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Ted Cruz Bugs Me

"Ted Cruz by Gage Skidmore 4" by Gage Skidmore. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

In order for fascism to continue to operate in government the powers that control it will do anything to retain their grip. If they think they will keep people placated by giving them "freedom" then they will give them "freedom". If they think that killing people will retain their power they will kill as many as it takes. Whatever it takes is their motto.

To me Ted Cruz feels like the candidate to quell the liberty fires that are alarming the powers that be. Ron Paul started something in the world that scares these people and they are acting to stop it with whatever means necessary.

I don't like Ted Cruz because he seems to talk down to everyone in a tone that's over sincere like a used car salesmen mimicking everything you say and do pretending to be your best liberty friend until you have to return the lemon he sold you.

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I Stand With Nystrom

I have come to the conclusion, as many of you have, that we are a Republic, a Constitutional one, at that.

Being a Republic of this sort, with Article 1, Section 8, delegating the powers to the States not inferred upon the Federal gvt., we have to assume the States hold individually more power than the length of this sentence or the Federal gvt. (note I use "gvt." as opposed to the full spelling as I feel grossed-out whenever that spelling appears).


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Tisha introduces - That's Natural! Premium CBD Hemp Oil


Hey Daily Paulers! Looking for people across the country that are interested in distributing our That's Natural! brand of CBD Hemp Oil! It is a great way to create a revenue stream to allow you to be able to donate to very important liberty causes! ;)

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The Love Is So Warm And Fuzzy I Nearly Suffocated

Recently the site owner posted a thread: "The Daily Paul Is Mostly About Love." I am glad he feels loved here. I once did, it was nice.

I have been coming here for years, doing my best to learn, to teach, and to love. I have tried to open my heart and life, and help "liberty lovers" see the world through my eyes, for the sake of truth. There are things in my past that are incredibly painful to talk about, and I have tried to get over my fear of rejection or shame or whatever it is, and just be honest.

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I've Got 20 Acres! Now What Should I Do With It? *Update*

 photo IMG_20140912_163742_zps2wtg2sxv.jpg

The wife and I Acquired 20 acres of former ranch land waaaay out in the middle of no where of eastern Washington last year, And We are gearing up for our first trip to it to start some projects!

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Sometimes Everything is Not what it Seems

With the Daily Paul being archived at any minute, this very well may be my last post here and it is about something I feel is well worth sharing.

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Why I Took A Month Off

On February 19th, I said something very unkind to someone who was being unkind. The reason (on my side) was my recent concussion, which made me irritable, forgetful, with headaches and sleep issues. The irritability reared its ugly head and I decided to stop for a while.

I made it a point to not even visit to read, because I was and am ashamed at my behavior and, if I had been banned for it, I didn't want to know, yet.

I didn't even know that today was exactly a month, again due to the forgetfulness of the concussion. (And since I made it a point to not read, I couldn't check my “Recent comments” and see when it actually was. I did make two other comments that day after it, but later that day I was struck with the insensitivity of my behavior and chose to cut myself out for a while.) I'm actually somewhat surprised that the day I chose to take a look (not sure I would be able to post), was exactly a month.

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The Daily Paul is Fundamentally About Peace

Peace gets a bad rap these days, but there was a time when she didn't. Not when she was on the most powerful currency in the world.

Back in her glory days, this is what she looked like. Behold, the glory of the United States Dollar:

This is the only US Coin ever emblazoned with the word PEACE.

Peace was minted in 1921, 1922, 1923, 1924, 1925, 1926, 1927, and 1928. Then she took a break for the stock market crash in 1929, and the first wave of the Great Depression, the bank holidays, etc. She managed to get back out of bed again in 1934 and made it to 1935, but petered out after that.

Really, she was kidnapped.

And she was gone for a long, long time.

She flickered on for just a faint -- but real -- moment in 1964. Two years after Kennedy was shot, she flickered on. But then back out like a candle.

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Five Years Ago Today: The Righthaven Debacle Began

Thanks to my friend Colleen Lynn at Dogsbite.org, who was a great resource and help to me and the Daily Paul community when Righthaven came after us. Colleen sent me this retrospective on Righthaven by Steve Green, now at the OC Register. Green was working for the Las Vegas Sun at the time, and was doing the best, most consistent reporting on Righthaven's activities. He reported on every single new lawsuit Righthaven filed, including the one filed against me.

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Colorado GOP ousts establishment Chairman. Replaced by liberty backed candidate.

Just minutes ago. The Colorado State GOP has denied establishment Chairman Ryan Call his reelection. The liberty backed candidate Steve House has been elected as chairman.

Ryan Call has been a monkey for Karl Rove and the RNC in the passed two elections. Ryan played backhanded tactics to deny the liberty vote at almost every stop he could. Earlier this month, he disqualified the election results of a specific county and decided to redo the county election himself. All so he could get a few more votes for his reelection.

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Dark Journalist: Catherine Austin Fitts Economic Crash-Up & Black Budget Goes Global!



Join Dark Journalist and his special guest, Former Assistant Housing Secretary and Financial Expert Catherine Austin Fitts, for an exhilarating overview of the hidden forces of the Black Budget at work in the 2015 economic landscape. Making her fifth appearance on the show, Catherine exposes an emerging economic trend she calls a "Crash-Up" that may be the next move of the financial cabal she refers to as "Mr. Global." After draining most of the money out of the economy with the disastrous housing bubble and the dire crash of 2008 , the cabal is ready to make their next move by Crashing Up equity and relentlessly debasing currencies for even more profit!

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A Different Look At "The Mark Of The Beast"

Some times I think of something, and then I can't figure out what took me so long to think of it.

I am a word nerd so when I wonder what something REALLY means, I look up what it meant when it first came into use. Working backwards, "beast" means wild animal, or fool, idiot. Interesting...

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How to Weed & Fertilize Your Garden at Same Time

 photo chickens and kitty_zps1mkgrja1.jpg

Of course the answer is chickens this is the DP after all. In an effort to help the daily Paul stay relevant i wanted to post my liberty lifestyle projects that i have been inspired to undertake since becoming a member. This site can be and is more than just a collection of mostly upsetting news articles. We have a rich full lifestyle that is best shared with other.

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Found a Note In a Used Book I Bought Yesterday: Made Me Smile

Yesterday I offered to drive a friend to visit her family about 45 minutes from the city we live in.

It was a family thing, so I told her I would kill time at the run-down mall a few blocks away from her family's house, since she was only going to stay for a couple of hours.

The mall I was at is one of those aging malls of the past and it was sad to see. Maybe 2/3 of the stores were empty. The food court was closed down and all that was left were a few discount types stores and a watch repair cart.