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"WHAT Is The Greatest Weakness That A Romney Supporter Has?"

Ok, so we have our work set upon us from now till the Tampa Convention.

And that work can be solved by answering one question and one question only.

"What is the greatest weakness that a Romney supporter has? "

What that means is how can a Romney supporter be turned into a Paul supporter?

I've done it. (Although it's kind of hard to find a Romney supporter, but I did find one!)

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Washington State Convention - May 30-June 2 - Open Thread

The Washington state convention convenes tomorrow and adjourns on Friday. 40 delegates are being elected, 30 by congressional district and 10 at-large. Make sure you attend if you are a delegate or alternate, you may be seated!

"The Washington Republican State Convention (consisting of 1,500 delegates, 1,500 alternates, and the automatic delegates) convenes [WSRP rule 36].

National Convention delegate candidates declare their Presidential preference or uncommitted status at the time they are nominated. These delegates are bound for the first ballot at the National Convention [WSRP rule 37]."

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Congressional District 7 WA State Convention Clean Sweep for Ron Paul!

I am happy to report that we swept the entire 7th Congressional District Delegation here in the State of Washington with an overwhelming majority of over 72%! That means all three slots are filled by our top organizers who will be representing the district for Ron Paul in Tampa Bay at the RNC.

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One Media Outlet Breaks The Silence

...Matt Dubin, a Paul organizer, told the Tacoma crowd that despite media reports the GOP presidential race was not over until delegates officially picked the nominee at the national convention in Tampa.

Dubin urged the Republicans to “take a look around” at the Paul delegates in the crowd. “They are the future of our party and they are not going to go away.”

Dubin drew boisterous cheers from the Paul supporters when he indirectly questioned Romney’s conservative credentials on issues from abortion to health care and gun rights.


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Next 4 Days Are HUGE For Ron Paul!

Please do what ever you can to help out the Ron Paul Campaign!


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Ron Paul Crushes the Market, Outperforms by 9%

Why there are so many people that call the good Doctor a kook is beyond me. In my opinion all Presidents should be very well versed in Economics.


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I saw an expert on TV who said Ron Paul will win it all

This is what I say to people sometimes.

That's it.

Can't argue with a guy on TV, right?

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Daily Paul Malware Alert

UPDATE: I've made contact with the ad service provider that is supplying the code that Google is flagging as malicious. They are aware of the problem and are working with Google to solve it. The Daily Paul is not the only site that is being subject to this treatment. Hopefully this will get sorted out soon.

See Also: isocket tweet.

- - - -

As many regulars here have noted (here, here, here, here, and here), dialing into the Daily Paul on Chrome or Firefox results in a Google red screen that says the Daily Paul contains malware. No such warning appears when using Safari or IE. Further investigation shows that Google has classified the Daily Paul as 'suspicious', in spite of the fact that:

Of the 658 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 0 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 2012-05-31, and suspicious content was never found on this site within the past 90 days

Over the past 90 days, dailypaul.com did not appear to function as an intermediary for the infection of any sites. This site has not hosted malicious software over the past 90 days.

After much investigation, it appears that this is a false alarm. Google is listing some standard ad server code - which has been on the site for over a year - as suspicious. We may also be the subject of a dirty tricks attack, as the 'suspicious' page Google is flagging is this one: Why I am Endorsing Mitt Romney for President and Not Ron Paul.

Thank you everyone for your patience. We're working on getting this straightened out as soon as we can.


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Time Bomb: Banks Pressured to Buy Government Debt

[CNBC] US and European regulators are essentially forcing banks to buy up their own government's debt—a move that could end up making the debt crisis even worse, a Citigroup analysis says.

Regulators are allowing banks to escape counting their country's debt against capital requirements and loosening other rules to create a steady market for government bonds, the study says.

While that helps governments issue more and more debt, the strategy could ultimately explode if the governments are unable to make the bond payments, leaving the banks with billions of toxic debt, says Citigroup strategist Hans Lorenzen.

"Captive bank demand can buy time and can help keep domestic yields low," Lorenzen wrote in an analysis for clients. "However, the distortions that build up over time can sow the seeds of an even bigger crisis, if the time bought isn't used very prudently."

Continue reading at CNBC

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"Paul Supporters Want Corruption Exposed and Penalties Exacted"

"Most supporters of presidential candidate Ron Paul believe this Republican primary season has been marred by countless examples of GOP corruption. The vast majority of Paul’s supporters would like to see the unethical behavior exposed by the mainstream press and action taken against the perpetrators of the alleged infractions even if the exposure hurts the Republican Party."

Read more... http://www.examiner.com/article/paul-supporters-want-gop-cor...

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RNC tries to block Ron Paul Festival!

I took part in my first Ron Paul Festival conference call tonight. It was a real pleasure to meet organizer Bryan Siemon on the telephone, & catch his excitement.

The first thing he told us was that the RNC had a hold on all the facilities in Tampa, in case they wanted to use them. So far, they've had no use for the Tampa Fairgrounds & the fairgrounds wants to host the RP Festival, yet the RNC won't release the fairgrounds to sign the contract. Siemon said their attorney has FOIA'd the fairground & the RNC for contract paperwork that would support them not releasing the fairgrounds. The RNC doesn't have to play ball on the FOIA, but the fairgrounds must. Siemon sounded very confident that his group will get the fairgrounds in the end, and if not, there are alternatives. But, the RNC is not happy about this festival.

On that note, I suggested that Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, Palin & the whole gang be invited to the festival! Speak, sign books, shake hands, have a sno cone! What a way to warm up for the national convention - no? Right now, the RNC is acting like we're amassing an army, when they need to know we're having a love-in for the Constitution. We definitely want to make love, NOT WAR - right?

We also discussed the idea of this festival being OUR convention, where EVERYONE can be a delegate for Ron Paul. Wouldn't that be a hoot?

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Ron Paul Supporters Plan to Gather 100k During ‘Ron Paul Festival’ at Tampa Convention

Ron Paul supporters have revealed a plan to organize a "Ron Paul Festival" at the Republican National Convention which will take place in Tampa, Fla., during the week of August 27, 2012.

The anticipated convention is the event where delegates of the Republican Party are expected to choose the party’s nominees for President and Vice President, with former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney poised to be nominated at the Tampa Bay Times Forum.

But Ron Paul supporters are planning to “crash the party” with their recently announced "Ron Paul Festival" in which fervent fans of the libertarian icon will hold rallies, speeches and entertainment at the Florida State Fairgrounds (not far from where the convention will be held).


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