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Say Something Nice about the President

No, I’m not a shill, just trying to keep my sanity. If you look at previous posts you’ll see that probably every single one is about how much I dislike the current state of this country and where it’s headed. Some days, like many of you, I’ve had to zone out from the news in order to maintain a positive attitude.

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Have you ever had someone close die suddenly?

I have. More times than anybody deserves.

My brother in-law was a good man. Father of two. Cared about his two boys like you wouldn't believe.

Every day we would send one text or another to each other. He would send pictures of the boys playing soccer or winning some race. Or a picture of his wife sitting across the table from him, at a restaurant or bar, having a great time. He was fairly stoic. When he enjoyed himself, you could tell by a faint smile.

He was a sports fan. He didnt have sports in his life growing up. He learned to love them when he had kids.

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Do Individuals Have the Right to Govern On Their Own (Legitimately Acquired) Property?

Question for discussion.

Many libertarians express an opposition to "government" per se.

Most libertarians are in favor of private property, that being property acquired through homesteading or through a voluntary exchange with someone else who has legitimately,acquired their property.

So, do individuals have the right to "govern" on their own, legitimately acquired, property?

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Elizabeth Warren and Slavery

So Elizabeth Warren has recently spoken out against the blatant corporate welfare shuffled into the spending bill passed by a Congress whose seats are warmed by "small government" Republicans. That's great. I salute her and appreciate her fight against corporate welfare.

So then I decided to look up more information on her to see what kinds of things she believes in. Lo and behold, wikipedia has a famous statement of hers, which, apparently was one of the things that launched her into progressive stardom. Here it is:

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Liberty is dying and no one seems to care...

This was a terrible week for those who value liberty and freedom...NDAA passed which jails Americans indefinitely without jury or trial on just the mere suspicion of "terrorism," the Intelligence Authorization act passed which grants the executive branch unlimited access to all your private communications which can then be passed to local law enforcement (so much for limiting the NSA...), the budget passed which among many terrible things, it put taxpayers on the hook for wall street's 303 TRILLION derivatives market if/when it tanks. Oh, then there's the CIA torture report. There's a few other things I could mention but why bother....What does it take for WE THE PEOPLE stand up for ourselves, let alone pay attention??

There has been a couple times where I've thought to myself, why bother? I'm sure I'm not the only one who's thought this here. But D***, seriously what does it take? I feel this community is one of the few who actually value their freedoms. I cant help but think of M.N.'s post on standing watch till dawn.

Maybe that's what we should all do. Where's Galt's Gulch when you need one? I guess I'm just ranting and clearing my head here because I'm really not sure where else to put these words and thoughts. If any could understand, it would be this community. This battle to just maintain the liberty we still have is tiresome..It'd be nice to have a few more reinforcements.

Maybe it's just time to shrug.

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12-13-14: Today I am four

Four years without a cigarette, that is. I quit smoking on 12-13-10. Last year I made it 3 years, today it is four.

The first few days, weeks, and months were hard. Now I don't even think about it. That is the power of habit. Habits can work for you, or they can work against you.

This year I'm contemplating quitting drinking, though I don't particularly think I have a problem with drinking (the problem is with stopping, ha ha ha).

At the same time, the idea of giving it up makes me uncomfortable, and I'm curious as to why that is be the case.

It seems like drinking is more of a habit than anything. One can have skillful, or unskillful relationships with habits.

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Today I am 7 years old

Hello fellow DPers, today marks 7 years that I have been enjoying this wonderful and important site.

It is here that I find my news and current events, it is here that my brain gets challenged and comforted. To me, this is truly a community. For me, this is truly the 'Daily' Paul, for there have only been a few days over the past 7 years that I have not checked in to see what is happening, what has happened, and what will happen with regard to the movement set forth by Dr. Ron Paul.

The very first time I saw Dr. Paul's face and heard a bit of his philosophy of freedom was when someone told me about a documentary called, 'Freedom to Fascism' by Aaron Russo, in it Dr. Paul has a few small parts, about a month later I heard 'this guy Ron Paul is running for president', I thought 'no way, I just saw his on a documentary, I'm going look into this'. And so my awakening began.

Soon after I found The Daily Paul. I have been awake for 7 years, still a child, but learning everyday. Thank you Dr. Paul, for I am one of your 4000 deliveries. Thank you Michael Nystrom for creating the playground for me and my fellow liberty seekers to play, teach, and learn.

As we have recently agreed, 'the word is the symbol of the thing' and so the most appropriate word for me to use is gratitude.

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The Daily Paul's Favorite Juicer

On this Cyber Monday (and every day), purchases made through the Daily Paul's Amazon affiliate link, and any product link on the site, yield the DP a commission on your purchase at no cost to you.

If know you need to eat more vegetables but don't, get this and drink your vegetables! It is easy to use, and incredibly easy to clean up. It is one of the best investments I have made in my health, and I use it nearly every day.

Enjoy, Daily Paul. Happy Holidays. Here's to your health. Don't forget about that.

This is what I usually drink for breakfast:

The O M E G A - J 8 0 0 4

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Today Is Both A Personal Happy & Sad Day

Today is the 3rd birthday of my youngest grandson, Kellan.

His blonde hair shines when hit with sun light, and has almost a halo effect. His big dark blue eyes always seem to hold a mystery.

He has a smile that can brighten up anyones day. And Im not the only one that feels that way. Every person that comes into contact with him from the time he was born, seems to calm down and smile..all falling in love with him.

Yes..its a happy day...a Happy Birthday.

Yes..its a sad day...Another day we will go without seeing him...a day he will not get hugs, kisses, and love from grandma and granddaddy.

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Opening to Love

I have been curious about Love ever since the name of the site came to embody the ideas of Peace, Gold and Love.

Long before the 2012 campaign ended, I was deep in thought on how to keep the essence of this site alive. It could not continue on as a Ron Paul fan boy site - that was clear enough to me.

He had said many times that he was just the messenger. If he were just the messenger, then what was the message? What was the message that could be a daily reminder, contained in the letters P - A - U - L?

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Marc Clair Speaks with Jay Beeber on How to Fight Local Tyranny

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, I am joined by Jay Beeber, a libertarian activist in Marc’s home city of Los Angeles, who is best known for getting the red light camera program shut down in the city. Jay describes how he became involved in the red light camera issue and helped to expose the program as a scam benefiting crony corporations, leading to him becoming a local folk hero of sorts in LA. Jay explains how why he is now running for LA City Council, and how he plans to take on the local establishment and continue to call for a government accountable to its citizens, not corporatist interests.

Be sure to stick around for my fiery wrap-up rant, where I address libertarians who decry political activism.

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Why do Things Keep Getting Worse?

Nothing gets better, liberty continues to fade and congress, for whatever reason, is compliant. I read the article posted on the DP


(thank you, Ed Thinking, for posting). In the last few years we’ve witness one piece of legislation after another getting written, thrown before Congress and passed. The House’s new budget bill comes to mind which allegedly funds Obamacare and immigration in spite of Americans opposition.

I don’t understand what’s going on here.

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Please Help with any info! My Good Friend's Mom Has Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer

Hello and Thank You for reading this.

My very good friend,Toru, just found out his mother has stage IV pancreatic cancer.

She is 74 years old and lives in Japan.

If you have any helpful links, videos, advice, etc. it would be greatly appreciated.

They have suggested chemo, but that will be very painful.

Thank you for any suggestions.


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Ha, ha! Perdue taught by dad, "Do the right thing..."

This quote pretty much sums up the New York Times article: "Torture a single chicken and you risk arrest. Abuse hundreds of thousands of chickens for their entire lives? That’s agribusiness."

From the Perdue promotional video: "I think Consumers today have a distrust of big companies and corporations. And, you know, our job is to educate consumers about what we do. My dad always taught us one line, that's "do the right thing." And he said, if you treat the people right and you produce quality products, the company will grow. Doing the right thing is things like treating the chickens humanely... " --Jim Perdue. Chairman, Perdue Farms

Apparently one of Perdue's farmers watched a Perdue Farms promotional video and realized the company was outright... lying. By the way, the farmers get their chicks from Perdue and so have no control over sick or dying chicks they receive, nor those with genetic anomalies, misshapen chicks due to the way they're bred. Namely, the goal is to breed large breasts - so large, in fact, the chickens can barely stand, if they can stand at all. Falling forward, stuck that way, chickens end up with, in effect, raw, sometimes bleeding, "bed sores."

Apparently, too, the company is taking back some of its claims.

Apparently, there was a court case and legal settlement over the company's claims.

Apparently, the USDA was complicit in the erroneous picture that Perdue was painting of itself through it's claims.

New York Times Op Ed: "Abusing Chickens We Eat"

Reality of Perdue Chicken Farm - 2-minute clip


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The Christmas Truce of 1914

The Christmas Truce of 1914

For a day life got the upper hand,
In that dreadful no man's land,
When a band of brothers became a brother's band,
Each extending friendship's hand.

For a day they were unwilling,
To continue with the bloodshed and killing,
The day was for good cheer and singing,
And all that life's prime should be bringing.

For a day there was no battle cry,
And the dark and foreboding sky,
Was filled with songs ascending high,
From young men in a world awry.

For a day they proclaimed to the Earth,
There can be renewal and rebirth,
There can be peace on Earth and good will,