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Let's Celebrate Each Other!

In response to Bill3/Faction3’s lovely poem.


Since people are thinking about Thursday night fight nights, I was thinking of Sunday celebration day.

And while Bill was celebrating me, I think we should all celebrate each other every now and then because I think we (I, lately) sometimes forget how great the ppl here can be, and if ya’ll are doing fight clubs maybe it would be a good idea to celebrate each other in between. So here we go. I would like to celebrate….

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Daily Paulers are full of so much love.

Daily Paulers are full of so much love. I can see that so clearly.

What is it you love? Where do you direct your love?

For me it is Samantha. Today is 9 years for us married, 10 years together.

She is my anchor. She is where the love of my world is focused. The whole world would be a different place without here.

Nine years ago today, on 7/7/2005, we were married in Taipei. It is a custom in Taiwan to have an elaborate wedding photo shoot.

Here is a picture from ours, after the shoot was over:

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Who's "MarcMadness?"

He's nobody, he's not even real. "MarcMadness" was just a stupid moniker I once used - a silly play on "March madness" that a friend of mine used on me once. It meant nothing then, and it meant nothing here. It was just supposed to be a username for some website where I wanted to go lurk and have an account. And not put myself out there too much.

Well since then I've put myself "out there" (lionsofliberty.com) and "out here" quite a bit , and I see no reason to hold on to the meaningless monikers of the past anymore.

Who's "MarcMadness?"

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My partner (72 years young) died yesterday and I didn't really know where to post this but

it is business and current events in my life. Yesterday I lost my business partner, mentor and very best friend. He left for a bike trip to Labrador last Thursday with a stop in Knoxville for business. His friends of 30+ years met up with him on Sunday and they continued on their trip.

I got word from his son yesterday around 5-6 that he went off the road and died at the scene in Newfoundland. This places great sadness on me for he was the most amazing businessman I have ever met. He taught me there was such a thing as morals and ethics in business. I will miss him greatly.

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The Mind - Alan Watts

Been a while since I got a video up, thought I'd share it here at the Daily Paul, seen as some of you here enjoy my videos.

If you were only ever to watch one of my videos, I'd ask you to watch this one. Out of all the videos I have created this is one video which I think most people will be able to relate too, including myself. So many of us so easily get trapped in thoughts of the mind.


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To My Daily Paul Family: A Song of Hope

I've long wanted to tell you guys how much I love you. I want all of you to know this Love I've found. The Truth and freedom I know. I'm accused around these parts of being a 'fire and brimstone' Christian. That's okay--people didn't understand Jesus either. If an outsider heard my prayers, he'd probably laugh out loud, "Lord, help Magwan77, please show yourself to FreedomNinja, Show the truth to SmudgePot" and the list goes on. My husband even gets in on the action. :) Please know Michael Nystrom, I appreciate this website, and all of you here, I do love you.

The following song was written and performed by some friends of my children (my children sing and play and have met some other family bands).


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News Flash: Nobody Is Making You Use Facebook

If you don't agree with the way Facebook is run then deactivate your account. No one is forcing you to use it. I deactivated earlier this year and it's given me much more free time.

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Factions on the Daily Paul

There are factions on the Daily Paul. I would be thankful for your input, as field scientists here, to help me to identify them. I know that there are many here it would be fun to try to enumerate all the different factions on the Daily Paul.

Most vocal of late are:

- Anarchists
- Minarchists

- The Mages. These include readers of The Secret, followers of Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra, believers in crop circles, chemtrails, UFOs, Bill Hicks, Bill Cooper, The Zero Point Field and other ideas of magic.

- GOP soldiers. (The "take over the Republican Party" types.)

- 911 Truthers remains a popular faction.

- Gary Johnson for president is a faction that had its day, and now is in eclipse. Hopefully that one won't be coming back any time soon. Hopefully we won't have any candidate megaphoning going on, or at least if it does, that it is balanced.

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President Obama Turns Up The Heat On The Frog Pot

In the midst of all the bad news, I always try to find a positive.

To those who think president Obama is the most dreadful person to ever occupy the White House, just remember...he's an actor. All politicians are actors. Nobody really knows who the directors are.

We've all heard of the gradual, slow approach to cooking frogs in a pot that very few frogs notice. A slow cook that nobody sees coming, and then all of the frogs are dead.

Well, Obama has turned up the flame and all of the sudden frogs are starting to jump out of the pot. Some are thinking about jumping out of the pot, and even the frogs that never gave a crap are starting to jump ship, or at least raise their never used before voices.

The, "Slow Boil Approach," has been tossed out of Obama's White House Window by Executive Order.

The heat is on, and I think that's a good thing because it at least gives us a chance. People are starting to notice...this isn't good.

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Biggest Scandal of this administration going completely unnoticed while right out in front of us...

The past several years have been filled with scandal after scandal...

Fast and Furious
The new Black Panthers
James Rosen Investigation
Spying on AP Reporters
NSA Spying
IRS Targeting
VA Waitlist

But the biggest scandal of all is what all of these have in common.
1) They all have overwhelming evidence of wrongdoing
2) In all cases, no one has gone to jail or been punished.

Sure, congress has put on a good show by dragging the people involved into the chamber to scold them and make threats, but in the end they all turned out the same. No one was punished.

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If The Birds Could Vote...

A few years ago I decided to put some bird feed on my deck so I could get a better view of some local birds. Almost immediately they came.

It was interesting watching all the different types and sizes of birds so close to my window when they came to partake of my generous gifts.

But it didn't take long for the novelty to wear off because along with the birds came more problems than it was worth.

First of all, my deck became a depository for bird droppings. Try as I might, I couldn't keep up with it.

In addition, some birds engaged in destructive activities like chewing on my awning ropes and eating vegetables growing in some pots.

Within a few weeks I decided it wasn't worth it, and I removed the bird food.

So they quit coming, and I had learned a lesson which I use sometimes when discussing government handouts. There seemed to be a clear analogy between free things and birds and - people!

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Attacked by 3 cops in my driveway for not showing id!

First off some background info. I've been on the Daily Paul for a few years just reading stories, not really posting or commenting. My brother turned me on to it during 2012 elections. I spent alot of time reading and watching videos, especially since I was going through my 2nd divorce at the time. So it was a great place to retreat and learn that my problems were very minimal compared to many people in this country and around the world.

So Yesterday I was coming home from work. As I passed over a bridge about 100 yards from my house, I noticed several sheriff and state troopers talking to some younger guys canoeing around the area. I decide to go to the bridge, which I do on a regular basis, and see what's happening. I was prob around 100 yards from the action. Cars came by and asks me what's going on and I made general conversation with them about it.

I started filming and after about 30 seconds, one sheriffs deputy came by. He asked what's going on and I told him I was just chilling out. He didn't like that answer especially when he realized I was video taping it. When he asked for id and where I lived, I asked what's the problem. He got frustrated. At this point I decided to walk away, which later made me a felon, little did I know. He said he was going to arrest me and then proceeded to speed up and swerve toward me, so I jumped out of the way and started running, video still recording of course. He sped up and got out then did it a few more times. I told him I've done nothing wrong and to leave me alone. I made it to my driveway when 2 other sheriff deputies swarmed me.

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It's not "Mexicans." Expand your vocabulary. Short history lesson included at no extra charge.

With some apology to my dear friend Jeff Treubig whom is not so much the catalyst but the straw that broke the camel's back...or in this case the drug mule...

The reality of the situation has changed.

We used to see lots of illegal imigration from Mexico but now we're seeing much more THROUGH it. What we have here is an inter-American migration happening here. Inter-American you say with your voice rising in interogative? Yes, there are 3 americas: South, Central and North (which includes Canada). We are all, by definition, Americans. We inhabit the Americas.

This is the second major influx of immigrants (refugrees really) from Central America in my lifetime. The first was in response to Ronnie Reagan's bloodbath against communism in the region but they were accompanied by persons for South America proper. Most recently the game changer is this influx of people from Central America, primarily Nicaragua and Honduras but also Guatemala. The two influxes are tied together.

The "Dirty Wars" left Central American governments a shambles but Nicaragua and Honduras in particular were left with brutally repressive and corrupt regimes. Honduras was and to an extent still is a military depot for our military forces in the region. The governments we prop up never had nor will have any desire to govern well, they are rich along with everyone they know. All they do is keep anyone with any ideas of change away from the table. There's no real governance.

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I never remember birthdays or anniversaries

... even my own.

I have been a member on DP for seven years and seven days.

Oh, one more thing. The hair is original equipment, and it is glorious. But alas, the beard is now grey.