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DP'er and Ron Paul Parking Lot Delegate from Oklahoma runs for Governor

I thought I'd share my gubernatorial run with the Daily Paul:

Liberty activist and former Christian pastor Dax Ewbank, 38, has announced he will challenge Mary Fallin in the Republican primary for the office of Governor. Ewbank was born and raised in Oklahoma and is a lifelong Republican. Ewbank and his wife Julie currently reside in Guthrie along with their 7 children, ages 2 – 16.

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Regulations are GOOD for business

BIG business that is.

Regulations are tools that big companies use to squeeze out their competition and to protect themselves from consumer backlash.


1) Regulations restrict the number service providers in an industry by criminalizing those who cannot or will not comply.

-This helps assure that these companies get their price.

2) Regulations legalize certain amounts of harm that a company can cause a consumer.

-This makes it so that a consumer cannot bring a court action against a company who has harmed them so long as the harm complies with the regulations.

-Government argues that companies must be able to harm the consumer in order to have a robust economy, because a purely free market would be too restrictive.

A Free Society has the strictest regulations because all who initiate harm are fully liable to those they harm.

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Liberty 420

Liberty Magazine, April 20, 1946. This was recently sent to the offices of the Daily Paul by a loyal reader, who pointed out the similarities between the magazine and our trusty website which will be explored in future issues. Does anyone here remember Liberty Magazine?

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My Daughters don't get along.

My best example of voluntaryism has been with my 2 daughters. One is 10 and the other is 13. They do not get along at all. Tonight we had a talk about how we treat each other. The way they approach other persons will determine many things in the future. I told them that things will get harder. Much harder and that you each have an opportunity to help each other out in the future hard times. I think they really got the message.

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Daily Paul Gardens - 2014

Spring is here, love is in the air. Yeah right.

So anyway, Let's see your garden.

Show us your garden. Vegetables, flowers, whatever you may enjoy.

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Chicken Love - Everyone Loves Chickens

Once we had a thread here that was lost in a site upgrade from years ago, simply titled The Chicken Thread. I believe it was originally Mike Lawson's, but its been a few years, so for now I credit it to him. But to our dismay, The Chicken Thread was lost long ago, during the site upgrades. A few have been re-kindled but just didn't fly.

So, in light of chicken lovers, and people who enjoy providing for oneself and their family, we release a new chicken thread. And now that you can embed pictures, it should be much more fun for our community chicken lovers.

Show us your chickens.

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FedGov is a mooch, not Bundy

A lot of comments online are centering around Bundy being some kind of deadbeat rancher because he isn't paying BLM fees. They say he owes the federal government money. He doesn't have a contract with the BLM and this isn't a tax obligation. If he isn't receiving land management services from the BLM, he should not feel an obligation to pay. If BLM believes they are providing a service, then they should collect the same way any business would such as liens, etc. This is all sort of a side point though.

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Rand Needs to Challenge Peter King To a Very Public Debate

After King was quoted as saying Rand is not capable of having an intelligent debate, the challenge was thrown down.

It's time for Rand to go after the ROT of the republican party.

Rand must realize (if he doesn't already), that his BIGGEST HURDLE to a nomination in 2016 is the REPUBLICAN PARTY ITSELF.

NOW is the time Rand - Don't let King go on major network media and slam your name like he's been doing - without consequence.

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The BLM Impoundment Plan, Who Prepared It, and Their Scrubbed Contact Information

After digging around the BLM Nevada website [before it went down!], I stumbled across a document titled:

Environmental Assessment - Gold Butte, Mormon Mesa, and Bunkerville Flats Temporary Land Closure, Placement of Temporary Corrals, and Impoundment of Trespass Cattle
(82 pgs - 27MB)

Here are few sections from that document and a list of the people who prepared it. Below, you can see that their contact info was scrubbed from BLM's website.

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Sedgwick, Maine Took the Controversial Libertarian Position on GMO Foods. And yes, They're Still Alive.

Note: This is an article I wrote for a publication but it was rejected. So I'm going to post it here as a DP Original.

Sedgwick, Maine Took the Controversial Libertarian Position on GMO Foods. And yes, They're Still Alive.

Nine European countries have already banned Monsanto's GMO corn. Throughout Europe there's a growing outcry of just getting rid of Monsanto and GMO all together. That same public sentiment is now beginning to spread throughout the United States as anti-GMO protests and movements continue to gain support. Then you have the town of Sedgwick, Maine who decided to just let the people have complete freedom over their food choices.

Now before this issue of labeling GMO or banning them can be addressed, these questions briefly need answered: what is a GMO and why do so many people hate it?

GMO stands for a genetically modified organism. According to Wikipedia, it is simply an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. Critics say that when this genetic altering is applied to foods for human consumption, it makes the food harmful to human health. Therefore critics of GMO foods view it as poison, and at the very least they say it should be labeled, and possibly even go so far as banning the food itself.

The biggest GMO producer however – Monsanto – detests those arguments of its critics. From Monsanto.com:

Plants and crops with GM traits have been tested more than any other crops—with no credible evidence of harm to humans or animals...Governmental regulatory agencies, scientific organizations and leading health associations worldwide agree that food grown from GM crops is safe to eat.

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Ron Paul Should Follow the Example of Clive Bundy

I just read the email from Ron Paul regarding the IRS demand on the Campaign for Liberty to produce donor information and pay a fine and I gotta say I was not impressed. In fact I was disappointed and offended that he would suggest that they might not have any choice but to pay the fine and turn over the donor info.

Clive Bundy wouldn't turn it over. He wouldn't worry about court orders. He would force their hand. What are they going to do? Put Ron in jail? Would we let that happen? Of course not.

Is there anyone in our movement who would suggest that C4L turn over the info?

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SPLC Adds Cliven Bundy's Cows to List of Extremist Groups

Hatewatch alert


The SPLC has issued an action report which identifies Cliven Bundy's cattle as a new breed of extremists and potential domesticated terrorists.

During the BLM roundups, many of these rogue cows have violently resisted law enforcement and some have even bared their large bovine testicles at government workers.

These anti government cows have been eating state grass for years while refusing to pay taxes or even recognize the jurisdiction of BLM officials.

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Obama Administration Approved BLM Cattle Impounding According to Documents on BLM Website

Go here: http://www.blm.gov/nv/st/en/fo/lvfo/blm_programs/more/trespa...

Click on the link that says, Federal Register Notice for Temporary Closure on BLM Managed Public Lands

The Department of the Interior is headed by the Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewel.

This scandal appears to be connected to one of President Obama's cabinet members!

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Why the Nevada vs. BLM Land Ownership Issue is Confusing

It is a shame that Cliven Bundy is not more articulate in expressing his viewpoints. Most people think the federal government owns the land his cattle are grazing upon, and when asked he says no but does not have a clear explanation.

I did a little digging and found out why he does not have a clear explanation: because it IS confusing! But here is the gist of the story.

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Almost 7 years here and Now Cancer strikes our family...Trying all that is posted...+

Well....I have been here almost 7 years and read and read...and loved the Cancer posts...and have prayed when fellow members had it strike their family. Now it strikes mine. I hope somebody can put this image of my dad and my sister and I on the front...
Here is the facebook post.

THC...Vitamin C...Colo-dial Silver...and chemo..here we go.