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Do you have your ID on you?

I wanted to bring up a situation over this last weekend that involved my Driver’s License, or as otherwise put my ID. I was getting ready to go out for the day on the lake with a few other people and instead of carrying my wallet with me (which I would not need in the middle of a lake) I chose to leave it in the vehicle’s glove compartment.

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Intention is cause

photoshopwiz once sent me an article with that title, via the US Postal System

Intention is cause

- - -

It is time for me, with the Daily Paul, to go back to Original Intention.

Time to get back.

I spent time remembering my Original Intention tonight with Samantha, who just became an American Citizen. It was in June, at Faneuil Hall.

Memories. How could I not go back to that place and not remember the Boston Tea Party?

She chose it. She takes it seriously. She cares about America.

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Remember folks who suffer for exposing war crimes

Chelsea Elisabeth Manning Age: 9740 days Imprisoned: 1542 days now why? For telling the truth!

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Ron Paul's Birthday is extra special this year Au-79

I thought I let you guys know about this. Ron will be 79 this Wednesday the 20th that's AUg 20th. The atomic number for Au is 79... A special day IMHO. We should do something special!

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The ultimate DP suicide note

Not so long ago, practically just yesterday when everything we did was a cosmic life or death struggle, we used to see what we called "DP suicide notes" and they kinda assumed a common format:

Due to highly personal and ideological reasons I formally withdraw from this community and by the way you are all heretic monsters and you suck so goodbye.

The first component is the highly esoteric personal ideological reason which you might think is setting us up for hope but this is instantly dashed by the PERMANENCE of the withdrawal and finally....

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The Daily Paul's Significance

The Daily Paul is an excellent gauge for what issues are important to well informed people. We have on this site some of the finest, well-read, well-spoken individuals who possess a vast knowledge of what is going on in the world that matters. None of these “fluff” distraction stories you’ll see on the six o’clock news make it to the front page of the DP.

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What is the impact that you wish to make, Daily Paul?

I've heard you, thank you. I love you too, DP.

You look to me, but I look to you.

What is the impact you wish to make, DP? How do you wish to Break the Matrix, DP?


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Daily Paul educated 100's of thousands all around the world

Daily Paul has educated 100's of thousands of people all around the world.
Next year it just might become the "hottest" alternative info site on this planet.

My gut feeling is Rand Paul will become the next U.S. president no matter what challenges he/his campaign will face.

By posting educational material on the Daily Paul we are not just "preaching to the converted".
Because of social media sites like Twitter the material from the DP is seen by a vast number of people out there.

This way the DP counters msm lies - it is essential this countering/exposing continues.

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Can we save the Daily Paul by using Amazon?

Whenever I buy something on Amazon.com I always use the link at the Daily Paul to get there.

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Take the Daily Paul Poet Challenge

Sometimes profound wisdom, great insight or rib-tickling humor can be conveyed in a few sentences. The Daily Paul is blessed with some funny, thoughtful and intelligent users. I challenge those with wit and rhyme to take the Daily Paul challenge: Write a limerick or other short poem to convey a message about something near and dear to your heart, such as liberty, peace, precious metals or the Pauls.

Here's mine:

There once was a doc named Ron
Who had a senator son
The father was decisive, not divisive
And Rand a Republican

The winner will receive the most up votes.

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A Plea to New Ark Passengers

Welcome to the Ark. I'm glad you're all here. Why did you come? Why did you register now? Do you want to be here for more than 5 months?

For whatever reasons you signed up, I plead with you to channel those same reasons and consider chipping in to keep this place going. Michael has put his heart and soul into this site, and I can honestly say I probably would not have my own site, do my own writing, have my own podcast,etc without the inspiration I got from all the time spent here, much of it lurking for a few years as I imagine many of you did.


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"Experimental Drug" Nano Silver used to treat Ebola.

Seriously, I can't even!!! When I heard this on the news this morning I nearly lost it. Even my wife was speechless. I hope the proponents of natural remedies on this site get to revel in a bit of vindication, especially those who have touted the benefits of Colloidal Silver.

I sure hope these Ebola victims don't turn into smurfs :)

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Ron Paul: Not just a moment–we’re in the middle of a “libertarian transition”

Hey Daily Paul here is an interview I just did with Ron Paul yesterday regarding the New York Times article.

Kurt Wallace: Robert Draper of the New York Times wrote an in-depth piece about libertarians “Has the Libertarian Moment Finally Arrived?” He references 1968 as being potentially, the declaration at the time, a breakout moment for libertarians, but that didn’t happen. Could you take us step by step through the last 45 plus years, what was it like then leading up to before you ran for president in 2008?
Ron Paul: Right, and to start off with I would say that that New York Times article Draper’s article had interesting stuff in it. But I don’t think he quite understands what’s going on...

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Major Sea Change In Ferguson As Cops Try Not-Violence For Once

Ferguson is a very large street party at this very moment. Here's what it looks and sounds like now.


Word went round that county deputies were being pulled off the job. MO Gov. Jay Nixon has given control of the scene MO Highway Patrol who were present today in STANDARD UNIFORMS, NO RIOT GEAR, NO GAS MASKS, not even batons.

ABSENT were the dancing glam-warriors in their camo spandex leotards. Absent were their armored vehicles and LRAD weapon.