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Poll: Paul's 14% Tops Bachmann's 10% in NH


Rick Perry's entrance into the presidential race has done two things to Michele Bachmann. One: It has prevented her from getting much liftoff outside of Iowa after her narrow win in Ames. Two: It might be closing off her path to an upset win outside of Iowa and Minnesota, both caucus states. The new Magellan poll of New Hampshire puts Bachmann in fourth place, behind both Perry and Ron Paul.

Romney - 36%
Perry - 18%
Paul - 14%
Bachmann - 10%
Cain - 3%
Huntsman - 3%
Gingrich - 2%
Santorum - 1%

Paul's polling at about twice what he scored in New Hampshire last time.

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An amazing sketch of Ron Paul built around an old fable

Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Bears Empty Pot For Americans


[...] The eye-popping reality of the situation is this. No longer can it be said that Ron Paul is running for President. Amazingly enough, his candidacy has been hijacked, and it appears now that the people are running for President. . . through Ron Paul! That’s the true revolution about which your neighbors are speaking.

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Glenn Greenwald on Ron Paul

The whole thing is magnificent, even though Greenwald is a stalwart progressive with socialist tendencies, and he does call Ron Paul "anti-choice," which is misleading. Anyway, he's far and away the best journalist out there.


There are many reasons why the media is eager to disappear Ron Paul despite his being a viable candidate by every objective metric. Unlike the charismatic Perry and telegenic Bachmann, Paul bores the media with his earnest focus on substantive discussions. There's also the notion that he's too heterodox for the purist GOP primary base, though that was what was repeatedly said about McCain when his candidacy was declared dead.

But what makes the media most eager to disappear Paul is that he destroys the easy, conventional narrative -- for slothful media figures and for Democratic loyalists alike. Aside from the truly disappeared former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson (more on him in a moment), Ron Paul is far and away the most anti-war, anti-Surveillance-State, anti-crony-capitalism, and anti-drug-war presidential candidate in either party. How can the conventional narrative of extremist/nationalistic/corporatist/racist/warmongering GOP v. the progressive/peaceful/anti-corporate/poor-and-minority-defending Democratic Party be reconciled with the fact that a candidate with those positions just virtually tied for first place among GOP base voters in Iowa? Not easily, and Paul is thus disappeared from existence. That the similarly anti-war, pro-civil-liberties, anti-drug-war Gary Johnson is not even allowed in media debates -- despite being a twice-elected popular governor -- highlights the same dynamic.


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Awesome Local TV Coverage of NH Office Opening

New England Cable News was there and they did a great job covering the event.


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Jerry Doyle Talks About The Attacks On Him For Sticking Up For Ron Paul

If you aren't familiar with the situation, read the original post here - http://www.dailypaul.com/...

Jerry got a call from a supporter today (most likely from Daily Paul) and went on to explain whats going on. He also gave some interesting insight on the radio industry and how things work.

He also shares a story where his opinion lost him 16 stations but he refused to go back on his beliefs and principals to keep them.

This is what he had to say on today's show


This guy has serious guts to be doing what he is and we need to keep supporting him. He isn't afraid to take on the status quo and call out the other neocon talk show hosts that are carrying water for the GOP.

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Ron Paul mocks Rick Perry on his Fed statement

By ALEXANDER BURNS | 8/17/11 9:08 PM EDT

Making a campaign stop in Concord, N.H., Wednesday, Ron Paul bragged about his status as a critic of the Federal Reserve — and poked fun at his home-state governor, Rick Perry, for his heated comments about Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke.

"Now they have this other governor, I can't remember his name," Paul joked. "He realizes that talking about the Fed is good, too. But I'll tell you what, he makes me sound like a moderate. I have never once sai

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ABC News: Ron Paul Credits Jon Stewart

Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, opened the doors of his New Hampshire campaign office tonight at an event that attracted hundreds of his supporters.

Paul took the opportunity to poke fun at his home state Governor Rick Perry for his over-the-top criticism of the Federal Reserve, Paul's bread and butter issue.
"The media coverage on Sunday morning was less than perfect for us," he said.

Paul added it was Jon Stewart who came to his defense.

"Then there's this guy on the Comedy Central or something, Jon Stewart, I think I've been on his program once or twice and I think he's thinking about getting me on again. Isn’t it great that somebody like that comes to defend us.”

Continue Reading:

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Got My First Honk and a Big Thumbs Up With My New Ron Paul Bumper Sticker From a Marine Today

As I was driving down the boulevard, heading to the grocery store today a Marine driving a Chevy truck behind me honked his horn, stuck his arm out of the window and gave me a big thumbs up.

The driver had a Marine Corps sticker on the back of his truck....I only have a high and tight haircut and a Ron Paul bumper sticker.

From one (former, never an ex) Marine to another, Semper Fi!

Made my day!

Many of us have been ranting lately about the oldstream media giving Ron Paul the shaft after Iowa.

How will Americans ever learn about Ron Paul if the oldstream media deliberately ignores him?

How will Americans ever know how darn popular Ron Paul really is?

How can WE ALL help Ron Paul make his way around the "Mainstream Mountain Media?"

A single, "lone wolf," Ron Paul bumper sticker has the power to influence hundreds of people a day.

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We Report, You Decide! Did Ron Paul Supporters Start The Modern Day Tea Party?

Put together some 2007 news footage as well as more recent footage documenting the origin of the modern day tea party. I'm not a pro so go easy on me.


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Texas: Ron Paul (22%) Clobbers Rick Perry (17%) in Latest Poll

The State Column | Staff | Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Texas Rep. Ron Paul is well ahead of Texas governor Rick Perry, according to the latest poll.

A poll conduced by Azimuth Research Group finds Mr. Paul leading Mr. Perry in their home state of Texas.

Answering the question, “If the Texas Republican primary were held today, which presidential candidate would you be most likely to vote for?” 22 percent of those polled selected Mr. Paul. Just 17 percent of respondents voted in favor of Mr. Perry.

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Matt Taibbi: Is the SEC Covering Up Wall Street Crimes?

By Matt Taibbi | August 17, 2011
Rolling Stone

Imagine a world in which a man who is repeatedly investigated for a string of serious crimes, but never prosecuted, has his slate wiped clean every time the cops fail to make a case. No more Lifetime channel specials where the murderer is unveiled after police stumble upon past intrigues in some old file – "Hey, chief, didja know this guy had two wives die falling down the stairs?" No more burglary sprees cracked when some sharp cop sees the same name pop up in one too many witness statements. This is a different world, one far friendlier to lawbreakers, where even the suspicion of wrongdoing gets wiped from the record.

That, it now appears, is exactly how the Securities and Exchange Commission has been treating the Wall Street criminals who cratered the global economy a few years back.

Continue reading at Rolling Stone

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Blowback begets Blowback

I had the unpleasant experience of getting into my car with Neal Boortz on the radio this morning just in time to hear him complaining at length about Ron Paul supporters.

What he doesn’t acknowledge is that the media mis-treatment of the Paul campaign generates blowback from Paul supporters in the form of hate mail and calls. If the media treated Paul like any other Republican candidate—you know, report on his activities, success, etc—there wouldn’t be all of this negative reaction from his supporters.

But these supporters also need to realize that lashing out at talk show hosts and reporters generates its own blowback. Boortz is reacting very badly saying he’s less inclined to cover Paul because of his supporters’ rude actions.

So I’m here trying to appeal to Paul supporters to focus on the positive. Compliment reporters when they show fair coverage. Pass out Ron Paul tip cards and slim jims, etc., etc. (See this earlier posting for other ideas: http://www.dailypaul.com/172337/101-things-you-can-do-to-pro...)

Please no more name calling, ill motive accusations, yelling at reporters and all the rest. Thanks.

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Antiwar.com: The Media Is the Enemy Of Peace, Liberty, and Truth

"Ron Paul is getting more publicity out of not getting publicity in the wake of his virtual tie with Bachmann in the Ames poll than he’s gotten to date. Suddenly everyone’s noticing the “mainstream” media is trying very hard not to notice the twelve-term Texas congressman and libertarian icon, despite his success in quadrupling his previous Iowa showing and barely being edged out by Bachmann."


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