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Now a Texas Crime Lab was Busted Falsifying 5,000 Drug Case Results. Prisoners Released. Media Ignores.

DPer dexterszyd recently posted the article, Dude! The crime lab was busted falsifying results in more than 30,000 cases! about a scandal in a Massachusetts crime lab. Reports have been circulating the internet of a similar scandal in Texas that has been brewing for several months with little to no media coverage. Have you heard about this?

The author even speculates that "enough inmates could be released from Texas prisons as a result of this unmitigated mess to allow the state to close an additional prison unit. But if the Court of Criminal Appeals handles all of Salvador's cases like they did Mr. Hobbs', the state might be able to close three or four of them."

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Sibel Edmonds Explains Who's At The Top Of The Pyramid


Published on Mar 15, 2013

SHOW NOTES: http://www.corbettreport....

In this sixth part of the ongoing Sibel Edmonds Gladio B conversation, we ask the question: Who is at the top of the pyramid. We look beyond the usual suspects and follow the money back to the industries and lobbies whose existence depends on the perpetuation of boogeymen enemies.

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CPAC 2013 - Open Thread

The 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference – an annual gathering in Washington, D.C. where members of the GOP meet to cement their ideology and try out potential presidential nominees for the coming years.

Today's lineup included Sen. Ted Cruz and Dr. Ben Carson!

Post your comments and observations on this thread


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‘Conservative Hero’ Ben Carson To Beck: You Have No Right To Semi-Automatic Weapons In Large Cities

Appearing on Glenn Beck‘s radio show this past week, Dr. Benjamin Carson took a vastly different stance from most conservatives on the issue of gun control, claiming you shouldn’t be able to own semi-automatic weapons in large cities.


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Rand Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll With 25%

1st Place Rand Paul 25%

2nd Place Marco Rubio 23%

3rd Place Rick Santorum 8%

4th Place Chris Christe 7%

5th place Paul Ryan 6%

6th Place Scott Walker 5%

7th Place Ben Carson 4%

8th Place Ted Cruz 4%

9th Place Bobby Jindal 3%

Other 14%

Undecided 1&


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Ann Coulter: "I am more libertarian than most that call themselves libertarian"

Ann Coulter did this interview on Fox today from CPAC 2013. I am just not sure where she has any credibility even as an establishment mouthpiece.

Edit: Here is the youtube



Ann Coulter is one of the loudest cheerleaders for the Police State in this country. She loves The Patriot Act, torture, waterboarding, the war on drugs, murder for resources, warrantless spying, indefinite detention without trial or even charges, and the assassination of foreign heads of state and American citizens.

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WashPost: FBI Surveillance Tool Is Ruled Unconstitutional

By Ellen Nakashima
March 15, 2013

San Francisco - A federal court in California has ruled that a surveillance tool widely used by the FBI to obtain information on Americans without court oversight is unconstitutional because the gag order that accompanies it violates the First Amendment.

The ruling by Judge Susan Illston of the Northern District of California would bar the issuance of national security letters — a form of administrative subpoena — on constitutional grounds.

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Ron Paul's Podcast Nation Goes Live!


Facebook post:

Ron Paul
Be sure to check out my new show: Ron Paul’s Podcast Nation: http://bit.ly/ZGfIR3

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An Orwellian America

I can only congratulate the commenters at Zero Hedge for their succinct analysis of the situation of this article:

An Orwellian America | Via Gordon T Long (pdf)

As a young man, I voraciously read George Orwell’s “1984”, Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” and Alvin Toffler's trilogy which included "Future Shock"', "The Third Wave" and "Power Shift". During the era of the Vietnam War, I wondered seriously about the future and how it was destined to unfold. Now being considerably older, I have the vantage point to reflect back on my early ruminations and expectations. Unfortunately, I am too old to alter the lessons that are now so painfully obvious. Instead, I pass the gauntlet to those who can understand and take action on what I have unavoidably come to expect for America.


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Jeff Berwick: "Does anyone travel anymore?"

Dollar Vigilante:

Hello from beautiful Acapulco Bay,

Does anyone travel anymore? Or do they just parrot the propaganda they hear from the mainstream presstitutes about places they've never been??

I'm seriously wondering this today. It started when I read about six people who were shot in a bar in, as usual, the "outskirts" of Cancun. Forgetting for the moment that the guns used were probably directly provided by infamous criminal gun runner Eric Holder and also forgetting for the moment that whatever problem that night was probably a direct result of the US government's heinous war on plants and people-- sorry, the "war on drugs". Putting that aside, I read the article on some mainstream US site and was flabbergasted by the comments. "If you let your kids go to to the cesspool of Mexico for Spring Break, don't expect any sympathy if they get shot!"

Cesspool???? Has anyone ever been to Mexico? I normally reserve the word cesspool for numerous ghettos in the US, like the south side of Chicago, where 10 people are stabbed or shot every weekend. Even in that case, however, I see the real causes of the problem in American ghettoes for what they are: the US welfare state, US taxes and regulations and the Federal Reserve. The real cesspool is in Washington, District of Criminals.

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McCain Apologizes For Calling Rand Paul, Ted Cruz ‘Wacko Birds’

Friday afternoon on Fox News, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) delivered his first on-camera apology to his Senate colleagues Rand Paul (R-KY) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) for calling them “wacko birds” in an interview with The Huffington Post following Paul’s filibuster.

Responding to a question from Neil Cavuto about his recent confrontations with the younger generation of his party, McCain offered a humble and sincere apology. “In an interview I said that Senator Paul and Senator Cruz were ‘wacko birds,’” he said. “That was inappropriate. I apologize to them for saying that because I respect them both. I respect what they stand for and what they believe in.”


Related: (Thanks to SteveMT)
McCain Apologizes Calling Rand Paul, Ted Cruz 'Wacko Birds' on Fox News: 'That Was Inappropriate'

Senator Ted Cruz Talks About Clash With Feinstein on Gun Ban - Neil Cavuto - 3/15/13

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Dude! The crime lab was busted falsifying results in more than 30,000 cases!

You want to talk civil liberties? Look at this nonsense!

A scandal in a Massachusetts crime lab continues to reverberate throughout the state's legal system. Several months ago, Annie Dookhan, a former chemist in a state crime lab, told police that she messed up big time. Dookhan now stands accused of falsifying test results in as many as 34,000 cases.


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Obama couldn't eat at Hill meeting without food ‘taster’


WASHINGTON — Following President Obama’s lunch meeting with Senate Republicans on Capitol Hill, Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins described the food served and said the president was not able to eat since his “taster” was not present.

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GOP Leadership and Their Cronies "Guilty of Racketeering"

Pat Caddell, Democrat, delivers a blistering speech at CPAC, calling out GOP leadership for RICO style racketeering, profiteering, and corruption. Names names. Tells it like it is.



It is now becoming POPULAR to call out the dirty neocons (GOP "leadership"). This is a MAJOR first step in changing things.

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