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As Tensions Mount in Ukraine, So Do Russia's Gold Reserves

Russia adds another 500,000 oz. of gold to its reserves in June after adding 300,000 ounces in May.

Russia is at the center of an accelerating "de-dollarization" campaign as part of the BRICS alliance.

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Why We Need an Underground Google

Summary: Search giants are forced by the government to censor and manipulate search results.

Why we need an underground Google
Governments are forcing search engines to show wrong results. It's time for search engines to go rogue so they can be right.

by By Mike Elgan, ComputerWorld


Many parts of the Internet are hard to index, or are blocked from being indexed by their owners.

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Libertarians’ Image Problem (Being an asshole is actually ineffective.)

18 July 2014 · by Jon L. Persson
Mises Christ!

The so-called marketplace of ideas might be the only market that has been left relatively untouched by governments around the world. This rings especially true in the West. People can freely exchange thoughts and ideas with each other without the State interfering. Granted, of course, some ideas are directly and indirectly subsidized by the government, but on the whole, people are free to “buy” and “sell” ideas as they please. In this sense, ideas are much like any other type of product. And much like any other type of product, ideas, no matter how good, need to be marketed. They need to be packaged neatly, in a way that appeals to as many as possible.

This, somewhat ironically, seems to be completely lost on most libertarians. I say “ironically,” because one would expect free-marketeers to understand how markets work in practice. By expressing sentiments such as the desire to “just be left alone, man,” and that accepting welfare makes you subhuman, libertarians have created an image of being selfish, greedy, and hating the poor. However valid your arguments may be, if everyone thinks you are an asshole, no one will listen. If libertarianism is to enter the mainstream anytime soon, it is imperative that its image is not stained by tactless don’t-tread-on-me rhetoric.

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Concerns about 'DuckDuckGo' - can the NSA monitor searches?

DuckDuckGo does not store cookies, IP information, data, or track users. They claim that if the NSA requested user information, they would have none to give over.

HOWEVER - what stops the NSA from intercepting the searches in the first place? The servers are located in the USA which means they could compel 'backdoor' integration.

Does anyone have any thoughts/information on this? It would seem the safest place to host servers would be somewhere like Iceland/Switzerland, and yet they choose to host them in a KNOWN monitoring country like USA?


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Fox News and CNN may not have manipulated their online polls about Ron Paul after all.

Remember during the election when online polls about the debate performances seemed rigged against Ron Paul?

Thanks to Snowden and Greenwald, we now know they probably were, but perhaps not by the corporate media mouthpieces that hosted them.

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Ron Paul: Don't Blame Putin For Malaysian Jet Shoot Down

Friday, 18 Jul 2014 02:44 PM
By Courtney Coren

Many are pointing fingers at Russian President Vladimir Putin for giving weapons to the pro-Russian Ukrainian rebels that are being linked to the shootdown of the Malaysia Airlines jet that crashed in Ukraine, but former Rep. Ron Paul says that Putin shouldn't be blamed.

"Putin is a little bit smarter than that," Paul told John Bachman on "America's Forum" on Newsmax TV on Friday. "I don't think he would ever come close to participating in an act like this."

Read More: http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/Ron-Paul-Putin-Malaysian-fl...

RT: http://rt.com/usa/174008-ron-paul-malaysia-ukraine-crash/

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10 Reasons America Is A Police State

"What do you think of when you hear the term 'police state?' Chances are you conjured up an image of jack-booted Nazis storming down the streets terrorizing people with German Shepherds; or maybe you thought of Soviet Russia? North Korea? Of Orwell's Oceania?

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NBC Caves to Pressure: Ayman Mohyeldin back to Gaza

The power of twitter:

NBC News statement: Ayman Mohyeldin back to Gaza over the weekend
Statement from an NBC News spokesperson:

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You Can Now Send Messages Even When You Don't Have Cell Service

""Because it's completely decentralized, end-to-end encrypted, with messages that self-destruct upon reading and anonymous ID, well, the possibilities for private communication are endless," she said. "We've had activists of all kinds reach out to us for access to goTenna.""


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People protesting Israel's treatment of Palestine

I should've taken a picture. A large well-organized group of protesters holding signs were in downtown San Diego today. They were supporting Palestine. In one of their chants they called Israel a "terrorist state." I honked for them as I drove by.

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Dark Journalist: UFOs Are Real! Military Whistleblower Niara Isley


Join Dark Journalist and former USAF Sergeant Niara Isley for a fascinating in-depth discussion of her terrifying and transformative experiences as a UFO and Military Abductee (MILAB).

Together they will recount her earth-shattering encounters with the Grey aliens and their experiments to develop alien/human hybrid children using her as an unconscious vehicle!

Also how the military recruited her into a trauma-based mind control program that gave her access to reverse-engineered extraterrestrial craft and a secret off-world space program located on the moon.

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Chuck Baldwin: The CFR Has Controlled Both Major Parties In Washington, D.C., For Decades

"Just as they did with his father, Ron Paul, globalist elitists within the GOP are pouncing on Kentucky Senator Dr. Rand Paul. Obviously, the only reason for Republican leaders to be ganging up on Rand like this is because they are scared silly that he might just win the Republican nomination for President in 2016."

From LibertyCrier.com:

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VIDEO: New York Man Who Broke Up Street Fight Choked To Death By Police

"They jumped him and they were choking him. He was foaming at the mouth”


Eric Garner, a 43-year-old father of six, was tackled by police and immediately placed in a choke following a brief argument outside a local beauty supply store.

Garner, who suffers from asthma, can be heard pleading for help as more officers arrive and begin piling on top of him.

“I can’t breathe!” Garner says repeatedly.

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