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Is Liberty popular these days?

Just riff off the top of your head for me.

I'd like to hear the first thing that comes to mind. That is usually the truest thing. Don't bother censoring - we're going to be out of here soon enough anyway. The Daily Paul's landing gear is down, we're on our final descent. The seat belt light is on. It is safe to talk to your fellow passenger.

And so, friend who I've never met, I turn to you and I ask, "Hey, fellow passenger, do you think Liberty is popular these days? (And I make to your spirit a silent prayer: "I acknowledge you as a fellow traveler, and a fellow American.")

What does our fellow traveler have to say? This is what I see:

Liberty used to be popular. We once loved her so much that we put her on a coin.

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I was headed into unknown waters today, but Ron Paul was the rock I could lean upon. Golden Rule explained to 7 years old

I had to explain it to him, in different ways. Karma, self benefit (who will trust or be-friend a thief?), Daddy is sad, and I was.

Being 7 years old, he is the oldest in a pack of 3, I have not been confronted with this situation before. I don't jump to conclusions, and make threats and confiscations, straight away. I also dont hit them. Its not even legal here.

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Year of the Sheep!

The year of the sheep (ram, goat) is coming soon.

It begins Feb 19th in China, Feb 18th here in the States (the 2nd new moon after the winter solstice)

Sheep are benevolent mostly but can be stubborn as well. They are all about working together and finding harmony and balance.

The year is still a wood year so spring is still in the air but now we are in a yin year. Yin is the dark side of the hill...more feminine, the moon.

So, the seeds were planted, had time to germinate and then sprout! Now the plants are getting more mature and darker in color. This is the time that their direction and growth are fine tuned. This is when they reach for their best accomplishment. This is the time where they begin to mature and blossom everywhere.

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Thank you Ron Paul. Thank you Daily Paul. Thank you Mr. Nystrom.

I remember when I first discovered Ron Paul. I was a conservative on the religious right, studying to become a pastor, and blissfully unaware of the real going ons of the world. I was watching a presidential debate sponsored by AFA (American family association) in the fall of 2007. The turn out to the debate was abysmal, with only candidates not afraid to voice their faith present. Huckabe was there, that other catholic neocon, some other no name guy and Ron Paul. I listened carefully and took notes, and then something happened, I had a religious experience via Ron Pauls words.

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The most important part about the Daily Paul

Is the relationships that were formed, and the growth that occurred as a result.

That is what the Ark is all about. Keeping everyone together. We're about to change ships, but everyone here's got a guaranteed spot on the new ship.

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Do you have the right to be who you are?

Who grants that right?

The Government?

Our Lady Liberty?


Or is it you yourself?

Regardless of jurisdiction issues, do you have that right?

To be who you are.

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Broke both my arms - need help and advice please?

gonna keep this short and simple since my arms hurt. i got brake checked and flew over my handle bars on my road bike monday night. broke my fall with both palms ans fracture both arms.

nondisplaced closed distal radial fractures on both arms about an inch from the elbow.

they put both my arms in splints and i can't do anything.

could use advice on getting things done. normal basic every day things ... very difficult if not impossible right now. they say 6-8 weeks like this. the splints are not removable i hope i can get the left one switch to removable as that side isn't as bad.

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Victory in Oakland

A flag of liberty was planted tonight in Alameda County(East Bay, California), as the Alameda County Repulican Party voted an entire slate of liberty loving canidates to lead the party. In an area that is overrun by blue voters, this victory will be felt throughout the state. Chair and Vice Chair were won by candidates that played a huge role in Dr. Paul's ground campaign in California and most recently in Tim Donnely's campaign run for governor. Now the fun begins in turning others to the side of liberty, raising money and getting folks to vote for liberty loving canidates.

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Three years Cancer Free. Thank God my wife

Is still Cancer free.

It's been a long road my friends but this day gives me hope for mankind and for the love of individual careing. I was so worried this morning not knowing if my love was going to be okay. Most of you know I don't really care about my life but, my love, my Susan means more than life itself.

She made it through the procedure and she is still cancer free. I thank God, my friends, my children. I am truly blessed for God is answering the only prayer I ask for. Wealth is only the love you have and what you can give! I spent yesterday planting God's gift to us all. Today , after getting the good news Susan started planting flower seed for spring.

Life is sometimes hard , it is also a forgiving flower. I thank God and FAMILY(DP), for the grace we ALL deserve. Have a good evening my family. I am so grateful for your love! I am grateful for your intelligence. I am grateful for YOUR LOVE!

Tonight, Life is wonderful !


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The name of the game

Everyone says Rand Paul is playing "The Game," but what exactly does that mean?

What is the game? What are its rules?

I have been thinking about this for some time now.

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The Daily Paul is 8 today. A Chapter 2 Open Thread

Mystery problems with the site / server have keep the site offline for most of yesterday and today. We'll see if they are solved.

This was completely unexpected. Something similar happened over Christmas. I really thought the site was a goner then, which got me to thinking about how death is stalking the Daily Paul.

At any rate, today the Daily Paul is 8. Happy birthday, everyone. I'm working on solving the issues, and looking forward to a robust and reliable Chapter 2.

Thank you for your continued patience and support! Happy birthday, Daily Paul!

THAT BEING SAID, what are your thoughts and ideas on Chapter 2 of the Daily Paul? Principles, ideas, use?


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I'm really gonna miss hanging out here...

We accomplished so much together.

We started the Tea Party.

We raised millions through our organic MoneyBombs.

We pushed back against the system.

We got our guys elected.

We changed the Republican party forever.

We did that. Give yourself a pat on the back no matter what your involvement has been. Its the ideas that bring us together.

I hope this isn't my last post. If it is, just want to let all of you know that I love you and thank you. We overcame great odds against us. Our message is resonating better now than ever before.

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Peter Schiff on his father's imprisonment, the college bubble, Bitcoin and more on the latest Lions of Liberty Podcast!

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, I am joined by financial expert and pundit, the man known as “Dr. Doom” for his pessimistic forecasts for the U.S. economy, Peter Schiff! Peter discusses how his father Irwin Schiff, an outspoken anti-income tax advocate, helped to shape his economic views, and delves into the details regarding why his father has spent so much time in jail for tax evasion while the “Wolf of Wall Street” chums it up in Hollywood with Leo DiCaprio. We then discuss the problems with the U.S. economy, the college bubble, the “American Dream” of owning a house, Bitcoin, and more! And don’t forget, kids – stay tuned after the interview for my wrap up rant!

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Chapter 2 of the Daily Paul has to be built from the ground up

I made the whole psychological case as to why I think it is right to archive the Daily Paul in its current form. To summarize (from memory):

  • The site was set up for Ron Paul, and no one else. There are lots of people named Paul. Here's one - Paul Ruebens (aka Pee Wee Herman) Should we dedicate the site to him? His name is Paul, too.

  • That being said, the natural extension of Ron Paul is Rand. You have to want to see what is going to happen next. Is this going to be a Greek tragedy? A comedy? Or a farce? Is Rand really his father's son ideologically? How far under the bus is he willing to throw principles for the sake of "The Game?" All of it will take close scrutiny to determine. It all remains undecided. It is all about the future. Not to mention that there is an entertainment factor to it, like with football. There are football moves, and there are political moves, and both are interesting to watch. So, if people are playing games, then lets play games, too.

  • That being said a line should be drawn to demarcate the era. All that's gone and it's never coming back. It was special, it was fun, it is over, let it go. Put some closure on it. That is precisely what archiving does. It creates closure.

ALL THAT BEING SAID, there are also some very earthy, practical reasons to archive the DP: