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I Feel So Guilty

I feel so guilty.

The last few days I've listened to more Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Fox News, and even tonight watched Bill O'Reilly. I never do that.

It's not because I like Fox, or any of these clowns. I agree with very little of what they stand for (and what they stand for is very little). It's because of this Gruber thing. They're onto it, ripping into Gruber like junkyard dogs and I revel in the mayhem. I want to see Gruber taken down and humiliated. I want to see the administration and everyone associated with it who supported the Affordable Care Act eat crow. I feel like I did in the year 2000 when I was a neocon and watched Fox News endlessly. I feel sick. Blah.

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Is it fair to say the purpose of American Media is no longer to inform but to manipulate?

As someone who used to work for the market research industry, I've come to have an appreciation of the importance of perception in shaping public opinion. When I say perception, I want you to think of a phrase called character assassination and think about what that implies. For instance remember That French guy http://www.theguardian.com/world/2011/may/19/dominique-strau... Dominique Strauss Kahn who was head of the International Monetary fund, who was accused of raping a maid at his hotel. He was forced to step down from his position and ostracized.

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The Powers That Shouldn't Be

The Powers That Shouldn't Be

The powers that shouldn't be,
Enslave you and me,
From the thug with the badge and gun,
To the president, the selected one.

Doctors and Big Pharma culling the herd,
With treatments deadly and absurd,
Yet foods that create and promote health,
Are banned from the shelf,
Monsanto and the state,
Are determined to depopulate.

The powers that shouldn't be,
Are monitoring you and me,
Eavesdropping on what we say,
Everywhere is the NSA.

Gun control is the plan today,
Tomorrow take them all away,
Monopoly of force is their goal,

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DP has really opened my mind

In ways I never anticipated. Whoever would have thought the tiniest bit of encouragement could shove the local basket case over the edge and crack open her mind like a pinata full of treats (along with a few cockroaches)?

Someone said write it down and don't stop. Someone else said write it down even it doesn't seem worthwhile. So I did, and then all of a sudden I couldn't stop. and now I find myself roaming restlessly through the dim house, only faintly aware of the oversize robe swishing around me as I walk silently, swiftly, mind a cyclone of memories whirling around and around, flinging off snatches of of the past like strands of cotton candy being made.

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The Role of Propaganda in Shaping Public Opinion

Whoever controls the information people have access to, also controls the people. The media has the unique ability to manipulate public opinion. They can emphasize this story, or choose not to publish another story. They coordinate their stories to the point where station after station after station all across the country will report the exact same story verbatim.

If I were to watch the news and see a story that just didn't seem right, or that leaped out at me. I'd want to know more, so naturally I'd flip channels looking at other stations to see what they have to say about this particular story, and what do you know? ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC, MSNBC and even the local stations all have the same story almost verbatim. Every mainstream outlet is saying the same thing, so it must be true. Since there really isnt a news alternative for the small screen. You'd have to go to the internet and look, and even then you'd seen the same story repeated on all the "acceptable" news outlets. Alternative news sources like The Intercept, Boiling frogs, Zero Hedge, Wikileaks, The UKGuardian, which reported extensively on the NSA scandal among many others are all viewed as suspect, an idea that has been promulgated by the media establishment.

In fact I would argue that the media establishment (CNN, ABC, CBS, BBC, NBC, MSNBC, FOX) have everything to gain by downplaying the importance of alternative news outlets and portraying them as conspiracy theory sites.

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"I'm leaving are you coming with me?"

That is the final statement in Lana Del Ray's "Teenage Wasteland" song. What an immersive wall of sound it is.

The ark is not closing. I've been ruminating out loud about it. Sometimes it gets overwhelming.

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I Was On Michael Medved's National Radio Show Yesterday Supporting Jesse Ventura...

The liar Medved had Jesse on his show (mainly to bash him) and Medved took calls from listeners.

After several sheeples called and criticized Jesse for his anti-war stance I got through and gave Jesse a little support.

After I stated that Jesse was correct about abolishing political parties and that people had better start to listen to this man, Medved rudely interrupted me and implied that I didn't even know the name of my representatives in Washington State.

But to his dismay I DID know and I named them and asked him to stop interrupting me while I was talking to Jesse.

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Sometimes It's hard to be a good person

I've always believed that our actions define us as human beings. That the things we do, are the sum of our character. That we all have a choice in who we choose to be. And I still believe that, but I also know now, because age has worn down my sharp edges, that choices are not equal. Yes you can choose to always be honest and good and decent. Most people would rather do the right thing, I know I would, and I try to always do the right thing but sometimes it's hard to be good and honest.

I grew up on the street as a teenager. I was always hungry, I was always in need of a place to sleep, and it was hard not to steal. I stole food from the grocery stores when I could get away with it. I panhandled on the streets when I could get away with it. I spent countless hours in the public libraries reading in the cool air conditioning. I never went to high school, and I couldn't get a job because they wanted ID which I didn't have since I was only 14. So I stole, and I haunted the bus terminals, the libraries, even the local USO who always fed me even though they knew I wasn't a vet.

I met so many decent people who tried to help me in so many ways, I cannot express even all these years later the gratitude I feel towards the people who gave me such good examples of what a human being is all about. I also met many more who wanted nothing better than to use me or hurt me, or control me.

I wish I could take back all the things I did that hurt other people. I wish I could live my life over again making the right choices this time. I wish I could make up for the pain I caused my poor father who made his own poor choices for which we suffered, but who loved me nonetheless.

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Are we really saying goodbye to the ark?

I know we've all had a bit of cognitive dissonance about this. We don't want to think about it, and we continue on as if it won't happen.

I just want to say that you guys here have been an integral part of my life. Every person I speak to in the future will have the undeniable influence of the beautiful users of the Daily Paul. You have helped me find truth in an adverse world. What we've done here is nothing short of heroic.

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The Power of Love

This awesome discussion took place between Paul Rosenberg in conversation with Ernest Hancock on their 11-13-14 interview, right around the 45:00 mark.

Rosenberg, in response to Hancock says:

"Love is the only thing that really works long term. This is why the Christians were the only ones who triumphed from the collapse of the Roman Empire. Where are the stoics? Where are the cynics? They were good guys, with a lot of good things to say. But the Christians loved each other, and they helped each other. If they knew other Christians in another town were in trouble, they would gather stuff up and send it over to help them. They came through it and founded a new civilization.

Christian Europe is radically different from Rome. Massively different than Rome. Foundationally different than Rome. They founded it, and probably the real reason they succeeded was because they loved one another. And really, that's what it comes down to in the end.

It is a set of assumptions. Love matters greatly because it is an assumption that you make about yourself. You presume, by choosing to love one another, - or as you [Ernest Hancock] use it as a verb which is an excellent way of saying it - it presumes that you have something to give. It presumes that you have some goodness in you to share. Those are some really powerful assumptions to make about yourself.

On the other hand, if you go with the fear and the hatred and "I'm going to have to do this" - you're assuming that the world is dark and dangerous and I'm under attack, and you tend to shrink back, and you tend to build a covering over yourself. And you tend to not be expansive and forward moving. The real important part about love is the assumptions you make about yourself, and love is about the healthiest assumption you can choose to make about yourself, that I've ever heard.


Have a listen for yourself. Ernie Hancock and Paul Rosenberg are two living treasures of the Liberty Movement.

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Save Our Swiss Gold - New Lampoon The System cartoon

The Swiss citizens get to stand up to Central Bankers and Politicians on Nov. 30, 2014 and vote YES to the "Save Our Swiss Gold" referendum. Will this be the first step away from fiat currency and back to Sound Money?

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I'm not leaving Dex, not yet.

It seems the common factor our community has is moving on.

We are losing some of the best and brightest minds from a site that made history over and over again. Over 7 years of up to the minute experience.

I have an idea that can grow our community and make DP as exciting as 07. It will limit the amount of moderation and take relief off Nystrom.

We can use a third party system to invite new members. Make a certain level they must attain elsewhere to prove theyre not a troll, spam or anything else. Make sure the people we are attracting are those who want to achieve the same goals as all of us. Submit the best comments... add to the commentary. Be an asset because they are an asset to our growth.

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My final thoughts on Veterans Day and heartfelt goodbye from Dexterszyd

Veterans Day is not a day of "remembrance" as it is more a day to "remind."

I have never in all my life witnessed so much advertising and ceremonious crap surrounding the veneration and glorification of the thugs that carry out the dirty work for the ruling elitist snobs.

Just like those mindless fools who give the congress a 13% approval rating ad in turn vote them all back in, we the people eat up all this BS about support the troops and remember the troops and offer special favors to soldiers.

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Eventually we all have to say goodbye

I'm listening to Pink Floyd's 'The Endless River,' on YouTube. Enjoy it while it stays up.


Beautiful. It was made in love, as a goodbye to their friend and former bandmate. They had a falling out (like lovers often will). But in the end, they've washed away the ill feelings. You can hear it in the music.

Look at some of the titles of the songs from the track list:

- Things left unsaid
- It's What We Do
- Ebb and Flow
- The Lost Art of Conversation.

There is also a song called Autumn '68. I'm interested in that, because I would have been about 5 months old in the August of '68. It was a turbulent year. I was born of turbulent times - literally. Sandwiched right in there between MLK's assassination in April, and Robert Kennedy's in June.

Eventually we all have to say goodbye. Samantha is saying goodbye to her sister. Her sister is saying goodbye to the world. They had a lovely afternoon, Samantha, her sister, and another dear friend - one who has been there through the years - hanging out, having some laughs, being goofy. We all hopefully have a lifetime of these days to look forward to. But eventually we'll have to say goodbye to all this, too. It will be lights out.

And then what? That is a scary thought to many people, but I look at it as an adventure. It is the last thing you get to do in this life. Everyone does it. It is the last, and greatest right of passage in life: Passing on to the next world, whatever that is, and facing it with courage, serenity, and dignity.