Rudy Giuliani

Giuliani Nearly Drowned Out by Rival's Supporters (Guess Who's!)

By STEVE VISSER | The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 12/03/07

It was Rudy Giuliani campaigning for president on the Marietta Square on Sunday afternoon, but anyone listening may well have thought the candidate's name was Ron Paul.

"RON PAUL! RON PAUL! RON PAUL!" — a crowd chanted from Glover Park, effectively drowning out comments from the former New York mayor and occasionally changing the chant to "FREEDOM! FREEDOM! FREEDOM!"

The younger crowd of Paul supporters had stronger, or maybe more enthusiastic, lungs than the middle-aged crowd of Giuliani's gaggle, who responded with a college try — "Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!" — while the Paul cadres tailed the GOP front runner on his walking photo op in downtown Marietta.

The Paul backers, handing out their own candidate's literature, said they were more interested in a president who would truly try to shrink government, not just promise to do it, and who promises outright to bring the troops home from Iraq.

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'Twas the night before Mackinac...

Twas the night before Mackinac, and all through the state…
The Ron Paul people gathered, a statement to make.
The Paul signs were hung on overpasses with great care,
In hopes that Ron Paul…would soon be there.
The sun came up Friday and not soon enough…
For Ron Paul’s supporters to show their stuff.
They stood on the corners and shouted his name,
“Ron Paul, Ron Paul…Let Freedom Reign”
I saw Isaac, and Jonah, Naomi and Chloe.
In fact hundreds showed up (it was really showy!).
There were so many there…dubbed a ‘sea of supporters’,

"Rudy's Worst Nightmare" or "The Longest Boat Ride"

I'm sure that 9/11 conjures up the most nightmares for Mayor Giuliani, er, ah, that is, until Friday night's ferry ride in the Straits of Mackinac. Was it chance, or divine intervention, that the stars would line up for the following to happen?

Perfect Finish in Iowa Straw Poll...

On the surface one may be tempted to jump to the conclusion that Ron Paul didn't fare as well in the recent Iowa Straw Poll as desired. I contend that his finish was near PERFECT, with an almost divine blend of attributes that'll help him down the road.

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Joy Behar Explains Ron Paul on 'The View'

Of all the places, Joy Behar of the 'The View' has done a stellar job of explaining Ron's comments in the debate on May 15th.

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