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Ron Paul Interview at Cornell: "A lot can happen before the convention!"

If you're in the third lap of a mile run, you don't drop out because you're behind. We're going to run hard!


Video of full speech

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"Become Ron Paul"

"An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government!"
- Congressman Ron Paul

Dr. Paul continues to have overflow crowds as people come to hear his words of wisdom. We need to take these ideas and have candidates across the country share them in every race.

Now is the time for us to "Become Ron Paul." By running for office or helping those who are, the message of Liberty will continue to multiple. SuperBrochure.com is dedicated to helping get as many "Ron Paul" candidates into office as possible.

SuperBrochure.com is already working with many candidates. And we need you! We can create a Super Brochure for you or a candidate that you know. Effectively get the Liberty message out to people with your own Super Brochure web site and your own custom mailing list.

Example of Candidate's Site:
Peter Richter - Florida State House (District 76)

And the next 10 candidates who apply will not have to pay the initial $1,000 deposit. That is right: No out of pocket cost to set up this powerful tool.

But you have to hurry! Fill out this Application now:

You, me, and all the other Ron Paul Patriots are the R3VOLUTION! The future depends on us taking action now.

If you have questions or need anything, please let me know.

In Liberty,


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Albany Times Union: They traveled to Ithaca to hear Ron Paul

"I just got off the phone with a very ticked-off Ron Paul supporter who couldn’t believe that the TU hadn’t devoted any space to Rep. Ron Paul’s rally Thursday in Ithaca — especially when we had gone to the trouble of running a three-inch AP brief on Newt Gingrich’s appearance at last night’s state GOP dinner in New York." ...

Continued with pictures:


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The Mother Of All Infographics: Visualizing America’s Derivatives Universe

If you ever wanted a tool to help yourself or others visualize the staggering magnitude of US debt and derivatives, this is a good one to share.
Derivatives Visual:
US Debt Visual:

Related ZeroHedge Article:

I'm not an economist, but even a layman can see that this doesn't look like it is going to end well.

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I want to share this good news...

I am currently working in TN. In my job I drive quite a bit and interact with about 6 clients per day...I work 7 days-a-week. In the past 2 months I've been at this, I have had multiple comments and coversations about my RP bumper sticker! It's been a terrific ice-breaker toward educating people about what the REAL message is, not what FAUX news has been telling them. In the 250-or-so people I've conversed with in the past 60 days, only ONE wasn't an enthusiastic Paul supporter by the time we finished our discussion!!! Just tonight upon returning to my motel from a day out in the field, two young guys in the motel parking lot saw my sticker and started talking with me...the one fella explained that he discovered Ron Paul just last week, and spent 4 straight hours on YouTube watching videos...particularly the ones that were negative toward Ron in the title...and his conclusion was that there were NO negative videos!! That the ones trying to bash Ron contradicted themselves so badly that he drew his own conclusion that there just is NO DIRT on Ron anywhere...and he's found politics for the first time and is a huge fan in just one week!!!

I explained to him that Ron's support nationwide is much, much stronger than he has been lead to believe, and that Tampa will turn out different than the TV is telling the public. I finished our talk with this: There's no such thing as an ex-Ron Paul supporter! To which he replied: RIGHT ON!!!

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Alt. Cancer & Detox Therapies: Gerson, Henderson, BX Antitoxin, Burzynski, Budwig, IVC, Laetrile, IPT, LifeOne (Video Library)

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."
~ Hippocrates, father of medicine (460 BC - 370 BC)

(Medical Disclaimer: The following information on this post is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as offering medical advice. Individuals should seek advice from a qualified health practitioner before pursuing any course of action on their own.)

***This post was initially created to cover alternative cancer therapies, but has since been expanded to cover other areas of health as well. See Table of Contents.***

[Important: See CancerTutor.com reviews under most sections for important information about the strength of each cancer protocol(Stage IV, III, II, or I); whether it's a complete or supplemental protocol; which protocols can or cannot be combined; and which protocols can or cannot be used with certain cancers. They also list or reference important precautions that should be thoroughly read. The details are essential.]

This post is a compilation of videos and supporting links for alternative cancer therapies and detoxification strategies, as well as various herbs, foods, and substances that have been shown to have immune boosting/cancer fighting properties. It is by no means a complete list as I have primarily added sections for which videos have been found; however, I will continue to add sections as new video content becomes available. In the meantime, it would be wise to read "Understanding Treating Cancer With Alternative Medicine", ”An Overview of the Best Alternative Cancer Treatments”, as well as the CancerTutor.com Articles section of this post to get an overview of the various alternative therapies and why it is absolutely necessary to have an expert in these therapies guide in the selection of the correct protocol and its adaptation to each individual's unique health condition. The articles also discuss the effectiveness of older treatments versus newer more potent protocols. When viewing testimonials for various treatments, it is important to keep in mind that many of the successes with older treatments occurred before the increased use of chemotherapy and radiation. As a result, they may be too weak or ineffective by themselves for those who have undergone conventional treatments.

Understandably, some readers may have negative attitudes toward alternative medicine; some of it is good, some of it is bad, and most of it challenges the current medical paradigm. If they watch nothing else on this post, I encourage them to watch The Burzynski Movie and The Beautiful Truth. These two movies have set many on the path of doing their own research and questioning where they get their information from (See article "How Bogus Scientific Studies Are Created"). Individuals have to take personal responsibility and investigate what they read, even the information presented on this post.

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All Wrapped Up, Right Mitt? Not So Fast! GOP Delegates REFUSE To Sign Romney Pledge

All Wrapped Up, Right Mitt? Not So Fast! GOP Delegates REFUSE To Sign Romney Pledge

Members of the Republican National Committee gathering in Arizona were invited to meet with Mitt Romney in private Friday and have their pictures taken with the presumptive GOP nominee, but there was a price of admission: loyalty.

RNC members and state GOP chairmen were welcomed into the private reception only after signing a form pledging to support Romney as a delegate to the national convention in Tampa.

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Forbes.com 4/20 Stirring the Pot:, Could Legalizing Marijuana Save The Economy?

On April 2, One L. Goh allegedly went on a shooting spree inside Oikos University in Oakland, California, killing seven students. That same day, federal agents were otherwise occupied, raiding a business less than a half a mile away. That business, Oaksterdam University, is a medical marijuana training school in a location where it is considered legal for state and local purposes.


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Politico: Paul Raised $2.6 Million In March

Here is the article: http://www.politico.com/blogs/burns-haberman/2012/04/paul-ra...

Looks rather positive until the end. They have to spin it by saying "Paul may be in better financial shape than, say, Newt Gingrich, but even his loyal supporters seem to be tiring: the $2.6 million figure is down from $3.3 million in February and $4.5 million in January."

They just can't say that he is still a contender, that his supporters are not giving up, they have to spin the article.

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Red Alert! The 'Cyber Intelligence Sharing & Protection Act' CISPA (HR 3523) Already Has Over 100 Co-sponsors

Link to the EFF's Action Page

This bill already has over 100 Congressional co-sponsors, and is bolting through Congress! This is very upsetting! I just called my PA Congressman (Rep. Thomas Marino) and asked if he was a co-sponsor. They said, yes. I said, "Well you tell him I said not to support this bill, and if he does the next time his name comes around, HE IS OUT!"

THIS BILL WILL GIVE THEM CONTROL OF THE INTERNET!!!!! I am told it is worse than SOPA, the last bill they tried to control the internet with. Everyone yelled and SOPA was taken off the floor.

Text, cosponsors & full information from Open Congress: H.R.3523 - Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2011

* * EFF's Action Page * *

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4,400 for Ron Paul in Ithaca

Ron Paul packed the house again tonight at Cornell University. The Revolution continues…

We Are All Patrick Henry!

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I just quit the NRA!

I just quit the NRA and signed up for the GOA. I did it because the GOA recognizes that Ron Paul is a champion of the second amendment while the NRA just tries to scare us gunowners to get legislation through that benefits the powerful. The lobbied against Rand Paul's gun legislation and sent members an email bragging about passage of the NDAA because of a provision they attached to it allowing active duty military to have guns in their homes without having to register them. While this is admirable, they made no mention of the indefinate detention clause and to top it off, let Mitt Romney address their convention in St. Louis!

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No seats left for Ron Paul town hall

April 19, 2012 3:30 pm

Kaitlynn Riely / The Pittsburgh Press

Mitt Romney may have the money, the delegate lead and the momentum to become the Republican nominee for president, but the Ron Paul campaign keeps on rolling.

On Friday, it will roll into Pittsburgh.


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USA Today ELIMINATES Ron Paul as a Candidate!

Ron isn't even listed in the drop-down filter as a Candidate!



Ed in Phoenix - MAD AS HELL

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