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Video: Legal Open Carry Man Cites Law, Cops Back Down


Infowars.com | June 21, 2012

“I was detained by Portland PD officer J McDonald on 26MAY2012. He detains me without suspicion of any criminal activity in violation of Delaware v Prouse. He admits his sole reason for stopping me is my legally carried firearm in violation of US v DeBerry. He seizes my weapon with no reasonable suspicion that I’ve committed a crime in violation of Terry v Ohio. He demands my ID without reasonable suspicion in violation of Hiibel v Nevada.”

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FCC Indecency Policy (Partially) Overturned: "Accidental" Cursing Coming to an Award Show Near You?

Following on a previous federal appeals court ruling, the Supreme Court overturned fines and sanctions against broadcasters in relations to curse words and nudity during an awards show and an episode of NYPD Blue.

The Supreme Court didn't establish a broad constitutional precedent, but rather only said that the broadcasters couldn't have known in advance that the brief obscenities and nudity would have resulted in fines.

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Shocker! Ron Paul and Rule 40 - The NEW Romney Nightmare...

From Doug Wead's Blog
June 21, 2012

At least one of the cats is out of the bag. The story is now public that an obscure, overlooked GOP rule, passed in January, 2008, has opened the way for Ron Paul delegates to place his name in nomination for vice president at the RNC in Tampa. And maybe for president? Experts say no. More on that.

Rule 40 came at a time when there was concern that the GOP presidential field would be split between candidates Huckabee, McCain, Romney, Thompson, Giuliani and Paul, with no one candidate winning a majority in five states. It was accepted that this possibility was remote, due to the sequential power of successive caucus and primary victories which would winnow the field and give one or two candidates momentum but the deadlock was at least a mathematical possibility.

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Conversation with a Veteran's Widow

I live in a city of about 55,000. The small mortgage company I work for owns a brown building with gold lettered words on the west side of downtown. I usually come into work about 8:30, but I was a little late after watching a movie with my girlfriend, late last night. So, I walk in at 9:02, and start making some coffee. While it's brewing I recieve a call from a lady named Caroline.

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Five States

The thread below needs to be the focus of our grassroots. If Ron Paul has a plurality of 5 States he can be nominated and be on the ballot as well as give a 15-minute speech to the delegates at the Convention. The delegates have the power to elect the next president. Will they really be so foolish and elect Romney when Ron Paul speaks to them directly and asks for their vote? We must get Ron Paul on the ballot and on that stage so he can ask the delegates for their vote.


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Judge Nap: Can Obama rewrite federal law?

By Andrew P. Napolitano | Washington Times

Here we go again. Is the Constitution merely a guideline to be consulted by those it purports to regulate, or is it really the supreme law of the land? If it is just a guideline, then it is meaningless, as it only will be followed by those in government when it is not an obstacle to their purposes. If it is the supreme law of the land, what do we do when one branch of government seizes power from another and the branch that had its power stolen does nothing about it?

Late last week, President Obama, fresh from a series of revelations that he kills whomever he pleases in foreign lands, that the U.S. military is actually fighting undeclared wars in Somalia and Yemen, and that the CIA is using cyberwarfare - computers - to destabilize innocents in Iran, announced that he has rewritten a small portion of federal immigration law so as to accommodate the needs of young immigrants who came to the United States as children and remained here. By establishing new rules governing deportation, rules that Congress declined to enact, the president has usurped the power to write federal law from Congress and commandeered it for himself.

Immigrants should not be used as political pawns by the government. When government does that, it violates the natural law. Our rights come from our humanity, and our humanity comes from God. Our rights are natural and integral to us, and they do not vary by virtue of, and cannot be conditioned upon, the place where our mothers were physically located at the time of our births. Federal law violates the natural law when it interferes with whom you invite to your home or employ in your business or to whom you rent your property or with whom you walk the public sidewalks.

Continue reading at the Washington Times

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'Checkpoint of the future' takes shape at Texas airport

DALLAS – At a terminal being renovated here at Love Field, contractors are installing 500 high-definition security cameras sharp enough to read an auto license plate or a logo on a shirt.

By Michael Mulvey, for USA TODAY

The cameras, capable of tracking passengers from the parking garage to gates to the tarmac, are a key first step in creating what the airline industry would like to see at airports worldwide: a security apparatus that would scrutinize passengers more thoroughly, but less intrusively, and in faster fashion than now.


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Who should I vote for at Tampa?

It has been made very clear to me in no uncertain terms that if I vote for Ron Paul at Tampa, I will have no political future whatsoever. A passionate Ron Paul supporter even said they would make it their life's mission to keep me out of the future of the movement and the party.

I could have decent success getting elected to some local or state office, but not so if I vote for Ron Paul. So my question to all of you is after this election, are you going to stay in the party fighting them at ever turn and taking positions within your local and state parties, and support people like me who would have to stick their neck out to vote for Ron Paul, or are you all going to get mad and go home like many of you did after Rand endorsed Mitt?

What say ye?

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5 Facts that will annoy your Keynesian economics professor

Not every college professor is a Keynesian, but there’s a good chance that yours is, or at least subscribes to part of the Keynesian mindset. If so, here are some fun facts you can bring up that desecrate the Keynesian worldview.

1.) The Not-So-Great Depression of 1920-21

The Great Depression (1929-1940+) was a horrible era, and it takes center stage in a lot of the current debate on economic policy. But few people mention the Depression of 1920-21. Unlike the Great Depression, which lasted one-and-a-half decades, the Depression of 1920 only lasted a year or so. During the Great Depression, massive government stimulus was used. Everyone knows that FDR was a big supporter of stimulus i.e. increasing the debt, spending money, and lowering interest rates, but it has been left out of the popular dialogue that Herbert Hoover also engaged in massive amounts of stimulus.(1) Now contrast that with the Depression of 1920, which was dealt with, as Jim Grant put it in the Washington Post:

By raising interest rates, reducing the public debt and balancing the federal budget. Eighteen months after the depression started, it ended.(2)

The Keynesian prescription of lowering interest rates and increasing government spending was not only ignored, but the exact opposite was done. Let 21st-century economists rub their eyes in disbelief.

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RNC Faces Suit From Paul Backers

A slate of Ron Paul backers elected to the Republican National Convention that will be held later this summer in Tampa have sued the national party for the right to vote for their chosen candidate.

In a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in California, the 132 delegates -- representing 18 states and accounting for more than 5 percent of the total number of delegates elected to vote in Tampa -- allege that the RNC violates federal law by requiring them to sign pledges to back a certain candidate. The RNC's "Unit Rule," which restricts delegates' voting options, illegally limits their vote, they say.

Continue: http://www.nationaljournal.com/politics/rnc-faces-suit-from-...

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Rule 40: The Vice Presidential Nomination at the RNC

WASHINGTON -- This may be the Ron Paul gambit we've been waiting for.

An obscure rule change made four years ago by the Republican Party has opened the door for Paul forces to cause a major headache for Mitt Romney when he tries to nominate his choice for vice president at the party convention in August.

The Republican National Committee could change Rule 40 in the week leading up to the convention, but that would risk the appearance of jamming Romney's nominee through, and likely cause a subsequent backlash.

Republican officials are still waking up to the fact that Paul loyalists -- who control the majority of delegates in Maine, Minnesota and Iowa, and have sizable contingents in a number of other states -- could very likely enter Paul's name into nomination for vice president. This would force a roll call vote where each delegate of each state is polled on the floor of the convention.


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Video: Jim Rickards on Fed's Operation Twist 2.0 - RT Capital Account w/Lauren Lyster, June 20, 2012

Jim Rickards on the latest Federal Reserve Rate Decision and Operation Twist 2.0


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Ron Paul Hits Back Against People Criticizing His Social Security Stance

The media is trying to say Ron Paul is being a hypocrite in his comments about Social Security earlier today. But he does a great job of defending himself. Read about it, and watch video of the discussion, at the below link:


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Wanted to make a topic to say thanks to everyone on Daily Paul.

Because over the years I have found so many interesting topics, discussions and rants here.

Just the fast news flow here is amazing, always has been.

Cause if you wanna post a news story, even if just out, you can bet that it has already been posted.

Over the years I have found the most interesting topics. Usually I find the sort of off topic discussions the most fun. But that might just be my personal preference.

As a non American it is interesting to see how people over the pond think, feel, react and reason. Quite the difference from how people are where I live.

When in campaign mode, a lot of people understandable are annoyed by off topic discussions and they fall back.

If I take a step back and look at the grand picture I still feel the off topic discussions, like "growing your greens" or "how to make soap" are more important in the scope of things.

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Massive Corporatist State-sanctioned Theft for Billionaires: Uncle Sam's Real Estate Fire Sale!

For Billionaires Only: Uncle Sam's Real Estate Fire Sale

by William F. Jasper

The New American

“The largest transfer of wealth from the public to private sector is about to begin. The federal government will be bulk-selling the massive portfolio of foreclosed homes now owned by HUD, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to private investors – vulture funds.”

So warned Roger Arnold, chief economist for ALM Advisors of Pasadena, California, in a column for RealMoney on August 11, 2011, that first lifted the lid on this latest colossal scandal to come out of the 2008-2009 financial crisis.

“These homes,” wrote Arnold, “which are now the property of the U.S. government, the U.S. taxpayer, U.S. citizens collectively, are going to be sold to private investor conglomerates at extraordinarily large discounts to real value. You and I will not be allowed to participate. These investors will come from the private-equity and hedge-fund community, Goldman Sachs (GS) and its derivatives, as well as foreign sovereign wealth funds that can bring a billion dollars or more to each transaction.”

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