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This is Huge: "Massive Squeeze Coming As WGC Confirms Gold-Backed Yuan "

So the Chinese are listening to Dr. Paul...

King World News is pleased to break the news first in the world for our global readers that the World Gold Council has now confirmed the Chinese are going to back the yuan with gold. Today a legend in the business, Keith Barron, who consults with major companies around the world and is responsible for one of the largest gold discoveries in the last quarter century, informed KWN of this development and also stated, “... the gold and silver bulls are going to begin to trample the bears at some point in the near future.”


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Here Are The More Than 150 Guns Dianne Feinstein Wants To Ban...


During a press conference earlier today, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) proposed a new “assault weapons” ban with the intention of prohibiting the sale, transfer, importation and manufacture of more than 150 firearms.

List below:


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Video: Piers Morgan Falls Ill Days After Receiving Flu Vaccine

Video: Piers Morgan Falls Ill Days After Receiving Flu Vaccine



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US Govt. Requests for User Data up 85% Since 2010

Slate: In the first part of 2012, Google demonstrated that surveillance of Gmail and other accounts had skyrocketed to new levels. Now, in a transparency report released today, the company shows that the trend of increased snooping continued unabated in the second half of the year—with much of it authorized without a search warrant.

U.S. authorities lodged 8,438 requests for user data between July and December, in comparison with 7,969 between January and June (an increase of 6 percent). On average, in 2012 Google complied with about 89 percent of the U.S. requests it received.

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Maine Sheriffs Association is on board with the 2nd Amendment

Really Good News! The Maine Sheriffs are on board with the 2nd Amendment.


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Grieving Mother and Patriot: Liberty Candidates Founder Gigi Bowman

LONG ISLAND, NY, January 23, 2013 ― The rallying cry of the Ron Paul Revolution has been a call to action for some of the most sincere and idealistic people from all across the United States. Many of them have no prior experience in politics but feel a heartfelt mission to make a difference in a world needing desperate change. One such woman is Gigi Bowman, founder of the Liberty Candidates organization which helps unite libertarian minded people of all parties to get their message out and win elections.

Since founding Liberty Candidates in 2009, Bowman’s organization has fielded hundreds of candidates and given their message a national forum to be heard and recognized.

Bowman, who is one of the Ron Paul movement’s most dedicated organizers, entered politics following the tragic loss of her daughter in 2003 to prescription medication. She has been a dynamic advocate for such controversial topics as pharmaceutical reform, GMO labeling and many other issues that candidates and parties are too timid to challenge. Taking her advocacy to the next level, Bowman announced last week her intention to run for office, seeking the New York State Senate seat for District 5.

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Red Alert! "Assault Weapons" Ban Introduced Today

Feinstein "will have lots of assault weapons at her big event calling for a ban."

Senator Dianne Feinstein of California will introduce an "assault weapons" ban today on Capitol Hill. Yesterday, Feinstein touted the announcement on Twitter:

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Video: Washington State Mayor Backs Second Amendment After Councilman Tries To Eject Armed Veteran

Jan 22, 2013: At last Tuesday's City Council meeting, a citizen commented during the citizens comment period encouraging the Oak Harbor City Council to support the Second Amendment and to help educate our children about firearms and firearm safety.



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This is an eye opener! The Doorbell

‘PowerLineBlog’ recently held a competition for $100,000 for whoever could most effectively and creatively dramatize the significance of the federal debt crisis. Several entries have gotten a lot of attention, but the one that has gone most viral so far is ‘The Doorbell’.

If you haven't seen it yet, you may want to watch it here. It’s only 59 seconds long:


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Nevada Shocker, Reince Priebus Goes To Nevada To Stop Mark Willis

Looks like Preibus feels Willis might get a 3rd State, going after Nevada NatCom members.

Breitbart: Sources tell Breitbart News that Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus flew to Nevada on Monday night in order to persuade Nevada Republican National Committeeman James Smack to drop his support for RNC Chair challenger Mark Willis from Maine. Previously, Smack and National Committeewoman Diana Orrock had promised to support Willis in his bid for chair, giving him the second of three states he needs to have his named place in nomination.

The meeting took place in Las Vegas around 8:30 pm Monday night. In addition to Priebus and Smack, Nevada GOP Chairman Michael McDonald was in attendance, according to sources. Nevada National Committeewoman Orrock was not in attendance at the meeting. She confirms to Breitbart News that she continues to support Willis' bid to be placed on the RNC Chair ballot.

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Fake Skeptics & The "Conspiracy Theorist" Slur

From Storm Clouds Gathering. Also posted on the Daily Paul here: Worth A Look - New Video from SCG.


"State sponsored history, the version touted in public schools, and preached over the mainstream media is the mythology of the state, and it is as essential to its existence as creation stories are to any religion."

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Yahoo: The Republican Party seeks to learn from its mistakes—and it wants your help

Here is an article posted on Yahoo's front page today. Really RNC, you don't know what you did wrong?!!!! Serioulsy?!!

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—The Republican Party is looking for advice.

To kick off this week's Republican National Committee's winter strategy session, which will focus in part on how to broaden the party's appeal to women and minority voters, the RNC on Thursday launched a website soliciting ideas and constructive criticism about what the party did wrong in 2012—and what it can do better over the next four years.

Continue reading at:

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Armed citizens defend themselves. MSM not interested in this kind of news.

Here is some ammo for your debates.


Homeowner halts crime spree, WAFB, Baton Rouge, La. January 18, 2013
Jeffersonville, Ind. homeowner Mike Dreyer was allowing his ex-wife to stay in a storage building on his property, when two burglars attempted to break into the shed. The ex-wife was inside when the thieves struck at 4:30 a.m., and used her cell phone to alert Dreyer, who was across the property in his home, to the threat. Dreyer retrieved a gun, came out of the house and confronted the criminals. Upon seeing the gun, one of the thieves dropped to the ground, while the other fled over a fence. After a brief standoff with the criminal who had jumped the fence, Dyer managed to call the police and hold the remaining burglar at gunpoint until they arrived. Clark County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Jeremy Mull told media that the captured criminal and his partner were on a crime spree before reaching Dreyer’s property. Mull went on to alert burglars to the dangers of their behavior, warning that “many more homeowners are now armed.”

Armed Citizen halts car theft, KENS, San Antonio, Texas 01/15/12
A man was visiting family inside a home in San Antonio, Texas, when he overheard a pair of thieves attempting to steal his SUV that was parked outside. The SUV owner retrieved a gun, went to confront the criminals, and fired after seeing one of the thieves holding what looked like a gun. The SUV owner’s shots struck both men. One of the wounded criminals attempted to flee in a getaway car, but crashed into a parked vehicle after making it only a block. Once police arrived on the scene, they discovered one of the thieves to be dead and took the other to a local hospital. Police noted that the SUV owner is not expected to face charges.

Father protects infant son from violent attack, The Columbus Dispatch, Columbus, Ohio 01/08/12

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