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Why I am "fishyculture"

I think I heard the lookout holler "Land, Ho!" and I began to wonder, what will my last post end up being? Something I post one day will turn out to be the last one... As I reflect on all I learned here, and all I have tried to help teach, things began to really focus for me. There was one video that literally changed my life. Not merely the way I thought, but the way I live, eat, and talk to my neighbors. I am not declaring this my "last post" but if that is how it works out, I am good with that. Let me share this with you fine folks one more time, before we disembark.

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Put the Woman Down

I was recently made aware of this little proverb that I thought I’d share here.

Two monks were strolling by a stream on their way home to the monastery. They were startled by the sound of a young woman in a bridal gown, sitting by the stream, crying softly. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she gazed across the water. She needed to cross to get to her wedding, but she was fearful that doing so might ruin her beautiful handmade gown.

In this particular sect, monks were prohibited from touching women. But one monk was filled with compassion for the bride. Ignoring the sanction, he hoisted the woman on his shoulders and carried her across the stream--assisting her journey and saving her gown. She smiled and bowed with gratitude as he noisily splashed his way back across the stream to rejoin his companion.

The second monk was livid. "How could you do that?" he scolded. "You know we are forbidden even to touch a woman, much less pick one up and carry her around!"

The offending monk listened in silence to a stern lecture that lasted all the way back to the monastery. His mind wandered as he felt the warm sunshine and listened to the singing birds. After returning to the monastery, he fell asleep for a few hours. He was jostled and awakened in the middle of the night by his fellow monk.

"How could you carry that woman?" his agitated friend cried out. "Someone else could have helped her across the stream. You were a bad monk!"

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I Love You, Goodbye

Just to clarify, for I fear I have not been clear. The Daily Paul, as we know it, will be archived for posterity's sake, as a realtime record, a documentation of the past eight years.

If Liberty is going to flourish in this land, then it must be about more than one man (or his son). It is time we moved beyond relying on a politician spokesman, and take the reigns ourselves. We must embody Liberty ourselves. We must take it upon ourselves to make Liberty popular.

Politics is the tail of the dog that is wagged by culture. Once we create a culture of liberty, our representation in government (NOT our leaders) will follow us.

As I have stated, the most important thing about the Daily Paul to me is the relationships that were created and the personal growth and synergy that occurred as a result.

This is not going away.

A new Ark is being built. The new era craftsman Joη and I are building it. Everyone here has a guaranteed spot on the new ship. It will also be able to take on new passengers. (The doors on this ark were closed over a year ago.) The goal is for all of us embody Liberty!

Don't look for a savior. Be your own savior.

This is the end of an era, but every ending is also a beginning.

Goodbyes are important, and this has been a long one. We're getting close to the end, but before we get there I want to tell you I love you, and goodbye. And every goodbye gives the opportunity to say hello once again.

For the goodbye, I can't think of a better way than to have Thomas Dolby, of She Blinded Me With Science! fame, sing it for us. Dolby was kind of a one hit wonder to many, but he is one of my favorite artists because of his depth beyond that Top 40 song for which he is famous.


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While we're at it, should we have some fun?

What do you think guys?

Make liberty popular and have some fun at the same time?

Who's down?

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My latest Sticker Design

Hi guys and gals!

I wanted to share my latest Bumper Sticker design with people who I think can appreciate it. It's a variation on a pretty common Smedley Butler Quote, WAR IS A RACKET, but a customer had suggested that I create a version that includes the phrase, "A few profit, the many pay!" and I thought it was a great suggestion.

Also, in case there are any Ron Paul fans still lurking around here :P, check out this die-cut white vinyl sticker I made of the good doctor:

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Thank You, Brian Williams, Friend Of Truth

My buddy is friends with everyone around here, and this morning she went for coffee with some friends in the next little town. He is an old Vet, she is a country girl wife, they are MSM junkies who fancy themselves really on top of world events.

They were in despair this morning, their world shaken to the core. They TRUSTED Brian, how could he have just LIED like that? Oh, dear old friend, what are we to do? What else have they lied to us about?

My buddy took them gently by the hand, led them to the deep end of the pool and pushed them in. She said "Go try to find a death certificate for any of the Sandy Hook victims. Go on, you have the internet on, google it." Soon, they were reading and gasping and saying "This can't be! What else is a lie?" and my buddy told them: Everything.

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Support and Prayers Needed for a R3VOLUTIONARY Patriot

When I got out of the Navy in 2009, I attended a Campaign For Liberty activist training seminar up here in Seattle. Being from the local area, I was quickly introduced to Michele St. Pierre, an introduction that proved to be a huge resource to me getting plugged in and active in local politics.

Michele has been a huge influence on the budding Tea Party movement of 2008-2009, a dedicated voice of Freedom and Liberty for years and a Passionate Constitutionalist.

Michele has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and is struggling to pay hospital and treatment costs. We have been able to raise almost $5,000 of her costs so far, and we are doing anything we can, but I am hoping for some R3VOLUTIONARIES to chip in.



Thank you all so much!

-Marc Knauss
Marysville, WA

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My Interview with Joel Salatin, Farmer & Author

One of my heroes - Joel Salatin - who I was able to interview about positive and productive ways to fight back against the industrial food complex!


Joel is the author of Everything I Want To Do is Illegal, in addition to a number of other books.

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Thank You Daily Paul, You are on fire Today!

I have been dealing with a whole lot of disheartening and stressful issues lately and decided to forget about what I should be doing and just hang at the DP.

You guys are on fire today! the Topics, News Posts and Participation are absolutely fantastic today! It reminds me of how busy this place was when I joined over 5 years ago.

Thank You!

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I slandered the hero Adam Kokesh

Although I visit the site often, I don't post here at the Daily Paul anymore. I agree with Michael Nystrom that with Rand most likely running for president, the site is changing into something it was not when Ron was running for president in 2008 and 2012.

However, I do want to get something off my chest that has been bothering me for quite some time. I've said some nasty things on here about Adam Kokesh when he was planning to have an armed march on Washington that I deeply regret and wish I could take back. This was partly the fault of Jack Daniels and trying to get the best of his supporters on here when going back and forth on posts and comments. There is nothing more cowardly than to anonymously slander someone on the internet and I have to admit that I am guilty of that charge.

Unlike Chris Kyle, Adam Kokesh is a hero who has made great sacrifices for the movement and peace in general. I know he is not a Christian, but he certainly conducts himself more like one than most of the warmongering Christians you see in church and Fox News. Like Christ, he speaks the truth and is willing to sacrifice himself for that cause.

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How I'm Working to Make Liberty as Popular as the NFL

I spent 7 years in the Army and Army Reserves and had planned on making a career out of it, but when I started to notice that the freedoms I thought I’d been fighting for overseas were being eroded here at home, it led to my becoming a civilian again and a peace and freedom activist.

Some of you might remember the video that made sure I became a civilian again -


After making that video, I immediately wanted to help make things right, so I got involved in politics, volunteered on a few campaigns, worked on a few, and managed a congressional campaign. We were largely ignored by the media, and I came to believe that until we changed the media, we’d always be on the losing end of things. I had that belief reinforced when told that most movements that won the day in the past, had won because of something in the media that became popular, pushed the culture, and then the culture pushed the political class.

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Booed in the Bible Belt

Booed in the Bible Belt

I didn't realize how dark it was until that night,
Of all places, I thought they would get it right,
But in darkness that could be felt,
They booed Ron Paul in the Bible Belt.

In the land of chapels and churches and more,
Where Bibles can be bought in every store,
Abysmal darkness enveloped all,
As they booed Dr. Ron Paul,
And under ever-darkening skies,
They cheered those with blood-lust in their eyes,
In the very place where great men once prayed and knelt,
They booed Ron Paul in the Bible Belt.

It was when Ron Paul took a stand,
Apply the Golden Rule to every land,
Quoting the words that Jesus said,
But he spoke to hearts quite dead,
And in that darkness that could be felt,
They booed Ron Paul in the Bible Belt.

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Another Anti Vaxxers Moment

For those like me, you know being an antivaxxer in today's world of misinformation and medicating for profit over true patient care is a consistent struggle of debates, insults, intolerance and bigotry. Initially, the predictable storm of hate started to spread as soon as news of the measles breakout began. With no concrete evidence, blame was instantly placed by the medical industrial complex funded media on those damn antivaxxers, and/or evil nonvaxxing foreigners. Everyday I have seen comment after comment from people I know that "parents who don't vaccinate their kids should die", and "if it weren't for these horrible antivaxxers, we would all be safe from these things". Even with all this blind negativity, there are still rational debates that we can have that will win hearts and minds among the public.

I have to say, I am endlessly grateful for those brilliant individuals who have taken advantage of the attention as the public are searching for stories on this event, to get real information out there for everyone to see. For every rude, and nasty comment i see which is basically calling for me as a parent to not have the right to chose the type of care my family gets, there is a brilliant article about how misinformed the general public is on the subject, mostly due to their own choice to remain incompetent, since the evidence is out there for all to see.

But this time it's different. Finally, after all this time, the debate is not just about autism. Obviously the autism debate is valid, and incredibly important. The problem with the autism debate though, is it creates a one hit wonder of sorts that seems to limit the debate on both sides, and in most cases further the divide between rational people. There are so many valid arguments that can be made against vaccines which are easier to prove, and more effective on people who may not normally be part of the extensive debate.

Even though I have never made the argument against vaccines based solely on the possibility of autism, the general public who wish to debate me, or many others in the antivax community, cling to this idea like its our one hit wonder. Even if I don't mention autism at all, their arguments always use that topic like its the only hand I can play. But for years I have used a different approach. One which, with this current outbreak, can be proven true beyond a doubt, and can result in changing the mindset of so many to begin questioning what has been spoon fed to them by the media and the medical complex, and that is efficacy.

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Driver's Licenses: Repugnant to the Constitution, and getting more repulsive


The right to TRAVEL by the common mode of the times is something the SCOTUS has upheld. They have stated you cannot charge people to exercise their rights, but the states ignored the rulings and kept issuing licenses to drive. Now, there are folks here who can give you proper schooling on the difference between "drive" and "travel" but in a nutshell, if you are NOT engaged in a commercial enterprise with your vehicle, you are travelling, not driving. (Welcome to Babylon, where nothing means what you think it does.)

One of the very first Ron Paul supporters I met was in the heat of this fight. He spent a lot of time in court, a lot of time in jail, and he finally left the state and, I suspect, got a license. Last I heard he was driving a concrete truck and I just doubt he got that job without a license.

I do not understand why this issue is not a hot topic in liberty circles. In Idaho, we were so proud when we "defeated" the "REAL ID Act" but it seems we are about to be punished for our insolence. In my opinion, if the Boise airport cannot take my Idaho license as legal ID, the airport needs to move to another state, but that is not how this will go down.