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Libertarian Lanterns

I made these 4 years ago and 3 years ago respectively. Sad to see that things have not moved on... but hopeful for a brighter future. Happy Halloween Folks!

I hope you enjoy, and maybe get some inspiration for your own libertarian lanterns



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Please Help Me in the Final Days of My Campaign!

We are happy to report on our continued progress as people begin voting for their representative for Colorado's third congressional district! This week we had an ad in a publication based in the San Luis Valley, and I just returned from speaking to three classes of junior and senior students at Vail Christian High School - this is the greatest honor - reaching the next generation who will have many challenges, but also, many opportunities.

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Jan boils Boyle on ISIS.

Jan boils Matthew Boyle, Breitbart Radio Host on ISIS. Part 1

Boyle tries to boil Jan (Part 2).

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I know a veteran who says "I was in places I shouldn't have been"

I know a veteran who says "I was in places I shouldn't have been".

He doesn't talk much about the stories, but one of them was Black Hawk Down or something similar; he said he was ordered to fire at the troops we were leaving behind so they wouldn't be captured.

Imagine, that some sort of secret is worth more than a human brain which powers the Protector???

It's disturbing.

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Life hurts

First I am sorry for this post, I needed to get this off my chest and didn't know of another place where I am anonymous enough to not warrant friends and family trying to talk. Sometimes strangers are more comforting. So thank you ahead of time for being the people that I feel comfortable talking to.

Life is hard, life moves fast, life doesn't take prisoners. It is cold, calculating and knows no mercy. It is nothing but a set of events that happen because of choices you make. Recompense must be paid, your ledger must be balanced and karma really is a bitch.

As my marriage is breaking up, and my wife is moving on and out... I find myself becoming more reflective. Who knew, that for someone who thought they were preparing for the end of the world, matters of the heart were just as bad if not worse than a collapse of society. That there really are no guards, or protections that seem to fit the situation. Those amazing highs when falling in love, getting married, having children, and just being around your soulmate are such a double edged sword... for when that one decides its time, it makes the lows seem all the worse.

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School Lockdowns

Hello DP, I am still fuming right now. My local community college just had a lockdown drill. This is not abnormal for my school. However, this time the reasoning for the lockdown drill was a group “protesters” that were “attempting to start a riot.” They had actors holding signs and yelling while police stood by. At this point the announcement came over the intercom for the lock down, and all the students were told to hide in a back room.

I’ve been asking myself: Why would they go through the trouble to create this fake scenario? Is this a demonstration of force against the First Amendment? Maybe an example of what will happen to you if you protest here? No one would have the opportunity to capture evidence of police misconduct if they were all quickly ushered into a back room.

I openly shared these concerns with the 40 or so students and faculty while we were locked in a dark room together. Most of them realized how ridiculous the entire situation was, but they were still quite apathetic about it. I attempted to ask the police captain some questions but I didn’t get much out of him he just replied with: “maybe you should come by my office sometime, but I’m going to be busy for the rest of the day.” I am still unsure if this invite was genuine or if the captain was simply deflecting. What questions should I ask this guy if I get another chance? What would you do DP Community?

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I Love the Atheists, Christians, and Religious Fundamentalists

Seems like there’s been an awful lot of intolerance, hatred and trolling going on at the Daily Paul lately. I dread looking at the comment section anytime a topic has been posted having to do remotely with anything religious.

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If Rand is GOP Nominee, 3rd Party Candidates in POTUS Debates

I'm calling it right now--if Rand is the GOP Presidential nominee, we'll see a 3rd Party candidate in the Presidential debates for the first time since Perot. This will be done to split the GOP vote to hand the victory to Hillary, of course because it will be a Libertarian or Right-leaning candidate. They would not dare allow a Green party candidate into the debates because it would cost Hillary votes.

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Positive Propaganda

I get tired of bad news so I'm trying to create some good news.
Thank you for being awake.
Thank you for your support.


@SpreadnLuv on Twitter

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I am sending the IRS 70K$ this year.

I went off the grid a while back. I spent more than a few years not making a dime, and just living a minimal life style off of savings.

Last year, I decided, it was time to make some real money again. In part because of a pre-existing IRS "debt". So I put my name back out on the market and picked up some contracts. I voluntarily committed to working 20hrs a day.

Because I work 20hrs a day, and quite frankly have a skill set that is relatively uncommon even in the best of my work community, I didn't have a hard time finding a few folks willing to pay me large sums of money.

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Almost Everything We're Told is a Lie

Almost Everything We’re Told is a Lie

Almost everything we’re told is a lie,
He told them they wouldn’t die,
The falsehoods continue, even still,
Corrupting the heart, mind and will.

We’re the progeny of primeval slime,
Having kids is a crime,
Our very breathing is a sin,
Global warming could do us in,
Our carbon footprint is a shame,
Depleted ozone, we’re to blame.

The criminals and their creeds,
Depopulation is plucking weeds,
Thomas Malthus: We’re the plague,
Time to exit from the stage.

9 11 and the war on terror,
Not enough security is the error,
Join the military, it’s real great,
Killing foreigners is not hate.

Brake for animals, be no cynic,
While driving to the abortion clinic,
That’s okay, we’ve been told,
Our mind is in a stranglehold.

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"The Truth Shall Set You Free, But First It Will Make You Miserable"

That poster hung on the refrigerator when I was a teenager, with a picture of a kitten in a stockade. The older I get, the wiser my mother gets...

Mom and Dad "woke up" before I was born. They got behind Goldwater. My father bought like a thousand copies of "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" and gave them away. They went door to door and worked the polls and may even have gone to a convention. Sound familiar? And oddly enough, I knew nothing of this as I began to wave signs on street corners and go door to door for Ron Paul. Apples fall closer to trees than we realize, some times.

When I began to speak of a "love revolution" to one of my sisters, it got weird. She went into a rant about remembering how she thought the world was about to end when Mom and Dad got political. It seems she was about 7, and the whole thing really traumatized her. I asked an older brother about it, and he is the one who clued me in about my parents "secret" past life as political activists.

My parents knew Ron Paul in those days, Dad stayed pen pals with Ayn Rand for a while. They ran with some "big dogs" it seems. It is so sad they both died before 2008, I wish we could have had that moment together... So it goes. When I was born in 1962, all that was left was Mom's dedication to working the polls every year. I never got it as a kid, what a bore!

Dad remained a silverbug. He got tipped off some time in the 50's (most likely a campaign friend) to the silver shortage that Eisenhower was about to announce. We all knew how to watch for silver coins as kids, and we got silver dollars as gifts. My father knew about the metals market manipulation my entire life, and he died before it was exposed.

Why do I tell this tale? We are falling into the same trap, I suspect. The tuckfards are patient beyond our imagination. They really do not mind dying "in shame" as long as their offspring remain in power.

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What I want to know about the Dallas Ebola incident

So a nurse contracts the virus and they were heavily protected.

Duncan's fiance and people in her home have been exposed to it for almost 3 weeks with no signs of it. The girlfriend said they slept in the same bed. She said he sweated profusely all over the sheets when she was laying next to him. She helped care for him. No symptoms yet and last week was the crucial week for symptoms to show and the 3 week window is almost up.

If this Ebola incident is true, then why aren't they getting blood from the woman to see why she has not shown symptoms?

People with the Sickle Cell trait are immune to malaria. Maybe the Hb S gene and S alleles have something to do with immunity or why others may not get as ill.

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Red Serrano Hot Pepper Wine

What do you do when you're half drunk from your dandelion wine late at night and you have a massive patch of surplus hot peppers?

You get an even better stupider idea and unleash your total insanity:

Red Serrano Hot Pepper Wine. This should be interesting, yeah? Lol

I spent all day (with a freakin headache) picking, sorting, prepping, and burning. I'm still burning. But tough men don't need gloves, right? I have no clue how I will get my contacts out tonight, or worse yet, put them back in tomorrow, but I'll get through it. Lol

The must is now ready to start fermenting, I just have to wait on the yeast starter to acclimate to a mild dose of it before pitching it into the primary fermentation bucket.

I plan on aging it for a while with some white oak submerged in it. That should go well with the pepper flavor.

We'll update it as time progresses. If it turns out good, maybe next time, we'll go Habanero.

Pictures of the process (captioned):

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Foulk All You Cowards Who Are Afraid of Ebola...

I'm sick and tired of seeing what once were brave strong people cowering in the corner afraid of some disease that MIGHT claim a few hundred people out of 100 million of us. You COWARDS are willing to GIVE UP our rights over an overblown threat (hell, even it it were a REAL threat I wouldn't give up my rights over it).

The people in Africa are stronger and braver than you "Americans". There is a story about how Firestone (of all unlikely entities) defeated an Ebola outbreak (a real one) just using common quarantine and treatment.