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What is a Trompe? A replacement for oil companies? Don't wait for a week-end to watch (video)

Bill Mollison, creator of Permaculture, explains compressed air systems used all over the world before oil companies tried to patent the system (and failed). Literature on the systems disappeared from the world's libraries about the same time. What if your car produced clean cold air?

Edit: Found a super condensed version:


Full lecture:


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Bizarre Federal Ultimatum Could Land Innocent Woman Behind Bars (Pontiac Tribune)

Doreen Hendrickson is not your typical political prisoner. A local resident of Commerce Township (MI), The Pontiac Tribune is one of the only media outlets covering her story.

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Buy 1, Get 760 Free!

After combing through 14 Million corporate records, that's the calculated ROI on U.S. Crony Capitalism (Gov't/Corporate Fascism).
The Best "Democracy" Money Can Buy: For Every Dollar Spent Influencing US Politics, Corporations Get $760 Back Here

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Love is the perfect crime

If you love too much, never enough
there'll be no jury fastening the cuffs
You'll make a strong case in your own defense,
trial will rest on your conviction that you did your best.


Love is the perfect crime. You'll never be convicted.

When love becomes twisted, who'll take the blame?
It's all in an afternoon in the heat of your shame.
You'll ask forgiveness, it was insane,
this too shall pass away but it won't clear your name.

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It's all we get anymore, on all channels.


Tittytainment is a term describing the propaganda designed to protect the capitalist and neo-liberal principles that govern globalization.

It is a form of censorship, propaganda and disinformation with the fundamental objective of minimizing, in the eyes of democratic countries populations, the toxic effects that the current globalization is starting to create on a big part of the world population, according to anti-globalization groups.

Etymology and explications

The word "tittytainment" was coined for the first time in 1995 by the neo-liberal ideologue Zbigniew Brzezinski, member of the Trilateral Commission and ex-national security adviser of United States President Jimmy Carter, during the conclusion of the first "State of the World Forum", which was hosted at the Fairmont Hotel in the city of San Francisco.

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WAPO: Sen. Rand Paul calls for Americans to boycott Saudi Arabia

WAPO: Sen. Rand Paul calls for Americans to boycott Saudi Arabia

By Katie Zezima March 21 at 4:38 PM
This post has been updated.

HAMPSTEAD, N.H. — Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) called for a boycott of Saudi Arabia on Saturday, saying Americans should shun the kingdom as it did the apartheid regime in South Africa.

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I've Got 20 Acres! Now What Should I Do With It? *Update*

 photo IMG_20140912_163742_zps2wtg2sxv.jpg

The wife and I Acquired 20 acres of former ranch land waaaay out in the middle of no where of eastern Washington last year, And We are gearing up for our first trip to it to start some projects!

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We Must Prevent WW3!

Friends in Peace!

The ability of the evil machine to create new wars.... the peace makers docile or in prison (Chelsea Manning)...

I call an URGENT CALL*))

We Must Prevent WW3!!

Stop the war stop the killing shut down the military industrial complex!

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Just Witnessed a Marijuana Arrest at SouthBySouthWest

Visiting Texas for the first time. While walking down a side street from the main drag, I just saw a guy get rolled, for smoking out of one of those ceramic cigarette looking one-hitters. It was a hipster bearded dude, maybe early 20's.

I guess I've just brushed the idea aside, knowing Texas has harsh penalties. But seeing it first hand really just hit me hard. Gave me a horrific tyrannical feeling in the deepest pit of my stomach. Might have been because he reminded me of myself.

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Voting for the president is just a show, nothing more.

The entire presidential election is a giant race. People Love racing. Look how popular NASCAR is. Horse racing. The chariot races were the most popular event. People love racing. The status QUO knows people want bread and circuses. So one of the forms they give it to them in is the presidential elections. Who’s ahead, who’s behind. Can they get the women vote? How about the Hispanics? Where do they stand with single moms? How about on the military? What are the latest polls? How are they doing in the “swing states”? And on and on. Do you see? It is just an elaborate form of entertainment.

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Florida trooper in unmarked car hits motorcycle and tries to flee


This Florida State Trooper in an unmarked Monte Carlo, attempts to pull over a motorcycle with a questionable technique. The resulting traffic stop includes the police car pinning the bike against the shoulder barrier, after which the officer tries to evade the citizen filming the encounter.

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Uber Facing Trouble from Governments Around the Globe

The ultra-popular ride-sharing service Uber has been expanding its global presence, with 55 countries to date providing riders with cheap, effective and safe travel options that skirt the traditional pay-for-travel models popular with unions, government stooges, and lobbyists for the taxi and limos companies alike.

While Uber has had well publicized problems stemming from these forces of opposition here in the U.S., other nations have started cracking down on the ride sharing company as well.

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Does human inability to learn from Ponzi mean humans are at the end of their road?

This is a serious question. At what point do we conclude that humans are failed experiment? How many times do "we" -- humans, as a species -- deserve another chance when we not only don't seem to learn but seem actually determined to NEVER learn? How many times do we, as humans, need to be swindled with, effectively, the same con by, effectively, the same people before it can be concluded we DESERVE what we get, instead of acting self-righteous, blaming others, or praying to God (and "Mr President") for deliverance from what we have deservedly coming to us?

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German Politician Speaks Truth to Merkel

German politician rips Merkel a new one for being an enslaved farm animal to US directives.
(Make sure CC is turned on for English subtitles)


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