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United Nations is Pissed About US Marijuana Decriminalization

Did you ask for one more reason to hate the U.N. and world government? Then today is your lucky day. The U.N.’s Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Chief expressed his discontent with the liberty-loving movement of drug legalization and decriminalization that has refreshingly taken the country by storm (on a state-by-state level anyway). According to Reuters, Yury Fedotov of the UNODC said:

“I don’t see how (the new laws) can be compatible with existing conventions,” Yury Fedotov, executive director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), told reporters.

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The Power of Love

This awesome discussion took place between Paul Rosenberg in conversation with Ernest Hancock on their 11-13-14 interview, right around the 45:00 mark.

Rosenberg, in response to Hancock says:

"Love is the only thing that really works long term. This is why the Christians were the only ones who triumphed from the collapse of the Roman Empire. Where are the stoics? Where are the cynics? They were good guys, with a lot of good things to say. But the Christians loved each other, and they helped each other. If they knew other Christians in another town were in trouble, they would gather stuff up and send it over to help them. They came through it and founded a new civilization.

Christian Europe is radically different from Rome. Massively different than Rome. Foundationally different than Rome. They founded it, and probably the real reason they succeeded was because they loved one another. And really, that's what it comes down to in the end.

It is a set of assumptions. Love matters greatly because it is an assumption that you make about yourself. You presume, by choosing to love one another, - or as you [Ernest Hancock] use it as a verb which is an excellent way of saying it - it presumes that you have something to give. It presumes that you have some goodness in you to share. Those are some really powerful assumptions to make about yourself.

On the other hand, if you go with the fear and the hatred and "I'm going to have to do this" - you're assuming that the world is dark and dangerous and I'm under attack, and you tend to shrink back, and you tend to build a covering over yourself. And you tend to not be expansive and forward moving. The real important part about love is the assumptions you make about yourself, and love is about the healthiest assumption you can choose to make about yourself, that I've ever heard.


Have a listen for yourself. Ernie Hancock and Paul Rosenberg are two living treasures of the Liberty Movement.

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Buffalo NY Police Department Starting Gun Confiscation

"We recently started a program where we're cross referencing all the pistol permit holders with the death records, and we're sending people out to collect the guns whenever possible so that they don't end up in the wrong hands," said Police Commissioner Daniel Derrenda.


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Rand Paul Outlines a 2016 Game Plan

In a hotel adjacent to the Capitol, advisers converged to plan a presidential launch.

By David Catanese | Nov. 12, 2014 | US News

More than two dozen advisers to Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul converged inside a boutique Washington hotel Wednesday to begin to form the skeleton of a 2016 presidential campaign.

The first-term GOP senator hasn't definitively settled on a White House run, and a potential formal launch remains at least five months away. But the meeting of Paul's political brain trust under one roof for a daylong marathon of strategy sessions marks a significant indication of his ambitions to become a top-flight contender for the Republican nomination.

Paul's team gathered at The Liaison hotel off Capitol Hill in Washington, where rolling private meetings in conference rooms touched on a laundry list of subjects, from communications and fundraising to technology and the early state primary map. The confab came just a week after sweeping GOP victories in the 2014 midterm elections, for which Paul campaigned in 35 states.

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3 Secrets to Launching a Successful Second Act Career

"Adele Douglass built a non-profit that protects millions of farm animals and gives farmers a new marketing niche."

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Save Our Swiss Gold - New Lampoon The System cartoon

The Swiss citizens get to stand up to Central Bankers and Politicians on Nov. 30, 2014 and vote YES to the "Save Our Swiss Gold" referendum. Will this be the first step away from fiat currency and back to Sound Money?

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"In Organic We Trust" - Why You Should Stop Wasting Your Money

I caught this video while it was being screened for free, it is worth trying to track down a screening. The bottom line: "Organic" certification is no longer enough, you really need to know your farmer. Better yet, be your farmer.


As if to prove the videographer's point, this article exposes the contamination of our grain supply:


and this article shows that our produce is not even monitored for glyphosates (Round Up, such a well known neurotoxin that even government studies implicate it is a health threat.)


It is winter, the long dark days are here. Spend some time studying and be ready to get a nice garden in come spring.

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Amazing; Mendocino County votes for local governance over state and federal laws

A coalition of sheriffs and local citizens, by an overwhelming majority, voted to declare local self-governing rights over state and federal jurisdiction.

As the Daily Bell article points out, the coalition is far from purely libertarian -- but it is a major indicator of the change in thinking of many Americans.



While some would be highly concerned about amorphous Rights of Nature, the path toward freedom is not a straight line. There will be many experiments and variations along the way, and that's a good thing. Many local communities experimenting and succeeding and failing will signal better future paths. It is all in the spirit of Panarchism which is a concept not heard enough in libertarian circles IMO.

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HuffPost: Why President Rand Paul Will Keep America Safer Than Bush, Obama, and Hillary Clinton

President Rand Paul will keep you safer than the president who brought America into Iraq and Afghanistan, the same man who in 2000 argued against nation building and foreign military entanglements. He'll keep you safer than the president who just doubled America's military presence in Iraq, yet in 2011 promised, "The long war in Iraq will come to an end by the end of this year." Rand Paul will also keep you safer than Hillary Clinton, a centrist with a neoconservative advisor named Robert Kagan who is quoted in The New York Times as saying, "I feel comfortable with her on foreign policy." Rand Paul will also defend you against terrorism and other national security threats better than Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson and any of the other sycophants in American politics. Why? The answer lies in who doesn't want Senator Paul to be the next president of the United States.

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The Fluid Dynamics of “The Starry Night” How Van Gogh’s Masterpiece Explains the Scientific Mysteries of Movement & Light

The Fluid Dynamics of “The Starry Night”: How Vincent Van Gogh’s Masterpiece Explains the Scientific Mysteries of Movement and Light
by Maria Popova

“In a period of intense suffering, Van Gogh was somehow able to perceive and represent one of the most supremely difficult concepts nature has ever brought before mankind.”

In 1889, inspired by a famous astronomical drawing that had been circulating in Europe for four decades, Vincent van Gogh painted his iconic masterpiece “The Starry Night,” one of the most recognized and reproduced images in the history of art. At the peak of his lifelong struggle with mental illness, he created the legendary painting while staying at the mental asylum into which he had voluntarily checked himself after mutilating his own ear.

But more than a masterwork of art, Van Gogh’s painting turns out to hold astounding clues to understanding some of the most mysterious workings of science.

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Police Killings Highest in Two Decades

by Kevin Johnson, USA TODAY - November 11, 2014

WASHINGTON — The number of felony suspects fatally shot by police last year — 461— was the most in two decades, according to a new FBI report.

The justifiable homicide count, contained in the FBI's annual Uniform Crime Report, has become increasingly scrutinized in recent months as questions continue to be raised about the use of lethal force by law enforcement.

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Cops now go to seminars to learn how to take your car, house, and money away from you legally

"Without even needing to charge someone with a crime, law enforcement can seize and keep cash, cars and even homes, by exercising civil forfeiture. Now the Institute for Justice has uncovered recordings of government officials from across the country making unsettling comments about this controversial power ...."


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Rand Paul's Liberty Agenda Applauded at GOP Unity Rally to Defeat Landrieu

Rand Paul was the "rockstar libertarian headliner" at a GOP unity rally in Baton Rouge, LA on Monday, according to the American Spectator, and his liberty message was very well-received by the "establishment" Republicans in attendance.

...many of the state’s most prominent GOP politicians were gathered to show solidarity with Senate hopeful Bill Cassidy — who earned 41 percent of the vote in last week’s election, forcing Democratic incumbent Mary Landrieu (42 percent) into a runoff. [...]

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, the libertarian rock star who headlined the affair, gave an exposition of his “liberty agenda,” which was met with enthusiastic applause from a crowd full of old-school Republican activists. Paul said he had stayed out of the race thus far because he couldn’t choose between Maness and Cassidy—but that he has faith in the GOP’s standard bearer going into the runoff. “I believe Bill Cassidy will defend the Constitution,” he said.

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Update! U.S.S. Liberty Bombing Video - New Source - youtube Video Deleted.

The last time that I checked the U.S.S. Liberty video is no longer on youtube. Here is a new source. Please share with as many people on as many forums as possible while it is still available. Thank you all.


Extensive USS Liberty survivors interviews. Newly-released tapes obtained form the NSA under the Freedom of Information Act prove what every USS Liberty survivor, former Secretary of State Dean Rusk, and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Thomas Moorer have said all along: that Israel deliberately attacked an American ship. The plan was to sink it, blame Egypt, and draw the US into the Six Day War on the Israeli side, but the heroism of the Liberty crew in fighting ship damage, often while wounded, prevented it from sinking with all hands. The tapes are featured in "The Day Israel Attacked America" by film-maker Richard Belfield, whose previous production credits include National Geographic TV and Discovery Channel.

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