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Libertarian Candidate Dies in plane crash in Iowa U.S. Senate Race

Hello friends,

So it is with obvious sadness that I present this news to the community. My wife works at the same hospital that Mr. Butzier was an ER doctor at. I also have friends that know him well and all have said he was a genuinely kind individual.

Considering he was on the ballot for U.S. Senate in Iowa as a Libertarian it is also quite a loss for many of us that have been struggling to improve the political process. Although no one knows if he could have won the general election, the impact of what he could have done cannot be understated.

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Our Fear Feeds The Beast

Our Fear Feeds The Beast

Fear is contagious,
Stop and be courageous,
This is all a lie,
Millions won't die,
A plague hasn't been released,
Our fear feeds the Beast.

Get up and leave the cave,
Stand up and be brave,
Of all the dangers, it's the least,
Our fear feeds the beast.

Hypnotized by the screen,
This is sad and obscene,
We're shackled and distracted,
It's planned and manufactured,
For THE MAN, it's a feast,
Our fear feeds the Beast.

We're idling in the mire,
Adding fuel to the fire,
Fulfilling His desire,
THE MAN is a liar,
It's time for this to cease,

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We're the Republican Party and We Just Wanna Go Kill Arabs - LOTS of Arabs - For a LONG Time...

Lest you feel my statement is radical and unfair...

Below I've named several rat republicans who very publically represent the party and who...

Fully supported the illegal U.S. invasion of Iraq and...
Supported Obama's illegal attack on Libya and...
Supported Obama's desire to attack Syria and...
Supported arming the Syrian "rebels" and...
Support U.S. drone bombing in several mideast countries and...
Support the current U.S. bombing of ISIS and...
Have been advocating for war against Iran for years and...

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Positive Propaganda

I get tired of bad news so I'm trying to create some good news.
Thank you for being awake.
Thank you for your support.


@SpreadnLuv on Twitter

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The Future of Google Glass?

Preface. I remember when cell phones first started becoming a bit more common. Most people would use them to make a quick phone call, or of course keep them on road trips in case of emergencies. That was when I was much younger. When I started college still not everyone had them, but their use was becoming much more common and diversified as far as what people would use them for. Fast forward a few yrs from that; everyone my age has a cell phone, (except for me, I didn't get one until 2008 ish, maybe around there) and texting was becoming popular as well as phones having games or fun ringtones and even early versions of camera phones. Go forward a few more years, people are hooked on their phones, phones can do everything you could possibly want, people become mad/frustrated/helpless/anxious when their phones are lost or are not working right. People are addicted to their phones. My current phone is from maybe 2010 ish, I don't remember exactly, but it is not internet friendly, can't receive picture texts, does not have a keyboard and sometimes I turn it off for days at a time. However, I am in the minority of people my age who operate like that with phones.

I could lose my phone tomorrow and my life would go on just fine. But not the growing majority of people. People won't leave their homes without their phones, or they will go back to their homes to get their phones if they realize the phones have been left behind. There are charging stations in airports, bus stops, I've even seen them in malls. People can't fathom the idea of living or a few hours a day without their phones on and charged. And not so long ago cell phones were mostly just kept in car glove compartments for emergencies.

This story about the guy with google glass problem is interesting to me because while it seems far fetched, I could see this going down the similar path that cell phones took eventually, where most people where google glass the majority of the day and become anxious when they are cut off from it. All new technology is expensive and foreign at first, but eventually google glass will become the norm, maybe in a casual way like cell phones at first, but I do see a further off future where more problems like this arise.

As for me...I can't even go get a new phone because the kind I want/like is so old they don't make them any more and even some of the less fancy models are way too full of bells and whistles for me.

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Please learn how to make a proper video from your phone!

There are so many "skinny" video's on youtube and elsewhere because people don't realize they need to turn their phone sideways to make a video. If you don't turn your phone sideways you get a video that is 9:16 aspect ration instead of 16:9. What this means is your resolution is cut WAY back because your long dimension has to be shrunk to fit a normal 16:9 screen. In this way you waste a great deal of "information" in the form of resolution and detail of your video (at least after it's been processed for consumption).

Every phone I've had this means turning your phone counter clockwise 90 degrees. With my phone if you turn it 90 degrees clockwise your video is upside-down when played on a computer.

Ok everyone, do a practice video right now and get used to the correct position for video. After you try it a few times it will become second nature.

Thanks everyone!!

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The Invisible Threat

The Invisible Threat

The invisible threat,
The worst one yet,
That guy with a beard,
He's to be feared,
The turban on his head,
He wants us dead,
He hates us, that's for certain,
Pay no attention to THE MAN behind the curtain.

The invisible threat,
The worst one yet,
That commie is a devil,
Hiding at every level,
He might even live next door,
He wants us dead, that's the score,
He hates us, that's for certain,
Pay no attention to THE MAN behind the curtain.

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Any resellers noticing a serious down turn w/ stuff sold on craigslist and ebay?

Seriously for anyone wanting deals on furniture, antiques, or anything craigslist, it is definitely a buyers market. And it is definitely in the crap hole for the resellers out there that try to make some extra cash in spare time. We did the antiquing thing for a while, it was fun and made extra cash and stuff but it is seriously in the crapper right now. We pulled out about 2 years ago because it was tough after we had a second child and it became more of a burden to maintain.

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I am sending the IRS 70K$ this year.

I went off the grid a while back. I spent more than a few years not making a dime, and just living a minimal life style off of savings.

Last year, I decided, it was time to make some real money again. In part because of a pre-existing IRS "debt". So I put my name back out on the market and picked up some contracts. I voluntarily committed to working 20hrs a day.

Because I work 20hrs a day, and quite frankly have a skill set that is relatively uncommon even in the best of my work community, I didn't have a hard time finding a few folks willing to pay me large sums of money.

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Ebola-22: A genius end game

Consider if you will, bend your mind within my thoughts for a mere second and prepare to grudgingly give an unknown globalist some faint praise: we have been played as a nation by a genius.

What does it matter if Ebola is real and kills its thousands or is completely contrived? Or is this even the question we ought to be asking ourselves considering:

• Ebola was first diagnosed in 1976 near the Ebola River in Africa. And yet in those 38 years it has only now reached our shores?

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Anyone watching the stock market?

Has anyone been keeping on an eye the Dow Jones as of the last week?

Since the FED has stopped buying bonds the Dow has dropped 670 points in the last 3 market days.

Is this the beginning of the next great crash?

I'm not totally up to speed when it comes to the stock market but this seems like it's not going to stop.

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The Price is WRONG!

Perhaps it’s just me getting to be too old. That is what I kept telling myself whenever I’d see an increase in the price of an item. That was until I got the idea to start comparing the price of things to a known economic constant. I picked Gold, and just to keep me grounded, knowing how the Gold market is being manipulated, I picked silver as another method of gauging the true cost of things.

You can buy 2 oz of oolong tea at any Teavana for around $18. So I asked myself, if someone opened up their hands to me, and in one hand they held 2 oz of dried tea leaves, and in the other they held an oz of Silver, which would I take? The silver would win seven days a week and twice on Sunday!

I remember feeling like I had been gut kicked when I took the family out for a night at the movies, only to have the total for 4 tickets, and a couple of sweets come to about $40…Yikes! I don’t know about anyone else here, but that is about equal to 2.5 oz of Silver. That’s an oz per hour of the movie, if your lucky enough to find a film that long today! After all, I want to see the movie, not to buy it!

We ordered out for Pizza the other night and for 3 large pizzas and some bread sticks the price was $48 then the $6 tip, That’s $55! I’m not sure if each of those pizzas was worth an oz of Silver!

I’ve been shopping for some running shoes. A pair of Nikes will set you back about $140. That’s eight one oz Silver ingots, But still only one tenth of an oz of Gold. I just couldn't bring myself to pay that price. I'm still looking for some good shoes that won't rob me blind.

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Almost Everything We're Told is a Lie

Almost Everything We’re Told is a Lie

Almost everything we’re told is a lie,
He told them they wouldn’t die,
The falsehoods continue, even still,
Corrupting the heart, mind and will.

We’re the progeny of primeval slime,
Having kids is a crime,
Our very breathing is a sin,
Global warming could do us in,
Our carbon footprint is a shame,
Depleted ozone, we’re to blame.

The criminals and their creeds,
Depopulation is plucking weeds,
Thomas Malthus: We’re the plague,
Time to exit from the stage.

9 11 and the war on terror,
Not enough security is the error,
Join the military, it’s real great,
Killing foreigners is not hate.

Brake for animals, be no cynic,
While driving to the abortion clinic,
That’s okay, we’ve been told,
Our mind is in a stranglehold.

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"The Truth Shall Set You Free, But First It Will Make You Miserable"

That poster hung on the refrigerator when I was a teenager, with a picture of a kitten in a stockade. The older I get, the wiser my mother gets...

Mom and Dad "woke up" before I was born. They got behind Goldwater. My father bought like a thousand copies of "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" and gave them away. They went door to door and worked the polls and may even have gone to a convention. Sound familiar? And oddly enough, I knew nothing of this as I began to wave signs on street corners and go door to door for Ron Paul. Apples fall closer to trees than we realize, some times.

When I began to speak of a "love revolution" to one of my sisters, it got weird. She went into a rant about remembering how she thought the world was about to end when Mom and Dad got political. It seems she was about 7, and the whole thing really traumatized her. I asked an older brother about it, and he is the one who clued me in about my parents "secret" past life as political activists.

My parents knew Ron Paul in those days, Dad stayed pen pals with Ayn Rand for a while. They ran with some "big dogs" it seems. It is so sad they both died before 2008, I wish we could have had that moment together... So it goes. When I was born in 1962, all that was left was Mom's dedication to working the polls every year. I never got it as a kid, what a bore!

Dad remained a silverbug. He got tipped off some time in the 50's (most likely a campaign friend) to the silver shortage that Eisenhower was about to announce. We all knew how to watch for silver coins as kids, and we got silver dollars as gifts. My father knew about the metals market manipulation my entire life, and he died before it was exposed.

Why do I tell this tale? We are falling into the same trap, I suspect. The tuckfards are patient beyond our imagination. They really do not mind dying "in shame" as long as their offspring remain in power.

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Fear Ebola but drive with negligence and disregard for your life.

Last night the MSM was howling from the living room! I absolutely cannot handle any form of mainstream news being on when I'm in the room anymore. I either go into another room or turn it down/off. The story regarding the person in Texas who apparently died from Ebola was being used as if it were the greatest crutch of reliance in modern media history to justify the measures being considered by the "powers that be".

I am not saying Ebola is not serious! What I am saying and what I told my wife was that this country is literally freaking out about something that is manageable yet everyday and every year tens-of-thousands of people die in auto related accidents due to negligence and carelessness and we recognize the mundane and inevitable nature of this happening.

So why is the fear being driven like an intoxicated driver into the hearts and minds of the American people? It is so easy to recognize why when you are awake.

PEace and LOve always.