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I'm not leaving Dex, not yet.

It seems the common factor our community has is moving on.

We are losing some of the best and brightest minds from a site that made history over and over again. Over 7 years of up to the minute experience.

I have an idea that can grow our community and make DP as exciting as 07. It will limit the amount of moderation and take relief off Nystrom.

We can use a third party system to invite new members. Make a certain level they must attain elsewhere to prove theyre not a troll, spam or anything else. Make sure the people we are attracting are those who want to achieve the same goals as all of us. Submit the best comments... add to the commentary. Be an asset because they are an asset to our growth.

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My final thoughts on Veterans Day and heartfelt goodbye from Dexterszyd

Veterans Day is not a day of "remembrance" as it is more a day to "remind."

I have never in all my life witnessed so much advertising and ceremonious crap surrounding the veneration and glorification of the thugs that carry out the dirty work for the ruling elitist snobs.

Just like those mindless fools who give the congress a 13% approval rating ad in turn vote them all back in, we the people eat up all this BS about support the troops and remember the troops and offer special favors to soldiers.

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Eventually we all have to say goodbye

I'm listening to Pink Floyd's 'The Endless River,' on YouTube. Enjoy it while it stays up.


Beautiful. It was made in love, as a goodbye to their friend and former bandmate. They had a falling out (like lovers often will). But in the end, they've washed away the ill feelings. You can hear it in the music.

Look at some of the titles of the songs from the track list:

- Things left unsaid
- It's What We Do
- Ebb and Flow
- The Lost Art of Conversation.

There is also a song called Autumn '68. I'm interested in that, because I would have been about 5 months old in the August of '68. It was a turbulent year. I was born of turbulent times - literally. Sandwiched right in there between MLK's assassination in April, and Robert Kennedy's in June.

Eventually we all have to say goodbye. Samantha is saying goodbye to her sister. Her sister is saying goodbye to the world. They had a lovely afternoon, Samantha, her sister, and another dear friend - one who has been there through the years - hanging out, having some laughs, being goofy. We all hopefully have a lifetime of these days to look forward to. But eventually we'll have to say goodbye to all this, too. It will be lights out.

And then what? That is a scary thought to many people, but I look at it as an adventure. It is the last thing you get to do in this life. Everyone does it. It is the last, and greatest right of passage in life: Passing on to the next world, whatever that is, and facing it with courage, serenity, and dignity.

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Monsatan Invited Me To A Conversation At The Dinner Table


I choked back the full minute of swill they served, and then prepared to "join the conversation." I just have one question: "If GMO is so wonderful, why are you not proud to label it?"

Well, comments were disabled at the dinner table, but I was invited to their website for further discussion. It took a little effort, but I did manage to find a place where I could actually ask a question. OOPS! Turns out, they only want to hear from me if I am a member of facebook or Linked-in.


If they can't track your every internet move, turns out they really don't care what questions you have. Makes me wonder how sincere they are in their efforts to have a "conversation" in light of facebook's recent admission about deliberately shaping opinion with their site.

But my question remains. You do not see organic farmers fighting to NOT put it on their labels, why does Monsatan want to HIDE their product?

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EPA changes course on pesticide use on GMO crops

I am a beekeeper in SW Minnesota that has been completely wiped out by Clotianidin pesticides used on crop seed treatments.

The EPA has changed it's stance on these dangeous chemicals that kill all insects birds and wildlife. If we don't change we'll all be reaping this disaster for years to come, it may even be too late!

Read more from Tom Theobalds website in Colorado: http://www.bouldercountybeekeepers.org/toms-corner/

Contact the EPA, their accepting comments on this issue: http://www.regulations.gov/#!docketDetail;D=EPA-HQ-OPP-2014-0737

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How I Cast My Vote Every Day

I vote with my money.
I shun FRNs at every opportunity. Of course I still am part of the system, I cannot figure out how to get out of it without becoming a hermit. But I do not have cable, do not make car payments, I do not spend one dime on "the entertainment industry." Instead, I have chickens, fish, cows, a garden for "a job" and great friends and neighbors for "entertainment." I shop local, as local as I can. I pay a bit more, I live in the boonies. Last night I got free pizza at the local market, just because. How rich am I, me and my FRN-poor life?

I vote with my time:

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Postcard from Taiwan #1

Last year at this time I was in Taiwan. Samantha and I went because her sister had been diagnosed with cancer, and we went and stayed for three months to help support in her recovery.

She had surgery, the tumor in her colon was removed, and she appeared to be much better. We were all optimistic. Unfortunately, the cancer had already spread to her liver. She chose to go the traditional chemotherapy route, and over the last year her condition only deteriorated.

Samantha flew back last night, because it looks like her sister will be leaving this world soon. I'm here in the U.S., looking through the pictures I took last year. At the time I meant to share them at the DP, but the days were so long; there was no rest; my mind and heart were heavy; I had no mood. It was such an intense period, like staring directly at the sun.

Time heals all wounds, and tones down the intensity of events past. So here are few memories from last year at this time.

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A key to being a civilized person

There is no better concept of love than that a person lay down his life for his friend. ---John 15:3 (fv)

I once camped out at Fishyculture's place, and when I got up in the morning she made me breakfast including eggs from her chickens for whom she painstakingly sprouts grains to feed. When she did that, she was truly giving me part of her life. I didn't demand that part of her life; she volunteered it.

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DP Election Day 2014 Open Thread

Please post questions, comments, observations, analysis, links, photos, reports, etc. in the comments below.

If there is a specific race or issue that you're following, please feel free to start a topic-specific thread.

Happy voting -- or not voting, whatever the case may be.

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Name Change- Hilarious!

Name Change- Hilarious!!

Date: November 1, 2014 5:20:12

No matter which
side you are on in this matter, this is funny. Here is an e-mail
sent to Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune after an article
he published concerning a name change for the Washington

Dear Mr.

I always love your
articles and I generally agree with them. I would suggest, as in an
email I received, they change the name to the "Foreskins" to better
represent their community, paying tribute to the dick heads in

I agree with our

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#1 reason the government wants YOU to get out and VOTE

Voting allows individuals to voluntarily concede that others have to right to rule over them.

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What is your favorite Ron Paul quote?

Friends in Liberty!

Using Twitter to educate folks out there often I tweet great timeless quotes like this one:

"There are people who think that plunder loses all its immorality as soon as it becomes legal." - Frederic Bastiat

I thought I need some great quotes from Dr. Ron Paul to put out there.
So therefore I ask you the awesome Daily Paul family for some help.
What is your favorite Ron Paul quote?

I adore all the truth he speaks on behave of all of us Liberty loving people. But some things he said over the years are simply sublime.

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Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Religion, Politics, Marriage, Abortion, 9/11, Death….I have grown!

Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Religion, Politics, Marriage, Abortion, 9/11, Death……..

After being here on the Daily Paul for over 7 years, I have really learned something. I have really grown. What brought me here was actually Alex Jones. About 10 years ago I stumbled upon some articles about 9/11, and that led me to researching that day on my own, that led me to infowars, I watched a couple of Jones’s really early films(Martial Law 2005), and then I discovered Ron Paul 2006/2007 I thought I knew it all. I thought that I have discovered the “Hidden Secrets” that nobody knew.

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2016 Presidential Election Debates - Let the Charlatan Charade Parade Begin!

As our fellow DP'er emalvini has already discovered here: "Preparations are already underway for the first debate of the 2016 presidential primary contest." Two years ahead of time.


Bring out the Dog and Ponies, and Red Clown Noses for everyone!

YES! - COMING SOON, Once Again! For two totally wasted hours of your time each week, each month, for six whole annoying months before the 2016 presidential elections, you can hear CNN, FOX, and MSNBC Debate Moderators propose the stupidest most irrelevant questions you can possibly imagine, to what seems may potentially be the largest list not only in American history, but in the world, ever assembled, of political hacks and charlatans trying to con you of your vote for the presidency.

This time for your improved viewing pleasure:

*More Lies, Half-Truths, and Omissions than Ever Before!

With a list of liars as long as the Nile, We assure you, the people, a great debate each week, where you can witness the most contradictions you have ever heard (sometimes even in the same answer when Mitt Romney runs) in a total Politics Gone Jerry Springer style!

*Divisive Distraction Issues Galore!

Haven't heard much division about Gay Marriage or Abortion on Cable News since the last election, have you? No sensationalism or urgency about these issues for the last four years? Fear Not! You can be certain that once again, out of the long forgotten blue at election time, these will become the most important, urgent, characterizing issues and questions to be proposed to our ever proliferating list of political paltering podium putzes as your economy and currency is on the brink of collapse, your Constitution is gutted, and wars rage in uncountable locations.

And POT! OMG! Who could ever support POT!