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Republican Rand Paul announces 2016 presidential run on website

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Republican Rand Paul on Tuesday officially announced on his website that he will run for U.S. president in 2016, hours before an event in his home state of Kentucky where he is expected to formally launch the campaign.

"I am running for president to return our country to the principles of liberty and limited government," he said in a posting at

read more:

Live stream of 11:30 announcement here:

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Homesteading Project Blitz!

Since the time is nigh I'm showcasing all the DIY projects Ive been inspired to take on since becoming a member.

I want to add as a special note i came to the daily paul as an Iraq vet haunted by many many things.... And this place helped me make sense of everything Ive been through and while i was a lurker for many years, I would read the comments from everyone and get ideas for projects that helped keep me busy while i put my life in liberty back together. So here are a few of them that i actually finished and took pictures of.

First Up Barrelponics!

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Jesse Benton will not be part of Rand Paul campaign team, will head up super PAC instead

Rand Paul Taps Jesse Benton to Run His Super PAC
The longtime family strategist will head up America's Liberty PAC, a Paul-sanctioned outside group.

April 6, 2015

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky—Rand Paul's presidential campaign is prepared for launch—and so is his super PAC.

Roughly two weeks ago, the Kentucky senator and his top operatives began the process of severing ties with longtime Paul strategist Jesse Benton, who will helm the independent unlimited-money group established to boost Paul's candidacy and, more than likely, tear down his presidential rivals.

Benton's role with the super PAC will be general consultant, according to a person familiar with the arrangement. He will be charged with both crafting strategy and helping to reach the goal of banking between $20 million and $30 million to support Paul.

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So Much To Say and Not Enough Words To Say It: My Farewell to the Daily Paul

Where Do I Begin?
I'm so glad and so sad.
So rot and so Distraught.
I knew not what I got til I fought the world of the evil it brought.
A sea of patriots abound
Still don't know what they have found.
A wise old man tired and torn
with a striving son that every libertarian seems to scorn.
Liberty is in trouble and you fuckers don't even care.
Holding on to your self moral preservation as if it were something you wouldn't dare
question your own self worth in the land cheapskates...

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We made it! The IntBtcDay Thunderclap ignites today at 10am!

Thank you to everyone who signed up to make the IntBtcDay Thunderclap happen! We currently have 103 supporters (needed 100) and are at a social reach of 294,793.

Of course there is still time to get in on this (it would be nice to beat 300K!) and push this project. I think you can join up until 10 am EST tomorrow.

Thanks again to everyone...and a big thank you to Michael Nystrom who really helped this promotional event happen.


I hope you'll check out the changes at the site:

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Lindsey Graham tried to jump on the 'libertarian' bandwagon-but Amash was having none of it:

Even Lindsey Graham, one of the most hawkish members in Congress, wants to get on the “libertarianish” bandwagon.
Graham told The Gazette that he agrees with a lot of libertarian ideas: “Libertarians want smaller government. Count me in. Libertarians want oversight of government programs and making sure that your freedoms are not easily compromised. Count me in. Ted Cruz wants to fight Obamacare. Count me in.”
“Our view of limited government and free enterprise is pretty commonly shared,” he said. “What we wind up doing is having tactical differences.”

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Goodbye Daily Paul and Michael Nystrom

7 years 2 months 19 days. 21% of my life. It has been one crazy ride. It's hard to explain how much this site and community shaped me as an individual over the last decade but I do know that I would not be the same without it.

Thank you Michael, I have the original I Support Ron Paul poster still hanging on my office wall it's #265 out of 500 and I was lucky enough to have it signed by Ron Paul in San Diego, back then I don't know if there was 100 people there. It is a constant reminder for me about what is possible.

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How Unknownuser Got Here

Thought I'd jump in and share my story too. Mines not a long and exciting story. It's not dramatic. Kind of boring actually.

Basically my husband, son, and I bought a lake resort way up north to get away from the hustle. Turns out I am a city girl after all. I got really bored during the slow months of the resort business and started an addiction to googling stuff. Saw a picture of a blimp one day that said "Google Ron Paul". So I did...

The rest is history.

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Nystrom makes The Washington Post

Nice interview Michael
Will Rand Paul inherit the energy of Ron Paul’s campaigns?
By Philip Bump April 6 at 2:06 PM
Last week, Michael Nystrom wrote a post at, a site he founded, that indicates its end is near. The site was for years a focal point of conversation and energy orbiting the stated and implied political philosophy of Ron Paul. Its animated logo unveils the site's mantra: P (eace) - AU (gold) - L (love).

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Are We Gonna Have a Countdown Party?

How about a little countdown party, like the dropping of the ball on New Year's Eve, except to countdown the shutting down of the Daily Paul?

I am not sure if Michael has chosen an exact time, but it would be interesting and somewhat symbolic if it happened right as Rand Paul starts his press conference tomorrow.

And let me just take this opportunity to express my gratitude for each and every one of you. Thank you all :)

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Artists Secretly Install Statue of Edward Snowden in Brooklyn Park

Story here:

Update: Video, courtesy of someone who was at the park when the gub'mint showed up, serves as a perfect microcosm of things, I would say:

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What Do Taxes Smell Like? (Awesome short libertarian cartoon:)

Like this and want to see more?

Your help is needed!!support-the-film/c1met

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Why John Oliver Can't Find Americans Who Know Edward Snowden's Name

Glenn Greenwald reacts to the John Oliver segment with Edward Snowden from last night:

On his HBO program last night, John Oliver devoted 30 minutes to a discussion of U.S. surveillance programs, advocating a much more substantive debate as the June 1 deadline for renewing the Patriot Act approaches (the full segment can be seen here). As part of that segment, Oliver broadcast an interview he conducted with Edward Snowden in Moscow, and to illustrate the point that an insufficient surveillance debate has been conducted, showed video of numerous people in Times Square saying they had no idea who Snowden is (or giving inaccurate answers about him). Oliver assured Snowden off-camera that they did not cherry-pick those “on the street” interviews but showed a representative sample.

Oliver’s overall discussion is good (and, naturally, quite funny), but the specific point he wants to make here is misguided. Contrary to what Oliver says, it’s actually not surprising at all that a large number of Americans are unaware of who Snowden is, nor does it say much at all about the surveillance debate. That’s because a large number of Americans, by choice, are remarkably unaware of virtually all political matters. The befuddled reactions of the Times Square interviewees when asked about Snowden illustrate little about the specific surveillance issue but a great deal about the full-scale political disengagement of a substantial chunk of the American population.

The data on American political apathy is rather consistent, and stunning. Begin with the fact that even in presidential election years, 40% to 50% of the voting age public simply chooses not participate in the voting process at all, while 2/3 chooses not to vote in mid-term elections.

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Governments hate it when you use cash

"Governments hate it when you use cash, as its harder for them to track and control. They have now accelerated the international War on Cash and make you prove you are not a terrorist."

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