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Putin warns West not to blackmail Russia

Belgrade (AFP) - President Vladimir Putin accused his US counterpart Barack Obama of a hostile approach towards Russia, warning in a Cold War-style tirade that Moscow would not be blackmailed by the West over Ukraine.

Putin fired off his combative comments shortly before he arrived amid tight security to a red carpet welcome in Belgrade, seeking to cement Russia's influence in its loyal European ally.

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Documentary: The Secrets of the Vatican

In Secrets of the Vatican, we talk about inside story of the collapse of the Benedict papacy and illuminates the extraordinary challenges facing Pope Francis. It shows the powerful Vatican bureaucracy and corruption.

Link: http://video.pbs.org/video/2365187642/

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South Park is on Point this Season

South Park continues to be the only show on television worth watching, and they have been hitting a ton of great issues this season which I think will really resonate with everyone here. So far they have covered crowd funding, gluten free diets, transgender bathroom issues, and ride sharing. The ride sharing service one (Handicar) should really make all of us laugh. So have some fun:


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The Crist / Scott Debate Hits the Fan: Florida's Dysfunctional Governor's Race Run Without Fans For Either Candidate, Next

Charlie Crist insisted on having a fan at his feet for the debate, Rick Scott protested the imbalance by refusing to go on stage for a brief time. Crist's staffer runs to Target, breaks some laws in the process, and the rest is history.

Read about the law-breaking and other fun details here:



For Charlie's Fangate Response:

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What?! "Plainclothes Man at Ebola Scene Perplexes Viewers"

From http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/health/Plain-Clothes-Man-Perplexe...

"As coverage of the transport of the Dallas second health care worker diagnosed with Ebola aired live on NBC 5, viewers questioned a sight at Love Field Wednesday: A man in plain clothes standing among those in hazmat suits."

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Peacekeeper: An alternative to calling the police

"As difficult as it may be to acknowledge, the unfortunate truth is that we are in a place today where domestic police brutality has taken a dramatic toll on innocent lives."


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We're the Republican Party and We Just Wanna Go Kill Arabs - LOTS of Arabs - For a LONG Time...

Lest you feel my statement is radical and unfair...

Below I've named several rat republicans who very publically represent the party and who...

Fully supported the illegal U.S. invasion of Iraq and...
Supported Obama's illegal attack on Libya and...
Supported Obama's desire to attack Syria and...
Supported arming the Syrian "rebels" and...
Support U.S. drone bombing in several mideast countries and...
Support the current U.S. bombing of ISIS and...
Have been advocating for war against Iran for years and...

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Blocked from debate, Wyllie finds room...

Libertarian Adrian Wyllie got shut out from the governor's debate at Broward College on Wednesday, so he went to a Holiday Inn Express instead.

Wyllie planned to set up shop in a conference room, a production crew in tow, and answer the same questions posed to Republican Gov. Rick Scott and former-Republican-governor-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist. Wyllie planned to have his crew perform some technical wizardry and re-cut the debate to make it appear as if he were onstage. Then he planned to post it on the web.

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Positive Propaganda

I get tired of bad news so I'm trying to create some good news.
Thank you for being awake.
Thank you for your support.


@SpreadnLuv on Twitter

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Report Ebola to the CDC and Obama Will Send Your Town a Crack Team of Federal Screw-ups


I've seen a lot of alarming headlines, but this is the first that caused me to choke on a gasp.

And for a little visual of what this won't look like:

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Adrian Wyllie 2nd Gubernatorial Debate Florida

Adrian Wyllie Livestream 2nd Gubernatorial Debate Florida Oct 15 2014


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The Government Is Spying On Us Through Our Computers, Phones, Cars, Buses, Streetlights, At Airports And On The Street, Via

Mobile Scanners And Drones, Through Our Smart Meters, And In Many Other Ways:

Take a Peek at How Widespread Spying Has Become

Even now – after all of the revelations by Edward Snowden and other whistleblowers – spying apologists say that the reports are “exaggerated” or “overblown”, and that the government only spies on potential bad guys.

In reality, the government is spying on everyone’s digital and old-fashioned communications.

For example, the government is photographing the outside information on every piece of snail mail.

The government is spying on you through your phone … and may even remotely turn on your camera and microphone when your phone is off.

As one example, the NSA has inserted its code into Android’s operating system … bugging three-quarters of the world’s smartphones. Google – or the NSA – can remotely turn on your phone’s camera and recorder at any time.

Moreover, Google knows just about every WiFi password in the world … and so the NSA does as well, since it spies so widely on Google.

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Deconstructing the Ebola Agenda-by Zen Gardner

 photo Ebola-False-Flag-460x241-700x366.jpg

Deconstructing the Ebola Agenda-by ZenGardner

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Nashville Police refuse to play ball with Federal Government.

Ask to fake a search warrant so Secret Service could violate a mans rights. They even tried to play the he has a gun card! The Nashville PD said NO! He is a licenced gun owner you don't have a warrant,,, go fish.


Proud to live in Nashville. Contact info to follow we need to thank the Nashville PD.

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The Future of Google Glass?

Preface. I remember when cell phones first started becoming a bit more common. Most people would use them to make a quick phone call, or of course keep them on road trips in case of emergencies. That was when I was much younger. When I started college still not everyone had them, but their use was becoming much more common and diversified as far as what people would use them for. Fast forward a few yrs from that; everyone my age has a cell phone, (except for me, I didn't get one until 2008 ish, maybe around there) and texting was becoming popular as well as phones having games or fun ringtones and even early versions of camera phones. Go forward a few more years, people are hooked on their phones, phones can do everything you could possibly want, people become mad/frustrated/helpless/anxious when their phones are lost or are not working right. People are addicted to their phones. My current phone is from maybe 2010 ish, I don't remember exactly, but it is not internet friendly, can't receive picture texts, does not have a keyboard and sometimes I turn it off for days at a time. However, I am in the minority of people my age who operate like that with phones.

I could lose my phone tomorrow and my life would go on just fine. But not the growing majority of people. People won't leave their homes without their phones, or they will go back to their homes to get their phones if they realize the phones have been left behind. There are charging stations in airports, bus stops, I've even seen them in malls. People can't fathom the idea of living or a few hours a day without their phones on and charged. And not so long ago cell phones were mostly just kept in car glove compartments for emergencies.

This story about the guy with google glass problem is interesting to me because while it seems far fetched, I could see this going down the similar path that cell phones took eventually, where most people where google glass the majority of the day and become anxious when they are cut off from it. All new technology is expensive and foreign at first, but eventually google glass will become the norm, maybe in a casual way like cell phones at first, but I do see a further off future where more problems like this arise.

As for me...I can't even go get a new phone because the kind I want/like is so old they don't make them any more and even some of the less fancy models are way too full of bells and whistles for me.

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