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Ron Paul foresees 2012 outcome

It looks like neither Mitt Romney nor President Barack Obama will land the endorsement of former GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul in this final hour of election 2012.

In an Election Day interview on CNN's "Newsroom," the Texas congressman said he won't back either candidate because he sees little difference between them.

Full interview clip thanks to tsai3904:

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Ron Paul on the Lack of a Difference Between Obama And Romney | Fox Business | Nov 6

Ron Paul on the Lack of a Difference Between Obama And Romney
Fox Business | November 6, 2012


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MSNBC's Chris Matthews Goes On Obnoxious Rant Against ‘Idiots’ Who Vote 3rd Party Candidates Like 'Numbskull' Gary Johnson


Are you one of the many voters who feels disillusioned with the two-party system and wants to make your single, solitary voice heard by voting for a third party candidate who is possibly more aligned with your own viewpoints?

If you are, well guess what: YOU’RE AN IDIOT. Says MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.

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Are any of you reconsidering the Free State Project? *Updated*

With Obama or Romney most likely being the next President are any of you reconsidering joining the Free State Project?

It is not discussed on here very often do you consider it a failure not worth participating in?

Theoretically shouldn't we(Ron Paul Supporters) have been the most likely to participate in a project like this?

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Attention Daily Paul: Don't say I didn't do my part.

Hey Ron Paul, I hope you can see this!

I love my country,
I love my family
I love my friends
I love my liberty
And I love life!

Ron Paul , you are my hero and I am faithfully behind you no matter what!


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Post - Election Day Open Thread - Obama Wins; The Ron Paul Factor; Nullification in WA + CO;

Please contribute your news, observations and insights below:

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The looming GOP civil war - whether Mitt wins or not

An article over on Politico is begging the question "What is the future of the GOP regardless of who wins the election tomorrow?" Apparently the GOP is figuring out that they have lost their way and that the future does not lie in the past.

Wow! Maybe we should have told them that the future is right here among the DP'ers!

Article here: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1112/83305.html?hp=l1

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The Fed is so sorry, but the gold is wet. You can't see it.


I am copying the top reply here:

"Louis Nardozi, Yesterday 07:28 PM

How can someone whose job is to investigate be so phenomenally stupid? The issue isn't whether the gold is THERE, or whether it has been adulterated. Those are straw men, deliberately brought up to mislead questioners.

The issue is, WHOSE gold is the gold that's 'there'? Is it owned by one person, or do a thousand have claim to the exact same bar? We're all certain Germany's gold is IN there - the question is, can they get it back out? Doesn't look like it, they best they can do is get a paltry 50 tons a year when they 'have' thousands here. Has it been promised as collateral? Has it been leased? Is it part of a gold swap - those same gold swaps that the FED says doesn't exist but that they have also denied FOIA requests about?

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Doug Wead: A Mitt Romney Win?

“The time will come when the constitution and government will hang by a brittle thread and will be ready to fall into other hands but this people, the latter-day saints will step forth and save it.”

- Joseph Smith, May, 1843.

If history is any indicator Mitt Romney will win tomorrow’s election. Yes, the polls show it close and the electoral map actually tilts in President Obama’s favor but never before in history has a president been returned to power with such a dismal economic performance.

1.) Unemployment has remained high.

2.) The housing crisis remains untouched, crushing the middle class. Even the smallest tweaks expected by the real estate community within 90 days of the inauguration of Obama have been consistently ignored for the full four years.

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CNN: Tracking Ohio Ballots

Hamilton County, Ohio may be the deciding factor in this presidential race. We have been bombarded - no doubt as every one else - with flyers and candidate rallies. So attention to potential fraud is paramount.

I don't know if this video is in response to Ben Swann's special last week but this is interesting none-the-less.

Video below:

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TED.com: "Living Beyond Limits" by Amy Purdy

An Inspiring Story Of One Woman Not Giving Up And Living Beyond Limits

[TEDxOrangeCoast] - Amy Purdy - Living Beyond Limits (May 19, 2011)

Embed Here:


Something to Keep the Chin Up the Day After Tomorrow.

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