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Confirmed: Polk County, FL schools conducted iris scans on students without permission

Florida parents are right to be outraged at the outrageous privacy violations that took place late last week in at least 3 Polk County, Florida schools.

I just got off the phone with Rob Davis, senior director of support services for the district, who confirmed to me what Florida education activists blew the whistle on here: Students were indeed subjected to iris scans without their parents’ permission.

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Ft. Worth Police Killed Before - This Time an Overweight Asthmatic With Taser

A couple of weeks before rubbing out grandpa, the intrepid drug warriors broke down the doors of the home of one Jarmaine Darden, a 34 year old with asthma who was sleeping on the couch. He was ordered to drop to his stomach, which is something that was physically difficult for him to do. They pulled him off the couch and put him on his stomach, and was tased twice in the whole ordeal. After the second tasing, he stopped breathing and died.

No drugs were recovered at the scene.

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We Are 1776: Three Teens Spearheading the Freedom Policy Movement

In a 1982 speech discussing the six stages of the libertarian movement, Murray Rothbard described the last stage as the “political stage” – the point at which libertarians engage in formal political activity for the purpose of education and effective pro-freedom policy changes. At the time of the speech, Rothbard saw this political stage emerging in the form of the burgeoning Libertarian Party.

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USA Today Column: Fire Eric Holder

This is really big! Not because there is anything new, but because of who is saying it. Turley is an influential legal ethics expert. This article will give a lot of people on the left the courage to do what needs to be done. Holder is toast!


Jonathan Turley, USATODAY 11:20 a.m. EDT May 29, 2013

"Top lawyer doesn't have credibility to investigate anyone, let alone himself"

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VIDEO: Larry King joins RT America with brand new politics show


Award-winning interviewer Larry King will host a mold-breaking political talk show on RT from next month, speaking to both leading establishment figures, and those who are not afraid to go against the grain.

“I have always been passionate about government and issues that impact the public, and I’m thrilled at the opportunity to talk politics with some of the most influential people in Washington and around the country,” says King.

Read more:

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NIXOBAMA: Powerful Video Compares Scandal Responses

NIXOBAMA: Powerful Video Compares Scandal Responses

“I first learned from news reports…”

Steve Watson
May 29, 2013

A striking video has been posted to the web directly comparing disgraced president Richard Nixon’s comments over the Watergate scandal with president Obama’s reaction to the multiple scandals his administration is currently embroiled in.

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Henry Kissinger Confronted As Mass Murderer by We Are Change’s Luke Rudkowski - VIDEO

Henry Kissinger Confronted As Mass Murderer by We Are Change’s Luke Rudkowski - VIDEO

“You coward! You self-serving coward! Get lost!”

Paul Joseph Watson
May 29, 2013

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was confronted and labeled a “mass murderer” by We Are Change’s Luke Rudkowski during an event at which Kissinger was awarded a medal for his role in promoting “freedom and democracy.”

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Show TMOT a Little Love!

Our own TMOT (aka Derrick Grayson) is running for the U.S. Senate!

Please take a minute and vote for him in these polls -

And if you can, please donate to his campaign and help him spread his message!


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Rand Paul’s Iowa Coup. His allies control the state GOP, and they’re looking ahead.

It started as an Odyssey.

Two years ago, A. J. Spiker was an unknown, 31-year-old realtor from Ames, Iowa, who read Frédéric Bastiat and dabbled in state politics. He signed on, as many of his friends did, to work for Ron Paul’s presidential campaign. Because of his experience on the state Republican committee and his work as chairman of the Story County GOP, he was asked to serve as vice chairman of Paul’s Iowa effort. At first, Spiker thought it would be only a title, and that he’d rarely, if ever, interact with his political hero. “Usually, presidential candidates stay out of what’s happening on the ground,” he explains in a phone interview. Then he got a call: Paul was coming to Iowa, and he wanted to hit the road.

The Paul campaign tapped Spiker to be the driver. He went to his driveway, opened the door of his white Honda Odyssey minivan, and began to clean out his three kids’ toys. A few weeks later, he, Paul, and a couple of senior aides were on Interstate 35, cruising through the cornfields and talking about economics. The Paul crew stopped at diners, slept in motels, and organized rallies and fundraisers from their smartphones. Paul would do radio interviews from the van, and when they weren’t discussing philosophy as a group, Spiker would prep the congressman about the next town and give him the all-important names of the local officials.

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Police Shoot & Kill Grandfather While Responding To Burglary Call

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – A grandfather checking on his neighbor is shot and killed by Fort Worth police. The shots rang out early Tuesday morning near Woodhaven Country Club, in east Fort Worth.

Those close to the family say the victim lived nearby and heard his neighbor’s burglar alarm. Neighbor Jerry Wayne Waller then apparently went outside to see what was going on.

The 72-year-old man didn’t even make it to the house across the street before he was shot. He died on his own property.

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Drug Czar's Office Withheld Alcohol Data From Report on Drugs and Crime, Now Refuses to Release It

The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy released a study last week that found the majority of arrestees in five metropolitan areas tested positive for marijuana at the time they were booked, and that many other arrestees tested positive for harder drugs. There was one drug missing from the report, however, and it appears it was omitted intentionally. That drug is alcohol.

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Ron Paul: I'm Waiting For The Fed To Self-Destruct

Ron Paul speech at the Mises Institute:

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“The Syrian State is Under a Proxy War Led by Foreign Countries”

Report on Syria – Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire 24 May 2013

The entire population of 23 million people are under tremendous threat of continued infiltration by foreign terrorists. Bands of jihadists armed and financed from foreign countries invade Syria through Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon porous frontiers in an effort to destabilize Syria.

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