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An Introduction to First Principles- Stefan Molyneux


Stefan Molyneux discusses the importance of arguing from first principles.

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David Stockman Agrees With Elizabeth Warren

Thanks to wacko bird for pointing this out.

Memo To Citigroup CEO Michael Corbat: Does Your Crony Capitalist Plunder Know No Shame?
by David Stockman • December 12, 2014

The times are few and far between that I am in agreement with Senator Elizabeth Warren’s brand of Big Government liberalism. But I do applaud her willingness to stand up to the Wall Street lobby machine; her capacity to recognize and call-out the egregious gambling dens that have metastasized there; and her insistence that never again should the hard-pressed taxpayers of America be forced to bailout the crony capitalist plunder that is enabled by the Fed’s free money madness.

But now comes a naked Wall Street raid on the taxpayers that’s beyond the pale; and it would have sailed right through in the dead of night absent Elizabeth Warren’s intrepid opposition. Bravo, Senator!

I am referring to the Citigroup-drafted sneak attack on Washington’s tepid effort to curtail the more egregious gambling habits of some of the big banks. These incorrigible larcenists have been trying to gut the “push out” provisions of Dodd-Frank for more than three years now, yet the latter boils down to a simple and urgently necessary injunction to the banks. Namely, you can’t roll the dice in the “derivatives” gambling halls with taxpayer guaranteed deposits.

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Media not picking up missing teen story

Have you seen this missing teen? Destiny Desiree Faulkner, 17, hasn't been seen since last Thursday, and her loved ones are concerned for her welfare. The Sun, Iowa teen is the victim of domestic violence, which is documented in photos of her with a black eye (shown on flyer). The black eye came from the missing teen's boyfriend in an incident that took place on Dec. 2. No media sources are picking up this story, which is absolutely shocking considering this young woman could very well be in grave danger.

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Here are some POSITIVE trends happening now in the U.S. (IMHO)

By now we are all educated on the Cultural Marxism taking place family destroyed religion replaced by government, etc. Here is the youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIdBuK7_g3M Men being made to behave and act like passive homosexuals and women acting like men and dressing like dominatrix sluts. Mostly only demonic whores, degenerates, criminals, disproportionately transgender/gay, former drug dealers and strippers being given publicity and made into musical icons, sports celebrities, reality stars, famous actors.

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VIDEO: Man Speeds To Hospital For Asthma Attack, Police Stop Him And Won’t Let Him Go — He Dies

VIDEO: Man Speeds To Hospital For Asthma Attack, Police Stop Him And Won’t Let Him Go — He Dies


CHIPPEWA FALLS — A disturbing raw video has surfaced online showing police pull over a desperate man in need of medical assistance and causing his death over a “traffic violation.”

The footage comes from a police dashcam video. On November 30, Casey Kressin was pulled over for “speeding” and “failing to stop” at a traffic light.

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Liberty is dying and no one seems to care...

This was a terrible week for those who value liberty and freedom...NDAA passed which jails Americans indefinitely without jury or trial on just the mere suspicion of "terrorism," the Intelligence Authorization act passed which grants the executive branch unlimited access to all your private communications which can then be passed to local law enforcement (so much for limiting the NSA...), the budget passed which among many terrible things, it put taxpayers on the hook for wall street's 303 TRILLION derivatives market if/when it tanks. Oh, then there's the CIA torture report. There's a few other things I could mention but why bother....What does it take for WE THE PEOPLE stand up for ourselves, let alone pay attention??

There has been a couple times where I've thought to myself, why bother? I'm sure I'm not the only one who's thought this here. But D***, seriously what does it take? I feel this community is one of the few who actually value their freedoms. I cant help but think of M.N.'s post on standing watch till dawn.

Maybe that's what we should all do. Where's Galt's Gulch when you need one? I guess I'm just ranting and clearing my head here because I'm really not sure where else to put these words and thoughts. If any could understand, it would be this community. This battle to just maintain the liberty we still have is tiresome..It'd be nice to have a few more reinforcements.

Maybe it's just time to shrug.

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12-13-14: Today I am four

Four years without a cigarette, that is. I quit smoking on 12-13-10. Last year I made it 3 years, today it is four.

The first few days, weeks, and months were hard. Now I don't even think about it. That is the power of habit. Habits can work for you, or they can work against you.

This year I'm contemplating quitting drinking, though I don't particularly think I have a problem with drinking (the problem is with stopping, ha ha ha).

At the same time, the idea of giving it up makes me uncomfortable, and I'm curious as to why that is be the case.

It seems like drinking is more of a habit than anything. One can have skillful, or unskillful relationships with habits.

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Seattle Politicians Want Pot Delivery Services To Stop Operations

Marijuana is legal in the state of Washington, but that little inconvenience won’t stop politicians from throwing people in jail for breaking the state’s marijuana distribution regulations. As we learned yesterday with breweries in Texas, just because a substance is legal, does not mean it can always be distributed in the manner customers’ demand. That would make too much sense!

Up until now the Seattle Police Department has decided not to take action against marijuana-delivery services, even though the person making a marijuana delivery is technically guilty of a felony under current laws.

Whether it’s the distribution of beer or marijuana, the legality of a substance alone does not equal a free market in that industry.

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The Torture Report, and What It Left Out - Tom Woods and Scott Horton

Scott Horton gives a full rundown of the report on CIA torture, plus why pro-torture arguments are bogus.


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Today I am 7 years old

Hello fellow DPers, today marks 7 years that I have been enjoying this wonderful and important site.

It is here that I find my news and current events, it is here that my brain gets challenged and comforted. To me, this is truly a community. For me, this is truly the 'Daily' Paul, for there have only been a few days over the past 7 years that I have not checked in to see what is happening, what has happened, and what will happen with regard to the movement set forth by Dr. Ron Paul.

The very first time I saw Dr. Paul's face and heard a bit of his philosophy of freedom was when someone told me about a documentary called, 'Freedom to Fascism' by Aaron Russo, in it Dr. Paul has a few small parts, about a month later I heard 'this guy Ron Paul is running for president', I thought 'no way, I just saw his on a documentary, I'm going look into this'. And so my awakening began.

Soon after I found The Daily Paul. I have been awake for 7 years, still a child, but learning everyday. Thank you Dr. Paul, for I am one of your 4000 deliveries. Thank you Michael Nystrom for creating the playground for me and my fellow liberty seekers to play, teach, and learn.

As we have recently agreed, 'the word is the symbol of the thing' and so the most appropriate word for me to use is gratitude.

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We have crossed the Rubicon!

Paying down the debt is now almost mathematically impossible.


As it is clear to me that the people of this nation are incapable of voting 3rd party,I now fear the ONLY way to break the chains of this tyranny is ... The same way the founders did ( 41975 )

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Elizabeth Warren Rips Citigroup For Weaseling Wall Street Giveaway Into Government Spending Bill

Pretty solid speech. Hopefully she decides to challenge Hillary. Opportunity for libertarian/progressive joint effort to stop this appears to have been lost here, and that's a shame.



And David Stockman agrees.


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Iowa to allow residents to use a smartphone instead of a driver's license starting next year

Iowans will soon be able to use a mobile app on their smartphones as their official driver's license issued by the Iowa Department of Transportation.

The app, which will be provided to drivers at no additional cost, will be available sometime in 2015, DOT Director Paul Trombino told Gov. Terry Branstad during a state agency budget hearing Monday.

"We are really moving forward on this," Trombino said. "The way things are going, we may be the first in the nation."

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Ron Paul: Abolish CIA & NSA, Remove All Troops Stationed Overseas

by JORDAN SCHACHTEL | 11 Dec 2014 | Breitbart

In the wake of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s CIA torture memo release, former Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) has suggested that America should get rid of its premier intelligence agencies and bring all of our troops back home.

Paul’s pacifistic world-view is articulated in his Voices of Liberty op-ed, where he states, “all of our wars--we would come home from the 150 countries where we have troops stationed,” in recommending a government shutdown that defunds overseas operations.

In Paul’s view, America should not be a world leader, but instead only focus on internal matters. The threats posed by actors such as ISIS and Al Qaeda exist simply due to grievances generated from America’s activities overseas, according to Dr. Paul. He has in the past blamed the 9/11 attacks on blowback from the United States presence overseas, and not the terrorists’ jihadist ideology.

In advocating for a government shutdown, the former Congressman said, “abolish the NSA, the TSA, the CIA and all spying on American citizens.”

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