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The Frog and the Pothole

Speaking of parables, here's one for you*:

- - -

One day Frog fell into a big pothole and couldn’t get out. It was too deep. Try as he might, he just couldn’t muster the energy to jump out of the hole. His friends, seeing the situation for what it was, bid Frog adieu and went on their way.

"So long, Frog. It was nice knowing you."

The next day they saw Frog, happily hopping around, going about his business.

“What happened, Frog? We thought you couldn’t get out!”

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What's been happening with the DP website?

In the three years I've been coming to the DP almost everyday without fail, but I've noticed problems lately. For the last month or two I have noticed the website being down at least three times (that I'm aware of). Is there something different with the server? Has there been more traffic than usual? Or is the website being hacked? Just have to ask because I've noticed again today that it says the server is down for maintanence, again.

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Get My Flag OFF That AIPAC Stage With The Israeli Flag and the U.N. Ambassador

Here is how how the stage looked at the recent AIPAC meeting.

They are using imagery to literally merge the flags of the U.S. and Israel together into one flag.

In the photo link below it shows the Anti-American U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power giving an Anti-American sovereignty speech to an Israeli-controlled, America-hating audience.

Images like this are PROOF that we have LOST OUR SOVEREIGNTY to foreign states like Israel and to International Organizations like the U.N.

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Practice Patience and Understanding: You never know who you are about to reach.

Who I was 25 years ago, does not resemble who I am today. I used to be a liberal. I voted twice for Bill Clinton, a thought that makes me cringe now. I basically believed whatever the news told me. Oklahoma City Bombing, the benevolence of the United Nations, and the need for health care reform. I basically believed whatever history or science class in college taught me. I was proud to be an atheist and heavily relied on science to explain my existence. I was confident that my views were the right views and everyone else was either misguided, selfish, or stupid.

What can I say? I watched a lot of TV.

When 2007 had come along, I had grown slightly more skeptical of those in Washington. However, I went to bat for Hillary, convinced that she was going to bring some sanity back in our Country. Hillary and sanity don't even belong in the same sentence.

Warning lights began to flash for me when the media began to actively protect and make excuses for Obama. They propped him up beyond all reason. The Democratic caucuses and eventual convention were full of corruption. This was a disease that I thought only Republicans were riddled with.

I vowed never to support Obama. Of course then I was called a racist.

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We Are Almost at the Gate

We Are Almost at the Gate

There are countless wars and tyranny,
Leviathan's cruel reign of hate,
But we have a rendezvous with destiny,
We are almost at the gate.

Monsanto is going down,
Big government will disintegrate,
The Military-Industrial Complex has lost its crown,
We are almost at the gate.

Poisoned food, water and air,
But take heart and celebrate,
The Great Awakening is everywhere,
We are almost at the gate.

Though they seem so big and strong,
Creators of the police state,
For lovers of liberty it won't be long,
We are almost at the gate.

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Please Share Your Stories

I'll share mine. For much of my young life, I suffered in agony from chronic earaches. Doctors explained to me why I get ear infections more often than the average bear, but that was twenty years ago or so and I forget what they said. I wasn't paying much attention then and I don't care much about it now.

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Spring Fever! Ten Garden Tips Off The Top Of My Head - Updated with winning tip!

1. Seedlings: Squashes like company, start 2 or 3 to a pot and keep them together.

2. Potatoes: They grow UP - plant them in a trench and keep piling dirt and straw on them as they grow, leaving just the top sets of leaves above ground. The places where other leaves started to grow will become roots - taters!

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What is the greatest lesson you have learned from our movement or Ron Paul?

I believe the greatest lesson I have learned is 'tolerance' for others. To view each other equally as human beings and respecting that individual as an individual.

What is the greatest 'thing' you have taken away from being involved in our movement?

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If the Civil War was about slavery...

If the Civil War was about slavery, then why did 4 slave states fight with the union?

Maryland, Delaware, Kentucky, and Missouri all were slaves states and none seceded from the union.

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Recently Retired Online And Offline Security Expert Says Trust Nothing

A recently online and offline security expert recently shared with me some words.

This person was an early innovator in ecommerce, has taken an active role in open-source software and encryption, this person has experience as a hands-on physical security trainer and is a credentialled warrior.

This person also happens to be me.


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FED's Charter Expired

If the Federal Reserve was granted a 100-year charter on December 23, 1913; then under what authority are they currently operating? I don't recall hearing about a reauthorization vote in the Congress. I recently attended a Ron Paul speech at the University of South Florida, prepared to ask that question, but they only allowed student questions.

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Congressman Jones says ISIS is not an imminent threat.

Congressman Jones says ISIS is not an imminent threat.


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I Love You Goodbye, part 3

I've been in Taipei for a week now, but it seems like a lifetime. Last Sunday evening Samantha called from Taipei to let me know that her sister's departure from this world was imminent. I spoke with May over Skype. She had been bedridden for the last few months, but was still alert. I told her I loved her from half a world away.

The next day I was in transit. Hello TSA. A 2 hour flight from Seattle to LAX, which looked like a third world country, grimy and teeming with sweaty travelers. But once you got into the Tom Bradley international terminal it was all clean and new and nice and reeked of money and rich tourists. The halls were lined with shops by Gucci, LV, and Giorgio Armani; high end perfume and liquor at the duty free shops; Umami Burger, where a hamburger sandwich would set you back $15, not including fries if you were so inclined.

Then the cattle call for the long haul flight to Taipei on a Boeing 777, and fourteen hours later I land in Taiwan. It is Wednesday morning, 6am.

In the roughly forty hours since I saw May on Skype, her condition has deteriorated. Neurological disorders have begun to take hold. Involuntary spasms and blackouts. She still recognizes me. I talk with her for a few minutes, but she tires easily. She is slipping away, and it is clear that she is no longer the same person that she once was.

Samantha is worried. May has expressed the traditional Chinese desire to die at home, and has made clear her deep aversion to the hospital. But she is so weak that she can no longer swallow, which means she can no longer swallow the morphine pills that keep her from feeling the cancer that is raging through her body.

"Is there no such thing as home hospice care, like in the U.S.?" I ask Samantha. When my own mother passed away over 25 years ago, we had an adjustable hospital bed at home, an IV drip with morphine, and a nurse who visited twice daily.

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I'm a Muslim...

Friends in liberty

I'm a Muslim.
For many years I try/tried to be a "Muslim-Christian"...
at times it works...other times it does not.

Just wanted to get this out there.

Sufi Islam is not what you see on your controlled media TV screens...
Sufi is music poetry dance... - all about peace acceptance understanding...

Read some poems by Rumi.
You will find ONLY Love there.

I know this posting will get me a lot of hate down-voting slurs...
Prepared to take it on the chin just like that famous Muslim American boxer...

Happy Valentines Day to everyone!