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Dad Posts Meddling Note Sent Home by Teacher over Packed Lunch

An fed-up Missouri father posted a photo of the letter he received from his daughter's substitute teacher who criticized the girl's lunch.

One problem: the teacher didn't see her whole lunch.

Dr. Justin Puckett was asked to sign a note sent home with his daughter Alia after the teacher saw her eating marshmallows and chocolate at lunch earlier this week.

He refused to do so, and posted it online instead, saying that it was just the latest in what he sees as a growing trend of overreaching by authorities.

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Police In North Dakota Are Concerned Pot May Become Legal

It’s marijuana Friday here at Lions of Liberty! In today’s edition of The Morning Roar, I talked about the recent proposal in Ohio that could lead to legalization of weed this year. And in Felony Friday we’ll examine a recent story out of North Dakota, which reported that the police are terrified at the prospect of marijuana becoming legal in the state.

It’s not difficult to understand why the police would be against marijuana decriminalization or legalization. Ending prohibition would result in a huge loss of revenue. Hey, at least they’re being honest!

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Jon Stewart: 1,700 Jets fly world's elite to Davos, Switzerland to discuss Climate Change

If Climate Change is caused by man made CO2 emissions, why can't they use Go-to-Meeting? Why take 1,700 private jets? Why does Obama have to go to India with an aircraft carrier fleet, 2 private jets, and a fleet of cars and boats?

Why does anyone even believe this Climate Change crap anymore? It's clear it's another manufactured boogey man to keep us giving up our money while the elite get richer.


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NH Poll: Romney, Bush, Walker, Christie

Romney - 29%
Bush - 11%
Christie - 8%
Walker - 8%
Carson - 7%
Paul - 7%

CONCORD - Mitt Romney's the front runner in a new survey in the race for New Hampshire's 2016 Republican presidential primary, with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush a distant second.

But the biggest surprise in an NH1 Pulse Poll released Thursday is that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is basically deadlocked with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, just behind Bush.

According to the automated poll, 29% of those questioned said if the Feb. 2016 primary were held now, they'd back Romney, the former Massachusetts governor who's very well known in the Granite State.

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Animal Farm - George Orwell (Full Length Animated Movie 1954)

Animal Farm - George Orwell (Full Length Animated Movie 1954)


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Daily Paul! Ask me anything and get it answered on the Lions of Liberty Podcast!

To my DP Family:

As many of you know I host and produce the Lions of Liberty Podcast and run the website Lions of Liberty with several like-minded friends. I've received so much great encouragement from people on the Daily Paul and I want to give you all a chance to contribute.

Ask me anything here - about liberty, politics, or just something you're curious about. I will compile questions and answer them on air for a future edition of the show.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Ex Cop Raeford Davis Speaks Out Against the Drug War on the Lions of Liberty Podcast

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, host Marc Clair welcomes in Raeford Davis, a former police officer who is a libertarian and a vocal opponent of the War on Drugs. Mr. Davis explains what drove him to first pursue a career in law enforcement, and how his experiences serving on the police force in North Charleston, South Carolina – one of the most violent cities in the country – began to make him rethink the role of law enforcement. Raeford and Marc discuss how victimless crime laws foster violence, and what Raeford would say to those who advocate for violence against police officers. Stay tuned for Marc’s thoughts on this insightful interview in the wrap-up rant.

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This powerful Reddit thread reveals how the poor get by in America

The poor pay more for everything, from rolls of toilet paper to furniture. It's not because they're spendthrifts, either. If you're denied a checking account, there's no way for you to avoid paying a fee to cash a paycheck. If you need to buy a car to get to work, you'll have to accept whatever higher interest rate you're offered. If you don't have a car, the bus fare might eat up the change you'd save shopping at a larger grocery store as opposed to the local corner store.

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Man Who Predicted Collapse Of Euro Against Swiss Franc Makes Second Terrifying Prediction

This is what all central banks have done — they’ve trapped themselves in a corner. They have zero or negative interest rates, they are printing more money, and they are buying more assets that they can’t sell and that are worth a lot less than they are paying for them. So every single central bank in the world is bankrupt because they will never, ever get the price for their assets that they paid for them. This is why the financial system will not survive, Eric, and a total global collapse is now in front of us.”

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My good friend had a baby on Tuesday

On Wednesday, the baby was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, which occurs in about 5 per million births. We are all shocked and saddened by this, but the outpouring of love and support has been amazing so far.

Please send your prayers, love, tips, recommendations, or whatever else you can.


I love you guys.


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Dutchsinse Gets FOIA Info On HAARP - this could get interesting!


He will be doing detailed videos on each packet later, but he goes through the titles of the documents.

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Fighting for freedom in 52 Square feet.

My wife and I and our two children are living in our 28 ft camper. We want to pay off all our debt, save up enough to buy land and build a house with no debt. It has been an eye opening experience building our entire life, infrastructure and all, from basically nothing.


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Thank you Ron Paul. Thank you Daily Paul. Thank you Mr. Nystrom.

I remember when I first discovered Ron Paul. I was a conservative on the religious right, studying to become a pastor, and blissfully unaware of the real going ons of the world. I was watching a presidential debate sponsored by AFA (American family association) in the fall of 2007. The turn out to the debate was abysmal, with only candidates not afraid to voice their faith present. Huckabe was there, that other catholic neocon, some other no name guy and Ron Paul. I listened carefully and took notes, and then something happened, I had a religious experience via Ron Pauls words.

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