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The Last Hour

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F- the Lawn

A facebook friend posted this:


Which leads to this project by Luke Keegan:

Fuck the lawn.
"How I replaced my lawn with a veggie garden"

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Antibiotic $9

Personal Testimony: 8 years now... I am 62 y.o.
I use it when I need it... 2-3X in a year... maybe.
Long Life... Keep in Freezer/Use as needed
Buy "0" gel caps, fill 'em yourself
Worked EVERY time: Infections - Tooth, Ear, Sinus, Bronchial, EVEN Prostate (yup!)
I would NEVER be without this stuff. Never.

... and NO it has never 'discolored' my teeth.. I don't recommend for children under 12 (use FishMOX).

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Matt Taibbi Quits First Look Media 8 Months After Joining

Journalist left Rolling Stone earlier this year to head digital magazine funded by ebay Founder Pierre Omidyar; quits before launch

Acclaimed writer Matt Taibbi has left start-up news operation First Look Media eight months after joining from Rolling Stone, the company announced Tuesday.

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When the government's boot is on your throat...

When the government's boot is on your throat...

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This Is What Legalizing Marijuana Did to the Black Market in Colorado

Illegal pot dealers still undersell licensed marijuana merchants in Colorado, but their advantage may be fading.

Jacob Sullum | Reason | November 2014


"The black-market prices are definitely lower than recreational prices," says Michael Elliott, executive director of Colorado's Marijuana Industry Group. "The taxes are a big reason why, the new testing requirements, the packaging requirements, and basically this whole hurdle of the extraordinary expenses people have had to go through to open these businesses. Another reason is that the businesses have had limited supply." The supply problem was especially acute in the early months, before the first harvests of plants raised for the recreational market, when repurposed medical marijuana was the only source.


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70% of U.S. Tax Dollars go to These Three Areas

1. Military, 2. Medicare & Medicaid, 3. Social Security = 70%

From We The Economy

Watch WE THE ECONOMY - Your Tax Dollars At Work on Vimeo.

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Building With Papercrete

The dome project is moving VERY slowly forward. We had "projectus interruptus" in the form of an unemployed son with twin babies. You know, if you have to put your dreams on hold, that is a pretty fine reason. We now live in the house next to our property, so are getting back after things at last. This fall, we began to cover the dome. We covered it in plywood this summer, leaving a southern window framed to allow maximum light in winter, minimum in summer.

Papercrete is amazing stuff. We put the plywood on with the intention of putting insulation in and roofing over it, then we learned about papercrete (just in time, as always!) Some of the people using it will make a frame of styrofoam. Take two sheets, frame them so there is a gap of a few inches between and fill with papercrete, then when dry, cover with more papercrete. Lightweight, excellent insulation and very, very inexpensive.

We have been mixing it in a bucket, very tedious. We wanted to do some testing before we committed further FRNs to this. We are delighted with our test. We are building one of these now:


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Caught on tape: Lindsey Graham for President? Oh my my...

(The Daily Signal) - South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, who is considering a run for president, was caught on tape at a private gathering this month saying, “White men who are in male-only clubs are going to do great in my presidency.”


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Over 200,000 Doctors Opting Out of Obamacare

There are many reasons for the declining state of the health care in the United States. It can be traced back at least to the Flexner Report and the creation of the American Medical Association, essentially cartelizing the medical industry. Various government interventions have only served to continue to increase the cost of health care while quality declines, and Obamacare is merely the latest chapter in this progression of interventions.

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Who's the Scariest Politician? The Lions of Liberty Discuss This and Other Spooky Stuff in the Halloween Spooktacular Podcast!

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, I am joined by my eclectic crew of libertarian friends for the inaugural Lions of Liberty Halloween Spooktacular! The whole “Libertarians in Living Rooms Drinking Liquor” gang come together to discuss the scariest politicians and some scary current events. From Ebola to ISIS to the War on Drugs, we leave no scary topic untouched as we navigate their way through a mine field of bad impersonations and semi-buzzed ranting. So toss on your Halloween costume, grab some treats, and join the Lions of Liberty for this raucous, spooky fun time!

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Time for Wall Street to 'man up'. Mommy Janet Yellen is cutting the apron strings.

Hey, Wall Street suck it up because it's time to man up.

Because after 37 months, you're on your own.

Come next month, your mommy Janet Yellen is cutting the apron strings. She's leaving you to fend for yourselves because frankly, you've been living in her basement too long and she's sick of it.

It's true. More than three years after keeping markets afloat, the Federal Reserve is sending its free money ship out to sea.

No ship.

No more money.

No more quantitative easing. Just this hard reality.

It's over.

The party's over.

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Rand Paul Says GOP Brand 'Sucks': 'Fighting 40 Years of Us Doing a Crappy Job'

Mediaite: Senator Rand Paul spoke at a GOP field office today, and according to a report from The Hill, he was remarkably candid about how much the Republican Party’s brand “sucks” right now. He repeated his previous candid remarks about how the GOP is like Domino’s Pizza; the pizza chain underwent a huge rebranding after they realized people hated their product and the GOP should do the same.

Paul has attempted a mini-rebranding of his own with a stronger focus on issues in the black community like rebuilding inner city neighborhoods and cracking down on disproportionate drug sentences for African-Americans. And he really understands people believe the Republican Party doesn’t care:

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