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♠ Attention all ILLINOIS people. Anyone who can attend the convention on the 8th and/or 9th. Please read this and pass it on.

Two very important things for all ILLINOIS residents concerning our state convention this Friday and Saturday June 8th & 9th

1) We're working very had on making sure guests can become delegates. So if you want to help out the grassroots effort and have the possibility to become a delegate right there at the convention please go to http://ilgopconvention.eventbrite.com/ and register as a guest. You can do it right now, all online, this very second, and just show up to the convention. I make no promises about the upgrade to delegate, but if you know anything about Paul supporters, there's no group more willing to put in the effort to try. (It would be great if you could be there for both days, but if you can come for just one day, just one hour, just one vote then we'd rather have you there than not at all)

2) Whether you're coming as a delegate, alternate or guest, please BRING AS MUCH INFO ABOUT YOURSELF AS YOU CAN. That means have on you your registration ticket, photo ID, voters card, any kind of confirmation that you're a member of the Republican Party or have voted Republican in the past.

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Massachusetts GOP upholds election of Ron Paul delegates!

Wow, this is surprising...

"The Ron Paul supporters from Mitt Romney’s congressional district whose delegate selections were jeopardized by a ballot challenge are going to the Republican National Convention after all."


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Texas Convention - We are here!

Well, we are here in Ft. Worth getting for the next 3 days of battle! Let's give 'em a show that they won't soon forget.

If any other delegates want to get together at the convention, just message me here at the DP and shoot me your cell number. Lots of people are already coordinated but the campaign didn't return my emails. No worries, we'll wing it.

Let's get together and we'll rock this thing!!!! God Speed Delegates! For Liberty! For Texas!!

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Ron Paul's Latest Email 6/6/12

I wanted you to get an update from me personally, since we have some great news!

Due to the smart planning of our campaign and the hard work and diligence of supporters like you, we stand to send nearly 200 bound delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa. This number shatters the predictions of the pundits and talking heads and shows the seriousness of our movement.

What's more, we will send several hundred additional supporters to Tampa who, while bound to Romney, believe in our ideas of liberty, constitutional government, and a common-sense foreign policy.

When it is all said and done, we will likely have as many as 500 supporters as delegates on the Convention floor. That is just over 20 percent!

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Chaos? The Louisiana 2012 Republican State Convention Explained: Video

A friend put this video together with some text explaining what was going on. As a fellow participant, I can validate all of the major details are factually accurate. I am even in the video at one point :)


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Thank you South Dakota Patriots!

I am really bothered to see many referring to the effort in South Dakota as a "failure" or "disappointment." I do not see it as either, to me it was an over-whelming success.

Seeing that we had the ability to come together (uncoordinated by the official campaign) and take the movement into our own hands, using our own funds, and many using their own time and energy was a huge success for Liberty. There is no reason anyone should feel as if they failed, it was a courageous effort. I want thank everyone behind "South Dakota For Liberty" and everyone who helped contribute by donating funds, time, or made phone calls. They deserve a round of applause.

Thank you patriots, these are the efforts that define this movement! What a victory for Liberty!

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Greek tax collectors run out of money for gas to collect taxes

Greece Warns of Going Broke as Tax Proceeds Dry Up

Published: June 5, 2012

As European leaders grapple with how to preserve their monetary union, Greece is rapidly running out of money.

Government coffers could be empty as soon as July, shortly after this month’s pivotal elections. In the worst case, Athens might have to temporarily stop paying for salaries and pensions, along with imports of fuel, food and pharmaceuticals.

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G. Edward Griffin Quote on Gun Control

"Gun-control laws do not control crime because crimes are not committed by guns; they are committed by criminals. Criminals will always have guns because they do not obey laws, including anti-gun laws. Those without guns are easy prey for criminals with guns. Gun control encourages crime.

"The right to bear arms was included in the Bill of Rights, not to deter crime, but to deter oppressive government. Just governments honor and protect the right to bear arms. Oppressive governments fear and prohibit the right to bear arms.

"Guns are dangerous. The only thing more dangerous is not having them."

-- G. Edward Griffin

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A Warning for the Tampa Convention!

This Is a warning for what may be expected from those who want to paint a bad picture of Ron Paul Supporters: Problem - Reaction - Solution


How can we separate ourselves from those who plan to cause chaos? A bit of planning and a little investment could go a long ways and could shine light on this problem... Your ideas are appreciated!

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June 5th Primaries: South Dakota, California, New Jersey, New Mexico, Montana - Results Open Thread

June 5th Primaries in: South Dakota, California, New Jersey, New Mexico and Montana.

Post your news, observations & insights in the comments below.

#RonPaul Twitter Bomb!
Checklists for each state below the fold:


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Venus Transit as Rare as Ron Paul

Hello DPers.

Currently, and for the next five hours from the time of this post, Venus is passing in front of our Sun. This is a once in our life time opportunity as it will not occur again until 2117.

I feel like the rarity of this event causes us to remind ourselves of how rare it is that we can have someone like Ron Paul as President.

Live video feed from Nasa:


Here is a recent screen capture just in case you miss it:


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Ron Paul Statement on on HR 3541: The Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act

Mr. Speaker, as an Ob-GYN who has delivered over 4,000 babies, I certainly abhor abortion. And I certainly share my colleagues' revulsion at the idea that someone would take an innocent unborn life because they prefer to have a child of a different sex.

However, I cannot support HR 3541, the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act, because this bill is unconstitutional. Congress's jurisdiction is limited to those areas specified in the Constitution. Nowhere in that document is Congress given any authority to address abortion in any manner. Until 1973, when the Supreme Court usurped the authority of the states in the Roe V. Wade decision, no one believed or argued abortion was a federal issue.

I also cannot support HR 3541 because it creates yet another set of federal criminal laws, even though the Constitution lists only three federal crimes: piracy, treason, and counterfeiting. All other criminal matters are expressly left to states under the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, and criminal laws relating to abortion certainly should be legislated by states rather than Congress.

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GASP! Fox News Reports on Ron Paul!

Why the GOP can't afford to ignore Ron Paul and his many fans

"Ron Paul has stopped actively campaigning in forthcoming primary contests, and after Texas everyone agrees that Romney has the nomination effectively locked up. But Ron Paul’s people are still striving to rack up as many delegates as he can at state Republican Party conventions before the Tampa .

He’s continued to do it too—even after his May announcement that many in media spun as “Paul drops out,” the Texas Congressman cleanly won control of his second state delegation at Minnesota’s state convention.

This past weekend in a chaotic and divided state GOP convention in Louisiana, in which two Paul activists were injured by police, it appears likely that he controls the delegation in that state too. (Since the convention literally split in two, the national party will have to eventually decide between two competing delegations, but the Paulite convention had the majority.)

Paul also previously won Maine, and has strong hope of coming out of the state convention later this month in Iowa controlling their delegation as well."

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/06/05/why-gop-cant-affor...

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I decided to walk home

After voting RON PAUL this morning I left my car at the polling station - parking lot entrance, in front of the walkway.

I don't know... It was such a nice day!

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