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Endless War In Africa - Leon Panetta Confirms My Suspicions: A Chinese Blockade

Leon Panetta recently confirmed the policy agenda of the US government - and it's exactly as I predicted. The only backing the US dollar has is the military - they MUST ensure that rivals like China can not receive their goods from places like Africa without paying tribute. Here is what he had to say:

"I think we're looking at kind of a 30-year war," he says, one that will have to extend beyond Islamic State to include emerging threats in Nigeria, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and elsewhere.

USA Today Leon Panetta

Notice the 4 countries he mentioned are in AFRICA? I thought ISIS was primarily based in Syria and Iraq?! As I indicated in a previous posting below, the US is going to engage militarily on the African continent more and more frequently, and not just in Liberia. The reason it MUST do this is because should China go off the dollar reserve system, there has to be consequences.

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My mom passed away Sunday

My mom passed away this past Sunday after a long battle with Brain Cancer. She was surrounded by our family and her friends and we all were able to say our goodbyes and thank her for her sacrifices she made to give us all a better life. She was a selfless woman and always put others before herself.

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Not afraid!

For the first time in my life I'm not afraid. I could pass tomorrow and know that I've kissed the foreheads of my children ten thousand times and told them I love them many more. I could pass tomorrow having been fortunate enough to see through the veil of this 3-dimensional world and the lies that linger in the lower dimensions it encompasses.

I've moved on. I am at peace with the situation of this world. I was called on long ago to stop it, as were you all here. Fear is only as real as you let them make it. Death is not an end, but a beginning. Remember to love everyday and you will have little reason to fear not being here for the next one.

Peace and Love always.

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Lots of posts on here recently about the big "G" and his only son, the big "J". Posts that even suggest that those who don't believe in the big "G" and serve Him, are servants of the devil.


Posts like this leave me in a contemplative mood - not about the existence (or not) of the big "G", but of the nature of beliefs themselves - of how we come to believe.

Some of you make it seem as though believing in God is as easy as choosing which color shirt to put on in the morning.

That's not my experience, not at all. Beliefs are arrived at not by choosing, but by systematic consideration; we hear an assertion, we then use our intelligence, wit, common sense and life experience to weigh that assertion.

Does it ring true? If so, we say to ourselves, hey, that seems right, it might be the case that this assertion is true, in fact the evidence is so strong that I believe it is true.

But if it doesn't ring true we dismiss the assertion.

Belief is not a choice. Sure, we can choose to ignore evidence that might cause us to change our beliefs, but assuming we're open to all evidence, can we truly choose to believe? Is belief a simple matter of choice?

I assert not.

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NOTHING is getting better in this country

I’m so depressed. Is it just me or does it seem like NOTHING is getting better in this country? The wars, the debt, the crime, the police brutality, government overreach, etc… It seems like for the last few years things have continued to spiral downward and NO end is in sight. Think of the scandals that have come to light in Washington – the NSA, DOJ spying on reporters, Lois Lerner and the IRS, Fast and Furious and Eric Holder, etc…WHERE IS JUSTICE? WHY AREN’T PEOPLE GOING TO PRISON?

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Idealization of a tragedy

Meet Jack and Jill. Don't they make a lovely couple? Off to fetch a pail of water, hand in hand they go, smiles on their faces and the spirit of co-operation in their hearts. They're off to conquer the world.

artwork by R. Kenton Nelson

Fetching a pail of water seems a simple enough task: A leisurely stroll through the shady fruit trees of the orchard that separates their handsome little cottage from the hill. The sun shines lightly on their backs and on Jack's broad shoulders as marshmallow-like clouds drift by, casting deep cool shadows on the rolling grass robed hills. Honey fairly drips from the combs as here and there a few bees sleepily drone about in the wild flowers. What could possibly go wrong on such a fine day?

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Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes

Open your eyes so you can see,
Everywhere is Freemasonry,
Up in the sky the all-seeing eye,
The unfinished pyramid, they’re not done,
The New Atlantis will make us one.

Open your eyes so you can see,
The Aquarian Conspiracy,
The Round Table is no fable,
The CFR is plotting war,
The Trilateral Commission,
For world submission,
And a reign of terror revolution,
Is the Rosicrucian solution.

Open your eyes so you can see
Madame Blavatsky and Theosophy,
And Plato and his philosophy,
An unfolding atrocity,
Aleister Crowley and his law,

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How I Make Colloidal Silver

I thought I'd share with everyone how I make colloidal silver.

What is colloidal silver? It is a suspension of tiny silver particles in water. Similar to one of those glitter lights like this:

Except instead of foil you have really really tiny silver particles, and the suspension medium is distilled water.

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Daily Paul, member self-defense, let’s keep the site clean!

You may, may not, be aware already. Please (log in) vote up to confirm you have read and understood, or leave a comment.

When we talk about books and link to Amazon, there is a DP feature that captures the link and display the book on the "Book Talk" section. --->

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You Are Not Rand's Audience And I Am Supporting Rand Paul And This Is Why.

I haven't made a political comment here for quite a while, I took a long break and am still on break from the movement. With that said, I feel the need to make this statement. As someone pointed out, many of you here are not Rand's audience, He is trying to appeal to a much broader audience and he is doing very well in that approach.

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"American Funded ISIS"

We all know the power of words.
Change the vocabulary.

"American Funded ISIS"

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Abducting, buying and selling American children as sex slaves in the US is a $9 billion industry

Hey DailyPaul this is probably the most important interview I have ever done in my career. The information in this piece is shocking and sobering. Please share!

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Camp grounds, trailer parks, tiny houses, future trends

I'll jump right in. There's two kinds of patriots: those of us who have been successful in business and investing and those of us who are basically poor as piss and likely always will be. And we see the writing on the wall. Times are tough and getting toughter. It's really obvious in Arizona because at this point most of the state is "working poor".

Heck man, I'm PROUD of the fact that the RP Money Bombs were mostly $5-$20 donations from people that could have used that for a nicer lunch. Instead we nestled our leftovers in Tupperware containers and glumly watched ourselves lose.

But I'll return to a theme I haven't rocked in years and that is....

The American camper-trailer is the most advanced piece of survival equipment ever devised by man.

It's the ultimate piece of bugout equipment. In most of these things you have both 110V and 12V power systems, they have on board water and sewage capacity, you got lights, stereo, you have a complete micro-kitchen that usually runs off propane, you got a shower and a potty, all the comforts of home and you can chuck the kids and animals in it and GTFO of Dodge at a moment's notice. It's laughably easy to integrate solar and other off grid technologies. If you wanna re route power or water and need another hole in the floor? drill another fricking hole in the floor, you only paid $2k for this thing, that's not mohogany or teak, that's linoleum over plywood, put two holes through it, who cares?