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I have found out so much liberty here (in the DP)

Throughout the years and thanks to Ron Paul + Daily Paul I have been able to become more free. This is how it has worked for me:

a. I realized that there are real/honest people out there. I felt I was becoming crazy because of my anti-war, anti-torture, pro-life stances. The MSM has manufactured a set of ideas that permeate to every day life which are illogical at best and sometimes plain evil.

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I've finally decided to permanently delete my Facebook account.

I'm now in the process of prising myself away from Facebook, which I've had for 6 years. Until it's done, here are some ramblings:

What drew me into Facebook was the number of friends that had one.

What kept me in Facebook was the number of friends that I found.

What chained me to Facebook were the likes, tags, imagess and statuses by friends that have mentioned me.

What enslaved me to Facebook was the possibility that friends might engage me in a convsersation, an event, or some other form of human interaction, or vice versa.

But what imprisoned me to Facebook was myself.

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ORGANIZE and leave Facebook!

We all know how bad Facebook is. It's a data mining site for the government's total information awareness campaign. They track your every move online, even when you are signed out of your account. Facebook also sells your information to third parties without your permission. (Of course, you give permission by clicking that you accept their privacy policy) but who really reads that anyway?

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Which Candidate is NOT going to get us involved in any wars?

I don't want to go to war, and there is no need to declare war on ISIS.

Who is the candidate for America that does NOT want to get us involved in wars? Who does NOT want to get involved in wars, regardless of where the center of power for declaration is - the White House or Congress.

Who cares where the declaration is made, if the declaration is wrong? Justin Raimando is right.

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If It's Not An Occupation Then What Is It?

Well my fiance and I made a vacation out of a southern California wedding this past week. We stayed in Carlsbad after a wedding and took advantage of the 75 degree empty beach during the week. Nice to sleep in 8:00am and spend some time with family as well as floating on my surfboard. Something about the beach life that makes you take a load off and walk slower.

Well I needed a strap for the roof of my car to get my surfboard to the beach so we stopped by the local Walmart because the home depot was 20 minutes away. I found the straps I needed and waited in line with another guy for a clerk to check us out in the sporting good section. I noticed we were dressed alike, casual, pocket knifes clipped to our pockets, baggy shirts, pants and skate shoes. This guy was in his late 30 early 40s and I am well 28 who looks like 23.

The guy starts talking crap about how Walmart only hires people who are stupid and how the service sucks. I told him that once businesses get to big, they get less personal and the attention to detail and knowledge about certain things usually sucks compared to small businesses. I compared them to Government and said the bigger they get the worse off average people are. He laughed and we started to small talk about small things until I noticed he was holding Chris Kyle's Book, American Sniper. (which was discounted)

I asked him if that book was for him or someone else. He said he was going to read it and then proceeded to let me know he met Chris Kyle years back in Navy Seal Training. I also learned that he was part of seal team 5. After sizing this guy up for some now more intense conversation I asked him a few question. I told him Chris Kyle's first kill was a Mother who had a baby in her arms as well as some explosives strapped to her. I said man thats got to be tough. He said yeah thats war. I said, no it must be tough for the mother. I said nobody ever stops and asks why the mother had to do what she did. I said life's at its lowest when you think blowing up yourself and your son in order to repel people who are occupying your land is a good idea. This dudes ears perked up a little, but I wasn't done yet. I said over 500k kids died over there because they bombed water treatment plants and embargoed chlorine.

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I have friends all over the country and the world that I've never met

Never seen, never touched, never spoken to, in person or on the phone. Still, somehow I know you and I'm thankful that you're here.

Merry Christmas, Daily Paul. Happy Hanukah. Festive Festivus. Bountiful Bodhi Day. Prosperous Pancha Ganapati.

Whatever and however you celebrate and give thanks and prayer in this world, I wish you all nothing but the best. I wish you all peace and prosperity, not to mention gold, and love.

Thank you Daily Paul for having enriched my life. You are all heroes for keeping the flame of Liberty alive.


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A little blunt honesty for you all

Let's make it a point to start talking openly and honestly about the USA.

I'm sorry, I have to correct people like Jon Stewart and the Judge in their recent interview (http://bit.ly/1ynpKs1), because their line of thinking, "We're still the best... freer than others," is a load of bullshit! This type of thinking does not help the US to fix or heal her problems, only augment them.

I've lived in a few different countries and I can honestly tell you this:

1. No CPS like agency came knocking when we told our doctor we did NOT want our new born vaccinated. Moreover, the Doc did not blink when we said we don't want to use prescription cream on my daughter's skin when she was born, even though she clearly had some irritation, which naturally went away with coconut oil. As a matter of fact, he was noticeably uncomfortable suggesting anything to us that wasn't natural, even at times making jokes about some of the things these hospitals try to push on people.

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The Kingdom of God is within You

Once I was watching the Mike Wallace Interview of Frank Lloyd Wright. While the famous architect was not a Christian, he was a religious man. He quoted Jesus, "Wherever people gather in my name, there is my church." Having spent many years during my youth regularly attending various churches, I eventually parted ways. It strikes me the wrong way when honest questions are taken with offense. I was happy to find that even Jesus didn't necessarily support organized religion.

I no longer consider myself to be a religious person. I don't go to church. I don't pray. I don't have any faith that a utopia exists for the dead, either. In my opinion, heaven and hell both exist only for the living. Despite my lack of religious beliefs, I do feel that Jesus had some very meaningful philosophical insights.

Luke 17:21 - Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

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2015 Writing Contests for the DailyPaul Writers and Poets

Almost two years ago now there was a prompt here calling for people to create their own culture and take it outside the dailypaul if possible. We have numerous kinds of creative artististic types here from musicians to poets to podcast personalities and published authors.

Since we have so many aspiring writers and poets here, I thought I'd share some of the links for competitions and contests I have found while I was trying to pick a few contests for myself to focus on for 2015. I came across some satire and poetry competitions and even though those are not my fields I know we have some satirists and poets here. Some of the competitions have entry fees, some do not. Some have strict rules regarding content, some do not. Some have large prizes, others are much smaller, but for anyone who would like to see their work published here are some options. I'll add more as I find more.

"There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed" Hemingway.

January Deadlines

2015 Narrative Travel Writing Contest
Deadline: 1/15/15
Prize:$500 1st place, 2nd place $150, third-place winner $100.

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CRUSHED! Silver down 10% in two hours, Gold/Platinum down big time too!

Holy crap! Early trading today (11/30/14) Silver down $1.60, Gold down $45, Platinum down $30. Too bad for me I spent my monthly allocation last week :( Oil is down to $67/barrel as the Saudi market got crushed and is now officially in a bear market. But surprise, surprise The Dow is up and so is the almighty dollar (again.) The metals test my intestinal fortitude yet again! What do you all think?

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"Follow me," she said. Open Thread

Liberty Leading The People

What comes up for you, looking at this painting? Is Liberty worth following? How - in what ways - do you follow her?

(If not, there is always NFL Week 13)

"Both" is also a valid choice.

Liberty, in my opinion, is the right to be who you are.

What do you think?

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Killin' Bubba

As a young man, my father knew a black fellow named Jimmy "Bubba" Ellis. Both were construction workers during the 1970’s. Bubba was an asphalt raker, and Dad was an equipment operator for the same outfit. He was a large man; Dad recalls that he stood around 6’4” and weighed-in at approximately 250 lbs - most of that weight due to the muscle he had built over the years from hard work and weightlifting. He and Dad were friends.

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The first use of "V for Vendetta" masks in the liberty movement...

Who knows the answer?? I'll give you a hint, it did not have to do with the Ron Paul presidential bid...

I was associated as a supporter of the "movement" having been an "illegal tax protester" pretty much all of my life (something about slavery just irks me, even the economical type).

Give up?? Ok, it was Bob Schultz of "We The People Foundation" used the entire V costume on November 6th, 2006 to protest the unconstitutional income (slavery) tax.



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Thanks For All - The Fish

I am a seriously blessed woman.
1. Let me begin with DPs #1 user. I have met him once, about a 30 second conversation at the 2008 RNC. Still, if I were "Time Magazine" I would have to pick him as the most influential person in my life these days. Yep, over Ron Paul. Ron brought me to the party, but it was Nystrom who booked the venue and kept the party rolling long after the clock struck midnight. Thanks again, Mr. Nystrom, for this charming pub where tin hats are all the fashion rage!

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Who else is drinking this Thanksgiving?

Friends in Liberty!

Who else is drinking this Thanksgiving?

I will drink Saluting Dr. Sen. Rand Paul his amazing work that pushed the Liberty message to the front pages of the main stream media - educating millions.


It is not too early to say so.

Earth - battle between good and evil.
The good is winning!
Hearts and minds changed all over the planet.
People from all political spectrum start to realize - "we are one human family - we are all brothers and sisters and we deserve to be free living in a world without wars..."