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FOX edits OUT Ron Paul segment on Freedom Watch

I was just watching Freedom Watch with the Judge. As they went to commercial they showed video clips of Ron Paul at Ames as if the next segment was going to be about him.

Well funny thing was the commercials were just reruns of FOX Business News advertisements that were played over and over for about 4 minutes. Then they broke to a lady talking about tomorrows stock news, without the Judge mind you. After about another 5 minutes she states the Judge will be right back.

Freedom Watch begins again but with no Ron Paul segment. It's as if FOX just edited out the Ron Paul segment.

Press Release from NH GOP

Here is what you have all asked for as proof that the NH GOP is on our side. You are the first to see this.

Date: December 31, 2007
From: Fergus Cullen, Chairman, New Hampshire Republican Party


CONCORD – New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Fergus Cullen releases the following statement regarding primary weekend debates:

Are Frank Luntz's focus groups a fraud?

I was going to post this in a comment, but I think it deserves its own article here. I think it will make you feel justified to know that when I participated in the Luntz focus group on September 5th, I was totally disgusted with the way Luntz behaved. To me the outcome was a total fraud. There were two other Paul supporters there, 10% of the group, and one of them I know agreed firsthand what I am talking about.

Debate Reminder - October 21 at 8:00 PM ET

Just a reminder about the debate. Might also be a good idea to politely write and ask them to give Ron Paul more questions, better questions and equal time to answer; questions on Federal Reserve and Internet Regulation for example.

Text message FOX NEWS that Ron Paul won the debate

Please send a text message to the number 36988, with the text "R7" as the body of the message. R7 represents Ron Paul. Send your text message in now!

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