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Doug Wead: Ron Paul Surprise in Arkansas!

While many in the Liberty Movement were engaged in a weekend of blame and counter blame, other Ron Paul stalwarts were still fighting in the trenches at district and state conventions. I have lots of video and documentary on the marathon events in Texas but before that, here is another shocker. This one from Arkansas. It shows clearly that the move to transform the GOP is organic and real and cannot be stopped, even from inside.

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Washington Times' Tom Mullen On Why Rand Paul Endorses Romney

Tom Mullen of Washington Times column 'Reawakening Liberty'

Robert Scott Bell http://www.robertscottbel... Interviewed Tom Mullen which begins about 7:30 mins into the video:


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The Big Texas Takeaway

I really want to post about a huge lesson we learned in Texas. First, no matter what you have read, the numbers are not settled. Be patient and wait for our harried and devoted organizers to finish the evaluation.
Trust us, and know that we did well. That's all I'm confident enough to say.
Here's the point of my post. What success we had was largely achieved through building bridges and coalitions. Our congressional districts are large and it's very hard to bring a straight majority. We had two of our men who had connections to the local Republican Party structure and they found out that there is an old rivalry between the largest county and one of the smaller ones in our CD. Our coodinator capitalized on that by bargaining to give them one and we took two. That sounds like a pat arrangement but every round of voting included at least six candidates to go against. There was every opportunity for vote splitting and establishment domination. It made ALL difference. The final surprise is that yes, they're all establishment, but there are rivalries to play upon.

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Go Ahead, Tear Off Your RP Stickers, Run Away Mad, That's What They Want!

I donated my time and money knowing that RP would not be the eventual GOP nominee. This has always been about the message of liberty. This movement has to grow around all liberty candidates if we are going to restore the USA. As Ron Paul said "this is all going to end badly" and we have to be there united to pick up the pieces or we will get more tyranny. People like Rand, Johnson, and others may say some things you don't like, but at their core beliefs there is liberty and we need to support them. That being said I will never give up on the message of liberty. We are winning, we are restructuring the GOP, eventually we will have a libertarian President, but more importantly we will have a libertarian minded congress, senate and fellow Americans.

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Emotional Reactionism to Rand Paul's Romney Endorsement

Like most of you, I had an emotional reaction to Rand Paul's endorsement of Romney, anger. I also had a physical reaction, nausea (I think I can still taste the vomit in my mouth).

My intellectual reaction, however, came from my memory of Ron Paul running for Congress as a Republican in 1996. I thought it was a mistake, a sellout. Most of the Liberty movement did as well. We were WRONG. Ron Paul has done more to further our movement in the last 5 years than anyone else has in any of our lifetimes.

We need to take the long view. We all know that an immediate and emotional reaction is more likely to be wrong than one that is tempered by reason, time, and honest analysis. The Patriot Act is a perfect example of a knee-jerk reaction that was wrong.

I have had the benefit of being involved in the Liberty movement for a long time (I'm old). Only in our dreams did we see a surge in the Liberty movement like we've seen since 2007.

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This Old DP Beehive

This old DP beehive has taken its share of rocks, and has always re-grouped quickly to repair itself, and get right back to work.

This week, we got hit by a couple rocks and half a can of Raid. (Spare the half a can of "Rand" jokes please, lol)

Bees are everywhere - some half dead, some really pissed and looking for anything they can to sting the hell out of. Others still trying to make honey with broken wings and legs...

We're some pretty tough bees.

Calling all bees -

Back to the hive - The hole is fixed now.

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Illinois GOP Convention LIVE

Here we go, General session, last day. If anything's gonna happen it will be here in the next few hours:



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Report from the Trenches - The Revolution is Working

Cowlitz County WA is sending a Ron Paul alternate to Tampa. The 3rd district is sending Ron Paul delegates and alternates. Last night was a Republican get-together with various candidates for office. Present were the establishment organizers (a few families) and a slew of Ron Paul supporters.

Jared Franklin was one of them. He's a small, slender, boyish looking young man less than 25 years old. He came on board the campaign a couple months back and became a delegate to state. He's the one assaulted there by a little old lady who supported Romney. Quite a gentleman, he took the punch in stride. Our alternate for Tampa credits him for helping get him elected. Jared is now an automatic PCO after filing unopposed. Last night he was engaged in conversation a long time with a judicial candidate. Young people like him are what this is all about. We're doing a good work.

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Arkansas Special District Conventions - Reported Results (updated 06/09 at 7:00pm)

Who: Arkansas Special District Convention delegates and alternates

When: Saturday, June 09

Results: confirmed Liberty Tampa delegates selected
CD-1: 0 delegates, 0 alternates
CD-2: 3 delegates, 2 alternates
CD-3: 0 delegates, 2 alternates
CD-4: 3 delegates, 0 alternates

Totals: 6 of 12 Liberty delegates, 4 of 12 Liberty alternates!

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Relax. Keep An Open Mind :)

Been seeing a lot of chaos round these parts lately. Suppose that's to be expected. Many of us have spent a lot of time, energy, money, blood, sweat and tears to get here.

We chose this path.

We knew it wouldn't be easy. We've seen every roadblock imaginable thrown at our movement, in an effort to get us to back down, concede, give up. Most of these boulders thrown at us have come from the MSM, and that's been frustrating to deal with, as they wield magnitudes more power over the populace than we do. But we've overcome that. Many believe that there are forces at work within the campaign itself, that are, intentionally or not, sabotaging our mission to put Ron in the White House. That may be the case. There are definitely people out there who get off on creating accounts here and trolling, trying to divide us and demoralize us. We deal with it, civilly, as Dr. Paul would.

We may not win this one. We may win this one. This has not been determined yet.

We're sending a battalion down to Tampa, to defend Liberty. We've done all we can in this 2012 skirmish. We've donated, we've spread the word, knocked on doors, talked sensibly to people, put up signs, volunteered time, stuck our necks out in conversations that we'd normally just nod and agree, and dealt with the consequences...because we believe in the message Dr. Paul has re-introduced to us.

We shall continue to do so.

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Lew Rockwell on RT Abby Martin: Ron Paul and Rand Paul are different!

Lew: "You CAN'T change the Regime from the inside, any more than you can change the Mafia from the inside!"


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Jack Hunter Defended Rand Paul Today on The Jerry Doyle Show

Worth listening to. Don't know if I agree but here's what he had to say on the show. I think Jerry asked Jack some very good questions....


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Alabama Nullifies Agenda 21 with Legislation Receiving Signature of Governor

Alabama SB 477, by Senator Dial, known as the “Due Process for Property Rights Act”, was approved by the Alabama Senate and House, along with achieving a resistant signature from Governor Robert Bentley

LINK: http://livingnotsurviving.com/2012/06/08/alabama-nullifies-u...

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White Phosphorous: The New Napalm?

Napalm is the most notorious incendiary substance, but it is only one of more than 180. The harm caused by white phosphorus munitions, used in more recent conflicts, exemplifies these weapons’ humanitarian problems.

The Associated Press reported that an 8-year-old Afghan girl, Razia, was injured when a white phosphorus shell ripped through her home in the Tagab Valley of Kapisa province in June 2009. When she reached the operating room, white powder covered her skin, the oxygen mask on her face started to melt, and flames appeared when doctors attempted to scrape away the dead tissue.

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