchdog...

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Washington Is Driving The World To A Final War by Paul Craig Roberts

Washington Is Driving The World To A Final War by Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts
June 29, 2013

“V For Vendetta,” a film that portrays evil in a futuristic England as a proxy for the evil that exists today in America, ends with the defeat of evil. But this is a movie in which the hero has super powers. If you have not seen this film, you should watch it. It might wake you up and give you courage. The excerpts below show that, at least among some filmmakers, the desire for liberty still exists.

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Glenn Greenwald Details 'Menacing' Reach Of NSA's Invasion Of Google, Facebook, Apple Servers

It appears Lawrence O'Donnell feels rightly shamed by his previous interview with Greenwald, during which he revealed himself to be an apologist for the Obama administration.


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The Government is the Terrorist

One day, the People will realize that the government is the true terrorist. The government uses terror to secure their power - not their power to secure liberty. I wish a popular television personality would produce something like this scene from V for Vendetta:

Obama, Clapper, etc. could be shown hunting terrorists only to find themselves.

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