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Security Through Absurdity latest novel includes my DP experience

I want to announce this BEFORE this site goes offline. I've been here for almost 7 years. I did the the whole thing. Boston TeaParty; The DC March; RonVoy; the Rally for the Republic; I'm in the documentary FOR LIBERTY; started a book club/discussion group called FREEDOM IS FUNDAMENTAL that lasted over 3 years with over 100 members on MeetUp; got involved with the local GOP; collected signatures; got elected and went to the last RNC to represent Ron Paul.

When I got home from that whole mess I started writing. I had never written before and all sorts of stuff started tumbling out of me. I gave it to the publisher and they broke my story down into a trilogy. The first book of which is already in the DailyPaul books store.

LITTLE YELLOW STICKIES - about my time working for a defense contractor as a marketing communications specialist. (NOTE: almost every single thing in that book is true) Shadows of Power author James Perloff endorsed that book.


The next book, BUBBLES WILL POP, is about how I slowly "woke up" after quitting that job during the housing collapse. References to the Daily Paul and Ron Paul are included in this book - but all names have been changed and I think Daily Pauler's will see exactly what is going on. It will be out for public consumption on Thursday 1-15-15. Michael Nystrom, after amazingly bumping into me in Boston, ended up endorsing that book.

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"Hey There, Soldier"

Hey there, soldier, put down the gun.
You don't really want to hurt anyone,
and if you do there's a problem in you
You better recognize who has been lying to you.....

Can you hear babies, all crying when their Daddy goes to war
where killing other baby's Daddy's is just a daily chore?
Hear the mother's wail for babies that won't hug them any more.
The only winners are the banksters and political whores.

They put a flag upon your soul the very day you were born.
Indoctrinated you into their view as your brain formed.
Now along national borders humanity is torn
Killing the poor to please the rich, does that make your heart warm?

Hey there soldier, put down the gun.
You don't really want to hurt anyone,
Seems these days most of your victims are you.
You don't need to die, you need to know what is true.

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Member For 7 years 2 months 27 days

I joined the Daily Paul 7 years 2 months 27 days ago. I hardly post anything but I've been coming to this site for news every single day. I want to thank all those that have contributed to making this site the way it is. Even though Im a lurker, Im posting this message to let you all know how much this site has meant to me for the last 7 years. Thanks everytone

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Rand Paul Poll. Results Update 2

Hi everyone. I am interested to know the make up of DP'ers in regards to their feelings on Rand Paul. This might be our last chance to take a poll like this, so here are some questions.

What best describes you? In the subject heading of your comment, please put the number that best describes you

1. I will vote for Rand Paul and definitely contribute to his campaign.

2. I will vote for Rand Paul and might contribute to his campaign.

3. I will probably vote for Rand Paul.

4. I will probably not vote for Rand Paul.

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Celebrating Eight Years Of Daily Paul-ness

I started working on this after my Daily Paul 2014 Year in Review Post. SteveMT has since posted two posts with some of the information in here that I was going to post. SteveMT is either a genius and great minds think alike or mdefarge is a genius or both.

Here are Steve's posts with some of the same information I planned on using in this post.

This was going to be my Daily Paul Birthday thread, but I thought it would be nice to celebrate early and continue celebrating for a while since there is so much to celebrate. We can celebrate 8 years of this site, celebrate the friends we have made, the knowledge we have gained, the strides we have made for liberty. We can celebrate Ron Paul, Michael, and each other since it does not really matter when/if the site closes or changes or transforms or stays exactly the same or whatever happens.

We might as well celebrate while we are here because nothing lasts forever, under any circumstances, and someday none of us will be here, but we are here together now.

I've noticed in the past sometimes the birthday has been celebrated on 1/19, but the first post was on 1/21 so that is the date I used.

So without further adieu....

The First Ever Daily Paul Post

The post that started the phenomenon

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Why My Wife and I Switched to Organic Foods and How We Pay For Them.

I hate Monsanto. They recently won in my home state of Oregon on the GMO labeling issue. The margin was less than a thousand votes if I recall and during this campaign I was able to do some study on GMO seeds, the company, their method of crushing farmers, and enslaving third world countries. Not to mention the health risks of their products.

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The DailyPaul is the most important site on the Internet and that's not hyperbole.

It's the only site I visit daily (somedays several times) to get my truth in media and education, and to express some of my thoughts on liberty.

Our nation (and the world) NEEDS the DailyPaul.

I realize this site was created in the name of Ron Paul - the greatest American statesman since the days of our founders.

But if Rand Paul runs for president I can only imagine the increase in interest in this site.

We know that he is not quite his dad but the reality is, most of us who were avid Ron Paul supporters are going to support Rand against the establishment.

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Not that I am shocked but Glenn Beck said today he would vote for Lindsey Graham before he would vote for Rand Paul

His whole little clique said they would not vote for Rand Paul. Of course Ted Cruz would get all of their votes, what a shocker. For anyone who thinks Glenn Beck is anything but an establishment stooge, I hope this shows you that is exactly what he is. I have lost any trust in him or his program, which was little to begin with. The attack on Rand begins......

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Weekend Watching: For Liberty

The Daily Paul's 8th birthday is coming up soon (January 19, 2007 is when the domain was registered) and I propose archiving the site this year, to officially mark the era. To put a bookend on it.

And taking the members of the Ark and starting something new. A reaffirmation of our principles.

The Rand Paul era is about to fire up, and it will be distinct. So before we get all caught up in this whirlwind, let's take a moment to remember and reflect on how we all ended up here, and see what comes up.



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I propose archiving the site

I used to think the Internet would be a great truth machine. But now I see what it has become. Islands of warring ideologies. Everything becomes political. Global warming is political. Healthcare is political. Food is political. What goes on in your bedroom is political. What goes on on your deathbed is political.

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Another successful Silver barter! Silver is Money!

Recently, I had cut down a 35' Carrotwwod tree in my front yard.
I did it all by myself! I'm not lazy or weak!

Afterwards, all that remained was a huge stump and the giant bough section.
I needed someone to grind the stump and bough away.

I had contacted several stump grinders.
They were very expensive!
One guy quoted me 375.00!!!
Wow! Last year, I had a guy offer to cut down the whole tree for 300.!

Funny thing, the 375.00 quote included a military and senior discount!
Well, I didn't think it was very funny!

I caught up with a fella grinding a stump in the neighborhood and asked him for a quote.
He came over later and quoted me 125.00.

I asked him if he wanted paper dollars or real money...
And that started the conversation!

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Still The Best post I've ever read on DP

This post moved me to join this site over 7 years ago .All the talk about this site closing down prompted me to go look back in time.

The writer perfectly describes how I felt at the time,it still makes you tear up reading it. Enjoy this old gem.

I believe this is true. But some of them will find in Ron Paul the person they COULD be! Some of them will find the courage in themselves after seeing what Ron Paul can do. Some of them will change FOR REAL under Dr. Paul's influence. A great leader can do this.

I have a confession . . .

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Goodbye my friends (Walking across USA) *Update*

As my favorite forum comes to an end, I just wanted to say thank you, everyone. I haven't been a member here for very long, I haven't even been a lurker for very long, but thanks to the DailyPaul I have learned more in the past couple years than in all my other years combined.

This past year has been rough for me. My dog, my little buddy, my best friend of 16 years, has gotten sicker and sicker with each passing day. It has become especially worse this past month, and I'm afraid I'm going to have to have her put out of her misery within the next week or two. It's going to be the worst day of my life. I can't put into words how much this little 10 pound dog means to me. As her condition worsened, and I found myself worrying too much, or just plain bummed out, this place would always cheer me up or at least get my mind off of the sad thoughts. I would sit here with her on my lap, relax, refresh the "Most viewed" page, click away and take in all the wisdom like a breath of fresh air. The DP became my escape. It's going to be tough not having that healthy escape anymore. Thank you, everyone. Especially Michael, you've done a great thing for liberty. I'd give you a big ol bear hug if you were standing next to me!

When my dog passes away I will be taking 7-12 months off to walk across the USA, from Massachusetts to the Pacific ocean, starting in late February/early March. It's something I've always wanted to do, and it will help me heal from the loss of my best friend. If anyone wants to follow my journey, or just stay connected, my twitter page is www.twitter.com/3000andchange ...I haven't posted much yet, but I just created it, and plan on getting a smartphone so I can update it as I make my way across the country.

Thank you all. I wish you all the best, and hope someday we can have a wonderful place like this again.

Until next time

Peace and much Love,
(Rusty Shackleford)

I had to put my best buddy to rest tonight. She hadn't eaten anything for 5 days, and nothing willingly for over a month. The past few days she was wheezing so bad she was constantly gasping for air, would cry and whimper off and on, and couldn't even stand up without collapsing. There was dried blood around her lips this morning. It killed me to see her like that, I could actually feel a sharp pain in my heart. Everyday since Sunday I tried feeding her every type of meat, dog food, fast food, you name it and she wasn't interested. She fought so hard for so long. She had so many serious health problems, she wasn't going to recover this time. The look in her eyes was total misery. She had no fight left. She lived 16 days, 2 months, and 14 days. She died in my arms surrounded by her family, on the couch wrapped up in her favorite heated blanket. The last thing she heard was me telling her I loved her, loud enough that even her deaf ears could hear me. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Today is the worst day of my life. I am still in shock and it hasn't fully hit me yet, the pain is coming in waves, so I figured I should post this now before it hits me hard. I'm kind of in denial right now. I keep bending down to pick her up and she's not there. I just wanted to say thank you everyone, from the bottom of my (broken) heart for the prayers and well-wishes. I'm not a religious man but the thought of possibly being able to be with her again when I die is the only thing keeping me sane right now. And I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't praying my ass off these last couple weeks. She's out of pain now, I just hope she's in a better place, waiting for us to reunite. I hope she can hear me talking to her. When she died a piece of me did too and I'll never be the same. I will think about her everyday for the rest of my life.

I love you all. Thank you

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It will never really end

I've been a member for 7 years 3 months 5 days.

I remember making a topic post and waking up and seeing it on the frontpage. I was so excited and told my wife. It helped me get her to investigate Dr Paul and she become a follower also.

The Money Bombs were great, what a spirit of fun and hope.

I got hooked

Before the DailyPaul I was in the Army. I remember trying to save a soldier from getting kicked out because he was too heavy for the weight standards. He was a good man, an honest thoughtful human being. He got released

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Nice to see so many founding DP members posting comments

The 7+ year members were here before any of the others. Most of the time they have been on the quiet side, which is why it has been really nice to read their recent comments. I'm thankful for them coming out of hiding sort of speak and expressing their views about what DP has meant to them. They give the rest of us a perspective about where and how all of this got started. Your recent contributions are appreciated.