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The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen

One, two, three, four,
Soldiers marching off to war,
Oblivious of the cost,
Of the on-going holocaust,
Blindly following the hellish lead,
Of each one on his somber steed,
Unthinkingly obeying the lying lips,
Of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama,
Perpetuating the death and drama,
Speaking of weapons not there,
Creating images of Armageddon to scare,
We're in Iraq! There's no turning Back!
Kill those backward people!
Drop those bombs, my Sheeple!
You'll spread freedom, we promise you this!
So say the four lying horsemen of the apocalypse.

Don't listen to those widow makers,
Those presidential undertakers,
Spread the word far and wide,
Stop this maddening genocide,
Don't believe the lying lips,
Of the four horsemen of Iraq's apocalypse.

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Some of our newer (and some of the older) Libertarian minded folks need to self-correct

There seem to be many in the Libertarian "movement" that simply do not know the truth about American history (or world history for that matter) and the founding of our nation/government. Although we all know that the truth is not taught in public school, there is no reason, with the wealth of resources available online, that everyone cannot spend some time getting the mush out of their head and learning a bit of truth. If you do not know at least some of the true history, you cannot understand the problems and/or the solutions.

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ISIS Beheadings: Am I wrong to be skeptical?

So I am having trouble finding a video that shows the execution. I actually avoided watching the videos because I didn't think I would have the stomach for it, which the most cynical part of my brain tells me that if this was less than genuine, people would count on that very fact.

However, I was told by my brother that he had real questions about whether or not these beheadings occurred because of the way they were edited. At that point I decided that I needed to grit my teeth and watch these videos since they are being used as a pretext for war in the Middle East.

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"SABOTAGE" - World Premiere | Truth Music Video

My music and message is dedicated to truth and hope in a world of doubt and fear. I appreciate any and all who have the guts to think for themselves and do what they can to empower others to do the same. Free people do not need anyone's permission to live and be the amazing people we are. We should thrive, not just survive.

How we got here is just as important as where we are now. We live in a world of constant fear and endless wars. The new music video, "Sabotage" exposes the police state, war on terror and many more important topics.


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A Legal Gold Backed Currency is Now Here

I hope I can articulate this accurately as I hope you can imagine, like Paul Revere, yelling to the American colonists "the British are coming!" I am yelling the Gold and Silver backed Money is here!

In my previous post last year I explained that Utah (and now Oklahoma) legally recognize Gold and Silver U.S. Minted Coins as valid US Legal Tender and Money.

However, for Gold and Silver to be a currency you must use it as money. You can't just stock pile because it stays as an investment only. Until you purchase things with gold, it never becomes a currency. Until now (as far as I am aware) there has not been an easy way to use Gold and Silver as money, for both practical and legal reasons. Over the past 3 years we have set up a legal Association that allows you to pay and get paid in U.S. Minted Gold and Silver dollars.

This will be better than Bit Coin because these U.S. minted Gold and Silver are already Federal, State and Constitutionally recognized legal tender and cannot be taxed as a commodity on each transaction like Bit Coin has to.

There is no fractional reserve banking here. Gold is deposited in your account and you can pay your bills, pay your friends, pay your mortgage in U.S. Gold Money. This is 100% real and total on the level legal and legitimate. It has been available for us to do this since 1985 when we started minting Gold and Silver Money again.

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I'm convinced that we are being led out of the most important matters to those that are not

Is it me or have we been distracted from the life changing "monetary" events that are about to ruin our lives over say...ISIS, Ukraine, and other distractions? Although those issues are important, I can't help but feel the "head fake" from those issues that are about to swamp us. Look at FATCHA and other banking boondoggles that are about to grab us by the N*ts.....WE are being diverted from the issues "at home" that are about to ruin us and our children for many decades. Stay focused. It's coming....

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My mom has passed away.

I wanted to thank everyone who offered their prayers, thoughts, and kind words. Including Nonna, Michael and many, many others.

My mom didn't beat the cancer. She passed away on Sunday and her funeral was today. I am at a loss for words, which as most here know is a rare condition for me.

She was truly one of the absolute most important people in my life.

I prepared her funeral, as she requested, but still feel like I didn't do enough.

I am so glad I came to be with her in the end, but I wish it hadn't been the end.

Spend every moment as your last. Make sure that every moment is what you want because there are a finite number of moments in this life, but, most are wasted.

Don't waste any. Don't try to change the world.

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They Want War

EdinNY's poem Waking Up called to mind Bay Area artist Remo Conscious's 2006 song Lies, which I first heard as the closing credits rolled on Loose Change.From that short snip, I was captivated by the music and lyrics and quickly found the song, artist, and the album Infiltration.

The internet still felt new, an incredible sharing tool for documentaries like Loose Change, artists like Remo Conscious, and statesmen like Ron Paul.

I bought the CD from Remo's website. It came in a hand addressed envelope, with a short handwritten note of thanks from the artist. We had a short correspondence and let him know how important his music was to me. I listened to Infiltration intently through 2007 as I was building the Daily Paul and watching Ron Paul on the debate stage. The message and the music of that entire album is embedded into the DNA of this site.

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Amb. Bolton admits ISIS not imminent threat

Amb. Bolton admits that ISIS is not an imminent threat:


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Walter Jones: 9/11 classified pages is about relationships; Bush admin and Saudi Arabia

Rep Walter B Jones joined me today to discuss the tragedy on 9/11 and his effort to declassify the 28 pages. Giving the families of the victims of that day the info they deserve and hopefully a sense of peace. During this interview Rep Jones said that the pages reveal Bush administration's relationships with foreign countries particularly Saudi Arabia.

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I am so tired

I am tired, so tired.

President Obama, former Vice President Dick Cheney, many members of Congress and the talking heads on TV are once again pounding the drums of war,intensifying their banter after the August 2014 beheading of American journalist James Foley and the subsequent murder of Steven Sotloff. At 27 years of age, I have become all too familiar with war. After 8 years in the Army, every day the horrors of the wars in the Middle East hit close to home for myself and many veterans, as I'm sure it does for the people of Afghanistan and Iraq, and all the wore torn areas of that part of the world. Fortunately, Americans have the privilege of being insulated from those horrors. The new enemy, we are told, is the Islamic State, and from what we are told all we know is that we must stop at nothing to stop them.

Would James Foley agree? Is more war the answer?

I had the privilege of meeting reporter James Foley nearly four years ago this month. Mr. Foley came to my outpost in Afghanistan as an embedded journalist to tell our story to the world. As I was riding in a convoy next to him, our lead vehicle was struck by a recoiless rifle round through the windshield. The driver lost his arm and everyone in the vehicle was injured. Bullets were flying wildly around and the gunner in our truck was hit in the helmet with a stray round, throwing him down into the vehicle. Mr. Foley told our story to the world with his video camera. His report made the CBS Evening News and his report is still plastered over YouTube, like a dream that keeps reoccurring. Later that night, I had the privilege of sitting next to James on our ride back to the outpost. I talked about home and the attacks we had experienced throughout the bloody summer of 2010.

One of those experiences occurred on June 21st 2010, while the 18 man infantry platoon I was with was manning a checkpoint in eastern Afghanistan. We had been posted for nearly 4 hours, assisting Afghan police with a weapons checkpoint. A woman walked up to 4 of our soldiers and detonated a suicide vest, killing two of us and wounding and killing 12 Afghan children. As I ran to the aid of my comrades, I remember the smell of the carnage and the mangled human remains. I remember the complete and utter despair and hopelessness that would ensue. I remember the crying of parents, who were clutching on to the last breaths of their children, and I remember the courage of the Afghan police who came to the aid of us all. In that moment we were all human.

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We are losing the argument for non-intervention

The NEOCONs are in full attack mode. They have been waiting for this moment. The GOP is having Dick Cheney give speeches to the House Republicans.

Some of our "fellow traveler" politicians are giving in. People are beginning to make the point for intervention on liberty forums. NEOCON leaning GOP members are winning primaries.

What are you doing about it? Are you writing articles to your local paper? Are you changing the conversation towards liberty in your circles of influence? Are you educating yourself on the situation in order to make a compelling non-interventionist argument?

These are the times that test men (and women). Push the conversation back in our direction. If you don't fight, many people will die and Dick Cheney's crew will end up back in charge of the country.

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Statism is under Siege. Not us.

This is a post for all those people that feel that their fight has been futile.

I'm writing to those that feel that America is doomed.

I'm writing to those that don't want to participate anymore.

I'm writing to those that think the liberty movement has largely failed.

I'm writing to those that have become aware of the fact that Ron Paul is too old to run and aren't convinced on anyone else.

I'm writing to those that are sick of playing the game, that see abuse everywhere, and no longer see the point.

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Will Israel Be The Death of America?

A few days ago on C-SPAN, retired Army Col. Ann Wright (who also worked in the State Dept) made a disturbing statement regarding how Israel controls the United States.

She claimed that American politicians are threatened by the Israeli lobby to do their bidding - OR ELSE.

If they don't vote to keep funding Israel with military and economic aid, they will lose their seats in congress.

If they advocate for any Palestinian sovereignty, they will lose their seats in congress.

If they vote against any wars or invasions of Arab nations, they will lose their seats in congress.

And believe me, when it comes time for an all out WWIII, they WILL vote the way Israel demands.

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My Name is Daniel, I am Jewish

My name is Daniel, I am Jewish and well have been feeling somewhat unwanted in the Daily Paul lately.

Little about myself.

I am American, I am Jewish, I am a hardcore libertarian. I am a bitcoin believer.

I try my best to view people as individuals. Even tho sometimes stereotypes types are "true" maybe they' are true because the person described in the stereotype doesn't view themselves as an individual and conforms.

Ron changed my life.

I believe in raw freedom, truth, independence, liberty, self reliance. Non aggression, non coercion , I reject force when not in defense.

I believe that love is the foundation of core human motivation.