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I Was Stuck In The Left Right Thing And I Just Got Blown Out!

Our job is to spread the message of liberty, sound money and peace everywhere!

There is no boundary to our work.

That's why we need to learn to quit fighting everybody and be the message of liberty, sound money and peace -- wherever we go -- whatever we do -- and whatever we say.

Sound like anybody you know?

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That's it. I'm done. No more GOP, LP, GJ, or any of it. I'll tell you why - you can tell me why not.

First of all, thank you guys for all of your efforts so far. I'm sure you know this is only the beginning. For me however, I am finished with the "politics" of this age in history. After this week, I know that we have already crossed the event horizon and that the system is beyond repair. I should have known this already. Yet I still canvassed neighborhoods, went to Tea Party rallies to try persuade folks, went to Republican committee meetings and tried schmoozing with fake/shallow people, watched every debate, checked DP frequently and the whole nine. When I voted for Dr. Paul this year it marked the only time I have voted for a president, even though I vote frequently on local races and issues. I should have learned from what my father went through in "politics". Today, when I saw this video, I thought of him and made my decision:


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Delegate Texas-Romney Rule Change Backlash at RNC

Romney Rule Change Backlash at RNC


Santorum supporter speaks up on behalf of liberty - The people want a voice ...
… even a Santorum supporter would say that that's the last straw with Romney
due to his power-grabbing behavior too. It's good to see that Ron Paul supporters
are not the only ones outraged by this.

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Update on that Ron Paul Third Party Conference Call: Had to get a larger room with a new number

Update from Israel Anderson quoting Doug Wead

From Evan Alaska: (background)

7 PM Alaska Time - Sunday Teleconference: People for Ron Paul for President

UPDATE: I had to get a larger conference room -- the limit for the original number was 96 people but over 300 have signed up- now I can accomodate up to 1,000 people.

THE NUMBER HAS CHANGED as of mid-day today.

The call is at 7:00 PM ALASKA TIME Today - Sunday - That is 8 PM Pacific (California) time, and 11 PM Eastern, for those who might be confused.

I spoke with Dr. Paul yesterday about continuing the fight by running on a third party ticket. I want to share what he said to me and let you know what needs to be done to make this happen. It can happen, but it's going to take some work. If you are willing to support this effort, please share this event and call in:

NOTE the Free Conference Call number and access code has been changed to a new one as of today:

Conference dial-in number: (559) 726-1200

Participant access code: 811476
UPDATE: September 2, 2012, 5:45 pm PST

We will also have at least one live stream over the internet now. Kerry Corn has a show called Face the Facts and will be calling in and broadcasting it live. http://tobtr.com/s/3591837

We may also have Matt Larson of youtube fame and another one of our Ron Paul Delegates also streaming it live. I'll update this as more information becomes available.

From the Last Frontier,

Evan Cutler
Alaskans for Ron Paul 2012 (http://www.alaskans4ronpaul2012.org/)
Girdwood, AK 99587

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What Do You Call A Boomerang That Doesn't Come Back When You Throw It?

It's Philosophy Fun Time!

What do you call a boomerang that doesn't return to you when you throw it?

A stick.

Let us meditate on this wisdom.


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8 ways to improve society when you opt out of voting and campaigning

An excellent blog post I ran across:

Full post: http://aotmr.com/8-ways-to-improve-society-when-you-opt-out-...

When a problem occurs, or when something is wrong, we have traditionally been conditioned to find someone who is “in charge”, a final arbiter of decision making who will have all of the answers and know all of the right things to say and do. Typically, those who have found themselves “in charge” are no more qualified or knowledgeable than those who are not, yet nonetheless these false prophets continue to swindle generation after generation of people. The worst thing about this whole situation is that these so called “authorities” maintain a monopoly on problem solving, meaning they are really the only ones who are allowed to solve problems. Thus over time people begin to believe that those in authority are the only ones who are actually capable of solving problems, when in reality, as i mentioned earlier they are no more qualified than anyone else.

If we apply this understanding to the realm of government, it is not difficult to see that the current system of electoral politics is not an effective or moral way for people to actually create meaningful change in their communities and the planet as a whole.

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At Jackson Hole, a growing fear for Fed independence

(Reuters) - Increasing political encroachment on the Federal Reserve, particularly from the Republican Party, could threaten the central bank's hard-won independence and undermine confidence in the nearly 100-year old institution.


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Tom Mullen: The real story behind those Ron Paul delegates from Maine

TAMPA, September 2, 2012 – By the time of Marco Rubio’s speech at the Republican National Convention (RNC), rhetoric overload and sore feet had overcome any desire I had to listen. I sat down at a table in the corridor of the Tampa Bay Times Forum. A few minutes later, several young people sat in the other chairs.

One of them was wearing a tee shirt that read, “Texas Remembers the Alamo, and the Maine, and the Oklahoma, and the Louisiana, and the Oregon, and the Massachusetts.”

Those are the other five states in which Ron Paul had majorities one week before the RNC. Together with the three states he actually won (Iowa, Minnesota and Nevada) Ron Paul would have carried eight states had many of those delegates not been unseated at the last minute.

The man wearing the tee shirt was Chris Howe, Ron Paul supporter and alternate delegate from Texas. Rob Hinojosa was a guest and the graphic designer of the tee shirts.

One day before, both had marched out of the RNC along with the Maine delegation and an army Ron Paul’s other delegates chanting “As Maine goes, so goes the nation!”

Howe and Hinojosa went to work on their smart phones and in short order produced Ashley Ryan, 21, the youngest national committeewoman in the history of the Republican Party.

Ryan confirmed that Ron Paul did indeed still have 20 of the 24 delegates from Maine as of the day before the RNC. They had been ready for a fight since learning of a challenge to the delegation a month earlier.


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John Cusack Interviews Prof. Jon Turley on the War Against the Constitution

With rare exceptions, this is what has been missing from our national dialogue, the voices of artists and actors who command respect as a result of their talents, weighing in on the vital issues, and showing they are more than a pretty face. Cusack packs some intellectual heft indeed.


a Rubicon line that I couldn't cross, right? I don't know how to bring myself to vote for a constitutional law professor, or even a constitutional realist, who throws away due process and claims the authority that the executive branch can assassinate American citizens. I just don't know if I can bring myself to do it. - John Cusack

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Tom Woods Gives Practical Advice For Prepping

Short interview by Tom Mullen, ideas worth hearing:


Visit Tom at his site LibertyClassroom.com

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GOP Shocker : Republican Platform Endorses a Value Added Tax Or National Sales Tax

The 2012 Republican Platform calls for a complete overhaul of the federal tax system. No surprise there. But then it endorses a value-added tax or national sales tax as one possible solution to the nation's budget problems. This is shocking.

The VAT would be adopted only if it is accompanied by "the simultaneous repeal of the Sixteenth Amendment, which established the federal income tax," the platform states. A Republican-controlled Congress passed that amendment in 1909, and the states ratified it in 1913. The tax was aimed squarely at the ultra-wealthy, targeting the top 1% of wage earners.

Removal of the 99-year-old tax amendment is so unlikely that the platform plank seems facetious. As for the VAT, perhaps it was inserted in the document for yucks, too. A mere two years ago, "VAT" was an obscenity in GOP circles. The Republican National Committee, which produced the 2012 platform in 2010, vigorously attacked the value-added tax after Obama advisor Paul Volcker said that a VAT or a carbon tax might be needed to narrow the budget deficit. The RNC assumed that the Democrats would add the regressive VAT to existing taxes and consequently soak the middle class.

Read more: http://online.barrons.com/article/SB500014240531119039049045...

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Grassroots Press Conference On Youtube

Here is the Youtube link for the Grassroots Press Conference held on 8/30/2012


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